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美国著名插画家Mort Kunstler(Mort Kunstler)3

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美国著名插画家Mort Kunstler(Mort Kunstler)3.

美国著名插画家Mort Kunstler(Mort Kunstler)3


The New World, J. Amestown, Va., May 14, 1607

Battle for St. Augustine, 1702

Los Conquistadores

Welcome to LeHewtown Col. Washington - Winter 1755

Discovery of San Francisco Bay, 1769

Regulars Are Coming Out-Lexington, Mass., April 19, 1775

Patrick Henry's Speech 1775

Signing the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

Reading of the Declaration of Independence to the Troops

Washington's Crossing - McKonkey's Ferry, December 26, 1776

Washington at Valley Forge

The Winds of Change - Washington at Valley Forge, March 4, 1778

Washington's "Watch Chain" - West Point, November 30, 1779

Sally's Valentine-Oyster Bay, New York, 1779

I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight! September 23, 1779

Culper Spy, The - Oyster Bay, Long Island, 1779

Lafayette With Washington at Morristown-Morristown, New Jersey, Spring 1780

The Capture of Fort Motte

World Turned Upside Down-Yorktown, Va., October 19, 1781

Washington Returns to Mount Vernon, 1783

Gentlemen - You Must Pardon Me, Newburgh, New York, March 15, 1783

The Constitution Debated, 1787

We, The People... 1787

Washington Inaugurated, April 30, 1789

Freedom of the Press

First Amendment is Ratified, Dec. 15, 1791

Washington at Carlisle - First Defense of the Constitution

The Lamplighter

Two, If by Sea

Brockholst Livingston

Lewis and Clark, 1803

Prairie Madonna

Christmas on the Frontier

Amber's Mirage

Beating the Storm

Maiden Voyage of Robert Fulton's "Clermont", Aug. 7, 1807

Cheyenne Winter

Announcing the Bank Charter, 1813

Star Spangled Banner Written, 1814

The Fall of the Alamo-March 6, 1836

The Right to Justice, 1840

President Benjamin Harrison opened the Oklahoma Territory on April 22, 1889

The Golden Spike, 1869

Bell Patents the Telephone

Custer's Last Stand, 1876

Rough Riders, Battle of San Juan Hill, July 1, 1898

Theodore Roosevelt Shuts Down Indianola Post Office, 1903

Panama Canal Opens, 1914

The Canal That Made America

Women Granted Right to Vote, 1917

Holiday Homecoming - Essex Railroad Station, 1925

A Tailgate Party at a Harvard - Yale Game – Vintage 1928

Teddy's Fourth of July

Silver Ghost, Autumn Leaves

National Guardsmen Mobilize, 1940

Days of Splendor

The Shy Killer

Phantom Grizzly

美国著名插画家Mort Kunstler(Mort Kunstler)-出生于1931年。

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