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Once upon a time, the youngest daughter of Yandi (Emperor Yan), the legendary ruler of primitive China, went sailing on the East China Sea. While she was enjoying herself, a strong wind rose and her boat capsized. Just before she was engulfed by the surging waves, her spirit turned into a beautiful bird. Flying over the roaring sea, it cried sadly with the sound "jingwei, jingwei." Thus, people called it "Jingwei."

The bird lived on a mountain near the sea. It hated the sea so much that it decided to fill it up. Every day, it flew to and fro between the mountain and the sea, carrying a twig or a pebble from the mountain and dropping it into the

One day, the roaring sea said to Jingwei, "Poor little bird, stop doing that meaningless thing! You'll never fill me up." Jingwei replied, "No doubt that I'll fill you up! I will, even if it takes me thousands of years! I'll fight on until your doomsday!"

Without taking a rest, the brave little bird kept carrying twigs and pebbles from the mountain to the East China Sea.

From this fable comes the idiom, "The bird Jingwei tries to fill the sea." We use it to describe people who are firm and indomitable and will not stop until they reach their goal.


During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), there was a high official in the State of Jin. He once saw a farmer working in the field and his wife bringing a lunch to him in a very respectful manner. It moved him much that the couple treated each other with the respect they would give a guest.

He took the farmer back to the King of Jin and recommended him for an official post. "Respect is a demonstration of virtue. If one is respectful, he must be virtuous," the official said. "We should educate our people with virtue.""His father is guilty. Is it wise to do so?" the King countered.The official replied: "Guan Zhong was an enemy to the Duke Huan of Qi, but the duke appointed Guan Zhong prime minister and finally accomplished his hegemony. Shun exiled Gun but promoted his son Yu. You just make use of his strong points."

At last, Duke Wen took his advice and put the farmer in an important position.

Later, this idiom means a couple treat each other with respect as if the other were their guests.


In ancient times, there was a prime minister named Shang Yang in the State of Qin. He was held in high regard by the King. In the year 359 BC, he wanted to reform the system politically in order to promote economic development. But he was afraid that the people would not believe local authorities. So he came up with an idea.

One day, he had a 10-meter-long pole erected at the south gate outside the capital. Then he told the crowd that whoever successfully carried the pole to the north gate would be awarded 10 ounces of silver. Everyone was astonished, but nobody dared to try. After seeing their lack of response, Shang Yang raised his voice and said, "Anyone who carries the pole to the north gate will get 50 ounces of silver." A brave man did it and was immediately given 50 ounces of silver. Others in the crowd then regretted not trying

In this way, Shang Yang achieved his goal. Soon after, the State of Qin became the strongest country around.

Today, people use the phrase to reconfirm that one can keep his promise.







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