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二.1.既可修饰可数名词也可修饰:all, some, most, a lot of, lots of, plenty of …
2.修饰可数名词的词有:数词(one...), few, a few, many, a number of, numbers of...
    3. 修饰不可数名词的词有:little, a little, a bit of, much, a great deal of, a large amount of
4. 不可数名词通常用“数词+量词+of+不可数名词”表示复数: three pieces of paper
一. 定义:祈使句指的是表示命令、请求、建议或劝告的句子。其主语you常省略,谓语动词用原形,句末用感叹号或句号,读降调。
1.  肯定的祈使句:动词原形+其他   Stand up, please.     Be careful! 
   2.否定的祈使句: 1). Don't + 动词原形        Don’t laugh at others.
                      2). Never do sth.         Never do that again!
                      3). No + v-ing/n.         No smoking!    No noise, please.
                      4). Let’s not do sth.       Let’s not waste time.
                      5). Don’t let sb. do sth.    Don’t let them make any noise.
三.祈使句的考点:A: Don’t forget to turn off the light.          B: OK. I won’t.
                    A: Don’t play on the road.                   B: Sorry. I won’t.
                    A: Remember to return it as soon as possible   B: OK./All right./I will.

Unit9 Can you come to my party?

on Saturday afternoon在周六下午      prepare for为……做准备      go to the doctor去看医生
have the flu患感冒           help my parents帮助我的父母      come to the party来参加聚会
another time其他时间         last fall去年秋天             go to the party去聚会
hang out常去某处;泡在某处    the day after tomorrow后天     the day before yesterday前天
have a piano lesson上钢琴课     look after照看;照顾       accept an invitaton接受邀请
turn down an invitation拒绝邀请   take a trip去旅行        at the end of this month这个月末
look forward to盼望;期待      the opening of… ……的开幕式/落成典礼    reply in writing书面回复
go to the concert去听音乐会     not…until直到……才

meet my friend会见我的朋友    visit grandparents拜访祖父母    study for a test为考试学习
have to不得不        too much homework太多作业     do homework做家庭作业
go to the movies去看电影     after school放学后    on the weekend在周末  

invite sb. to do sth.邀请某人做某事    
help sb.(to)do sth.帮助某人做某事
be sad to do sth.做某事很悲伤
see sb. do sth.    see sb.doing sth.
the best way to do sth.做某事最好的方式
have a surprise party for sb.为某人举办一个惊喜派对
look forward to doing sth.期盼做某事
reply to sth./sb.答复某事/某人
What’s today?今天是什么日子?   What’s the date today?    What day is it today?





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