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语法专练一 动词的时态和语态


1.(2015福建,30)—Where is Peter?I cant find him anywhere.

—He went to the library after breakfast and    (write)his essay there ever since. 

2.(2015北京,27)—Did you have difficulty finding Anns house?

—Not really.She    (give)us clear directions and we were able to find it easily. 

3.(2015湖南,25)I wasnt able to hide my eagerness when I    (ask),“What do you wish me to do now?” 

4.(2015湖南,28)He must have sensed that I    (look) at him.He suddenly glanced at me and said quietly,“Why are you staring at me like that?” 

5.(2015重庆,1)—Is Peter coming?

—No,he    (change)his mind after a phone call at the last minute. 

6.(2014北京,22)—Hi,lets go skating.

—Sorry,Im busy right now.I   (fill) in an application form for a new job. 

7.(2014山东,5)They made up their mind that they   (buy) a new house once Larry changed jobs. 

8.(2014安徽,23)The twins,who   (finish)their homework,were allowed to play badminton in the playground. 

9.(2014浙江,11)Sofia looked around at all the faces:she had the impression that she   (see)most of the guests before. 

10.(2014大纲全国,22)Unless some extra money   (find),the theatre will close. 

11.(2013天津,13)The water supply has been cut off temporarily because the workers   (repair)one of the main pipes. 

12.(2013重庆,21)I felt very tired when I got home,and I   (go)straight to bed. 

13.(2013山东,24)I didnt think Id like the movie,but actually it   (be)pretty good. 

14.(2013北京,23)Shakespeares play Hamlet   (make)into at least ten different films over the past years. 

15.(2013辽宁,30)We are confident that the environment   (improve)by our further efforts to reduce pollution. 

16.I feel so excited!At this time tomorrow morning I   (fly)to Shanghai. 

17.Close the door of fear behind you,and you   (see)the door of faith open before you. 

18.The three of us   (travel)around Europe for about a month last summer. 

19.After school we went to the reading room to do some reading,only t o be told that it   (decorate). 

20.I had wanted to help you last night but I couldnt spare any time,for I   (write)a composition which I have to hand in this morning. 



My best friend Kaiya is like me.She 1 (remind)me of myself.In the past,I 2 (be)never confident because of my appearance.People always laughed at my weight,my height,my hairstyle,etc.At that time,I was the shortest student in my class.I started getting depressed.However,someone told me something that I will always remember. 

It was in March.Surrounded by a group of girls who 3 (point)at me and laughed at me,I couldnt help crying.The tears rolled down my face like a rushing river.To my surprise,someone lifted my head up and wiped the tears from my eyes. 

 I then knew it was our English teacher,Miss Li.She said,“You 4 (be)perfect the way you are.You should never change or hate yourself.People 5 (accept)you for who you 6 (be).But if you cannot accept yourself,then how will other people accept you?”I 7 (inspire)by her words.Over the past few months,I 8 (learn)that no one is perfect and that we all have flaws.Now I have wonderful friends who 9 (love)me for who I am. 

Now,seeing Kaiya cry,I decide to tell her the same thing Miss Li 10 (tell)me. 

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    

6.    7.    8.    9.    10.    



1.has been writing 句意:——彼得在哪里?我到处都找不到他。——他吃过早饭后去了图书馆,从那时起一直在那里写文章。根据时间状语ever since可知设空处表示动作从过去开始一直持续到现在且还在进行,故用现在完成进行时。

2.had given 句意:——你们找到Ann的家有困难吗?——没什么困难。她已经清楚地告诉我们怎么走了,我们很容易就找到她家了。动词give表示的动作发生在“were able to find”之前,表示“过去的过去”,故用过去完成时。

3.asked  句意:当我问:“你现在想要我做什么?”的时候,我掩饰不住内心的渴望之情。根据题干中wasnt可知此处为一般过去时态。

4.was looking  句意:他一定是感觉到了我在看他。他突然瞥了我一眼,然后轻声说道:“为什么你那样盯着我?”根据语境可知此处为过去进行时态。

5.changed 句意:——彼得要来吗?——不来了。在最后时刻他接了一个电话后改变了主意。考查动词时态。根据语境可知“改变主意”应该发生在对话前的某一时间,即在过去的某一时间,故用一般过去时。

6.am filling  句意:——嗨,咱们去滑冰吧。——对不起,我现在忙着呢。我正在填一张新工作的申请表。根据题干中的Im busy right now可推知fill in这一动作正在进行,故用现在进行时。

7.would buy  句意:他们决定拉里一换了工作,他们就买座新房子。that引导的从句为复合句,其中once引导的时间状语从句用的是一般过去时,故主句用过去将来时。

8.had finished 句意:这对双胞胎已经完成家庭作业了,他们被允许在操场上打羽毛球。根据题干可知“被允许在操场上打羽毛球”这个动作发生在过去,而“完成家庭作业”这个动作发生在“被允许在操场上打羽毛球”这个动作之前,是“过去的过去”,故用过去完成时。

9.had seen  句意:Sofia看了看四周所有的人。她印象中她以前见过这些客人中的大多数。设空处所缺的动词表示的动作发生在谓语动词had之前,同时有时间状语before,故用过去完成时。

10.is found 句意:除非找到一些额外资金,否则这家剧院就得关门。由主句中的will可知unless引导的从句应用一般现在时态表将来,且money和find之间是被动关系,故答案为is found。

11.are repairing 句意:因为工人们正在修其中一条主管道,所以供水系统临时被切断了。根据语境可知设空处表示现在的情况且正在进行中,故用现在进行时。

12.went 句意:回到家的时候我感到非常累,就直接上床睡觉了。题中空格处谓语动词应与felt保持时态一致,故用一般过去时。

13.was 句意:我原以为我不会喜欢这部电影的,但是事实上这部电影非常好。根据语境和题干可知空格处应该用一般过去时。

14.has been made 句意:在过去的数年里,莎士比亚的戏剧《哈姆雷特》被制作成了至少十部不同的电影。通常情况下,题干中出现over the past years“在过去的数年里”,句子用现在完成时态,又因play与make之间为被动关系,故设空处用现在完成时的被动语态。

15.will be improved 句意:我们相信,通过我们进一步的努力来减少污染,环境会有所改善。题干中的are表明语境是现在时,空格处的动作是将来发生的且environment与improve之间为被动关系,故用一般将来时的被动语态。

16.will be flying 句意:我觉得特别兴奋!明天早晨的这个时候我就在飞往上海的飞机上了。根据时间状语At this time tomorrow morning可知,设空处表示明天早晨的这一时间点正在发生的事情,故用将来进行时。

17.will see 句意:关上身后的恐惧之门,你就会看到信心之门在你面前打开。本题采用“祈使句+and+陈述句”形式考查时态。在此句型中,祈使句相当于if引导的条件状语从句,陈述句相当于主句。祈使句表示将来,故后面的陈述句应该用一般将来时。

18.traveled 句意:去年夏天,我们三个人在欧洲旅行了大约一个月。根据时间状语last summer可知用一般过去时。

19.was being decorated 句意:放学后,我们去阅览室看书,结果被告知阅览室正在装修。根据句中的went可知,空格处也应该用过去的某种时态;根据句意可知空格处叙述正在发生的情况;根据it(the reading room)与decorate之间的被动关系可知用被动语态。故空格处用过去进行时的被动语态。

20.was writing 考查动词时态。句意:昨晚我本想帮助你,但我没能腾出时间来,因为我正在写一篇我今早必须交的作文。根据语境可知用过去进行时。


[语篇解读] 本文为记叙文。作者通过亲身经历告诉自己的朋友Kaiya:做人要自信,要相信自己。

1.reminds 根据第一句中的时态可推知本空应该用一般现在时,又因为主语为第三人称单数,故答案为reminds。

2.was 根据In the past可知设空处用一般过去时,故答案为was。

3.pointed 根据后面的laughed可知设空处为pointed。

4.are 本句为直接引语,故用一般现在时。

5.will accept 句意:人们会接受真正的你。结合下文的then how will other people accept you可知答案为will accept。

6.are 由上下文语境可知应填are。

7.was inspired 设空处表示过去的事情且主语与inspire为被动关系,故用一般过去时的被动语态。

8.have learned/learnt 根据前面的Over the past few months可知设空处用现在完成时。

9.love “who 9 (love)me for who I am”为定语从句,先行词为friends且设空处说的是现在的情况,应用一般现在时,故答案为love。 

10.told “Miss Li 10 (tell)me”为定语从句,设空处表示过去的事情,故用一般过去时。 

语法专练二 非谓语动词


1.(2015天津,5)   (absorb)in painting,John didnt notice evening approaching. 

2.(2015福建,28)   (learn) more about Chinese culture,Jack has decided to take Chinese folk music as an elective course. 

3.(2015湖南,30)When the clerk saw a kind face wrinkled in an apologetic smile,she stood rooted to the ground,   (wonder) whether to stay or leave. 

4.(2015湖南,34)Sometimes I act as a listening ear for fellow students    (talk)over what is bothering them. 

5.(2015重庆,11)Like ancient sailors,birds can find their way    (use) the sun and the stars. 

6.(2014天津,7)Clearly and thoughtfully   (write),the book inspires confidence in students who wish to seek their own answers. 

7.(2014重庆,11)Group activities will be organized after class   (help)children develop team spirit. 

8.(2014湖南,27)There is no greater pleasure than lying on my back in the middle of the grassland,   (stare)at the night sky. 

9.(2014湖南,35)   (free)ourselves from the physical and mental tensions,we each need deep thought and inner quietness. 

10.(2014山东,6)Theres a note pinned to the door   (say)when the shop will open again. 

11.(2014重庆,5)The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras   (return)to our shop for quality problems. 

12.(2014山东,9)Its standard practice for a company like this one   (employ)a security officer. 

13.(2014福建,30)For those with family members far away,the personal computer and the phone are important in staying   (connect). 

14.(2014安徽,32)While waiting for the opportunity to get   (promote),Henry did his best to perform his duty. 

15.(2014湖南,23)   (understand)your own needs and styles of communication is as important as learning to convey your affection and emotions. 

16.(2013课标Ⅰ,35)The sunlight is white and blinding,   (throw)hard-edged shadows on the ground. 

17.(2013山东,33)   (eat)at the cafeteria before,Tina didnt want to eat there again. 

18.(2013福建,32)Anyone,once   (test)positive for H7N9 flu virus,will receive free medical treatment from our government. 

19.(2013四川,10)The airport   (complete)next year will help promote tourism in this area. 

20.(2013山东,25)The room is empty except for a bookshelf   (stand)in one corner. 



Reporter:How can parents who read to more than one child at a time keep everyone 1 (engage)? 

Kathleen: 2 (read)together with family can be one of the best ways 3 (promote)family togetherness (和谐).Children should be encouraged 4 (ask)questions throughout the story and predict what might happen on the next page.This is also a great opportunity for elder children 5 (read)to younger children. 

Reporter:Outside of 6 (read)on the sofa and in bed,are there other places where family reading can take place? 

Kathleen:Everywhere!Make it a habit 7 (bring)books everywhere you go.You can have books in the car and bring books to the grocery store.Also you can pack books for the morning subway or bus ride. 

Reporter:For families that speak and read in two languages,do you have any suggestions about 8 (choose)books? 

Kathleen:I recommend 9 (go)to the library and checking out a story in two different languages.While 10 (read)each story,you can assist your child in recognizing familiar words in each language. 

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    

6.    7.    8.    9.    10.    



1. Absorbed  句意:由于在全神贯注地画画,约翰没有察觉到夜幕降临了。考查非谓语动词作原因状语。设空处动作与句子主语John之间为被动关系,再结合固定搭配be absorbed in可知答案为Absorbed。

2.To learn  句意:为了更多地了解中国文化,杰克已经决定把中国民间音乐作为选修课程。主语Jack与learn为逻辑上的主动关系,且表示目的,故用不定式作目的状语。

3.wondering  句意:当那个职员看到一张善良而又因愧疚地微笑而出现皱纹的脸时,她纹丝不动地站着,不知道是去还是留。主语she与wonder间为逻辑上的主动关系,所以用现在分词作伴随状语,故答案为wondering。

4. to talk  句意:有时候为了让同学们详细谈谈他们的烦恼我只会充当听众。本题考查不定式的复合结构(for...to do)作目的状语。根据题干中的for fellow students可知设空处用不定式形式作目的状语。

5.using 句意:和古代的水手一样,鸟类能借助太阳和星星找到它们的路。考查非谓语动词作方式状语。主语birds与use间为逻辑上的主动关系且没有一定的时间性,故用现在分词形式。

6.written 句意:由于表达清楚,思想有深度,这本书激起了那些想寻求他们自己答案的学生的自信心。本题考查非谓语动词作状语。因为主语the book和write之间是逻辑上的被动关系且表示完成,所以用过去分词作状语。

7.to help 句意:为了帮助孩子们培养团队精神,下课后将要组织小组活动。本题考查非谓语动词作状语。根据句意可知该空作目的状语,所以要用动词不定式,故填to help。

8.staring 句意:没有比仰面躺在草地中央凝视着夜空更惬意的事情了。本题考查非谓语动词作状语。lying on my back in the middle of the grassland的逻辑主语与stare之间为逻辑上的主动关系,故答案为staring。

9.To free 句意:为了让我们从身体和精神的紧张中放松下来,我们都需要深入的思考和内心的平静。本题考查非谓语动词。根据题干和句意可知空格处为目的状语,应使用不定式,故答案为To free。

10.saying 句意:门上钉着一张便条,上面写着这家店再次开张的时间。本题考查非谓语动词作定语。note和say之间是逻辑上的主动关系,故用saying作后置定语。say(用文字、数字、图画)表达,说明(信息)。

11.returned 句意:生产商会定期来收回因质量问题退回到我们店的照相机。本题考查非谓语动词作定语。cameras和return之间是被动关系,所以设空处要用过去分词。

12.to employ 句意:对于像这样的一家公司来说,雇用一位保安是例行做法。本题考查非谓语动词作主语。分析句子结构可知句首的It是形式主语,“to employ a security officer”为真正的主语,“for...to do sth.”为不定式的复合结构。

13.connected 句意:对于那些与家人相距遥远的人来说,个人电脑和电话在保持联系方面很重要。本题考查非谓语动词。根据stay可知空格处表示状态,设空处与省略的逻辑主语those with family members far away是逻辑上的被动关系,所以答案为connected。

14.promoted 句意:亨利在等待获得升职机会的同时,在尽力做好自己的本职工作。考查非谓语动词。promote和逻辑主语Henry是逻辑上的被动关系,故使用过去分词。

15.Understanding 句意:对你自己的交流需求及交流风格加以理解和学会表达你的爱和情感一样重要。本题考查非谓语动词作主语。逻辑主语与understand之间为主动关系,设空处需用非谓语动词的主动形式。

16.throwing 句意:阳光又亮又刺眼,把棱角分明的影子留在了地面上。主语the sunlight与throw之间为逻辑上的主动关系,并且由句意可判断设空处作状语,所以用现在分词形式。

17.Having eaten 句意:因为之前在这家自助餐厅吃过饭,所以Tina再也不想去那儿吃了。本题考查非谓语动词作原因状语。主语Tina与eat之间为逻辑上的主动关系,再根据语境可知空格处的动作应该发生在句子谓语didnt want to eat之前,故用现在分词的完成式。

18.tested 句意:任何人,一旦被检测出感染H7N9流感病毒,都将得到我们政府的免费治疗。本题考查非谓语动词作状语。test与逻辑主语anyone之间为被动关系。

19.to be completed 句意:明年即将竣工的机场将有助于促进这个地区的旅游业。动词不定式的被动式to be done在此作后置定语,表示“将被……的”。设空处不表示完成也不表示正在进行,故不能填completed和being completed。

20.standing 句意:除了在一个角落里立着的一个书架外,这个房间空空如也。被修饰词为a bookshelf,stand与bookshelf之间是逻辑上的主动关系,故用现在分词形式作定语。


[语篇解读] 本文是一名记者与Kathleen就家庭阅读所展开的对话。

1.engaged 设空处在本句中作宾语补足语,且表示状态,故用engaged。

2.Reading 设空处在本句中作主语,且表示抽象概念(本句在介绍作者的观点),故用动名词形式作主语。不定式作主语时,表示具体的行为,不符合语境。

3.to promote the way后常用不定式作定语,故本题答案为to promote。

4.to ask 本空考查非谓语动词。encourage sb.to do sth.为固定用法,其被动形式为sb.be encouraged to do sth.。

5.to read 根据设空处前的for elder children可推知此处为不定式的复合结构作opportunity的定语。

6.reading outside of为介词短语,意为:除……之外。介词of后需用动名词作宾语,故答案为reading。

7.to bring 设空处前的it为形式宾语,此处用不定式作真正的宾语。

8.choosing 介词后需用动名词作宾语,故答案为choosing。

9.going recommend后需用动名词作宾语,故答案为going。

10.reading While you are reading=While reading。

语法专练三 并列句和状语从句


1.(2015北京,32)   the damage is done,it will take many years for the farmland to recover. 

2.(2015福建,31)   the students came from different countries,they got along quite well in the summer camp. 

3.(2015湖南,33)    the job takes a significant amount of time,most students agree that the experience is worth it. 

4.(2015陕西,20)I believe you will have a wonderful time here    you get to know everyone else. 

5.(2015四川,6)There is only one more day to go    your favorite music group play live. 

6.(2014北京,21)Some animals carry seeds from one place to another,   plants can spread to new places. 

7.(2014山东,2)I dont really like the author,   I have to admit his books are very exciting. 

8.(2014湖南,26)You will never gain success   you are fully devoted to your work. 

9.(2014江西,35)It was the middle of the night   my father woke me up and told me to watch the football game. 

10.(2014天津,4)   you start eating in a healthier way,weight control will become much easier. 

11.(2013课标Ⅱ,3)I was glad to meet Jenny again,   I didnt want to spend all day with her. 

12.(2013北京,22)Dont turn off the computer before closing all programs,   you could have problems. 

13.(2013山东,28)   I have to give a speech,I get extremely nervous before I start. 

14.(2013安徽,23)Its much easier to make friends   you have similar interests. 

15.(2013四川,7)He is so busy.He cannot afford enough time with his son   he wants to. 

16.(2013陕西,18)I have heard a lot of good things about you   I came back from abroad. 

17.Everything was placed exactly   he wanted it for the graduation ceremony. 



My classmate Michael studied very hard 1 he went to senior school.Every day he worked 2 everyone else in my class left the classroom.He said he wouldnt stop trying 3 he got satisfying scores in his studies.Hard 4 he tried,he made little progress,but he didnt lose heart at all 5 he believed as long as he persisted he would succeed one day. 6 time went by,he made improvements in his studies and he was admitted to a university in Beijing at last.We had a get-together party 7 we started our new life in university. Everyone had got offers from universities, 8 we had a very good time.When we stood 9 we used to play and study,we couldnt help thinking of our happy old days.We believed we would never forget each other, 10 we would go or whatever we would do. 

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    

6.    7.    8.    9.    10.    



1.Once/If  句意:一旦/如果遭到破坏,要花费很多年的时间才能使农田恢复。根据句意可知用 Once/If。

2.Although/Though/While 句意:虽然这些学生来自不同的国家,但他们在这个夏令营中相处得很好。根据句意可知用Although/Though/While。

3.Although/Though/While 句意:虽然这份工作要花大量的时间,但是大部分的学生认为这次经历是值得的。根据句意可知用Although/Though/While。

4.once/if 句意:我相信一旦/如果你认识了其他所有人,你会在这里玩得很开心。根据语境可知用once/if。

5.before 句意:距离你最喜欢的乐队现场表演只剩下一天了。根据句意可知用before。

6.so 句意:一些动物将种子从一个地方带到另外一个地方,因此植物可以传播到新的地方。设空处前后两个分句之间为因果关系,故填并列连词so。

7.although/though 句意:虽然我不得不承认这位作家的书很令人兴奋,但是我真的不喜欢他。根据句意可知此处表示让步,故填although/though “虽然,尽管”。

8.unless 句意:除非你全身心地投入到工作中,否则你永远也不会获得成功。根据分析可知设空处引导条件状语从句,又根据句意可知填unless。

9. when 句意:半夜,我的父亲把我叫醒并告诉我来看足球赛。根据语境可知,设空处引导一个时间状语从句,表示“当……的时候”,故填when。

10.Once 句意:一旦你开始用更健康的饮食方式,控制体重会变得更容易。

11.but/yet 句意:很高兴又见到珍妮了,但我不想花一整天的时间和她在一起。根据句意可知前后两个分句之间是转折关系,所以用but或yet。

12.or 句意:不要在关闭所有程序之前就把电脑关闭,否则你可能会遇到棘手的问题。or 连接两个分句,意思是“否则”。

13.Whenever 句意:无论何时我不得不进行一个演讲,在开始前我都会感到特别紧张。whenever无论何时,引导让步状语从句时相当于no matter when。

14.when 句意:当你们有相似兴趣的时候,交朋友就容易多了。when表示当某种条件出现时会产生某种状况。

15.though 句意:他非常忙,抽不出足够的时间来陪他的儿子,尽管他想去陪他。though尽管。

16.since 句意:自我从国外回来以来,已听到不少关于你的好事情。空格前的句子使用了现在完成时,空格后是过去时,符合since“自从……以来”的用法。

17.where 句意:为了毕业典礼,他把一切都放在了他想放的地方。根据was placed(被放在)可知其后为地点状语。


[语篇解读] 作者通过回忆高中同学Michael的高中生活,想起了他们一起奋斗的那些青春岁月和难舍难分的纯真友谊。

1.after 句意:我的同学Michael上高中以后,他学习非常努力。由于主句为一般过去时,所以不能用since。

2.until 句意:每天他都学习到我们班所有其他同学都离开教室为止。until直到……为止。

3.unless 句意:他说除非他取得令人满意的成绩,否则他不会停止努力。unless除非……(否则)。

4.as/though 尽管他非常努力,但是进步很小。副词hard 位于句首,所以此处为让步状语从句的倒装形式。

5.because/as 他没有灰心,因为他相信只要他坚持不懈他迟早会成功的。此处解释他不灰心的理由,故答案为because或as。

6.As as time goes/went by 随着时间的推移。

7.before 上大学前,我们举行了一次聚会。本题考查时间状语从句。由前后两个动作发生的先后顺序可知填before。

8.so 句意:由于每个人都得到了大学录取通知书,所以我们玩得特别开心。本题考查并列连词。前后两个分句为因果关系,故答案为so。

9.where 句意:当站在我们昔日一起玩耍,一起学习的地方时,我们不禁想起了昔日快乐的时光。where引导地点状语从句。

10.wherever 句意:我们相信无论我们将来身在何方,也无论我们将来做什么,我们都不会忘记彼此。

语法专练四 定语从句


1.(2015福建,34)China Today attracts a worldwide readership,   shows that more and more people all over the world want to learn about China. 

2.(2014天津,12)English is a language shared by several diverse cultures,each of    uses it differently. 

3.(2014山东,10)A company   profits from home markets are declining may seek opportunities abroad. 

4.(2014重庆,9)Well reach the sales targets in a month   we set at the beginning of the year. 

5.(2014北京,26)I borrowed the book Sherlock Holmes from the library last week,   my classmates recommended to me. 

6.(2014浙江,5)I didnt become a serious climber until the fifth grade,   I went up to rescue a kite that was stuck in the branches of a tree. 

7.(2014福建,31)Students should involve themselves in community activities   they can gain experience for growth. 

8.(2014安徽,22)The exact year   Angela and her family spent together in China was 2008. 

9.(2014湖南,31)I am looking forward to the day   my daughter can read this book and know my feelings for her. 

10.(2014江西,28)Among the many dangers    sailors have to face,probably the greatest of all is fog. 

11.(2013辽宁,34)He may win the competition,in     case he is likely to get into the national team. 

12.(2013课标,4)When I arrived,Bryan took me to see the house   I would be staying. 

13.(2013北京,27)Many countries are now setting up national parks   animals and plants can be protected. 

14.(2013重庆,24)John invited about 40 people to his wedding,most of   are family members. 

15.(2013福建,27)The book tells stories of the earthquake through the eyes of those   lives were affected. 

16.(2013湖南,21)Happiness and success often come to those   are good at recognizing their own strengths. 

17.(2013江西,33)He wrote a letter   he explained what had happened in the accident. 



There was a time 1 I was tired of learning English and disliked to speak English.And this was the reason 2 my father forced me to join in a 30-day training in an English club before I went to senior high school.When I first came to the club, 3 I met many strangers,I missed my parents very much.So I packed up my things and wanted to go home.Fortunately,my guide, 4 is my teacher Yu Minhong,communicated with me face to face,from 5 I gained some useful instructions.He also showed me a good partner,and we got along well with each other.Gradually I adapted to the life there.Every day I would like to talk to other teenagers and set down a series of activities 6 we did.I should be grateful to my father and the guide, 7 encouraged me to fall in love with English.Now I feel it interesting to learn English,into 8 I put my entire energy.Every day I read my words and passages aloud.In class I join in English discussions.Before I go to sleep,I recall the passages,through 9 I can memorize a large number of new words. 10 our English teacher says,“As long as you form the habit of learning English every day and have perseverance,you will conquer English sooner or later.” 

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    

6.    7.    8.    9.    10.    



1.which  句意:《今日中国》吸引了世界各地的读者,这表明世界上越来越多的人想了解中国。本题考查非限制性定语从句。先行词为设空处前的一句话,关系词在定语从句中作主语,故答案为which。

2.which 句意:英语是一种被好几种不同的文化都使用的语言,而且每一种文化使用它的方式也不同。设空处前后两部分之间既没有并列连词也没有从属连词,故后面部分应为定语从句,又因为先行词是cultures,且关系词在定语从句中作介词of的宾语,所以填which。

3.whose 句意:从国内市场得到的利润正在下降的公司可以去国外寻找机会。本题考查定语从句。先行词为company,将先行词代入定语从句后为:The companys profits from home markets are declining.由此可见关系词在定语从句中作定语,故填whose。

4.which/that 句意:一个月以后我们将会达到年初所定的销售目标。在本句中,先行词是the sales targets,关系代词在定语从句中作set的宾语,所以填关系代词which/that。

5. which 句意:我上周从图书馆借了《夏洛克·福尔摩斯》这本书,这是我的同学推荐给我的。本题考查非限制性定语从句。先行词为the book Sherlock Holmes,从句中recommended后缺少宾语,故填关系代词which。

6.when 句意:我直到五年级才成为一个真正攀登者,那时,我爬到树上去拿一个被挂在树枝上的风筝。在本句中,先行词为the fifth grade,设空处在定语从句中作时间状语,故填when。

7. where 句意:学生应该参加社区活动,他们从中能获得成长经验。将先行词community activities代入定语从句后为:They can gain experience for growth from the community activities.由此可知关系词在从句中作地点状语。故填where。

8. which/that 句意:安杰拉和她的家人一起在中国度过的确切年份是2008年。在本句中,先行词是the exact year,关系词在定语从句中作spent 的宾语,故填which/that。

9. when 句意:我正期待着那一天的到来,那时我的女儿可以读这本书并且了解我对她的感情。在本句中,先行词为the day,关系词在从句中充当时间状语,故填when。

10.which/that 句意:在海员们不得不面对的许多危险中,最大的危险很可能是雾。在本句中,先行词为dangers,将先行词代入定语从句后为:Sailors have to face the dangers.由此可见,关系词在定语从句中作face的宾语,且指“物”,故填which/that。

11.which 句意:他有可能赢得这次比赛,假使那样的话,他有希望进入国家队。句子可改为:He may win the competition,and in that case he is likely to get into the national team.去掉并列连词and,用which替换that后变为一个非限制性定语从句。

12.where 句意:在我到达后,Bryan带我去看了我将要住的房子。先行词the house表示地点,还原到定语从句中为:I would be staying in the house.故应使用关系副词where引导定语从句。

13.where 句意:很多国家现在都在建立国家公园,在那里动植物能够受到保护。先行词为national parks,代入定语从句后为:In the national parks animals and plants can be protected.故使用表示地点的关系副词where引导定语从句。

14.whom 句意:约翰邀请了大约40人参加他的婚礼,他们当中绝大部分都是自家人。在定语从句中如果介词放在关系代词之前,且先行词指人时,从句中关系代词只能使用whom。

15.whose 句意:这本书从生活遭受地震影响的人们的视角来讲述地震的故事。将先行词those代入定语从句后为:The lives of those were affected.由此可知先行词在从句中和lives是所属关系,从句中缺少定语,故填whose。

16.who 句意:幸福和成功经常青睐那些善于发现自身长处的人。先行词为those,将先行词代入定语从句后为:Those are good at recognizing their own strengths.由此可见,先行词在定语从句中作主语,且表示“人”,故用who。本题易误填that。当先行词是指人的不定代词,如:one,ones,anyone,those,all,nobody等时,用who不用that。

17.where 句意:他写了一封信,信中他解释了事故中发生了什么。将先行词letter代入定语从句后为:He explained what had happened in the accident in the letter.由此可知从句中缺少状语,应该用关系副词where。


[语篇解读] 本文为记叙文,叙述了作者参加英语俱乐部的难忘经历。在那里作者遇到了一位好老师,那位老师使作者对英语学习产生了兴趣。作者还养成了学习英语的好习惯。

1.when 句意:有一段时间,我厌倦了学英语并且不喜欢说英语。There was a time when...有一段时间……。

2.why This is/was the reason why这就是……的原因。

3.where 先行词是the club,关系词在从句中作地点状语,故填where。

4.who 先行词为my guide,关系词在从句中作主语,指人,故用who引导。

5.whom 先行词为my guide;关系词在定语从句中作from的宾语,故填whom。

6.that/which 先行词是activities,将先行词代入定语从句后为:We did the activities.由此可见先行词在定语从句中作宾语,故用that或which引导。

7.who 先行词为my father and the guide,关系词在定语从句中作主语,且指“人”,所以用who引导。

8.which 先行词为English,关系词在定语从句中作介词into的宾语,且介词into已被提前,故填which。

9.which 句意:每天入睡前我总是回忆所学的文章,通过这种方法,我能记住大量的生词。关系词在定语从句中作介词through的宾语,且介词已被提前,故用which引导。

10.As 句意:正如我们英语老师所说的:“只要你们养成每天学英语的习惯并且坚持不懈,你们迟早会征服英语。”非限制性定语从句置于句首,后面引号内直接引语的内容为先行词,且关系词在定语从句中作主语,故需用as引导。

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