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​Lacking Experience

"Judging from your resume and your years of experience, I am in doubt that you will be able to step up to this job. What makes you think that you can do the job?"

I provided technical problem resolution and ensured efective coordinationof acivites in every job that I have held. 1 have also gained a reputation within themanufacturing industry as being a key player when it comes to hard bargaining and negotiations. In my last two jobs Iwas able to save the companies thousands of dollars through savvy business deals."

●"One of my strengths is being able to explain complicated financial reports to nonfinancial people. I presented a report to a group of managers and executives on a very complicated tax sse. Through my PowerPoint presentation of charts and

 graphs and my ability to break down the information into everyday terminology,Iwas

able to explain in detail what this situation meant to the future of the company. I was commended on my presentation and for making it easy to understand:"

●“My successes in customer service have made me one of the top producers in my company. I have customers who ask for me specifically when they have problems because they know that Iwill listen and do whatever Ican to resolve the problem."

"I notice that you are changing fields. What can you bring to this position from your previous career?"

●"I had to deal with a diversity of customers in my last job, and that is the common denominator in these two jobs. I've had some very angry customers to deal with in my job as a customer service rep. Those situations are very difcult to handle

because we try to make the customer 'right' Some people can get downright nasty. I have been in the business long enough to know that I can't take it personally, but it still doesn't feel good when I can't resolve a problem. This is the skill that would get me

through the transition to this new feld."

●"I have worked effectively in three different industries and have been able to make the transition with minimal down-time to learn. My ability to learn quickly and 'hit the ground running' has made a huge impact on my career."

●"There are some skills that Ifeel transfer to any job I do. Those are some of my strongest skills. I have excellent communication skills and am fluent in Spanish and English. Ihave a great rapport with internal and external customers. People who have worked with me know that they can come to me with any sses- -business or personal. l'm a great listener and really care about people. My atude is a personal trait that I feel has gotten me through many a tough situation. I am calm under pressure

and will do whatever it takes to get the job completed."

​"Give me an example of working with diverse groups of people, including those with less experience."

●"One of my strongest skills is my ability to work with a diversity of people. Regardless of the situation, I have the ability to adapt and work under whatever the circumstances may be. In my last job I worked in a small room with 13 people all speaking various languages, and I still managed to stay focused. No matter whom | work with, I treat them as a professional and ifl can help them, I will go out of my way to do so."

 "I think one of the more challenging aspects of today's workplace is that there is a diversity of people- all ages, cultures, and levels of experience. I am very aware that there are many feelings involved, and everyone has to respect the role and the space of coworkers. There was a time when a young woman became very upset. She cleared her desk onto the floor and jumped up on top of the desk and started stomping her feet. I stayed calm and eventually talked her down and out of the building as quickly as 1 possibly could. She had her feelings hurt by a coworker and didn't know how to handle her felings. Those are the types of problems I can handle because of my maturity and my easy-going style."

●"One of the skills that I take pride in is my ability to listen to people and really hear what they say. I consider this to be key in dealing with people at any age or stage. 1 was able to help a young man through a very challenging period of his career by

becoming his mentor. I have a very patient style and like to teach by explaining with very concrete examples. The young man I helped is now one of the top producers in the department and is very grateful to me for helping him lay the foundation for his career."

Taking Risks

"What has been your experience with taking risks in your job?"

●"One of my jobs in mergers and acquisitions was to research and analyze risks and benefits of possible deals. I discovered some high-isk factors while researching one company and could not recommend the deal based on my fndings. I knew that my manager wanted this particular deal to go through and that she wouldn't be happy with my findings. I put together the facts and figures on spread-sheets and made a presentation to her. Although disappointed, she trusted my work and was satisfhed that I had exhibited due diligence in getting the facts needed."

"One example of taking a risk and trying something new is when 1 was able to lead a cross-functional team in a company that had never used cross functional teams before. As the lead engineer I decided to try an experiment and took people from various functions and Cosstrained them. It was a huge sccess, and production doubled in a month. The employees rally accepted it because it made them feel like they were learning something new that would be of value to them in future jobs.  It was received well by management and is now a common practice at the company"

. "There is always a risk when analyzing data and breaking it down so that the customer can understand the facts. I did this for a man who was having a dificult time understanding the numbers and was refusing to buy until he did. 1 ran several

compilations for him- some of which had information we didn't usually share. 1 thought in this case it would beneft the sale if he could understand all the data. I spent extra time with him until he was able to recognize the beneft that we offered. I tooka

risk of putting in extra efort, and it paid off"

"Have you ever not taken a risk and later regretted it?"

●"On the personal side I would tell you that Imade some investments that I wish that Ihadn't, but nothing of that nature at work. I play it pretty conservative at work."

●“1 took a risk by taking a new job that Iwasn't really ready for. It was an acting supervisor job: In the beginning, I have to admit I struggled with the position. When they offered it to me as a regular position, I should have said, no, but I was afraidI

would get passed over the next time. I took the job and eventually ended up being laid off. That job was not for me, and I knew it. I should have trusted my instincts."

"I have many regrets in my career, but I consider them all learning experiences. One risk I took was taking a job selling a product that I did not believe would work. Well, it didn't, and I ended up feeling bad about all the people Ihad sold it to. I am an ethical person who really has to believe in the product that I am selling."

"Tell me about the most successful risk you've taken."

“1 didn't feel I was ready to take on added responsibility in my last job. My boss was a great mentor and coach and encouraged me to try the new tasks. They involved working with the international team, and I was intimidated because of my lack of exposure to the global picture. It turned out that my interpersonal skills allowed me to bond quickly and make friends almost from the start. Not only was it a successful undertaking, but it allowed me to take a new direction in my career path."

“1 accepted a job in another state where I didn't know a soul. I was nervous about the job and the transition to a new place to live. The job turned out to be wonderful, and among the people I met was my future wife. If | hadn't taken the risk of venturing into a new situation, I would have never had the opportunites I have had in my business life as well as my new personal life."

"I joined a start-up company as one of the first ten employees.1 knew that it could go either way.I could make some money on my stock options, or I could be out of a job rather quickly It turned out to be the most fun and challenging work experience of my life We didn't get rich, but we all did well by taking the risk of being first"

​Physical Disabilities

"Is there any reason that you cannot perform the duties of this job with reasonable accommodation?"

●"I have read the job posting and description and have all the necessary skills and then some to perform the duties of the job. I would need accommodation with the computer screen. My vision is such that I need a magnifer that is easily purchased and installed so that I can work for long periods of time without my eyes getting iritated.

My previous employers have been able to accommodate my needs and have found It worth the effort because of my extensive knowledge and strong ability to work with accounting data and systems."

"As you can see from my resume, I have strong computer skills and customer service experience. The fact that I am In a wheelchair would require a ramp to provide me with access to the building. | noticed that you had such a ramp in place, so there

shouldn't be any problem for me to get in and out of the building. I have an excellent reputation for my dependability, relability, and punctuality. I can't remember a single time when Iwas late for work."

"According to your job posting, it is a requirement of the job to be able to lift up to 35 pounds. Could you tell me how often lifting would be required? If it were a small percentage, I wouldn't have a problem with the responsibility. If it were a major part of the job, then I would need assistance with the lifting requirement. I have been able to lift at my last jobs with no problem. In fact If you asked my last boss, she would tell you that I am a ball of energy, and I do not let challenges slow me down. I can be very

resourceful about gettling around problems I encounter."

"I see you are in a wheelchair. How will that affect your ability to do this job?"

"The way I look at it is that I bring my own chair.I have done data entry without a problem for over eight years. If you check with the people I've listed as my references, they will tell you that I am eficient and accurate and that my wheelchair does not affect my work or my ability:"

"The only problem that I have ever experienced in my ten years of working in this industry is when the aisles are too narrow. But that is rare in a business

environment where there are buldings that comply with OSHA codes and standards."

"It's not a problem for me or my performance. Sometimes people have to get used to my being in a wheelchair, butfngure that is their problem. Most people tell me after they get to know me that the wheelchair is so much a part of me that after a while

they don't even notice there is one."

"What is the greatest challenge you encounter with your disability at work?"

"My biggest callenge is with people getting used to my being blind. After a while they are amazed at how well Ican get around and how I observe things that they do not. Once they accept me, they forget that I can't see what they can."

"People are very reluctant to shake hands with a hook. When I put my 'hand' out to shake hands, some people draw back. But my attitude soon puts them at ease. I guess they fgure that if I am okay with it, they are too. I have had very few problems performing at top level in all of my previous jobs."

"I think attitude is the biggest challenge working with people whether you have a disability or not. If you asked all the people who have ever worked with me, they would tell you that I have one of the most upbeat attitudes of anyone they know. Some people have told me that I inspire them when they get down and feel sorry for themselves. I don't feel sorry for myself, I am grateful for each day and live it to the fullest."


“I noticed on your reference sheet that your last boss is not listed. Is there any reason for this?"

●"I would prefer that you not contact my last boss because I don't think she can supply an accurate reference for me. She was brought in six months ago to replace my boss who went on maternity leave. My boss who was on maternity leave and I had a unique partnership in our work together. Unfortunately, she decided to quit her job and stay home with her baby. The temporary boss was offered the job, and I don't feel she really ever got to understand my role. In fact, my role was entirely different with her from what it was with my last boss My last boss would tell you that Iwas her right-hand man."

●"Yes,lprefer that none of the people at my last job be contacted. My experience there was not a pleasant one. The people I worked with were very nice and a good team to work with, but management was less presional than at other places I have worked. I know that anyone who worked with me or has managed me in the past

would be glad to tell you how adaptable and resourcefull am."

●"My urent boss does not know that I am panning to leave the company. Unfrunatey lhave gone asfar asICan goat my cret company, and I want to make a poacive move before Iget bged down and no longer have utingege kilss I have been taking dasss in the evening and want to aply what i have leaed and join a dynami em such as5 the one aths compay tyou Were to tak to my bss.he ryold el you hal am vey abtius and garenmeer He would also tel you that he has paised me and promoted me to where lam today"

​"We will be doing a background check that includes a credit check. Do you have any problem with that?"

●"I am going to tell you before you see for yourself that I did have a time in my

​life when my credit was not sterling. It was a time when I was going through a nasty

divorce, and it has taken me the last five years to clear up my credit record. lam proud

to say that Ihave been an on time bill payer since that period ended."

●1 ama person who has high integrity, and any marks you will see on my credit

rating are due to htting some exceptional spending times in my ife. Overall my credit

has been ecellent. There was a time when we were buying a house and furmiture that

we got in over our heads. We are very conscientious about paying our bil on time and

working on being debt-ree. 1 pride myself on my abilty to manage money at home

and at work. Ihave always come in under budget on projects that Ihave overseen in

my work."

. "The downturn in the economy has caught my husband and me offguard, and

we have not been proud of our credit rating. When my husband and I were laid offat

the same time,it was tough to meet all the payments on time. I am proud to say thatby

writing to the creditors, we were able to negotiate a more lenient payment plan. We are

very careful to pay blls on time, even ifit is not the fl amount due. Things are turning

around. My husband has a great new job, and I am confdent that I am going to geta

great jb. We are in the process of plling resources together to get our feet back on

the ground. Neither of us wants to be in debt to anybody, except maybe the mortgage

broker. It will be a while before the mortgage is paid off."

"You didn't provide any references on your job application. What is the

reason for this?"

●"1 have a separate sheet for references. If you would like that sheet, I would be

glad to provide it. I prefer to give the names of references after I have an interview to

ensure that these people are called only when there is a potential job at hand"

●"When we are sure that we are both in a position to decide whether I will

be a candidate for this job, I will be glad to give you references. I feel references are

confidential information to be given out when the time is appropriate. I would not

want my references to be unnecessarily contacted"

●"I use a variety of references for different positions, depending on what the

job content is. The reason for doing this is that for more technical jobs I think it is

appropriate to talk to a technical person. When the position is more people-oriented, I

think it is appropriate to talk to persons who have seen me work in that capacity. I will

be glad to provide my references when we agree what the job responsibilities are."


"What do you expect in the way of salary for this position?"

●"I really need more information about the position before I can begin to discuss

salary. Can you tell me the range budgeted for this position?"

●"What do you typically pay someone with my experience and education in this type of position?"

e“1m sure when the time comes and I know more about the facts of the position

andhow it fts into the bigger picture, we can come to a mutually agreeable fgure."

"Can you name a salary range that you would require to take this job?"

香"From the research that | have done it appears to be in the 560 to $70,000

range. Is that the range you had in mind?"

. "Based on my previous experience and education and the 'going rate' for this

type of position, I would like to be in the mid to high 70s. Is that a range that fts with

your compensation structure?"

●"1 would need to know more about your salary structure and how often you

review salaries as well as your entire package before I could discuss salary ranges.

Could you provide me with more information before we discuss this subject?"

"Would you consider taking less pay than you made in your lastjob?"

"I would really need to know more about the opportunity and your whole package before 1 can give you an answer to that question. My last job had extra perks that this job may not have. Basically, | need more information before I decide."

"While my highest career value is not money, it is important to me that I be fairly compensated for the work I do. I would be willing to listen to a fair offer based on what I bring to the position in the way of experience and education."

"Opportunity is valuable to me, so I am always willing to look at the bigger picture. l would always want to be paid according to what | bring to the position, but would be willing to be somewhat flexible when it comes to dollars."

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