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How are you, welcome you to Tainan to travel, I am your guide DAVID.

Anne even thou fortress, the thou calls "the Ao Lun cures city"(Orange) and"the hot orchid hides city"(Zeelandia), "Anne even city" and"Taiwanese city" and is located in now Tainan City, Taiwan.At the earliest stage set up in 1624, is region's most ancient fortress in Taiwan.From set up city, once being the axis that the Hollander ruled Taiwan and once being Zheng Shi as well the dynasty is three private residences.The thou fortress building house purely uses red brick and at dusk mutually reflects with setting sun, landscape beautiful, "Anne even glow of sunset" gets a Taiwan Provincial Government to choose to eight one of the viewses in Taiwan in 1953.

Anne even thou fortress' hasing two historic relics is listed as a historic monument, for the country one Taiwan city damaged site in the class historic monument in the house, and hot orchid in the government approved historic monument hides to construct to loose to reach inside city city wall and city.But the 瞭 of people in general's reach high position and look hope Taiwan, be thought more to is an even thou fortress of Anne, but is in fact to set up to cure a period in day, don't belong to a historic monument.

The Anne even thou fortress is located in an Anne even area country in Tainan City to win road 82 numbers and had Taiwanese city, Wang Cheng, red 崁 city and Anne even city before etc. name, halted a set for Holland at first first term the governor of province was lousy gram of"the Ao Lun cured" set up one part of the city, finished construction in 1640 and changed to be called "the hot orchid hid city".Two cities outside the whole city part of duty, inside city form square, totally build 3 F, the bottom layer is located in bottom in the ground, is a warehouse.The Leng fortress of existing several in the city wall and hemicycle the damaged site is each a, among them, Anne is even currently ancient fortress damaged site the scale is the biggest.Again because of is at first set up by Hollander, Hahn people in earlier period call artificial and red hair in Holland, so was called the city of this Wei E Fort Santo Domingo.

1661(clearly always Li 15 years) April, Zheng Cheng-Kong Hollander bum out Taiwan, change hot the orchid hide the city as"Taiwanese city";change Taiwan as"even town in Anne" in May, past again have"Anne even city" of call;December, Zheng Cheng-Kong recovers Taiwan to station in here, past again be so called "Wang Cheng".1683(pure Kangxi 22 years) Taiwan goes into a pure landscape, fortress once the Chong made navy to help office in the town and went to 1840(pure Tao Kuang 20 years) the Chinese and English Opium War broke out, Taiwanese soldier have way Yao Ying in order to resist British army, prepared to establish coastal defense, changed to Taiwanese city the soldier packed a bureau, in addition to build original city wall and fort, is the warehouse that stored army supplies, ammunition.1869(is pure to together cure for 8 years), occurrence English the warship bombard Anne even affairs, the fortress is ruined greater half.

1875(clear out a clue for first year), the pure soldier breaks a hot orchid to hide city and takes its brick piece to construct two forts of Kun 鯓 (100000000 years impregnable city), the residents also take a city wall brick to construct house.Day according to the period, the Japanese roots out the fortress ruins and changes to set up for the modern style ocean building, as the maritime customs superior's dormitory, right now it"Anne is even thou fortress".

Taiwanese city damaged site is region's earliest fortress in Taiwan, its bailey structure matches the oyster hull Die bricks, such as ash and sandy soil...etc. by sugar water and glutinous rice juice Dao but becomes, and call "native cement".At first inside, outside city four capes set up the Leng fortress setting big gun, after experiencing successively more than 300 years' time and space to change, only save an outside city city wall now a , ancient well one mouthful, the hemicycle Leng fortress base and parts of damaged sites, among them at first outside city south wall's growing the city wall damaged site of 65.8 meters scale is the biggest.

Still can see the historic relic of "iron scissors" on the bailey moreover, the fastenning established for the firmness beam wall, prevention escaping from but in those early years;But the wall noodles square hole fasten pure cure a period of the barracks historic relic of camp in the navy.

In the thou fortress, have the one red brick to carve of destroy wall city Lei, is more than 300 year agos thou the city only save of historic relic.The city Lei ancient Rong the branch and trunk is winding, seem to be particularly Cang strength the thou is old.The vacant land stands up a stone tablet before the fortress, last the book"Anne even thou fortress" is 4 big words.Fortress foot sets up Zheng Cheng-Kong's bronze statue.Display building at Zheng Cheng-Kong in, display Holland to invade the original model that the hot orchid set up for occupying hides city, and Zheng Cheng-Kong's superior calligraphy and relevant historical relic data.There being 瞭 on the thou fortressing hoping Taiwan is a Guangxu year the lighthouse that establish on the city radicle.

Anne even thou fortress for the country first degree historic monument in the house, the Anne of the city even thou fortress cultural object displays building and display hot the orchid hide city to recover diagram, Holland special envoy sue for peace to stop war diagram, and Zheng Cheng-Kong is like to wait every kind of model building and places in the glass case.The historic relic of real Holland period only saves an ancient front street of fortress side brick wall that used to be outside city south noodles bailey historic relic.

Zheng Cheng-Kong recovers after Taiwan and continues to use the two greatest fortresses that Holland colonizes a period-the hot orchid hide city and general people to hide city, and change name to "even town in Anne" and"accept mansion in a sky" respectively;The former is Zheng Shi's mansion, the latter is a political whole set center.Go into pure after, the political center moves into hinterland, this city changes to a soldier to pack a bureau.Once became residents to construct the brick source that the house, Manchu Court constructed "100000000 years impregnable city" afterwards.Japan captures ages, the city wall originallying possessed is rooted out, changes to be finished today see of Japanese maritime customs dormitory and red brick platform, go to this, the trace and shadow of lotus type fortress is all gone.After recovering, change name "Anne even thou fortress" through renovating originally Japanese dormitory, develop for the historic monument memorial hall.Today Anne seen even thou fortress, although is already experience successively the whole shape that set up behind for many times, don't reply the military watch tower in those early years of grandiosity magnificent, but what it keeps abundant historical data and represent of cultural meaning, is still very well worth looking at divine spot.

In 1622, the lotus belonged to eastern India companies to capture Peng-hu, with of is the re-exports base of trade in East Asia.In 1623, the Hollander builds up a simple Zhai city in "one Kun 鯓 ", this is the precursor of the even thou fortress of Anne.In 1624, at with Chinese the troops of the Ming Dynasty after arousing to fight for eight months, the Hollander and Chinese authorities reaches agreement, approval Be established to fortress and fort of Peng-hu to destroy, but transfer into Taiwan island in 1624, China's hands-off Holland then for capturing Taiwan.Holland's eastern India company turns into to is free from big member(now Anne even area in Tainan City) in Formosa that Ming Dynasty government rules over, establish to trade base, build up the first governance political power in Taiwanese history.The clear empire captures Taiwan to combine no objection to the Hollander, because Taiwan not the territory thought by it.

BE winning according to central institute for research academician Du and Cao always and of research:"Taiwan not the Ming Dynasty ignore, even also not belong to any nation to rule over, so smuggle a ship early at that time in Keelung, Anne Be even to assemble the merchantmans of Ming Dynasty, Japan and Spain, Portugal and Holland with fresh water....According to Holland historical data, eastern India company commanding officer Lai Er Sen went to Fuzhou to negotiate in 1622 at that time, Ming Dynasty officials for advising to guide them to withdraw Peng-hu, suggest they to Peng-hu to the east, a group of islands that didn't belong to a Ming Dynasty was also Taiwan, indirectly agreed Ming Dynasty boats and ships to big member(Anne is even now) with it trade....Ming Dynasty officials said to the Lai Er Sen at that time:"you didn't know how big member went, we the parties ship took you to go".This historical data, the clearly shows Fukien officials of Ming Dynasty know Taiwan, but don't regard as Taiwan to belong to ground.And same age, what Ming Dynasty's historical data jot down BE, the officials are carrot-and-stick, and invite sea company, Li Dan, in the middle moderate, the new appointee superior of Holland Sung gram, just tore down the building materials of fortress in Peng-hu in 1624, take hot the orchid hide a merchantman city and arrive at a big member to go ashore, Sung gram the head that also become Holland to build up Taiwanese political power term superior, he also at big member establishment hot the orchid hide city."

Hollander after hasing Taiwan, at original Zhai city old city address up, with Holland govern of powerful family"the Ao Lun cures"(Orange) BE, re- build scale great fortress"the Ao Lun cures city"(Orange), in 1627 with Holland province Ze orchid the province(or translate hot orchid province) change to set up to named after "hot the orchid hide city"(Zeelandia) and go to 1632 start completion head the period fortress bottom engineering.At that time, this fortress was the general pivot that the Hollander ruled whole islandses in Taiwan and foreign trade.

In 1626, Japanese strand farmland Mi soldier Wei lead the boats and ships of Zhu Yin Chuan to go to Taiwan to buy raw silk, and use a Rong gram toward eastern India company ship's carrying to the spring state once goods is refused, strand farmland Mi soldier Wei is very dissatisfied, and then know the maltreatment in new harbor agency unbearable Holland of aborigine, lead in 1627 the agency's 16 aborigines prepare to encourage a river a door the governor's office adopts anti- lotus as to the oppression that is even to hide to accuse Hollander of of the end time of officer from generation in Nagasaki.

In spring 1628, strand farmland Mi soldier Wei rate the ship come to Taiwan and go together total 470, among them include 16 Taiwanese aborigines in times before, Taiwanese superior Peter of Holland ·Nu easy(Pieter Nuyts), detain weapon and explosive total amount, and keep under house arrest a strand farmland and pen 16 aborigines.The strand farmland intrudes into Peter ·the Nu is easy abode, kidnap Peter ·Nu easy and its son, and with Peter ·Nu easy it son behavior the quality return to Japan, and close Holland's company's building in the even door.Holland Batavia feels circumstances severity, in 1629 Peter ·Nu easily dismiss, and announce verdict two years imprisonment for a specific term.In 1632, Holland extradites him to Japan to throw into prison, the Hollander just acquires instauration in the trade of Japan.

In 1662, Zheng Cheng-Kong captures"the hot orchid hides city", drive out Hollander smoothly a Taiwan, built up the first Hahn people's political power in Taiwanese history.Zheng Shi also changes to the city at the same time"Anne even city", this is present the cause of the name in"Anne even thou fortress".Zheng Shi's dynasty three rulers all halt to reside this city, past again BE"Wang Cheng".

After pure soldier goes into a set in 1683, the political center of gravity moves into mansion city, this city changes to a soldier to pack a bureau, the fortress importance day reduces, and city wall also many Qing imperial concubine bad repair, Anne the even city is gradual dilapidation.Together cure British warship of decade(1873 A.D.) to make, the ship cannon in the clout armory inside the city to cause an explosion, city wall immediately but ruin, after hence become ruins.In 1874, Chen Bao Zhen comes to processing"peony agency affairs" in Taiwan and carries on a negotiation with Japanese, Anne the wall brick of the even city outside city, carry into "two Kun 鯓s"s, build up "100000000 years impregnable city".

Anne even thou fortress historic monument memorial hall

The day cures a period, the Japanese roots out the city wall and changes to set up red brick platform with Japanese maritime customs dormitory, Holland of fortress building almost complete destruction in once.Empress through frequently build, become today's memorial hall.After World War II, the national government changes name to the city again"Anne is even thou fortress", retention clearly pure historic relic is south Bi thou well and outside city south wall, Gao San Zhang's remaining, with the glutinous rice, syrup and E hull ash native cement mixture lay bricks but become.Is also general call of glutinous rice wall, the day cures ages to set up the 瞭 of red brick number rank to hope Taiwan and still has the fort the certain context for engraving "the Jia celebrates for 19 years, the midwinter receives Taiwanese navy of Chi foundry helps to mark big gun one to weigh 1,500 catties" on the ruins.In 1975, the local government sets up to hope another tower, it is thus clear that the Taiwan strait and go out to sea a people river in brine.

Be signed to the ocean building building of the fortress damaged site platform in thou Japanese maritime customs dormitory change to set up but become from 1930.In 1975, after re- renovating, open up in order to display space, introduce a lotus respectively Anne up to now is even according to the period history moderate breezes looks.The contents includes: Anne the even temple historic monument distribute the diagram, lotus person's foreign trade, Zheng Shi's historical relic, Zheng He's treaty and Chen Bao Zhen in matter in Taiwan slightly etc. diagram text data;Return an exhibition to have at the same time the hot orchid hides city, virtuous record foreign firm, eastern interest foreign firm, sea mountain building, list stretch hand private house etc. of model.

The day cures an ages last phase, the Japanese signs stone tablet to be in remembrance of a strand farmland Mi soldier Wei affairs to the brave record of events of lotus person's anti- tax, the stone tablet engraved "presented Mi soldier Wei's martial brave toe is from five strand farmlands" at first, official mayoral〃 Zhuo Gao Mao Gai in post-war Tainan engraved "Anne even thou fortress", and opposite two post-war Suses signed a Zheng Cheng-Kong's statue.

The ancient fortress is right ahead to have one ocean private home, set up in 1888, an outsider one of three ocean private homes set up is in Tainan.The day cures greatly just to hold "Taiwanese culture 300 ages read meeting" activity in Tainan for eight years(1930) and collects Taiwanese historical data demonstration and establish "Taiwanese historical data building" for Zhao and seven years(1932) at the Anne platform gulf inside the city(even Commissioner of Customs private home in original Anne, now hot the orchid hide city museum), Japanese government celebrates "start a government 40 anniversaries record to read Taiwanese exposition" in 1935, city hall match in Tainan establishes "history building in Tainan" to add up to three assembly halls, a short while field state merchandise in Tainan displays building(now address in high mark hospital in Tainan), second assembly hall now hot the orchid hide a city natural science, the third assembly hall is big now south address in the door.Change to a hot orchid to hide city museum in May, 2009.

Is a China republic, Ministry of Interior issues to order of one one of the class historic monumentses in 25 nations.

Thou fortress existing historic relic, include incomplete semicircle fortress of city inside the right and thou well ruins, the outside city has north, southern southwest Leng fortress historic relic, among them 3 Zhang Yus in height, grow the southern bailey historic relic of about 30 meters, have been already programed thou park in the wall historical relic, the wall ancient Rong aerial root occupies, old Ran long beard, antiquated.The historical relic ectype inside the garden is ten views.Spot spot historical relic such as noodles circuitous Luo's row eye border.Under the set radicle of the right side of the fortress in thou, survive a very thick hemicycle Leng fortress base, though is weather-beaten, the still solid Hun is thick.

Anne even harbor

Is a mansion city gate door, Taiwanese city from Holland and clear with to Manchu dynasty, all have the value and position on the military.

The soldier packs a bureau

Thought to store ammunition, weapon at that time of, still save the big gun several and soldier to pack stone tablet in the bureau now, can be provided to think of to in former days halt the scene that the soldier defends.

The historical relic displays building

Historical relic building demonstration from lotus according to Taiwan of period, go to Zheng Cheng-Kong recover the historical relic of Taiwanese period and exhibit Zheng He to negotiate for peace a treaty lotus the text take a picture origin and medium translate origin, the detailed introduction includes Anne even outline history, Hollander management Taiwan and Zheng Cheng-Kong recover Taiwan and Zheng Cheng-Kong to spread, hot the orchid hide a city reconstruction model etc..Ming Dynasty ship diagram and soldier are brave to wear to use helmet, weapon, the specie, boundary stone and stone tablet of Manchu dynasty Taiwan records, and Chen Bao Zhen's record of events in Taiwan etc..

Ocean private home

The thou fortress is right ahead to have one ocean private home, set up in 1888 of Commissioner of Customs, being an outsider one of three ocean private homes set up is in Tainan.Is post-war, change to an Anne even district office, change to Tainan behind municipal always man people skill building, display Chiu always man Taiwanese people's artifact of Sir's collection.The man people skill building always has already changed to heat orchid to hide city museum.The day cures an ages last phase, the Japanese signs stone tablet to be in remembrance of a strand farmland Mi soldier Wei to the brave record of events of lotus person's anti- tax, the stone tablet engraves"strand farmland Mi soldier Wei" five words, post-war change to engrave "Anne even thou fortress" of four words.

The Leng fortress of four capes

The Leng fortress of four capes is a fort, each have five big gun, is at that time main defence capabilities in the fortress.

Anne even coastal defense cannon

The Anne even coastal defense cannon is pure Kangxi to establish to help Taiwan navy in the town to govern medium or so three campses for 23 years, the cannon fastens Jia to celebrate for 19 years and helps Taiwan navy in the town the Zhu.

Even historical relic park in Anne

Area international lion in the west of Tainan City will be support a historic monument and beautify environment carve.

Old Rong and red brick

The old Rong climbs, the red brick is only motley, more than 300 years to save of history historic relic, the wall ancient Rong seizes illegally.

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