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1.Mr.Green is the person who is responsible    the job. 

A. with   B. of       C. for    D. as

2.If you don't know how to use the new mobile phone, you can read the    first. 

A. inventions       B. instructions

C. experiences       D. experiments

3.She doesn't like swimming, so she    goes swimming in her free time. 

A. always      B. usually C. often D. seldom

4. Old Mr Black lives happily with his three dogs.   of them are part of his family. 

A. Both   B. All     C. None  D. Neither

5.—Which season do you like   ,winter or summer? 


A. well    B. better  C. best    D. the best

6. Practice more,    you'll do better in playing chess. 

A. but    B. and    C. when D. after

7.—Are you going anywhere?—I   about visiting my sister, but I have changed my mind. 

A. think B. have thought C. will think       D. thought

8.Why not consider   Kunming for your next vacation? 

A. visiting      B. to visit  C. visited   D. visitor

9.Look at that girl   name is Lucy. 

A. who   B. whose       C. which        D. whom

10. “Food Safety” has become one of    topics recently. 

A. hot     B. hotter  C. hottest      D. the hottest

11. It    tomorrow, so we can't go camping. 

A. will rain    B. rains  C. rained       D. was raining

12. Look at our new school. It    last year. 

A. built B. was built C. is built  D. will be built

13.—Wow,so many new buildings! But it used to be a poor village. —Yes.  has changed in our hometown. 

A. Nothing     B. Nobody C. Everything      D. Everybody

14.—Which song do you like better, Lucy?

I prefer the song Little Apple   can attract many people. 

A. which       B. who   C. whom       D. where

15.—Your book is very interesting. Could you tell me   

—In Xinhua Bookstore next to our school.

A. where did you buy it B. why did you buy it

C. where you bought it  D. why you bought it

16.—   schoolbag is it? —It might be Linda's.

A. How B. Who   C. Whose     D. Where

17—How did you take the medicine, mum?

—By reading the   on the bottle, my baby. 

A. message    B. inventions

C. information      D. instructions

18. I turned to bookshops and libraries looking for information and found   

A. none   B. both  C. one   D. neither

19. Be quiet! The students   a physics test in the next room. 

A. had     B. have had  C. were having       D. are having

20.We shouldn't    too many trees in order to protect the environment. 

A. write down       B. take down

C. cut down   D. turn down

21.The movie had already begun, but Mary didn't   .

What happened to her? 

A. give up     B. take up C. stay up     D. show up

22.If you want to be a good teacher, you should be    students. 

A. angry with        B. full of

C. relaxed about     D. patient with

23. We   in the same school since three years ago. 

A. studied       B. were studying

C. have studied      D. will study

24. People     overweight need more water than thin people. 

A. who is       B. which are C. that is D. who are

25.—Excuse me, could you please tell me   

—Sure. It's about ten minutes' walk.

A. how long it takes to go to the zoo

B. how far it is from here to the zoo

C. how far is it from here to the zoo

D. how long does it take to go to the zoo

26.—Hello! Mum. Long time no see!

—Hello! Mary. Are you busy these days? I'm looking forward   your phone.  

A. to answer   B. answering C. to answering       D. answer

27.—What's your plan for the new term?

—I   a foreign language.  

A. will be learn  B. am going to learn

C. learning      D. learn

28. After a 3-week winter vacation, students usually   some weight when they return to school.  

A. put away    B. put up  C. put on         D. put off

29. My father is too busy to drive me to school. My mother will send me to school   .  

A. too     B. instead      C. as well      D. instead of

30. Our geography teacher told us that light   much faster than sound.  

A. travels B. traveled C. were traveling D. would travel


My mother's loving hands

Night after night, she came to help me sleep, even long after my childhood years.

I don't remember 16 it first started making me a little angry—my mom's hands pushing my hair that way. But it really made me uncomfortable, for they 17 rough(粗糙的)against my young skin. Finally, one night, I 18 her, “Don't do that any more. Your hands are too rough!”She didn't say anything, 19 she never did it again. 

Years later, I missed my mother's 20 and her goodnight kiss on my face. I'm not a little girl any more. My mom is 21 her mid-seventies, and her rough hands are still doing things for my family and me. 

Now my own children have 22 .It was late on Thanksgiving Eve. As I slept in my bedroom, a familiar hand ran across my 23 to push the hair from my head. Then a kiss, ever so softly, touched my brow(额头). 

Taking my mom's hand, I told her how 24 I was for that night I shouted at her. But my mom didn't know what I was talking about. She had forgotten it long ago. 

That night, I 25 with a new appreciation(感激)for my mother's caring hands. And the guilt(内疚)that I had carried around for so long was nowhere to be found. 

16.A.when    B. where    C. why

17.A.looked    B. felt     C. seemed

18.A.nodded at      B. shouted at   C. laughed at

19.A.so B. or      C. but

20.A.hands     B. words C. smiles

21.A.on B. in          C. at

22.A.stayed up       B. woken up   C. grown up

23.A.nose       B. face    C. mouth

24.A.sorry      B. tired   C. relaxed

25.A.left home       B. kept working     C. fell asleep


Natural resources are things that we use that come from Earth. Our natural resources are limited(有限的). This means that they will not 16 forever. Some are renewable, like when you plant a new tree when you 17 one down. Others are not renewable, like when you dig coal()out of the 18 .Once it is used, it is gone. 

People realize the 19 that Earth's natural resources are limited, and can do things to help conserve(节约)those resources. 20 you try to conserve a natural resource, you try to use less of it so it does not get used up so 21 .One way that people conserve fuel, like gasoline, is by riding a bicycle or walking when the 22 is short instead of driving everywhere. 

Water is a very important natural resource because we all need it to stay 23 .We can conserve water 24 making sure that our pipes and taps do not leak().We can also make 25 choices to conserve water, like only using the dishwasher or washing machine when they are full. Everyone can make contributions to protecting natural resources. 

16.A.last B. spread      C. burn   D. change

17.A.turn       B. cut   C. put     D. move

18.A.station    B. building     C. ground       D. brick

19.A.news      B. plan    C. decision     D. fact

20.A.When     B. Although    C. Whatever   D. Whether

21.A.slowly    B. hard   C. regularly    D. fast

22.A.money    B. space  C. place D. distance

23.A.alive      B. alone  C. asleep D. awake

24.A.about     B. for     C. by      D. with

25.A.generous B. funny       C. wise   D. surprising



Gabriel Garcia Márquez, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982,passed away at the age of 86 on April 17,2014.The world paused to remember the cultural giant(巨匠).

Garcia Márquez was born in Colombia, but he spent most of his adult life in Mexico City. As one of the most famous writers, he was widely regarded as “a giant of 20th-century literature”. Garcia Márquez wrote in a style called “magical realism(魔幻现实主义)”.In such works, people live a daily life in a certain period of time in history. But meanwhile, magical things happen to them.

Garcia Márquez is best known for his 1967 novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude(《百年孤独》),which has sold about 50 million copies. It tells the tale of the small and isolated town of Macondo which was separated from the outside world—of its founding and its troubled history over a hundred years. The story is a metaphor(暗喻)for the development of Colombia since the 19th century. As Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said, Garcia Márquez wrote about “the very essence(精髓)of the Latin American being”.

26.Garcia Márquez was born in the year   

A.1914    B.1928 C.1967       D.1982

27.We can know from Paragraph 2 that Garcia Márquez_____

A. was born in Mexico City

B. spent most of his adult life in Colombia

C. had a writing style called “magical realism”

D. was famous but lived a simple daily life

28.The underlined word “isolated” means   

A.隔绝的       B.安逸的  C.喧嚣的    D.繁华的

29.Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Garcia Márquez?

A. He was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.

B. His novel One Hundred Years of Solitude was a great success.

C. He was widely known as “a giant of 20th-century literature”.

D. Magical things happened to him during his stay in Mexico City.

30.The writer quotes(引述)from the President to   

A. praise Garcia Márquez for his achievement

B. show the deep sadness of the President

C. explain the writing style of Garcia Márquez

D. describe the character of Garcia Márquez


In our life, we may meet people with different personalities(性格).What is your personality type(类型)?Read about the following and find out!

 A Dreamer thinks there is a “right” way to do things. This person wants to live in the “perfect world”. Many are good listeners and like to help others. Many Dreamers work as teachers, and often lead others. Famous Dreamers: Mohandas Gandhi, Angelina Jolie.

 A Partner wants to be in a group. For this person, rules are important. They consider tradition to be of great value. Partners are often serious, careful people. Many do well as teachers, managers and police officers. Famous Partners: Queen Elizabeth II, Mother Teresa.

 For Thinkers, understanding things is very important. They like to deal with problems and make new things. Thinkers can also be active. They like to win. They have very strong opinions .Many Thinkers work as scientists, inventors and engineers. Famous Thinkers: Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking.

 Artists want to be free. They don't want to follow the rules all the time. They also like trying new things. Like Thinkers, many Artists have strong opinions. They are creative and do well as musicians and actors. Famous Artists: Cristiano Ronaldo, Madonna.

31.How many personality types are mentioned in the passage?

A. Three. B. Four.   C. Five.      D. Six.

32.According to the passage, when you need help,    may give you a hand. 

A. Dreamers   B. Partners  C. Thinkers      D. Artists

33.You may choose a job as   if you are careful and serious. 

A. a player         B. an actor 

C. a police officer  D. a scientist

34.If you are active and like to win, maybe you are similar to   

A. Gandhi        B. Mother Teresa

C. Bill Gates       D. Madonna

35.Which could be the best title for the passage?

A. Famous People  B. Personality Types

C. Perfect World    D. Job Choices


Even in early times, people could realize the importance of dreams and knew that dreams gave meaning to life. Every great achievement has been the result of years of dreaming. If a person has a dream and holds fast to it, he or she will find a way to bring it into reality(现实).

Children do not have much experience or knowledge. However, they are natural dreamers. We should not laugh at them for being naive. With their rich imagination, they will come up with fantastic dreams. History is full of examples. Many great men were dreamers when they were children. One such dreamer was Thomas Edison. He used to be ostracized(排斥)when he was in primary school, but his achievements were greater than everyone else's in his time.

Teenagers and young people should also be encouraged to dream. The world is full of successful teenagers and young people. They dreamt big and their dreams changed their lives and even the world. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the good examples. They have developed technology and brought great progress to humans besides making money for themselves.

Older people should believe that it is never too late to dream and that human mind is never too old to make dreams turn into reality. Colonel Saunders realized his dreams at the age of 67 and set up the biggest fried chicken company(KFC)in the world.

To dream is a wonderful ability which can lead to wonderful results. Olympic records were broken by players who were brave enough to dream. No one is too young or too old to dream and to make dreams come true.

36.People who   could probably realize their dreams. 

A. find a way to dream  B. dream and hold fast to them

C. get the meaning of life D. have very good school results

37.Young people should be encouraged to dream because   

A. their dreams are natural

B. they are greater than everyone else

C. they have much knowledge

D. their dreams might change the world

38.What does the example of Colonel Saunders show us?

A. Setting up a big company is a wonderful ability.

B. Developing technology can bring great progress.

C. Even older people can make their dreams come true.

D. People should be brave enough to dream when they are young.

39.The underlined word “naive” in the passage means “   ” in Chinese. 

A.逆反的      B.幼稚的   C.调皮的  D.冲动的

40.The best title(题目)for the passage is “   ”. 

A. From Dream to Reality B. Good Examples of Dreams

C. Achievements in History D. A List of Successful Dreamers


It is reported that some developed countries have shipped broken parts of computers to China. Such a thing can be found almost every day although it is against international laws. Last month Hong Kong officers found 131,000 kilograms of broken computers, TVs and phones sent from Japan.

Things like these are called electronic waste, or e-waste. Dealing with them is not an easy job because dangerous poisons like mercury()and lead ()can be found in them. Every time an old computer breaks down, it needs to be dealt with safely. But at present, broken computer parts are usually buried. It may be hundreds of years before they are really gone in the earth.

Many places in China are polluted by e-waste. Guiyu in Guangdong Province is one of them. This town is named as “the e-waste capital of the world”. It has to deal with 1.5 million kilograms of e-waste each year, from which it makes 75 million yuan. But it comes at a cost. Many of the poisons in e-waste find their way into the environment. Plastic is burned outdoors and chemical water is poured into rivers. Greenpeace, an environmental group, has found the air, the earth and the rivers in Guiyu badly polluted.

The Chinese government wants the country to develop, but in a way that doesn't do harm to the environment and people's life. This year, China passed a new environmental protection law, the strictest one we have ever had. Computer companies like Lenovo and Dell will be asked to take back their old computers. This is because the companies that make computers know best how to deal with them safely. Hopefully, the problem with e-waste will be solved in the near future.

41.The e-waste found in Hong Kong last month was from   

A. France      B. Japan        C. Germany   D. Australia

42.The underlined word buried probably means    in the passage.  

A.焚烧   B.降解   C.回收   D.掩埋

43.The town of Guiyu in Guangdong Province   

A. is the e-capital of the world

B. has serious e-waste pollution

C. deals with the e-waste safely

D. spends much money on e-waste

44.This year, the Chinese government   

A. tried to change people's life

B. closed some computer companies

C. made a new environmental protection law

D. asked people to hand in their old computers

45.The passage is mainly about   

A. the ways to deal with e-waste

B. the cost of burning e-waste

C. the e-waste problem in China

D. the need to pass a law against e-waste



A Telephone Message

From: Ren Xue  To: Yu Wei

Date: May 23rd  Time:16:00

Message: She says that you must put on your sports shoes, your hat and sunglasses, bring some food and drinks, and ride a bike to meet her at the school gate at 8:00 tomorrow.


Taken by: Mother


May 13th,2015

 An MP5 was found in the library on the morning of May 13th. Please call 87058344 or come to Class 1, Grade 9 to get it.

Lin Xiang

Sunshine Club



Every Saturday 6:30 am—9:30 pm

London Street 28


Just 5 yuan a time

Games, music, dancing and more

26.Yu Wei will meet Ren Xue at the school gate   

A. at 8:00,on May 23rd    B. at 8:00,on May 24th

C. at 16:00,on May 23rd   D. at 16:00,on May 24th

27.Tomorrow Yu Wei and Ren Xue will probably_____.

A. go hiking        B. go to a party

C. go to movies     D. join the Sunshine Club

28.Which number can Maria call if her MP5 is lost?

A.84676352.   B.87539683. C.87539682.     D.87058344.

29.Which of the following people is allowed to join the club?

A.A 10-year-old kid.         B.A 14-year-old boy.

C.A 19-year-old student.      D.A 30-year-old parent.

30.When can we go to the club?

A. At 7:00 pm on Saturday. B. At 10:00 pm on Saturday.

C. At 7:00 am on Sunday. D. At 1:00 pm every day.


In northern Scotland there is a long, deep lake called Loch Ness. More than 200 meters deep, it is the largest lake in the UK. People say a big monster(怪兽)lives in its dark, cold waters. It weighs more than 1,000 kilos and is at least ten meters long. Some people say it has a head like a horse. Others say it looks like a snake. Many people travel to Loch Ness to look for this strange monster, but only a few people have seen it. At least, they say they have seen it.

The Loch Ness Monster is a famous legend(传说).The first story about a monster in Loch Ness was told over 500 years ago, but the legend of the monster spread widely only in the twentieth century. In 1933,a husband and wife reported that they saw a big monster in the middle of the lake. Since then, a number of people have said that they have seen a monster in Loch Ness. Several people have taken photos, but at least one of them was a hoax(骗局).During the 1960s,a team was formed to look for the monster. They took many photos and made movies, but they were never able to find a monster.

There is no real fact that a monster lives in Loch Ness, but there is also no fact that one doesn't live. One thing is true about Loch Ness: there are a lot of tourists there.

31.In northern     there is a long, deep lake called Loch Ness. 

A. Scotland  B. Hong Kong      C. Rome      D. Paris

32.What do people say about the monster in Loch Ness?

 A. It weighs about 100 kilos.  B. It is one meter long.

 C. It has a tail like a horse.  D. It looks like a snake.

33.When was the first story about the monster told?

A.200 years ago.    B. Over 500 years ago.

 C. In 1933. D. In 1960.

34.Why was a team formed during the 1960s?

A. To kill the monster. B. To look for the monster.

 C. To catch the monster.      D. To sell the monster.

35.What is the passage mainly about?

A. People that saw a monster. B.A trip to Loch Ness.

C.A legend about a monster. D.A team that took photos.


There is little doubt that house cats first developed naturally from ancient wild cats. The closest relative is the African wild cat which still lives in Africa today. This is understandable because the first house cats came from Africa.

Cats first started to live around people in Egypt about 6,000~7,000 years ago. From Egypt, cats started to move around the world. This is about the same time that Egyptians began storing grain(谷物)in buildings. Scientists used to believe that people tamed cats to catch mice and protect the grain. However, cats don't like to be told what to do! Now, scientists believe that cats followed the mice and learned to accept people. Finally, some of the cats began to grow comfortable around people. These were smaller cats that needed protection. As these cats and people got used to each other, then they moved in together. Around 5,000 years ago, cats started to live with people.

Soon cats were in Greece, then the Middle East and China. They moved along Egyptian business roads keeping away mice and keeping people around them. After the Romans came to Egypt, they also accepted the cats and brought them to Europe. These cats likely bred(繁殖)with other cats to form the many kinds of house cats we have today.

Cats are relatively recent house animals. House cats still have a lot in common with their wild relatives.Cats sleep a lot to save energy just like wild cats. They will often get food at night as well. House cats are generally peaceful and friendly, but be careful! If a cat feels it is in danger, it will fight back—just like a wild cat!

36.Where did the first house cats come from?

A. Asia.  B. Africa. C. Europe.    D. America.

37.When did cats start to live with people?

A. About 4,000 years ago.     B. About 5,000 years ago.

C. About 6,000 years ago.     D. About 7,000 years ago.

38.According to the text, which of the following is TRUE?

A. Cats started to move around the world from China.

B. Cats get food at night to save energy like wild cats.

C. Cats have a little in common with their wild relatives.

D. Cats were accepted and brought to Europe by Romans.

39.What does the underlined word “tamed” mean in Chinese?

A.驱散    B.捕捉C.驯化       D.引进

40.What does the text mainly talk about?

A. The development of house cats.

B. Different cats in different countries.

C. The relationship between cats and people.

D. The differences between house cats and wild cats.


Let's suppose it is a common day of 2060.Of course, things have changed and life is very different.

Trips to the moon are being made every day. Taking a holiday on the moon today is as easy as taking a holiday in Europe in the 2010's.At a number of scenic spots(风景胜地)on the moon, many hotels have been built. In order that everyone can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the moon, every room has at least one picture window. Everything imaginable is provided for entertainment of the young and old.

What are people eating now? People are still eating food. But many foods now come in pill(药片)form, and the food that goes into the pill comes mainly from green plants.

Because people in the world today are many more than those about fifty years ago, most of the earth's surface has to be filled. The deserts are irrigated with water and crops are no longer eaten by pests(害虫).The harvest is always good.

Farming, of course, is very highly developed. Very few people have to work on the farm. It is possible to run the farm by just using a few computers.

People are now largely vegetarians, and they eat only bread, vegetables, fruit and so on and they don't eat meat or fish. You see, as the number of people increases, the number of animals decreases. So people have to be vegetarians. We are healthier both in our bodies and in our minds, and we know how to deal with all kinds of illnesses. No one has to be ill any more.

Such would be our life in 2060.

41.What will be on the moon in 2060 according to the passage?

A. Many green plants.  B. Many wild animals.

C. Many interesting places.

42.What's the meaning of the underlined word “irrigated”?

A.冲刷    B.灌溉    C.淹没

43.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. People only eat foods in pill form.

B. People don't have plenty of crops.

C. People run the farms by using high technology.

44.Why do people have to be vegetarians in 2060?

A. Because they want to be healthier.

B. Because vegetables can make the patients well.

C. Because there will be more people and fewer animals.

45.What attitude(态度)does the writer have about the future life?

A. He feels pretty hopeful about the future.

B. He is not very satisfied with some things of the future.

C. He seems really sad about what is happening in the future.



A Special Delivery

Ben and Sally lived in California with their two daughters. Ben liked travelling. 46 ,but Sally stayed home with the girls. 

Ben and his friends owned a company. People at the company liked to play jokes on each other. One day, Ben's friends wanted to play a joke on Ben and Sally. 47 .The letter said, 

On the same day, Sally also got a phone call. The caller told her that a delivery was coming. At one o'clock, a truck stopped in front of Sally's house. The truck driver gave Sally a rope. An animal was tied to the rope. It was a baby elephant! 48 ,and it began eating grass. 

Then the driver drove away. Sally stood there and held the rope to the elephant. She asked herself, “What can I feed an elephant with? Bananas?”

 49 .He said, “It's illegal(非法的)to have a wild animal here.”Then the policeman gave Sally a ticket. 

Ben's friends were hiding in the backyard and laughing. They had planned everything perfectly. They had rented(租借)the elephant from a zoo and asked the policeman to write the ticket! Ben's friends also made a film of everything. 50 

When Sally learned about the truth, she couldn't help laughing.

A. So they sent a letter to Sally

B. After a while, a policeman came

C. The elephant ran into Sally's yard

D. They wanted Ben to watch the video

E. One summer, he went to Africa on a trip



another carry control have life well tree so

usual wild

Animals are important in Indian culture and some are treated in a special way. For example, a lot of elephants aren't 46 .They are domesticated(驯养).They aren't kept as pets, but as working animals. Every working elephant 47 its own keeper. An elephant and its keeper meet for the first time when they are both young, and they grow up together. In fact, their relationship continues for the rest of the elephant's 48 —perhaps 40 years. Lots of elephants work in the forest, moving heavy 49 when they are cut down. Some give rides to tourists, or 50 people during celebrations and festivals. Keepers take excellent care of their elephants, feeding them 51 and giving them a bath at the end of the working day. 

 52 special animal in India is the cow. Cows are protected animals, 53 they aren't kept on farms or killed for food, although people do use their milk. So in India you can often see cows walking around towns and cities, and nobody tries 54 them. If they sit down in the middle of the road, people 55 drive around them! Do you think it's interesting? 

46.    47.   48.    49.    50.   

51.   52.   53.   54.    55.    


假设你是Aunt Linda, Grace来信对你诉说,她上初三后感到压力很大,和父母不时吵架,向你寻求帮助。你回信给Grace,提了一些建议,帮助她和父母好好相处:








Dear Grace,

I know you quarreled with your parents and you are very angry now. 










在每个人的心中,总会渴望拥有某样东西。你想要拥有什么?请以“I want to have   为题,用英语写一篇短文,谈谈你想拥有它的理由及你会有怎样的想法或感受。 

要求:1.请补全标题,a football, a mountain bikea magic paintbrush;



I want to have   











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