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[00:06.50]Please set the table. Dinner is ready.


[00:10.61]Do you know your times table for six?




[00:16.61]The mother took her child by the hand.


[00:20.08]It takes a lot of money to buy a house as big as that.



[00:26.32]adj.& n.熟食,外卖餐馆

[00:27.79]I'm too tired to cook--let's get something from the Chinese take-away.




[00:35.83]That child is too yong to talk.




[00:41.34]The teacher gave us a talk on sexual responsibility in the modern world.




[00:48.84]He is six feet tall.




[00:53.60]The police seized various books and tapes.




[00:59.53]They were having tea when I called.




[01:05.35]Who taught you to ride a bicycle?




[01:10.29]Like teacher,like pupil.




[01:15.56]Is Mike on that football team?




[01:19.27]This group has a good teamwork.




[01:24.55]I don't like this teapot.



[01:29.28]n.telephone vt.电话,电话机 打电话给......

[01:30.87]We must telephone our congratulations to the happy couple.




[01:38.47]I can't tell you how happy I am.




[01:43.99]Keep the house at an even temperature please.




[01:49.52]Can you play tennis?




[01:53.99]I was preparing for the end-of-term examinations.




[02:00.52]We had a terrible time during the holiday.




[02:06.48]He played that piece of music terribly.




[02:11.83]Easier said than done.




[02:16.43]I thanked her for the present.




[02:21.24]They have lost their dog.




[02:25.76]The ship is theirs.




[02:30.12]We gave them some food




[02:35.06]The children can look after themselves for a couple of hours.




[02:41.48]We shall have left school by then.




[02:47.31]We will stay there till May.




[02:52.48]The thermos is made of glass and mercury.



[02:57.56]pron.& adj这些(this 的复数)

[02:58.54]These are my toys.




[03:03.40]They are the children's parents.




[03:08.39]This book is very thick.




[03:13.17]That ice is too thin to stand on.




[03:18.91]What is that thing you are carrying?




[03:24.30]Think hard before you answer this question.




[03:30.15]Let's welcome the third contestant.




[03:35.69]Salty food makes one thirsty.



[03:40.18]pron.& adj.这个,这

[03:41.17]This book is for you.




[03:46.00]I have got three sisters.




[03:50.71]Did you get through your examinations?




[03:55.90]Don't throw away your old shoes,give them to me.



[04:00.92]pron.& adj.那些

[04:01.81]In those days,they lived a hard life.




[04:08.08]Though it's hard work,I enjoy it.




[04:13.59]One kilometer equals to one thousand meters




[04:14.37]The jobs that are done have been ticked off.




[04:20.11]Admission is by ticket only.



[04:24.70]vt adj.弄整洁,弄整齐 整洁的,整齐的

[04:26.38]You'd better tidy this room up before the guests arrive.



[04:32.38]vt.(用绳,线等)系,栓 扎

[04:33.46]Make sure the parcel's correctly tied up before you post it.




[04:39.89]How can you catch the tiger cubs without entering the tiger's lair?



[04:45.59]prep & conj.直到,直到......之时。

[04:46.84]He had been in Beijing till last week.



[04:51.98]n. 时间;次,次数

[04:53.34]How do you spend your time at home?


[04:56.68]Each time I called on him,he was busy with his work.




[05:03.53]I'm dead tired.




[05:07.81]You should go to school today.



[05:11.82]n.& adv.今天

[05:12.75]Today is Monday.




[05:16.85]It is warm today.




[05:22.26]John and Jean are living together but they have no plan to get married.




[05:29.75]Can you tell me where the toilet is?




[05:35.19]I have been to Paris,too.


[05:37.80]My error was all too apparent.




[05:43.39]The baby's first front teeth are just coming through.




[05:49.56]Start reading at the top of the page.




[05:55.51]Would you like some tomato soup?



[05:59.40]n.& adv.明天

[06:00.37]I'm going away tomorrow.



[06:03.99]adv.& n.今晚

[06:04.94]Tonight will be cloudy



[06:08.64]n.& adj.总数

[06:09.59]Add these numbers together and tell me the total.




[06:16.38]Visitors are requested not to touch the paintings.




[06:23.12]I hope we're not moving towards war again.




[06:28.87]He drove through several large industrial towns.




[06:34.98]This is an all-purpose tractor.




[06:40.05]There's usually a lot of traffic at this time of day.




[06:45.98]The train is in.




[06:50.39]I'd like to travel through the whole world.




[06:55.70]He is a traveller.




[06:59.77]We sat under the tree.



[07:03.90]vt. n.麻烦,使麻烦 疾病

[07:05.36]You look troubled, what's worrying you?




[07:11.45]I bought a pair of trousers yesterday.




[07:16.57]The truck is a vehicle for carrying goods.




[07:22.81]Is the news true?




[07:27.15]Her husband is a truly good man.



[07:31.96]vt.& vi.试(做),试图,努力

[07:33.29]I don't think I can do it but I'll try.




[07:39.27]It's your turn.




[07:43.21]The wheel of history cannot be turned back.




[07:48.73]Please stop at the next turning.




[07:53.90]Who is the twelfth contestant?




[07:59.59]I work twice as hard as you.




[08:05.08]We're twins.


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