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Many years ago, my friend’s grand father decided to become an eye surgeon. He sent six years at ___1___ university studying medicine, and then had to go off to war. His parents were proud of him, ___2___they supported him when he finally began as a doctor in a small village. He was very patient ___3___ sick people and very skillful at diagnosing diseases. ___4___, during his ___5___ (one) weeks as a doctor, he deliberately poisoned a very old lady, a patient ___6___ simply wanted to die to avoid more ___7___ (suffer). The old doctor that he 8 (join) in the village practice encouraged him to continue, but he would not support his application to train as a surgeon. He should have been charged for murder, but the old doctor and the family never told anybody about___9___. If the public had ever been aware of the grandfather’s actions, the family’s reputation would ___10___ (ruin).

Keys:1.a 2.and 3.with 4. However5.first6.who/that7.suffering8.would9.it10. have ruined

考点:1、冠词 2、连词3、介词 4、副词 5、序数词 6、定语从句 7、构词法(动词—名词)8、过去完成时 9、代词 10、虚拟语气


The British sense of humor differs from other countries ___1___ it is generally more negative. When it comes to ___2___ (make) the British laugh, there is nothing ___3___ effective than a socially inappropriate joke.

Popular British comedy shows such as Fawlty Towers, Blackadder and the Office are ___4___(fill). of sarcasm (讽刺), teasing and self-deprecation (自嘲). It reflects the culture where mocking, moaning and ridicule is part of everyday life.

___5___ most British people don’t take these jokes too ___6___ (serious), foreigners are often puzzled by them. A recent survey found that most foreigners ___7___ visited Britain found that the British are “arrogant (傲慢的)”, unfriendly and have almost no sense of humor.

Do foreigners not understand British humor ___8___ are the British just not so funny ___9___ they think they are? McKinstry certainly thinks the British are funny. “Accusing the British ___10___ having no sense of humor is like telling Rolls-Royce that its cars are down-market.

Keys:1.because 2.making 3. more 4. full 5. while 6. seriously 7. who 8. or 9. as 10. of

考点:1、原因状语从句 2、非谓语动词(动名词) 3、形容词比较级 4、词类转换

5、连词6、副词 7、定语从句 8、连词(并列连词9、比较状语从句 10、介词。


Child labor has been a problem for many years. Over a hundred years ago, Charles Dickens shocked many of his readers when he described the conditions ___1___ which young children worked in British factories. The conditions Dickens described continue, almost unchanged today, in many parts of the world. The only difference is ___2___ today’s employment of children is confined to small industries and family businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and ___3___ (particular) farms, rather than to large factories. The children not only receive nothing or very ___4___ for their long hours of work, but also they ___5___ (prevent) from attending school. Therefore, when they become older they are ___6___ (able) to do any other kind of work.

The solution ___7___ the problem of child labour is clearly better laws to protect young children greater supervision (监督) of industry and heavier fines for ___8___ who break the laws. Only in this way ___9___ young boys and girls be allowed to enjoy the most valuable time of ___10___ lives --- childhood.

Keys:1. under 2. that 3. particularly 4. little 5. are prevented 6. unable 7. to 8. those 9. can 10. their

考点:1、介词 2、表语从句 3、构词法(形容词—副词) 4、不定代词 5、被动语态

6、构词法(反义词) 7、介词 8、代词 9、倒装句、情态动词 10、物主代词。


Gloria Estefan has been making records for over 20 years. Her ___1___ (late) album “90 Millas” honors the musical traditions of Cuba, the country ___2___ she was born. The songs express a longing for the home she left ___3___ a young child. Estefan helped write most of the songs on the album, which were ___4___ Spanish. She gathered famous ___5___ (music) from around Latin America to perform with ___6___. The name of this album means 90 miles. This is ___7___ distance between Cuba and the United States. It is a small distance, ___8___ to many Cuban-Americans with families still in Cuba, it feels much (large). In this album, Gloria Estefan gives a modern translation of ___10___ (tradition) Cuban songs.

Keys: 1. latest 2. where3. as 4. in 5. musicians 6. her 7. the 8. but 9. much 10. traditional


5、名词复数6、代词7、冠词 8、并列连词9、比较级 10、构词法


Today our life and work are rarely pleasant and relaxing. ___1___, the whole experience of __2__ alive begins to change into the standard greeting everywhere: “I’m just so busy.”

We say this to one another with no small degree of pride. The ___3___ (busy) we are, the more important we seem to ourselves ___4___, we imagine, to others. We don’t even have ___5___ single relaxing breath. Is this the model of a ___6___ (success) life?

Because we do not rest, we lose our way ___7___ we gain wisdom and enjoy the beauty of the world. ___8___ (trap) by the belief that good things come only through tireless effort, we never dare to rest. But this is not the world we dreamed of ___9___ we were young. Why ___10___ just change an angle to look at the whole thing?

Keys:1. Instead 2. being 3. busier 4. and 5. a 6. successful 7. that8. Trapped 9. when 10. not

考点:1、副词 2、动名词 3、形容词比较级 4、并列连词 5、冠词 6、名词—形容词

7、定语从句 8、非谓语动词(过去分词) 9、时间状语从句 10、副词。


Last month we finally got a chance to have a trip to E’mei Mountain, which we ___1___ (long) to do for ages. It was there ___2___ I was amazed by the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen!

The weather didn’t seem to welcome us when we got to West ___3___ (China) Chengdu city --- it was quite wet and cold. On the coach heading to the mountain, I couldn’t help ___4___( feel) disappointed. “What a bad day!” I said to myself when looking out of the window, “We may not be able to see a lot in the mountain. And ___5___ a pity it will be if we miss the sunrise next morning!”

The guide denied the possibility of a sunny day. “Actually, seldom ___6___ we have bright sunshine here, especially in winter.” he said.

Very early the next morning, amazingly, we got completely satisfied in a totally ___7___ (expect) way. On the way up the mountain, we found everything was becoming white --- it was snowing! We screamed. Arriving at the top of the mountain, we found ___8___ in a white world that only existed in fairy tales. ___9___ could help describe what we saw. We were jumping, screaming, taking 10 (photo), trying to fill our eyes with everything we could see, because we knew that this was the first time to see such beauty of the nature, and probably, the only time in our lives.

Keys:1.had longed 2. that 3.China’s 4.feeling5.what 6. do7. unexpected 8.ourselves 9.Nothing10. photos

考点:1、过去完成时 2、强调句型 3、人称代词 4、名词所有格 5、感叹句

6、倒装句 7、构词法(动词—形容词) 8、反身代词 9、不定代词 10、名词复数。


Country music lies close ___1___ the heart of many Americans. This style ___2___ (create) by country folks in the southern and western United States. ___3___ home of country music is Nashville, Tennessee – Music City USA. Country music even has ___4___ own theme park called “Opryland” where you ___5___ enjoy music shows and fun rides. Although ___6___ (origin) called “hillbilly music”, country music ___7___ (move) into the popular music mainstream and gained wide international ___8___ (accept). ___9___ (music) speaking, country music is one of the simplest styles to create. Maybe this is just the reason for ___10___ popularity.

Keys:1. to 2. was created3.The4. own 5.can 6. originally7. has moved8. acceptance9. Musically 10. its

考点:1、介词 2、过去时被动语态 3、冠词4代词5、情态动词 6、名词—副词7、现在完成时8、构词法(动词—名词)9、名词—副词10、物主代词。


The company Crafts America organizes three craft shows every year in New York, Florida and Washington D. C. Visitors __1_ the shows can see the __2__ (work) of almost 200 skilled artists from around the Unite States. Every year, three crafts specialists _3__ (appoint) to choose from 1,000 artists who apply to be in the craft show. The specialists judge each artist on __4__ (create), skill, and quality.

__5__ (walk) through these craft shows is an exciting experience. For example, you might see basket __6__ (contain) made by Christine and Michael Adcock. These artists __7__ the state of California weave together fiber material from plants. They create wildly __8__ (usual) baskets in different shapes and colors. Jeung-Hwa Park, another artist, makes colorful scarves to wear around the neck. __9__ her silk and wool creations are more like sculptures than just clothing.

To see pictures of the works 10 (make)by these artists and many others, you can visit www.craftsamericashows.com.

Keys:1.to2.works3.are appointed4.creation5.Walking

6.containers7.from8.unusual9.But10. made

考点:1介词 2、名词复数3、一般时被动语态 4、构词法(动词—名词)5、动名词

6、构词法(动词—名词复数7、介词 8、构词法(反义词)9、并列连词10、过去分词被动


In the sea, at the base of what scientists call the food web, ___1___ single-celled plants. ___2___ plants – algae(海藻)– provide the energy for the web that feeds higher forms of life.

___3___ some conditions, algae suddenly begin to spread very quickly, an event ___4___ (know) as a bloom. When algae bloom, they can change the color of the water as they form dense areas near the surface. You may ___5___ (hear) the term “red tide”. But experts say this is ___6___ (correct). Blooms are not connected with tides, and ___7__do not always appear red – the water can look brown ___8___ greenish. So, instead of “red tide”, scientists use the term “harmful algal bloom”, or HAB ___9___ short. Not only the fish that feed on algae are dangerous to eat, bigger fish that eat the algae-eaters may also be 10 (danger).

Keys:1. are 2. These 3. Under4. known 5.have heard 6. incorrect 7. they 8. or 9. for 10. also

考点:1、倒装句 2、指示代词 3、介词(短语) 4、非谓语动词(过去分词)5、完成时 6、构词法(反义词)7、代词 8、并列连词 9、介词10、名词—形容词。


Recently, archaeologists announced the discovery of ___1___ 4,000-year old temple in Lambayeque, Peru. The temple was built around 2,000 B.C., ___2___ (make) it one of the oldest archaeological finds in the Americas. The site ___3___ (locate) in Peru’s northern coastal desert. The religious structure, ___4___ researchers have named “Ventarron”, was built of clay bricks made from mud ___5___ (find) in local rivers. Some of the walls of 6 27,000-square-foot site --- nearly half the size of a football field --- ___7___ (paint). “This discovery shows an architectural tradition different from __8__ has been known in the area before,” said an expert. He added __9_ the temple was built by an “advanced civilization”.

Peru is rich in ancient cultural treasures. This new discovery adds to _10_ unique charm and importance in the field of archaeology.

Keys:1. a 2. making 3. is located 4. which 5. found 6.the 7. were painted 8. what9. that 10. its

考点:1、冠词 2、现在分词表伴随3一般时被动 4、定语从句5过去分词表被动 6.冠词

7、一般时被动 8、宾语从句9、宾语从句 10、物主代词。




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