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The precursor of Lungshan Temple, Tainan is the fragrant ash bag grass Cuo of an oblation kwanyin boddhisattva that clear period sets up, arrived Kangxi to believe for 54 years(1715) many is more formal than an eastern door to outside build a view sound palace with the 硓 thou stone interest, and carve a view sound to be like.And then, pure Qianlong's Taiwan in 43 years(1778) knows the mansion appropriation reconstruction of Jiang Yuan Shu, after 11 years(1789) under the predominance that official Shen Wang Gong shine on again the time rebuild.Here behind, Lungshan Temple, Tainan experiences for Tao Kuang 23 years(1843)s again and together cures many times in decade(1871) and Guangxu decade(1884) to renovate and finally cure in the day period from Xu Xuan it, Xu Chao become, Cai Tian Fu, Liu Wang et al build in the current address and keep up to now.
Current Tainan Lungshan Temple mixs to draw up a soil building for building Gao San Ceng's reinforcing bar, the roof is a Xie mountain heavy Yan form also imitate Zhu Wa of making"anti- Yu rise sun" to raise eaves, the house tile is a modern glazed tiles.The first floor is a view sound palace, the second floors are big male treasures palace, the third floors are big sad big Ci palaces, the oblation wears thousand hands thousand eye kwanyin boddhisattvas.Although this temples not the building in Manchu dynasty, still reserve some Bianses wait a cultural object, is also one great special feature that draws on a visitor to notice Manchu dynasty thou.
Tainan Longshan Temple necessarily go to reason:One of Tainan's most famous tourist spots

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