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一、 选择填空。

( )1、I go to schooi by bike. What about you?

A、 Yes,I do. B、I go by bus. C、I have a bike.

( ) 2、You can _______a No.5 bus to get there.

A、by B、take C、on

( )3、Turn left _______the cinema.

A、at B、for C、 off

( )4、In Australia,drivers drive on the ______side of the road.

A、 right B、left C、every

( )5、Look at the children.They _____near the lake.

A、fly kites B、are flying kites C、are going to fly kites

( )6、I _____the Great Wall next month.

A、 am visiting B、 visit C、am going to visit

( )7、They ___shopping this weekend.

A、 go B、are going C、are going to

( )8、I’m going to the bookstore ______my friend.

A、 to B、and C 、with

( )9、A:_______are you going?

B:I am going at 3 o’clock tomorrow.

A、When B、Where C、What

( )10、____he like swimming ?A、Do B、Is C、Does

( )11、Amy and Betty ____singing and dancing.

A .like B、likes C、liking

( )12.Look,he is_____actor and his mother is____TV reporter.

A、 an,a B、a,an C、a, a

( )13.A:What does she do? B:She__________.

A、 is a teacher B、teaches math C、is a mother

( )14_______does he go to school? A、Where B、How C、What

( )15.Does the water come ____the cloud?A.in B.at C. from

( )16.Where _____the vapour come from?A. do B.does C.is

( )17.Can you go with ________?A. he B.hers C. me

( )18.What’s your father like? A.He likes swimming.B.He’s a doctor.C.He’s tall.

( )19A:.What does she do? B: She________.

A .teaches English B.likessinging C.issinging

( )20.She often plays _____piano,but she doesn’t play_______football.

A.\ ,\ B.the ,\ C. \, the

( )21.We ______to visit our grandparents yesterday afternoon.

A. go B.goes C. went

( )22.The _______ are running on the grass. A .sheep B. goat C.monkey

( )23._______________________?It’s blue .

A.What colour is your bag? B.Where is your bag ? C.How much is your bag?

( )24.A:__________?He sang and danced.

A.What did he do in Xinjiang? B.What does he do in Xinjiang?

C.What is he doing in Xinjiang?

( )25.The sun is ________than the moon. A.big B .bigger C.biger

( )26.Her bag is heavier than__________. A.my B.mine C me

( )27.What’s the matter _______you? A.with B. of C .

( )28.There are _________on the lake .A.agoose B.some geese C. white goose

( )29.Did you help them ________the room?A.cleaned B. clean C.cleaning

( )30.Are you thin and tall? A.Yes,I’m. BNo,I am. C。Yes,I am.

( )31.What’s the date today? A.It’sSunday. B.It’s June 8 th. C.It’s on June 8th.

( )32.Thank you for ______me with my lesson.. A。help B. to help C. helping

( )33.—Hello!7789523.-------Hello!______________Tom?No,_________Jim.

A. Is that, this is B.Are you, ,I am C.Is that,I’m

( )34.I’d like ____some English stories. A. read B.to read C.reading

( )35.I like _______stamps. A. to collect B.collecting C.collect

( )36.Don’t read ___the sun. A. in B.on. C.at

( )37.________ your pen pal ____TV at night?

A .Do…watch B.Does…watches C .Does…watch

( )38.I ______the clothes yesterday morning. A.wash B.washed C.am washing

( )39.Did you have a party? A.Yes ,I did. B.Yes,I do. C. Yes,I am.

( )40.I am going ________an accountant. A.to be B.be C.being

二、 判断划线部分发音是否相同,用T或F表示。

1 .plane have ( ) 2. stop post ( ) 3. find right( ) 4.watch wash( )

5.south th ere( ) 6.fresh she( ) 7.visited played( )

8.school peach( ) 9.bus under( ) 10.know now( )

11.book food( ) 12.this nine( )




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