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  Animals Need Protecting

  There are more and more endangered animals at present,so how to protect them has been our task of top priority 。 It's wrong for people to hunt animals for their meat and feather,for they are our good friends。We should protect them instead of killing them。Giant pandas,which are one of the endangered animals,live in the forests and live on bamboo lealves。They can just live safely in the natural protection zones。We should stop killing animal and protect them。


  Animals Need Protecting

  Animals are natural resources that people have wasted all through our history。 Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, for food, for sport, and simply because they were in the way。 Thousands of kinds of animals have disappeared from the earth forever。 Hundreds more are on the danger list today。 About 170 kinds in the United States aloneare considered in danger。

  Why should people care? Because we need animals, and because once they are gone, there will never be any more。Animals are more than just beautiful or interesting。 They are more than just a source of food。 Every animal has its place in the balance of nature。 Destroying one kind of animal can create many problems。 For example, when farmers killed large numbers of hawks, the farmers' stores of corn and grain were destroyed by rats and mice。 Why? Because hawks eat rats and mice, with no hawks to keep down their numbers, the rats and mice multiplied quickly。

  Luckily, some people are working to help save the animals。 Some groups raise money to let people know about the problem。 And they try to get the governments to pass laws protecting animals in danger。 Quite a few countries have passed laws。 These laws forbid the killing of any animal or planton the danger list。 Slowly, the number of some animals in danger is growing。


  Advice on Protecting Wild Animal

  Many animals are in danger of dying out。 As is shown in the chart, we can see the number of animal species decreases faster and faster and this trend will continue。 From 1980 to 2010, at least 1 million animal species have disappeared。 Worse still, more and more wild animals are in great danger。 It is not a piece of sensational news; it is a fact, a harsh reality。 Unfortunately, we may not see these animals in the near future。


  From the second picture, we can find some reasons。 Why is the number of animal species declining year by year? Apparently animals have bee victims of fashion industry。 Animal skin has been used to make fashionable clothes and these clothes sell at a high price。 So some greedy people begin to kill animals in a large quantity。 This irresponsible behavior not only breaks the balance of nature but also endangers the living environment of human beings。


  As far as I am concerned, something must be done to stop this illegal action。 We believe 'no buying, no killing'。 First, we must make concerning laws to protect these animals in danger。 Second, we must take some measures to protect animals effectively。 Animals are our friends and part of our environment。 Third, we should raise people's awareness to protect animals and our environment。 In this way, we can build a harmonious society and ensure a sustainable development。



  Animals Need Protecting

  Earth's biological diversity is being fast decline of many species facing extinction。 Threat to the survival of wild animals and plants is a major factor in habitat loss, business development, and wild animals and plants and their products in international trade。 Resources are limited, it is necessary for the endangered species, to propose specific measures of protection level。 We can formulate the corresponding endangered species laws, application to establish nature reserves, endangered species breeding centers, means of conservation biology, endangered species, the implementation of in situ conservation and ex situ conservation。 At the same time, we must restrict international trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, to make laws to protect endangered species。


  Animals Need Protecting

  It is suggested that people have been aware of the issue--lack of preservation for endangered spieces, animals and plants, but as you see , they placed little efforts to cope with the problem。despite the versatility and intricacy of instruments , I would pore over some of the most striking ones and offer alternatives afterwards。

  One of the major reasons , causing people's inocence of protecting animals, is that the government did not function well as an educator, arosing people's initiative in shielding wild animals, which led to the consequence that people do not know their responsibility to prevent animals from dangers, and specific knowledge in guarding them。 what is equally important as the reason mentioned above is that media did not meet our satisfaction to inform the mass of the emergency which is crutial in arousing people's conciousness to keep animals safe。

  In spite of the serious problem, measure leading to profound improvement still can be taken。 owning to the fact that funds are insufficient in some developing countries, developed countries or international organizations should shoulder more burden -- finacing them in order to capacitate them to acpolish the protection of animals。 at the same time, education in telling people the way to make animals harboured ought to be focused on, thus resulting in people's better awareness in the camouflage of our pla#from 本文来自高考资源网gkstk。 end#net's cutest creatures。

  It is belived by me that if correct actions are taken to preserve animals, any kind of them will be far away from extinction forever。


  Animals Need Protecting

  Everyone knows animals are our friends。 So we should be friendly to them。 But some people kill the rare animals, such as pandas, golden monkeys and so on in order to get money。 It will cause these animals to disappear soon。 I think our government should punish those people severely who kill the rare animals。 It is our duty to protect the endangered animals。



  It was a fine day today and the sun was bright。 I visited Beijing Zoo with my classmate, He Song。 The animals were so interesting that all the people loved them。 When a bear asked for some food by waving its ann, a visitor threw something to it。 At once I went up to him and said without thinking,'Don't do that。 It's bad for it。 If you really love them, take good care of them。' His face turned red and answered he wouldn't do that again。



  First should realize the importance of protecting endangered animals, to protect endangered animals and habitats, to promote the wildlife conservation and management of the laws and regulations 首要就应认识保护濒危动物的重要性,自觉保护濒危动物及其栖息环境,主动向亲友宣传野生动物保护管理的法律法规。 Second is to use the source of the endangered animals and do not eat, no, not keeping the source of the endangered animals or products, especially in the wild birds, turtles snakes and class 其次是拒绝利用野外来源的濒危动物,做到不吃、不用、不养野外来源的濒危动物或其产品,尤其是野生鸟类、蛇类和龟鳖类。 Last to be destroyed resolutely expose animal resources of the offence, for many endangered animal protection department or unit or fat, with the support of the animal protection administration 最后要坚决揭发破坏濒危动物资源的不法行为,用心为濒危动物保护部门或单位献计献策或捐资捐款,支持濒危动物保护管理工作。


  Many wild animals are facing the danger of extinction,because the environment that they are living in has changed greatly。For example,with the developmet of cities,the using of insecticide and serious pollution,their living areas have bee narrowcr and narrower。Many of the wild animals,now are confronted with food crisis。At the same time,man is killing off species just for getting their fur,skin,horns,teeth and meat。 In order to protect our resources of ecology,people should realize that the loss of any species is at least the loss of source of knowledge and a source of natural beauty。There fore,measures of the following should be taken:pollution standards are made to keepdown poisons; killing off certain rare species is prohibited; national parks should be set up as wild life,reserves。 Only if we human beings take some drastic measures can wild animals be preserved。 许多野生动物正面临绝种的危险,因为它们生活的环境发生了极大的变化。譬 如,随着城市的发展,杀虫剂的使用和严重的污染,野生动物的

  生活区域变得越来越狭小。许多野生动物目前正面临着食物方面的危机。同时,为了获取野生动物的毛、皮、角、牙齿和肉,人类正在屠杀野生动物。 为了保护生态资源,人们应当意识到任何物种的缺失,至少意味着知识资源和自然美的缺失。因此,应采取以下措施:制订污染标准以降低有毒物质;严禁杀害某些稀有物种;应建立国家公园作为野生动植物保护区。 我们只有采取一些有力措施,才能保护野生动物。


  保护动物 An Appeal for Animal Protection

  I am a student from Xinhua Middle School in Chongqing,China。 Informed that you have a vacancy for a student to serve as the spokesman for animals, I cannot resist my inner excitement,hoping to seize the opportunity to do something for animals 。


  In my mind,nothing can delight me so much as caring for animals。 Wherever I go and whatever I do, I usually keep in mind that animals are angels from the heaven, which bring us endless fort and pleasure。 I have been a panda lover since my childhood。 Panda is so lovely that brings fun to people and they are regarded as the treasure of our country。 Unfortunately,such a rare species is now faced with the danger of being extinct。What I am eager to do is to raise people’s awareness of animal protection and appeal to more people to care for our earth panies。


  It is my belief that all human beings can make a difference together。 I would appreciate it if my application could get your approval。


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