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第21天 每天10个单词 高考词汇3500

2016-08-08  zhounan214


lawyer ['l?:j?] n. 律师

【助记】law法律 y er人→律师。

【英释】A lawyer is a person who is qualified to advise people about the law and represent them in court.

【例句】Vera is studying law because she wants to become a lawyer.

维拉正在学习法律, 因为她想当律师。

guidance ['ɡaid?ns] n. 指导;领导

【助记】guide指导 ance名词后缀→指导。

【英释】Guidance is help and advice.

【例句】The nation looks to them for guidance.全国民众期待他们能够指引方向。

legal['li:ɡ?l] adj. 法律的;依照法律的

【助记】leg法律 al...的→法律的。

【助记】leg腿 al...的→限制你的腿乱跑的无形力量,法律的力量。

【英释】Legal is used to describe things that relate to the law.

【例句】I sought legal advice on this.我就此进行了法律咨询。

*fee [fi:] n. 费(会费;学费等);酬金


【英释】A fee is a sum of money that you pay to be allowed to do something.

【例句】He hadn't paid his television license fee.他尚未缴纳电视机使用许可费。

passbook['pɑ:sbuk] n. 南非共和国有色人种的身份证

【助记】pass通过 book书。

out of work 失业

【英释】Someone who is out of work does not have a job.

【例句】Whenever my boss sees me out of work, he finds something for me to do.

无论何时只要我的老板看见我无事干时, 他就找些事情给我做。

hopeful['h?upful] adj. 有希望的

【助记】hope希望 ful....的→有希望的。

【英释】If you are hopeful, you are fairly confident that something that you want to happen will happen.

【例句】I am hopeful this misunderstanding will be rectified very quickly.


*youth [ju:θ] n. 青年;青年时期


【英释】Someone's youth is the period of their life during which they are a child, before they are a fully mature adult.

【例句】They studied together in their youth.青少年时期他们就在一起学习。

*league [li:ɡ] n. 同盟;联盟;联合会

【助记】leag捆绑 ue→捆绑到一起的,联盟。

【助记】leag-leaf叶子 ue→叶子联盟。

【英释】A league is a group of people, clubs, or countries that have joined together for a particular purpose, or because they share a common interest.

【例句】Leagues are commonly made for mutual defense.结成联盟往往是为了共同防御。

Youth League青年团

*stage[steid?] n. 舞台;阶段;时期


【英释】A stage of an activity, process, or period is one part of it.

【例句】He was suffering from cancer which had already reached an advanced stage.





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