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How are you, welcome you to Taiwan to travel, I am your guide DAVID.

Text military heroes temple in the Sun Moon Lake is located in Nantou County, Taiwan, China, at northern side foothill in the Sun Moon Lake, male Zhi's the palace in gold yellow, the Hun is thick glorious.The vehemence is uncommon, but again the style is elegant.Its source far flows long, wise the camp of joining hands of person strive for now before experiencing successively and believe a private big virtuous reverent support, then can have this structure and form of Hong Kuo.The text military heroes temple builds on 1932, is located in northern side halfway up a hill in the Sun Moon Lake and receives to sacrifice Confucius, the text Chang emperor gentleman and close a saint emperor gentleman and from sacrifice various absolute being, so know together as "text military heroes temple"
Past its history origin and development, the Mi foot is precious.This temple starts to set up in Year 23 of the Republic of China.(1934)The beginning starts, the Sun Moon Lake water contains two temples temple, one for"the benefit turns a hall" of the sun and moon village, two is "Long Feng Gong" of water agency village.The god of two temples protects a territory to restore peace to people, to is respectfully received by residents.BE notter only than Hahn people, then connect the Bu resides here of Shao clan aborigine, after experiencing successively the hit of epidemic, imprecation many absolute being Shi Fa protect, the epidemic situation can eliminate and also starts offering sacrifices to god.The day cures a period, plans water power development in the Sun Moon Lake and draws up to build the Asian biggest hydraulic power plant.Excavate a cave, lead river water in Cho-shui to note inside the pond.

The temple regards golden color as principle, the Wei E towers aloft.But its situation abrupt Jun, if traveling by ship can park  a foothill precipice and follow stone stairs 366 classes up can ascend to arrive.Engrave date for 366 everyday on the step, and as for the celebrity's name that be born on that day, worth and small and soft appreciate.There are a pair of Long Nong Zhus' stone carvings before the palace.Ascend after the text military heroes temple a palace hillside, can take a distant look a Sun Moon Lake view.

The text military heroes temple is located in the north of the Sun Moon Lake halfway up a hill, its cause has something to do with Sun Moon Lake's building a history, 1932, Sun Moon Lake after setting up a dam to keep water, at that time there is Long Feng Gong in the side of the pond, north the Ji lane was beneficial to turn a hall of two temples, in light of pond water lead Gao flooded Man two temples, hence resolution moved temple to, under the rushing about of personage of place, united as one two temples in 1934, is the precursor of text military heroes temple, in 1969 text military heroes temple reconstruction, constructed by"north dynasty type" format, this was also today the Hui seen by text military heroes temple great building structure and form.

Year 23 of the Republic of China(1934), the Sun Moon Lake water level rises more than 20 rice, side farmland in the pond becomes a water, the residents are forced to move, and"the benefit turns a hall" and"Long Feng Gong" is also such.In order to don't need idol to asunder receive to wait on, Be negotiated by two temple administrators and personage in the places, resolution to choose ground to build to match the new temple of sacrificing two temple gods.Hence recommend at that time Chuang in the fish pond Chuang long Chen Jin Long set up for standing committee, 36 artificial member of committees of personage in the place, actively raising for chairman of committee, yellow stove being pair chairman of committee, Huang Fo Yuan, Huang Chao Lai, Huang bead, depending on river and etc..Raise to set up a committee application to rent the mountain public security woodland in the north of Sun Moon Lake as temple ground, with south dynasty type brick wood, Taiwanese tile for building materials, start construction in November during 23 years(1934), experience successively for four years, finish construction during 27 years(1938), the base area is 0.5435 hectares, the building area is 80 pings.Receive to sacrifice Confucius, the text Chang emperor gentleman and close a saint emperor gentleman and from sacrifice various absolute being, so know together as "text military heroes temple".

"Text military heroes temple" in Year 47 of the Republic of China(1958), in order to adapt to effective demand, and act according to government rules, establish to manage committee, is flapped by the Hong to forgive to serve as first batch chairman of committee.Making stand rule and management detailed regulations is the basis that the temple works to handle and expands.Raise to set up guest house for 53 years(1964), 54 years(1965) the guest house is completed, by the lake wharf and ascend heaven steps to also complete, land-and-water transportation convenience, the pilgrim day increases.56 years(1967), management committee owing to the pilgrim comes to pay respects to of the amount greatly increase, temple court and interior region are narrow and small, while the temple has been old again and wants to have a right way a reconstruction.Hence reshuffle the management committee as corporate body system at 57 years(1968), establish a board of directors and entitle "Sun Moon Lake text military heroes temple in corporate body Taiwan".The board of directors is responsible for managing a temple duty, and push a reconstruction.Rebuild the engineering launches in August during 58 years(1969), invitation county magistrate Lin Yang Gang in Nantou broke ground and formally started work at that time.

Because the engineering is huge, manpower and budget needs very much, hence widely invite place enthusiasm personage to cooperate with this great project and get a warm response.Wood industry tycoon Sun Hai support the bulldozer whole ground, it is an also.But government the authorities expect to very high to the reconstruction of this temple, in many ways support, as well is one big help.Is share out the work and cooperate with one another due to outlining plans for fine good, the engineering is well on.60 years(1971) corpus' constructing a big department has been already completed and hold the joss-stick ceremony of Anne from in town in January for 61 years(1972).Later continuously do engineering piecemeal, beautification environment, but during 65 years(1976.)The year is formally completed.The base area is 1. zero 224 hectares, the building area is 1,001 pings, total engineering fee 2,150 remaining ten thousand.The expensive wood stone material used, elegant carvings technique, current temples building but speech, actually unexcelled.The palace is glorious, structure and form Hong Kuo, the text military heroes temple is totally regenerated.Rebuild a period, the value and support of government's high authority, make the main cause that the engineering can complete quickly.The beginning of opening, president Jiang Gong comes in person this temple base and hangs to inquire engineering condition, the Yu shows: the boldness of vision have to be big, temple Cheng proper breadth, and with"front, medium, empress three palace types" north of China dynasty type palace the building build.Wu Dian Feng sacrifices to close a saint emperor gentleman and Yue Wu Mu Wang, the text palace receives to sacrifice the Supreme Sage Confucius.Show according to the Yu, so that huge engineering, the original plan would not° until through the decade complete work.But Jiang Gong make imperial visit a Sun Moon Lake moment, once seven degree luckily face, inquired work project and budget collect situation, and the noodles Yu shortenned construct term, hoped complete while founding a nation 60 anniversaries, replied Yu show concerning the chief considered to support.Receive provincial government chairman Chen Ta-ching, provincial assembly council chairperson, Xie Dong Min, , Taipei mayor Gao Yu Shu, and Nantou county magistrate Lin Yang Gang...etc., much support encouraged.Again everywhere believe private and enthusiasm personage, money raising lift a hand to, more than 20,000,000 buildings budget, all come from a glad to help and automatically make a contribution.Unity of will is a formidable force, be willing to the hall be willing to reach, hence the reconstruction engineering can complete on schedule.

76 years(1987), letter private and visitor increase for the service day, supervisor Tung will propose, will original force the simple guest house of side change to set up for the pilgrim of mansion, the 78 years(1989) building become, nameds after "the text military heroes temple attaches to establish view saint building big hotel" and provides various service that the dining stops for the night.The view saint building is stood erect to a Sun Moon Lake side, it is extremely good to spend a holiday a hotel.88 years(1999) the dawn of September 21, Richter Ms 7.8 heavy earthquake hits the fish pond region, moment ground Che landslide, the text military heroes temple temple Cheng Che crack, front the palace fall to sink derogation, the clock building tumbles down, medium empress two palace structures damage.Attach the view saint building half establishing to pour.This even if the color of human speech change of"921" heavy earthquakes in Taiwan.Meet this huge change, although is agitated.But this temple board of directors become not surprised, the resolution is actively whole to set up.Carry out a person to wait to join hands to plan, rush about to raise a style.Is whole to set up budget in addition to applying for a loan to the bank, suffer the development foundation of the scenery administrative office, Nantou county government and set in Sun Moon Lake nation electricity the power subsidy budget, the visitor believes many and the pecuniary aid of friend temple also take the credit Jue Wei.Be finally whole to set up completion for 92 years(2003), and set up "the 赑屃 Duo stone tablet" at the temple Cheng, appreciate that the public helps the whole contribution for setting up.

Is whole to set up a period, the problem is layer after layer, such as:the fusion of lately old building materials, originally possessed the maintenance of facial look, strengthening of quakeproof ability, originally work of continue …the staff the personnel overcome one by one, more the dint diagram exerts beautiful exert kind.Renovate after completing, the Li robs of the vestige crush, the weather of Hong Wei replies to flap and believes many visitors to double, symbol originally temple of can grow long.Trace its source to start, know well it to flow to change, text military heroes temple is from Zui Er two small temples constitute, the beginning starts of in brief narrow, the reconstruction is big for the male of Hui Hong.The heavy earthquake injures, the proper foot is an inspiring of new atmosphere and structure and form.The source starts to flow to change, although its looks is different, while its spirit then is always consistent.This namely"text ability Anne's territory, the force can settle a country", in order to believe a private the Yang, is the spirit that the common people love.Is past ability loyalty Zhao sun and moon, righteousness Guan the universe, with work properly mountain to win total thousand years of water also.

Text military heroes temple situation abrupt Jun, depend on mountain certainly but build, more empress high more, the Chuang Yan is impressive-looking.The center door faces highway in the wreath lake, is the dark yellowish green color marble memorial arch, positive book Yue"text military heroes temple", or so cent"Chong text""is heavy force", the both sides beam has Mr. Huang Jie the book scrolls"the Hui Zhao sun and moon righteousness is thin cloud sky" of"way the Guan thou is virtuous now three build to turn".Ten ranks but up, is the square of the temple, a rightness of Zao red and giant lion embraces ball to act in cooperation, particularly refreshing.

The directions of temple adopts "sit east face west" back mountain noodles lake and greatly have to the utmost the pound of the Lan river's mountain Bo vehemence.The main building is "one Cheng three palaces in two courts";Famous temples in Taiwan mostly adopts this layout, is a very high grade temple layout.Get into temple Cheng sense of vision be immediately drawn on by the ex- palace of grand view.The front palace is a building Ge the type construct and mainly make to offer sacrifices to of use, so call "do obeisance a palace";Lou Ge calls "water cloud temple" and sacrifices to receive text military heroes temple to open radicle various absolute being.The main temple lord sacrifices a past of Wu Sheng Guan's feather Yue"Wu Sheng Dian", the main temple reside whole templeses exact center, is the biggest building , in the text military heroes temples that build, highly reach to 21 meters, is the hall of exactly square type, this layout is showing the might of god of emperor gentleman.Empress the palace lord sacrifice Confucius and be named "greatly become a palace", past teach thou system to construct according to scholar, with front two palaces have many dissimilarities, its special feature is a roof to adopt very rare of heavy the Yan Wu palace type, is the tallest grade that the palatial type constructs, with the most Sage Master nobility of form Zheng Confucius.

Text military heroes temple in the Sun Moon Lake is a text military heroes temple that is located in Sun Moon Lake north halfway up a hill in Nantou County, Taiwan, the lord sacrifices to close a saint emperor gentleman and adds to receive Confucius and Yue to fly, and all idols all use copper Zhu statue.It faces south, the Lans mountain is or so, with pond for ex- court, the structure and form is magnificent, the weather is great, have the United States of geomancy very much, land utilization it then;The pond noodles looks up at, but sees text military heroes temple Ju to face Gao bottom, dignity He He;Look down from the summit of hill, then see the temple address Chang Lang, be located steady, idea Tai the breadth is comfortable.
The text military heroes temple contains sublime center door"three Chuan ornamental archways"s, is an afterward great temple Cheng square, from temple Cheng ten ranks but up, is the corpus building of this temple, totally have three palaces before or after, one after another for do obeisance a palace, Wu Sheng Dian and greatly become a palace.It sets up scattered have to, the structure is sincerely strict to have a preface, the lofty temple palace of Huang Wa Hong's pillar, Chen with the beautiful and fragrant empress mountain park, its weather makes people admire and also makes people close.Blend south north building the style is the special feature of this temple;The building is used to anticipate valuable, construction meticulous, the vulture work is elegant, be rated as Taiwan to have one of the temple of the most gorgeous special feature most .
Man Mo Temple of Sun Moon Lake necessarily go to reason:Taiwan has one of the temple of special feature most

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