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新人教版 ▏八年级上册课本重点单词、短语、句型全汇总(下)

2016-10-13  淡优雅


Unit6. I’m going to study computer science.


1、grow up 长大

2、every day 每天

3、be sure about 对某事确信

4、make sure 确信/有把握


6、be able to 能/能够

7、 the meaning of …...的意思/含义

8、 different kinds of 不同种类的

9、have …..in common 有…共同点

10、 at the beginning of 在…开始的时候

11、write down 写下/记下

12、 have to do with 与….有关系

13、take up 开始从事/着手处理/接受

14、 hardly ever 几乎不

15、too…to… 太......而不能......


1. What do you want to be/ become when you grow up?


2. I want to be a/an computer programmer/ bus driver/ basketball player/ engineer/ cook/ teacher/ pilot/ scientist/ doctor/ violinist/ pianist /actor /actress/ singer/ race car driver/ reporter


3. My parents want me to be a doctor, but I’m not sure about that.


4. How are you going to do that?


5. I’m going to practice basketball every day.


6. Where/ When are you going to study?


7. I know why you’re so good at writing stories.


8. I’ m going to keep on writing stories.


9. Not everyone knows what they want to be.


10. Just make sure you try your best.


11. Then you can be anything you want.


12. For this reason, some people say the best resolution is to have no resolutions!


13. My New Year’s resolution is to get good grades.



doctor  ['d?kt?(r)]  n.医生                      

engineer  [end??'n?r]  n.工程师

violinist  [?va??'l?n?st]  n.小提琴手                   

pilot  ['pa?l?t]  n.飞行员  

pianist  ['p??n?st]  n.钢琴家                    

scientist  ['sa??nt?st]  n.科学家

college  ['kɑ?l?d?]  n.大学                  

education  [?ed?u'ke??n]  n.教育

medicine  ['medsn]  n.药,医学  

university  [?ju?n?'v??rs?ti]  n.大学,高等学府    

article  ['ɑ?rt?kl]  n.文章,论文                  

send  [send]  n.邮寄,发送  

grow up  长大 成长            

computer programmer  计算机管理员 

be sure about  确信      

make sure  确保

resolution  [?rez?'lu??n]  n.决心,决定            

foreign  ['f??r?n]  adj.外国的

able  [?eb?l]  adj.能够                        

discuss  [d??sk?s]  v.讨论,商量      

promise  [?prɑm?s]   v./n.承诺,诺言      

beginning  [b??ɡ?n??]  n.开头,开端 

improve  [?m?pruv]  v.改进,改善                

physical  ['f?z?kl]  adj.身体的,物理的

selfimprovement  [self?mp'ru?vm?nt]  n.自我改进,自我提高

hobby  ['hɑ?bi]  n.业余爱好           

own  [o?n]  a.自己的,本人的,拥有  

personal  ['p??rs?nl]  adj.个人的,私人的        

relationship  [r?'le??n??p]  n.关系

write down  写下 

have to do with  关于;与……有关系  

take up  学着做;开始做

agree with  同意  

be able to  能够做某事

Unit7. Will people have robots?


1、on computers 在电脑上

2、on paper 在纸上

3、live to be 200 years old 活到200岁

4、free time 空闲时间

5、in danger 在危险中

6、on the earth 在世界上

7、play a part in sth 在某方面出力/做贡献

8、space station 太空站

8、look for 寻找

9、computer programmer 电脑程序师

10、in the future 在将来

11、hundreds of 成百上千的

12、the same…as 与…...一样

13、 over and over again 反复

14、get bored 无聊

15、wake up 醒来/唤醒

16、look like 看起来像

17、fall down 倒下/落下


1. Are you kidding?


2. Will people have robots?


3. Everything will be free.


4. Books will only be on computers, not on paper.


5. They’ll study at home on computers.


6. There will be only one country in the world.


7. There will be less pollution.


8. What will the future be like?


9. We never know what will happen in the future.


10. And my apartment will be no good for pets.


11. I think so.我认为是这样

I don’t think so.这认为不是这样。

12. I hope so.我希望如此。

I hope not我希望不这样。

13. In 50 years, people will have more free time because there will be less things to do.


14. In 20 years, I think I’ll be a newspaper reporter.

20 年以后,我想我会成为一个报社记者。

15. However, some scientists believe that although we can make robots move like people, it will be difficult to make them really think like a human.


16. For example, scientist James White thinks that robots will never be able to wake up and know where they are.

例如,科学家James White 认为,机器人将不能够清醒得知道他们身处何处。

17. This was not possible 20 years ago, but computers and rockets also seemed impossible 100 years ago.


18. You should also remember that there will be both good and bad things in life.


19. As a reporter, I think I will meet lots of people.


20. During the week, I’ll wear smart clothes.


21. I’ll have fewer pets, though, because I’ll have less free time.


22. Some robots are very human-like/ bird-like /ball-like / dog-like.

有些机器人像真人/鸟儿/ 球/狗一样。

23. I’m not scared(afraid).



paper  ['pe?p?r]  n.纸                   

pollution  [p?'lu??n]  n.污染;污染物

prediction  [pr?'d?k?n]  n.预测                      

future  ['fju?t??r]  n.未来 

pollute  [p?'lu?t]  v.污染                

environment  [?n'va?r?nm?nt]  n.环境 

planet  ['pl?n?t]  n.行星                 

earth  [??rθ]  n.地球;泥土

plant [pl?nt]  v.种植  n.植物                   

part  [pɑ?rt]  v.参加  n.部分 

peace  [pi?s]  n.和平                                    

sky  [ska?]  n.天空

play a part  参与

astronaut  ['?str?n??t]  n.宇航员      

apartment  [?'pɑ?rtm?nt]  n.公寓房间

rocket  ['rɑ?k?t]  n.火箭                   

space  [spe?s]  n.空间;太空

even  ['i?vn]  adv.甚至;愈加            

human ['hju?m?n]  adj.人的  n.人;人类

servant  ['s??rv?nt]  n.仆人                 

dangerous  ['de?nd??r?s]  adj.危险的

already  [??l'redi]  adv.已经                             

factory  ['f?ktri]  n.工厂 

believe  [b?'li?v]  v.相信                   

disagree  [?d?s?'ɡri?]  v.不同意 

shape  [?e?p]  n.形状                             

fall  [f??l]   v./n.倒塌;跌倒

possible  ['pɑ?s?bl]  adj.可能的      

probably  ['prɑ?b?bli]  adv.大概;或许;很可能

holiday  ['hɑ?l?de?]  n.假日                     

word  [w??rd]  n.单词

space station  太空站     

over and over again  多次;反复地

hundreds of 许多 ;大量; 成百上千

fall down 突然倒下;跌倒;倒塌    

look for 寻找;寻求

Unit8. How do you make a banana milk shake?


1、milk shake 奶昔

2、turn on打开, turn off 关上

3、 pour ….into…. 将…...倒入…...

4、a cup of yogurt 一杯酸奶

5、 a good idea 一个好主意

6、on Saturday morning 在星期六早上

7、 cut up 切碎

8、put… into… 将…... 放入...…

9、one more thing 还有一件事

10、a piece of 一片/一张/一块

11、at this time 在此时

12、a few 几个

13、fill…with… 用… 装满

14、cover…with… 用...…盖住

15、one by one 一个接一个

16、a long time 长时间

17、cut… into pieces 将...…切成碎片

18、add…to(into)… 将...…加到......上(里)

19、mix...together… 将...…混合一在起

20、mix up… 将……混合

21、serve …to… 用...…招待…...

22、half a cup 半杯

23、another ten minutes 另外十分钟

24、peel the banana 剥一个香蕉


1. Turn on the blender.


2. How do you make a banana milk shake?


3. How many bananas do we need?


4. How much yogurt do we need?


5. Now, it’s time to enjoy the rice noodles!


6. First,… Then,… Next,… Finally,…


7. You can put more if you like.


8. This is going to taste great.


9. To make this special food, you need to have rice noodles.


10. When it is ready, place the turkey on a large plate and cover it with gravy.


11. These days, most Americans still celebrate this idea of giving thanks by having a big meal at home with their family. 



blender  ['blend?r]  n.搅拌器;果汁机            

peel  [pi?l]  vt.剥落;削皮

pour  [p??r]  v.倒;倾倒              

yogurt  ['jo?ɡ?rt]   n.酸奶

honey  ['h?ni]  n.蜂蜜                      

watermelon  ['w??t?rmel?n]  n.西瓜 

spoon  [spu?n]  n.勺,调羹                                

add  [?d] 增加

finally  ['fa?n?li]  adv.最后,最终                           

salt  [s??lt]   n.盐 

sugar  ['??ɡ?r]   n.糖                           

cheese  [t?i?z]  n.干酪,奶酪 

popcorn  ['pɑ?pk??rn]  n.爆米花              

corn  [k??rn]  n.玉米,谷物 

machine  [m?'?i?n]  n.机器                    

sandwich  ['s?nw?t?]  n.三明治 

butter  ['b?t?r]  n.黄油,奶油                     

turkey  ['t??rki]  n.火鸡 

lettuce  ['let?s]  n.莴苣,生菜               

piece  [pi?s]  n.件;篇;片;块;  

traditional  [tr?'d???nl]  adj.传统的                 

traveler  ['tr?vl?]  n.旅行者 

England  ['??ɡl?nd]  n.英格兰;英国           

celebrate  ['sel?bre?t]  v.庆祝;庆贺 

pepper  ['pep?r]  n.胡椒粉;辣椒                 

oven  ['?vn]  n.烤箱;烤炉 

cover  ['k?v?r]  n.遮盖,盖子                    

gravy  ['ɡre?vi]  n.肉汁;肉汤 

serve  [s??rv]  n.接待,服务          

temperature  ['tempr?t??r]   n.温度,气候

Unit9. Can you come to my party?


1、on Saturday afternoon 在星期六下午

2、have to 必须

3、 prepare for 准备

4、go to the doctor 去看病

5、have the flu 患流感

6、help my parents 给父母帮忙

7、come to the party 参加晚会

8、meet my friend 见朋友

9、go to the party 参加晚会

10、too much homework 太多的家庭作业

11、go to the movies 去看电影

12、another time 下次,另外的时间,别的时间

13、last fall 去年秋天

14、hang out 闲逛

15、after school 放学后

16、on the weekend=on weekends 在周末

17、study for a test 备考

18、visit grandparents 拜访爷爷奶奶

19、the day before yesterday 前天

20、the day after tomorrow 后天

21、have a piano lesson 上钢琴课

22、look after 照看

23 make an invitation 制定邀请

24、accept an invitation 接受邀请

turn down (refuse) an invitation 拒绝邀请

25、take a trip to Wuhan 去武汉旅游

26、at the end of this month 在本月底

27、look forward to + doing 期望/渴望

28、 the opening of… 开幕/开业

29、reply in writing 写回信

30、go shopping 购物

31、do homework 做作业

32、go to the concert 参加音乐会

33、not…until… 直到......才......


1. ——Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon?星期六下午你能参加我的晚会吗?

——Sure, I’d love to. / Sorry, I can’t. I have to prepare for an exam.当然,我愿意去。/抱歉,我去不了。我必须要为考试做准备。

2. I’m not available. = I’m not free.


3. I’m sad to see her go, and this party is the best way to say “Thank you and goodbye.”


4. I already have a great idea about how to do that.我已经有了一个怎样做的好主意。

5. Let me know if you need my help.


6. Drink lots of hot water and get lots of sleep.


7. What are you doing the day after tomorrow?


8. I’m really busy this week.


9. I’m afraid I can’t.= I’m afraid not.


10. Sam isn’t leaving until next Wednesday.

Sam 要直到下周四才离开。

11. Who are you going to the movies with?


12. Are you free to come to my place on Saturday?


13. Would you like to come to my birthday party?


14. As I’m sure you know by now…


15. Bring Ms. Steen to the party without telling her so that she can be surprised.

把Ms. Steen 来参加聚会而不要告诉她,以至于让她感到惊喜。

16. I look forward to hearing from you all.


17. Our favorite teacher, Ms. Steen, is leaving soon to go back to the US.

我们最喜爱的老师,Ms. Steen, 就要离开我们回到美国去了。

18. We’re very sad that she’s leaving.


19. To show how much we’re going to miss her, let’s have a surprise party for her next Friday 28th.


20. If so, can you help with any of these things?

如果是这样, 你能帮助做任何事吗?


prepare  [pr?'per]  v.预备;准备                   

exam  [?ɡ'z?m]  n.考试  

available  [?'ve?l?bl]  a.可得到的;有空的        

hang  [h??]  v.悬挂;(使)低垂

until  [?n't?l]  conj./prep.直到 ... 的时候;直到…为止   

catch  [k?t?]  v./n.赶上;抓住;捕捉

invite  [?n'va?t]  v.邀请                            

accept  [?k'sept]  v.接受

refuse  [r?'fju?z]  v.拒绝            

invitation  [??nv?'te??n]  n.邀请;邀请函

reply  [r?'pla?]  v./n.回答,回复        

forward  ['f??rw?rd]  v.转交;发送  adj.向前的  adv.向前地

delete  [d?'li?t]  v.删除            

preparation  [?prep?'re??n]  n.准备,准备工作  

opening  ['o?pn??]  n.开幕式,落成典礼                  

guest  [ɡest]  n.客人

concert  ['kɑ?ns?rt]  n.音乐会               

headmaster  [?hed'm?st?r]  n.校长

event  [?'vent]  n.大事,公开活动        

calendar  ['k?l?nd?r]  n.日历,日程表

Unit10. If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!


1、go to the party 参加晚会

2、have a great /good time 玩的开心

3、stay at home 呆在家

4、take the bus 乘公交车

5、tomorrow night 明天晚上

6、have a class party 开班级晚会

7、have a class meeting 开班会

8、half the class 全班一半人

9、make some food 做食物

10、at the party 在晚会上

11、order food 预定食物

12、potato chips 薯条

13、be angry with sb. 对某人生气

14、give sb some advice 给某人建议/劝告

15、travel around the world 周游世界

16、go to college 上大学

17、make(a lot of)money 挣钱/赚钱

18、get an education 上学/受教育

19、work hard 努力工作/努力学习

20、a soccer player 一个足球运动员

21、keep…to oneself 保守秘密

22、talk to sb. 与某人谈话

23、in life 在一生中

24、 in the end 在最后

25、be angry at/about sth 因某事而生气

26、 make mistakes 弄错/出差错

27、in the future 在将来

28、run away 逃跑

29、the first step 第一步

30、in half 成半

31、solve a problem 解决难题

32、school clean-up 学校大扫除


1. If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time.


2. If you do, the teachers won’t let you in.


3. If you do , you’ll be sorry.


4. If you don’t do this now, I’ll never do it.


5. If we do that, more people will want to play the game.


6. You can come with us if you want.


7. What will happen if they watch a video at the party?


8. When is the good time to have the party?


9. For the party next week, should we ask people to bring food?


10. Give me some advice, please!


11. I will not make any friends if I always keep my ideas go myself.

要是我总是把我的想法埋在心底, 我将交不到任何朋友。

12. Problems and worries are normal in life.


13. Unless we talk to someone, we’ll certainly feel worse.


14. Sharing a problem is like cutting it in half.


15. Talking to someone helps a lot.


16. She was afraid to tell her parents about it.


17. Laura once lost her wallet. Laura


18. They got her a new wallet and asked her to be more careful.


19. It’s best not to run away from our problems.


20. This person doesn’t need to be an expert.


21. We should try to solve problems.


22. So you’re halfway to solving a problem just by talking to someone about it.


23. Why not have it on the weekend?


24. There’s a test the day after tomorrow.


25. The worst thing is to do nothing.


26. He feels the same way as Laura.



video  ['v?dio?]  n.录像,录像带            

organize  ['??rɡ?na?z]  v.组织,筹备

chocolate  ['t?ɑ?kl?t]  n.巧克力                 

upset  [?p'set]   v.使难过/失望  n.难过的,失望的

advice  [?d'va?s?]  n.劝告,建议                         

travel  ['tr?vl]   v./n.旅行 

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