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第12天 每天10个单词 高考词汇3500

2016-08-08  zhounan214

waterfall ['w?:t?f?:l] n. 瀑布

【助记】water水 fall落下→水从高处落下,瀑布。

【英释】A waterfall is a place where water flows over the edge of a steep, high cliff in hills or mountains, and falls into a pool below.

【例句】Let’s have our picnic by the waterfall.咱们在瀑布旁野餐吧!

pace [peis] vi. 缓慢而行;踱步n. 一步;速度;步调


【英释】If you pace a small area, you keep walking up and down it, because you are anxious or impatient.

【例句】She stared as he paced and yelled.他来回走着,咆哮着,她目不转睛地看着。

*bend[bend] n. 弯;拐角vt. 使弯曲 vi. 弯身;弯腰


【英释】When you bend, you move the top part of your body downwards and forwards. Plants and trees also bend .

【例句】I bent over and kissed her cheek.我俯身亲吻了她的脸颊。

meander [mi'?nd?] v. (指河流等)蜿蜒缓慢流动


【英释】If a river or road meanders, it has a lot of bends, rather than going in a straight line from one place to another.

【例句】A stream meandered towards the sea.一条小河蜿蜒地流向大海。

delta ['delt?] n. 三角洲


【英释】A delta is an area of low, flat land shaped like a triangle, where a river splits and spreads out into several branches before entering the sea.

【例句】He has been to the delta of the Nile.他曾去过尼罗河三角洲。

attitude ['?titju:d] n. 态度;看法


【英释】Your attitude to something is the way that you think and feel about it, especially when this shows in the way you behave.

【例句】His attitude made me angry.他的态度让我很生气。

boil[b?il] vi. (指液体)沸腾;(水)开

【助记】b不 oil油→油不会沸腾。

【英释】When a kettle or pan is boiling, the water inside it has reached boiling point.

【例句】Is the kettle boiling?壶里的水开了吗?

forecast ['f?:kɑ:st] n. & vt. 预测;预报

【助记】fore先 cast扔,掷→提前扔出来,预报。Foresee 预见

【英释】A forecast is a statement of what is expected to happen in the future, especially in relation to a particular event or situation.

【例句】He delivered his election forecast.他公布了自己对选举的预测。

parcel ['pɑ:sl] n. 小包;包裹

【助记】parc(part)小部件 el人或物→小包,包裹。

【英释】A parcel is something wrapped in paper, usually so that it can be sent to someone by post.

【例句】He had a large brown paper parcel under his left arm.


insurance[in'?u?r?ns] n. 保险

【助记】insur(e)确保 ance(名词后缀)→确保意外,保险。

【英释】Insurance is an arrangement in which you pay money to acompany, and they pay money to you if something unpleasant happens toyou, for example if your property is stolen or damaged, or if you get a serious illness.

【例句】The insurance company paid out for the stolen jewellery and silver.


*wool[wul] n. 羊毛;毛织品


【英释】Wool is the hair that grows on sheep and on some other animals.

【例句】The sheep of mine have very thick wool. 我家绵羊的毛很厚。


第12天 每天10个单词 高考词汇3500-词老大




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