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1. 爱屋及乌

  Love me, love my dog.

2. 爱不释手

  to fondle admiringly

3. 按部就班

  step by step

4. 爱莫能助

  be sympathetic but have no ability to help

5. 拔苗助长

  to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm

6. 百折不挠

  be indomitable

7. 班门弄斧

  to teach one's granny how to suck eggs

8. 半途而废

  to give up halfway

9. 杯弓蛇影

  self-created suspicion

10. 百闻不如一见

  Seeing is believing.

11. 变本加厉

  be further intensified


12. 比上不足,比下有余

  to fall short of the best, but be better than the worst.


13. 笨鸟先飞

  A slow sparrow should make an early start.


14. 不遗余力

  to spare no effort; Do one’s best; Go all out.


15. 不打不成交

  No discord, no concord.


16. 不痛不痒



17. 拆东墙,补西墙

  Rob Peter to pay Paul.


18. 辞旧迎新

  bid farewell to the old and usher in the new


19. 不眠之夜

  white night


20. 车水马龙

  be crowded with people and vehicles


21. 惩前毖后

  to learn from past mistakes to avoid future ones


22. 充耳不闻

  to turn a deaf ear to


23. 重蹈覆辙

  to follow the same old disastrous road


24. 臭名昭著

  be notorious


25. 大事化小,小事化了

  to try first to make their mistake sound less serious and thento reduce it to nothing at all.


26. 大开眼界

  to broaden one’s horizon; be an eye-opener


27. 得寸进尺

  Much will have more.


28. 跌宕起伏

  ups and downs


29. 丢卒保车

  to sacrifice minor things to save major ones


30. 登峰造极

  to reach the peak of perfection


31. 国泰民安

  The country flourishes and people live in peace.


32. 过犹不及

  Going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short. Excess is just as bad as deficiency. Too much is as bad as too little.


33. 好了伤疤,忘了疼

  once on shore, one prays no more.


34. 好事不出门,坏事传千里

  Bad news travels fast.


35. 和气生财

  Harmony brings wealth. Friendliness is conductive to business success.


36. 活到老,学到老

  Never too old to learn.


37. 既往不咎

  to let bygones be bygones


38. 金无足赤,人无完人

  There are spots even on the sun.


39. 金玉满堂

  Treasures fill the home.


40. 脚踏实地

  be down-to-earth


41. 脚踩两只船

  to sit on the fence; be a fence-sitter; have a foot in either camp


42. 君子之交淡如水

  A hedge between keeps friendship green.


43. 老生常谈,陈词滥调

  cut and dried


44. 礼尚往来

  Courtesy calls for reciprocity.


45. 留得青山在,不愁没柴烧

  Where there is life, there is hope.


46. 马到成功

  to achieve immediate victory; to win instant success.


47. 名利双收

  to gain both fame and wealth


48. 茅塞顿开

  be suddenly enlightened


49. 没有规矩,不成方圆

  Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.


50. 每逢佳节倍思亲

  On festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one’s dear ones far away.


51. 谋事在人,成事在天

  Man proposes; God disposes.


52. 弄巧成拙

  to make a fool of oneself in trying to be smart


53. 赔了夫人,又折兵

  to suffer a double loss; lose the bait along with the fish


54. 抛砖引玉

  to throw a sprat to catch a whale


55. 破釜沉舟

  to cut off all means of retreat; to burn one’s own way of retreat and be determined to fight to the end


56. 抢得先机

  take the preemptive opportunities


57. 巧妇难为无米之炊

  One can’t make bricks without straw.


58. 前事不忘后事之师

  Past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future.


59. 前怕狼,后怕虎

  to hesitate in doing


60. 强龙难压地头蛇

  The mighty dragon is no match for the native serpent.


61. 瑞雪兆丰年

  A fall of seasonal snow gives promise of a fruitful year.


62. 人逢喜事精神爽

  People are in high spirits when involved in happy events.


63. 世上无难事,只怕有心人

  Where there is a will ,there is a way.


64. 世外桃源

  a retreat away from the turmoil of the world


65. 人之初,性本善

  Humans are born good.


66. 塞翁失马,焉知非福

  a blessing in disguise; Every cloud has a silver lining.

67. 三十而立

  A man should be independent at the age of thirty.


68. 水涨船高

  A ship rises with the tide.


69. 时不我待

  Time and tide wait for no man.


70. 杀鸡用牛刀

  to use a steam-hammer to crack nuts


71. 实事求是

  to seek truth from facts; be practical and realistic


72. 说曹操,曹操到

  to speak of the devil


73. 实话实说

  to speak the plain truth; to call a spade a spade; to tell it as itis


74. 鼠目寸光

  be shortsighted; cannot see beyond one's nose


75. 身无分文

  not a shot in one's locker

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