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Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure (10 points, 1 point for each item)


1.Would’t you rather your child ______ successful with his study and won the scholarship?

A. became B. become C. would become D. becomes

2. Although Tom is satisfied with his academic achievement, he wonders _______will happen to his family life.

A. it B. that C. what D. this

3. We hope that all the measures against sandstorms, ________ was put forward by the committee, will be considered seriously at the meeting .

A. while B. after C. since D. as

4. We cannot leave this tough job to a person_________.

A. who nobody has confidence B. in whom nobody has confidence

C. for whom nobody has confidence D. who everyone has confidence of

5. You are the best for the job _____ you apply your mind to it .

A. until B. if only C. in case D. unless

6.Hey, leave _____!I hate people touching my hair.

A. behind B. out C. off D. over

7.I thought the problem of water shortage would ________ at the meeting but nobody mentioned it.

A. come up B. come up to C. come over D. come to

8.Mr.Smith , can I ________ you for a minute? I抎 like to hear your opinion on this issue.

A. say a word with B. have words with C. mention a word with D. have a word with

9.There is a deadlock (僵局) in the discussion when neither side gives ________ to the over .

A. a way B. way C. the way D. its way

10. This type of desk and chair can be adjusted ________ the height of students at different ages.

A. with B. for C. to D. in

Ⅱ.Cloze Test (10 points, 1 point for each item)


For over a hundred years Japan has consistently spent large sums of money and considerable human resources in an effort to obtain technology. Her ability to negotiate __11___ by the fact most of the technology she wanted was no commercial secrets. Japan抯 __12__ has also been strengthened by the fact that her internal market was large, so that __13__ to this market could be offered to multinational companies as an attraction to them to grant licenses. Besides, Japan抯 work force was disciplined, so it was capable __14__ applying the information it acquired. Finally, American and European companies, who were __15__ licensers, felt that the Japanese companies might take a large share of the world market __16__ they were not limited by licensing agreement.

Conditions of this sort, __17__ together in one nation, may well be unique, and the case of Japan may therefore not actually demonstrate that licensing is just as efficient as multinational ownership for the __18__ of technology. In fact, Japan

may be finding this method of operation __19__ effective than in the past ,as her needs for outside technology now require information which __20__ only a few companies and is more closely held.

11. A. was strengthened B. will be strengthened

燙. will have been strengthened D. has been strengthened

12. A. position B. location C. place D. point

13. A. entry B. access C. presence D. acceptance

14. A. at B. in C. for D. of

15 .A. potential B. feasible C. liable D. inevitable

16. A. until B. before C. if D. after

17. A. came B. come C. will come D. coming

18. A. transformation B. transfer C. transmission D. shift

19. A. much B. little C. less D. more

20. A. sticks to B. belongs to C. draws on D. takes on

Ⅲ. Reading Comprehension (30 points, 2 point for each item)


Passage One

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage .

One day, the principal came into our room and, after talking to the teacher, for some reason said: “I wish all of the white scholars to stand for a moment.?I rose with the others. The teacher looked at me and, calling my name, said: 揧ou sit down for the present, and rise with the others.?I did not quite understand her. She repeated: 揧ou sit down now, and rise with the others.?I sat down puzzled and dumb. I saw and heard nothing. When the other were asked to rise, I did not know it. When school was dismissed, I went out unconsciously. A few of the white boys laughed at me, saying: 揙h, you抮e a nigger, too.? I hurried on as fast as I could to where my looking–glass hung on the wall in my own little room. For an instant I was afraid to look, but when I did, I looked long and earnestly. I was accustomed to hearing remarks about my beauty; but now, for the first time, I became conscious of it and recognized it. I noticed the ivory (象牙) whiteness of my skin, the beauty of my mouth, the size and liquid darkness of my eyes. I ran downstairs and rushed to where my mother was sitting. I buried my head in her lap and cried out: 揗other, tell me, am I a nigger??I could not see her face, but I felt her hands on my head. I looked up into her face. There were tears in her eyes and I could see that she was suffering for me. And then it was that I looked at her critically for the first time. I had thought of her in a childish way only as the most beautiful woman in the world; now I looked at her searching for defects. I could see that her skin was almost brown, and that she did differ in some way from the other ladies who came to the house; yet, even so I could see that she was more beautiful than any of them. She must have felt that I was examining her, for she hid her face in my hair and said with difficulty: 揘o, my darling, you are not a nigger.?She went on: 揑f anyone calls you a nigger, don抰 notice them.?But the more she talked, the less was I reassured, and I stopped her by asking: 揥ell, mother, am I white? Are you white??She answered tremblingly: 揘o, I am not white, but your father is one of the greatest men in the country. The best blood of the South is in you.?This suddenly opened up in my heart a fresh fear, and I almost fiercely demanded: 揥ho is my father? Where is he??She stroked my hair and said: 揑抣l tell you about him some day.?I sobbed: 揑 want to know now.?She answered: 揘o, not now.?21. We can infer from the passage that 揳 nigger 攎eans________.

A. a white person B. a black person

C. anyone that is not white D. anyone that is not black

22. When the teacher asked him to sit down and rise with the others, the author was confused because_________.

he never considered himself a non-white person

he thought the teacher didn抰 recognize him

he thought he should be considered

he thought it rude for the teacher to call his name

23. It was on that day that he began to realize that _________.

he was a nigger

he was different from others because of his beauty

his color was like that of his mother

he differed from other white people even with his beauty

24. From the passage we can learn that _________.

the boy抯 father left them for some reasons

the boy抯 mother didn抰 want to mention his father at all

the boy never met his father before

the boy抯 mother hated his father

25.This passage generally tells us a story of ________.

A. a boy who suddenly realized that he was a colored person

B. a boy who had been looked down upon because he had no father

C. the miserable life of colored people

D. the life of a one-parent family

Passage Two

Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

For Americans, time is a 搑esource?that, like water or coal, can be used well or poorly. 揟ime is money,?they say. 揧ou only get so much time in this life; you抎 best use it wisely.?The future will not be better than the past or the present unless people use their time fro constructive, future-oriented activities. Thus, Americans admire a 搘ell-organized?person, one who has a written list of things to do and a schedule for doing them. The ideal person is punctual and treasures other people?s time.

The American attitude towards time is not necessarily shared by others, especially non-Europeans. They are more likely to consider time as something that is simply there around them, not something they can 搖se? One of the more difficult things many foreign businessmen and students must adjust to in the States is the notion that time must be saved whenever possible and used wisely every day.

In their efforts to use their time wisely, Americans are sometimes seen by foreign visitors as automatons, unhuman creatures who are so tied to their clocks and their schedules that they cannot participate in or enjoy the human interactions that are the truly important things in life. 揟hey are like little machines running around,?one foreign visitor said.

The emphasis Americans place on efficiency is closely related to their concepts of the future, change and time. To do something efficiently is to do it in the way that is quickest and requires the smallest investment of resources. American businesses sometimes hire 揺fficiency experts?to review their operations and suggest ways in which they could accomplish more than they are currently accomplishing with the resources they are investing. Popular periodicals carry suggestions for more efficient ways to clean house, raise children, tend the yard, and so on.

In this context the 揻ast-food industry?can be seen as a clear example of an American cultural product. McDonald抯, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and other fast-food establishments prosper in a country where many people want to minimize the amount of time they spend preparing and eating meals. The millions of Americans who take their meals at fast-food restaurants cannot have much interest in lingering over their food while conversing with friends, as millions of Europeans do. As McDonald抯 restaurants have spread around the world, they have been viewed as symbols of American society and culture, bringing not just hamburgers but an emphasis on speed, efficiency, and shiny cleanliness. The typical American food, some observers argue, is fast food.

26. If a person treasures other people抯 time, he .

does not waste people抯 time with conversation or activity that has no beneficial outcome

does not believe the future will be any better than the present or the past

likes to deep a written schedule of the daily activities with him

likes to have his meals at the fast-food restaurants to save time

27. In the eyes of the foreign visitors in the States, American people .

think that time is always there which needs budgeting

enjoy saving and using time wisely everyday

are indifferent in that they are like feelingless machines

are so fully engaged that they are unable to enjoy the important things in life

28. What is the job of an efficiency expert?

Writing articles for periodicals.

Recommending ways of efficient investment.

Examining the quality of a company抯 products.

Teaching people how to take care of their yard.

29. Which of the following can be inferred from the last paragraph?

Many Americans love having meals at fast-food restaurants.

Americans are busier than other people in the world.

The American fast-food industry helps spread the American culture around the world.

The United States is the father of the world抯 fast-food industry.

30. The best title for this passage is ..

The American Concept of Time

The Development of the American Fast Food Industry

How to Raise Efficiency

The American Food and Culture

Passage Three

Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

It is difficult to estimate the number of youngsters involved in home schooling, where children are not sent to school and receive their formal education from one or both parents. Legislation and court decisions have make it legally possible in most states for parents to educate their children at home, and each year more people take advantage of that opportunity.

Supporters of home education claim that it is less expensive and far more efficient than mass public education. Moreover they quote several merits: relief of school overcrowding, added curricular and pedagogical (课程和教学法) alternatives, strengthened family relationships, lower dropout rates, increased motivation, higher standardized test scores, and reduced discipline problems. Supporters of home schooling also believe that it provides the parents with the opportunity to reinforce their moral values through education.

Critics of home schooling movement claim that it creates as many problems as it solves. They acknowledge that, in a few cases, home schooling offers educational opportunities superior to those found in most public schools, but few parents can provide such educational advantages. Some parents who withdraw their children form the schools in favor of home schooling have an inadequate educational background and insufficient formal training to provide a satisfactory education for their children. Typically, parents have fewer, not more technological resources available than do schools. However, the relatively inexpensive computer technology that is readily available today is causing some to challenge the notion that home schooling is in any way not so good as more highly structured classroom education.

Finally, a sociological (社会学) concern is the restricted social interaction experienced by children who are educated at home. Technology will never replace the pupil-teacher relationship. Also, while relationships with parents and brothers and sisters may be improved, children taught at home may develop a distorted (歪曲的) view of society.

31. The main idea of the passage is that .

more and more parents are in favor of home schooling

home schooling is superior to school education because it has been legally approved

though home schooling has its advantages, it creates as many new problems at the same time

school education is no doubt better than home education

32. Those who support home schooling think that .

it抯 less expensive and more efficient apart from other merits

it has added curricular and pedagogical alternatives

it will cause fewer discipline problems

it抯 more important to reinforce moral values

33. Critics believe that .

few parents can afford computers and technology when providing home education

few parents are qualified enough to provide a satisfactory home education

school teachers are better than parents

classroom environment can provide most satisfactory education

34. According to the author, home schooling cannot help children .

acquire social knowledge

build up a relationship with family members

build up pupil-teacher relationship

develop a right view of society

35. The attitude of the author toward home schooling is .



totally negative



IV. Word Spelling (10 points, 1 point for two items)



破坏,使…遇难 vt w _ _ _ _

37. 自愿的,自发的 a. v_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

紧要的,紧迫的 a.. u _ _ _ _ _

39. 容忍,忍受 vt. t _ _ _ _ _ _ _

症状,征兆 n. s _ _ _ _ _ _

41. 最近,不久前 ad. l _ _ _ _ _

放大,夸大 vt. m _ _ _ _ _ _

43. 概念,想法 n. n _ _ _ _ _

服从,听从 vt. o _ _ _

45. 苦干的,费力的 a. p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

达到;造诣 n. a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

47. 使平衡;权衡 vt. b _ _ _ _ _ _

战役,运动 n. c _ _ _ _ _ _ _

49. 装修,装饰 vt. d _ _ _ _ _ _ _

基本的,初级的 a. e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

51. 忠诚的,忠实的 a. f _ _ _ _ _ _ _

姿势,手势 n g _ _ _ _ _ _

53. 高度地,非常 ad. h _ _ _ _ _

模仿的,仿制的 a. i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

55. 正义,公正 n. j _ _ _ _ _ _

V. WORD FORM (10 points,1 point for each item)


56. Once harm ______(do) to the environment, it takes years to have the system recovered.

57. With the strike_______(settle), the work on the new assembly line went ahead like wildfire.

58. The child was playing_________(danger) near the edge of the swimming pool.

59. This project ________(accomplish) by the end of 2006 will greatly improve the basic facility of the city.

60. People appreciate_________(talk) with him because he is knowledgeable and humorous.

61. Since the author did not stick to the topic, I found his article very ______(confuse) and hard to follow.

62. With all this done, I ______(free) from all troubles and responsibilities.

63. Had he been treated well, he ________(get over) this disease.

64. Investigations into the cause of the shipwreck show that the ship _______(sink) the moment it hit the rock .

65. If only the board ________(approve) the proposal and put it into effect.

vi.Translation from Chinese into English (15 points, 3 points for each item)


66. 时间是世界上最容易浪费也是最难以把握的东西。





vii. Translation from English into Chinese (15 points)


Planning is a very important activity in our lives. It can give pleasure and even excitement, but cause quite severe headaches. The more significant the task ahead, the more careful the planning required. Getting to school or to work on time is a task requiring little or no planning. It is almost a routine. A month抯 touring holiday abroad, or better still, getting married, is a different matter altogether. If the holiday involves a church wedding, with 50 guests, a reception, a honeymoon in Italy, and returning to a new home, this requires even more planning to make sure that is successful. Planning is our way of trying to ensure success and of avoiding costly failures we cannot afford. It is equally essential to mankind as a whole, to nations, to families and to each individual; the scale may vary, but the degree of importance does not.



Ⅰvocabulary and structure(本大题共10题,每小题1分,共10分)

1.A 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.D 9.B 10.C

Ⅱcloze test(本大题共10题,每小题1分,共10分)

11.D 12.A 13.B 14.D 15.A 16.C 17.D 18.B 19.C 20.B

Ⅲreading comprehension(本大题共15题,每小题2分,共30分)

21.B 22.A 23.D 24.C 25.A 26.A 27.D 28.B 29.C 30.A

31.C 32.A 33.B 34.D 35.D

Ⅳword spelling(本大题共20题,每小题0.5分,共10分)

36.wreck 37.voluntary 38.urgent 39.tolerate 40.symptom

41.lately 42.magnify 43.notion 44.obey 45.painstaking

46.attainment 47.balance 48.campaign 49.decorate 50.elementary

51.faithful 52.gesture 53.highly 54.imitative 55.justice

Ⅴword form(本大题共10题,每小题1分,共10分)

56. is done 57.settled 58.dangerously 59.to be accomplished 60.talking

61. confusing 62.have been freed 63.would have got over 64.sank 65.would approve

VI. Translation front Chinese into English (本大题共5小题,每小题3分,共15分)

66. Time is the easiest thing in the world to waste and the most difficult thing to control.

67. Although managers cannot predict the future, many of their decisions require that they consider/take into account possible future events.

68. Einstein claimed that matter and energy are interchangeable, so there is no absolute time and space/so time and space are not absolute.

69. The number of failures in the examination is surprisingly large.

70. The American folk music in the 1960抯 expressed anti-war sentiments as well as love and hope.

VII.Translation from English into Chinese. (本大题共15分)






I.Vocabulary and Structure (10 points, 1point each)

1. It would be better to make a decision now, ______ leave it until next week.

A. other than B. rather than C. less than D. more than

2. We''ll inform you as soon as tickets become ______.

A. valuable B. capable C. acceptable D. available

3. The foreign company has been______ running this factory for decades.

A. enormously B. effectively C. infinitely D. extremely

4. If you ______ my advice, you wouldn''t be in such trouble now.

A. took B. takes C. has taken D. had taken

5. The meeting ______, we left the room quickly for dinner.

A. over B. was over C. is over D. been over

6. All the money ______, Frederick started looking for work.

A. having spent B. has been spent C. having been spent D. had been spent

7. ______ his talk when Mary ran out of the lecture hall.

A. Hardly had be begun B. Hardly he had begun

C. Hardly he has begun D. He hardly had begun

8. The two sisters are _____ in many ways, not only in appearance but also in temperament.

A. like B. likely C. alike D. lively

9. The purpose of the program is to provide training for employees so that they can work ______.

A. late B. later C. lately D. latest

10. I hope my boy friend will be handsome, strong and ______ kind.

A. above all B. in all C. at all D. after all

II. Cloze Test (10 points, 1 point each)

However careful one may be, he cannot possibly listen carefully to everything that he hears. There are 11 of reasons for this. One of them is the overload of messages most of us 12 each day. In addition to the numerous hours we 13 hearing other people speak, we may spend several hours listening to the radio or sitting in front of a television set. 14, it is impossible to focus our attention completely on what is said; our mind might be 15 elsewhere. Preoccupation with our personal concerns is 16 reason we don''t always listen carefully. A romance 17 sour or a good grade on a test may take prominence in our mind even as 18 is speaking to us. Furthermore, we are surrounded by all kinds of noises which interfere 19 listening. For example, voices at a party or 20 of traffic may simply make it difficult for us to catch everything that is being said.

11. A. the number B. a number C. number D. numbers

12. A. accept B. obtain C. receive D. possess

13. A. put B. consume C. spend D. spare

14. A. Besides B. Whereas C. Otherwise D. Nevertheless

15. A. wondering B. swinging C. recycling D. wandering

16. A. other B. some C. the other D. another

17. A. gone B. going C. goes D. went

18. A. anyone B. everyone C. someone D. few

19. A. to B. with C. of D. about

20. A. sound B. noise C. voice D. scream

III. Reading Comprehension (30 points, 2 points each)

Passage One

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

Many of today''s most trusted sales techniques were invented over a century ago by a young merchant named Eaton in Toronto. When he was young, Eaton worked briefly with his brothers in small-town stores. In 1869, he sep up his own shop in downtown Toronto. He had many competitors, but he was also ambitious and had a plan for success. He offered a unique style of trade, but as was expected, all the other shopkeepers laughed at him, believing he would eventually fail. However, Eaton was not a man to be easily defeated; he came up with a brand new notion of business - "Goods satisfactory, or money refunded." He sold all his goods at fixed prices and only for cash.

With a sharp sense of what the public wanted, he went out of the way to meet their needs. His business grew rapidly. He set up new branches and started mail order service that allowed people to buy from a list of his goods.

Eaton''s list-advertisements of his day-was the first of its kind. It was distributed and read all over the country. It was the only way to access good-quality goods at reasonable prices for people living far away from big cites. It became part of their life. They even called it The Wishing Book. The secret of the list''s success was that Eaton gained the respect of this customers; they trusted him for good prices and quality goods. Probably because he remembered his miserable early days in Ireland, Eaton thought much of the welfare of his employees: better working conditions, shorter weekday hours than his competitors and Saturday afternoons off in the summer. In all this, he was a leader.

21. The best description of Eaton is that ______.

A. he was the richest merchant in Toronto

B. he was a successful technical inventor

C. he introduced new sales practices

D. he changed people''s ideas about businessmen

22. Eaton''s success lay primarily in that ____.

A. he sold only good quality goods

B. he was the first person to provide good service

C. he treated his employees better than any of his competitors

D. he won respect from his customers

23. From the passage we can infer that ______.

A. Eaton invented the idea of the internet shopping

B. Eaton drove other businessmen to failure

C. Eaton never sold his goods on credit

D. Eaton was defeated by his rivals

24. The best title for this passage is _____.

A. Good Goods, of Money Refunded

B. Eaton, a Sales Inventor

C. Customers'' Respect, a Secret of Success

D. Eaton''s list, a Welcome Event in Sales History

25. Eaton''s List was important to people on farms because it was a convenient way of getting _____.

A. good-quality goods at reasonable prices

B. goods at unreasonable prices

C. good-quality goods at unreasonable prices

D. poor-quality goods at reasonable prices

Passage Two

Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

The threat of a global outbreak (疾病大爆发) of bird flu makes it urgent for the international community to cooperate effectively. Wealthy countries will have to provide hundreds of millions of dollars for the testing and production of medicines necessary for treating patients suffering from bird flu. Developing countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, where the bird flu virus (病毒) has spread since 1997, must work out special programs so that farmers will not hide sighs of possible outbreaks. In addition, the way such farm birds as chickens and ducks are traditionally raised and marketed in the developing world should be changed; there should be more distance between the birds and their keepers. Countries should deal with the disease with joint effort. If one country is inadequately prepared, it will be a threat to every other country.

The potential effects of a national outbreak of bird flu are enormous. Firstly, an outbreak may kill large numbers of people. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that an outbreak similar to the mild Hong Kong flu of 1968 could kill as many as 7.4 millions people. If it were as dangerous as the 1918 Spanish flu, which killed 50 million, the number would be much higher. Secondly, such an outbreak may cause great financial damage. The latest outbreak of bird flu, which began in December 2003, has cost Southeast Asia more than $10 billion and depressed its GDP by 1.5 percent. If a new outbreak of bird flu were to last for a whole year, $800 billion would be lost.

Despite the 124 human cases and 63 deaths from bird flu since December 2003, the virus remains mainly a disease animals. However, the more animals that die of the disease, the more chances it has of spreading to people. Large numbers of dead or dying birds mean that more people will be exposed to the virus and change into a virus with new characteristics. If the international community works together efficiently, man can surely prevent such a virus and possibly save millions of lives.

26. Faced with the threat of a global outbreak of bird flu, the international community should ________.

A. establish new markets

B. work together effectively

C. stop birds from flying to other countries

D. raise fewer chickens and ducks

27. The second paragraph focuses on ______.

A. World Health Organization

B. flus in Hong Kong and Spain

C. the economy of Southeast Asia

D. possible effects of a bird flu outbreak

28. The number of people who have died of bird flu since 2003 is _______.

A. 63 B. 124 C. 7.4 million D. 50 million

29. In the third paragraph, the author is mainly interested in _____.

A. stimulating financial growth B. reducing economic damages

C. saving human lives D. protecting bird species

30. The passage deals with all the following aspects bird flu EXCEPT _______.

A. the origin and history of bird flu

B. the importance of international cooperation

C. the possible dangers of a national outbreak

D. the significance of preventing it from spreading

Passage Three

Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

The long summer holidays are finally over and some parents are pleased. "We worry more about their safety in the holidays," explains one mother from North London. If teenagers are not wandering around on public transport in a big and potentially dangerous city, they are chatting to strangers in an internet chat room! Well, that''s an extreme picture of the UK today, but many parents are worried about how much freedom they can give their children during the holidays and at weekends.

Weekends are not the only time to worry! Newspaper are full of stories about too many school kids going to school by car because their parents do not want them to travel alone on a bus or train. This summer there were more frightening stories of teenagers disappearing with questionable friends that they met on the net. All the Media stories help increase parents fears, but is the UK really so dangerous?

Many young people feel that life for their parents was easier. In the 1960s young people played in the streets more and traveled around town without their parents. "At least our parents can keep tabs on us," says 16-year-old Julia. "So many people have mobile phones now and their parents ring to find out where they are. I use my mobile to get Dad to come to the station when I arrive late." Mobiles are not just expensive toys; they help keep young people safe. Most significantly, they help keep young people safe. Most significantly, they make parents feel better. Only one problem is, though, that some young people have been attacked by thieves who want to steal their mobile phones.

Young people like going out with friends, but they now need to learn how to get home safely. Five million young people in the UK between the ages of 9 to 16 use chat rooms to make friends, but they, too, need to be careful and never give their personal details to a stranger. Young people today have more opportunities to meet new people and go out at night more than their parents ever did. Now school, television programs and newspapers must help teenagers to enjoy their freedom and to be responsible for their own safety.

31. Some parents are upset about the summer holidays mainly because their children ______.

A. wander around on bus in the city

B. chat to strangers in Internet chat rooms

C. make questionable friends on the net

D. are taken little care of by teachers

32. For the sake of the safety, many parents send their kids to school ________.

A. by car B. by bus C. by train D. by public transport

33. Most significantly, mobile phones _______.

A. enable parents keep a close watch on their kids

B. help keep teenagers safe

C. make parents feel less worried

D. protect teenagers from being attacked

34. Teenagers should never give any strangers ______.

A. their mobile phone numbers B. their family address

C. their personal information D. their parents'' names

35. This passage is mainly about ________.

A. freedom for teenagers in summer holidays

B. safety for teenagers in summer holidays

C. activities for teenagers in summer holidays

D. troubles for teenagers in summer holidays



36. 获胜者,优胜者 n. w_ _ _ _ _ 37. (使)枯萎,凋谢 v. w_ _ _ _ _

38. 垂直的,竖的 a. v_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 39. 易变的,变量的 a. v_ _ _ _ _ _ _

40. 唯一的,独特的 a. u_ _ _ _ _ 41. 地下的,隐蔽的 a. u_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

42. 真实的,如实地 ad. t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 43. 星期二 n. T_ _ _ _ _ _

44. 传统,惯例 n. t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 45. 同情,同情心 n. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _

46. 投降,让步 vi. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 47. 足够的,充分的 a. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

48. 亲属,亲戚 n. r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 49. 抵抗,反抗 n. r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

50. 有目的的,蓄意的 a. p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 51. 财产;性质 n. p_ _ _ _ _ _ _

52. 俯望,漏看 vt. o_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 53. 发源,源自 vi. o_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

54. 音乐的,悦耳的 a. m_ _ _ _ _ _ 55. 意图,打算 n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

V. Word Form (10 points, 1 point each)


56.He _________(write) her 10 letters since he met her last years.

57. I think it necessary for him ________ (finish) the work in time.

58. The house is ______ (complete) before his brother''s wedding ceremony.

59. You had better ________ (bring) enough money with you.

60. The _______ (good) he feels, the more work he will do.

61. If I hadn''t listened to you, I would _______ (make) such a silly mistake.

62. The three players repeatedly denied ________ (take) any drug.

63. People who are entitled to ________ (vote) should be over eighteen.

64. The government has taken measures to reduce the total energy ______(consume).

65. If she ______(catch) the 10 O''clock train, she can get there by lunch time

VI. Translation from Chinese into English (15 points, 3 points each)


66. 男人的平均身高比女人高几英寸。

67. 你所说的与我们正在讨论的豪不相干。

68. 教育应该使每个学生德、智、体全面发展。



VII. Translation from English into Chinese (15 points)


There is a clear distinction between one who is supposed to know and another, usually a younger person who is supposed not to know. However, teaching is not necessarily the area of a special group of people, nor should it be looked upon as a technical skill. Teaching can be more like guiding and assisting than forcing information into a blank mind. If you have a certain skill, you should be able to share it with others. You do not have to get a certificate to convey what you know to them or to help them in their attempt to teach themselves. All of us, from the very youngest children to the oldest members of our society, should come to realize our own talent and abilities as teachers. We can share what we know, however little it might be, with others who have need of that knowledge or skill.




I. Vocabulary and Structure (本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

1.B 2.D 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.B 10.A

II. Cloze Test (本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

11.B 12.C 13.C 14.A 15.D 16.D 17.A 18.C 19.B 20.B

III. Reading Comprehension (本大题共15小题,每小题2分,共30分)

21.C 22.D 23.C 24.B 25.A 26.B 27.D 28.A 29.C 30.A 31.D 32.A 33.C 34.C 35.B

IV. Word Spelling (本大题共20小题,每两小题1分,共10分)

36. winner 37. wither 38. vertical 39. variable 40. unique

41. underground 42. truthfully 43.Tuesday 44. tradition 45. sympathy

46. surrender 47. sufficient 48. relative 49. resistance 50. purposeful

51. property 52. overlook 53. originate 54. musical 55. intention



V. Word From (本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

56. has written 57. to finish 58. to be completed 59. bring

60. better 61. have made 62. taking 63. vote

64. consumption 65. catches



VI. Translation from Chinese into English (本大题共5小题,每小题3分,共15分)

66. On the average, men are higher than women by several inches/several inches higher than women.

67. What you said has nothing to do/has no relevance with what we are discussing.

68. Education should enable every student to develop morally, intellectually and physically.

69. The book has made a great impact/had a great effect/influence on its readers.

70. The test was much more difficult than we had expected.






VII. Translation from English into Chinese (本大题共15分)








(5)3-1分。 仅译对个别句子。







第一部分??选择题 I. Vocabulary and Structure 1. The fixed star was? ?? ? a planet. ? ?? ?A. made of? ?? ?B. made from? ?? ?C. made up for??D. mistaken for 2. Some students? 牋 ?from asking questions in class. ?牋 燗. shy away?牋 燘. blow away?牋 燙. do away?牋 燚. carry away 3. Mrs. Weinstein bravely and persistently used every skill and power she had to?牋 ?her attacker to simply take her car and not her life. ?牋 燗. trust?牋 燘. credit?牋 燙. convince?牋 燚. believe 4. Let''s?牋 ? personal feelings in making judgment. ?牋 燗. set off?牋 燘. set aside?牋 燙. set back?牋 燚. set up 5. A good worker in a key spot could,?牋 ?he kept up production, take all the coffee breaks he wanted, and the bosses would very likely look the other way. ?牋 燗. as long as?牋 燘. as though?牋 燙. as soon as?燚. as if 6.?牋 ?the bosses cannot do without profit, workers have an edge. ?牋 燗. Though?牋 燘. For?牋 燙. Since?牋 燚. So 7. Decision makers must have some way of determining?牋 ?of several alternatives is best. ?牋 燗. that?牋 燘. it?牋 燙. one?牋 燚. which 8. In August 1977, a satellite?牋 ?to gather data about the 10 million black holes which are thought to be in the Milky Way. ?牋 燗. launched?牋 燘. was launched?牋 燙. has been launched?牋 牋 牋燚. is launched 9. In studio recordings, new techniques made possible effects that not even an electronic band could produce?牋 ?. ?牋 燗. live?牋 燘. alive?牋 燙. lively?牋 燚. living 10. It is essential that everything? 牋 ?in advance. ?牋 燗. should decide?牋 燘. be decided?牋 燙. decided?牋 燚. will be decided. II. Cloze Test The money and the time we spend on pets is simply not our own to spend as we like in a time of widespread want and starvation. A??1??organization advertises that for $33 a month they can give hospital care to a child suffering from kwashiorkor-the severe deficiency disease?牋 ?2牋is simply a starving for protein. Doing??3??such a pet, and then sending the money saved to a relief organization would mean??4??a life-over the years, several human lives. Children not??15?爁rom such a grave disease could be fed with half that amount-not on a diet like ours, but on plain, basic, life-sustaining food. It is not unreasonable to believe??6??the amount of money we spend on the average pet dog could keep a child??17?爄n a region of great poverty.??18?爓hat we would spend on a cat might not feed a child, but it??9??probably pay for his medical care or basic education. The point needs no??0?? That is all that need be said. 11. A. relied?牋 燘. fund?牋 燙. domestic?牋 燚. medical 12. A. why?牋 燘. when?牋 燙. where?牋 燚. which 13. A. with?牋 燘. for?牋 燙. against?牋 燚. without 14. A. to save?牋 燘. saving?牋 燙. save?牋 燚. saved 15. A. recovering?牋 燘. having?牋 燙. suffering?牋 燚. infecting 16. A. which?牋 燘. what?牋 燙. that?牋 燚. where 17. A. alive?牋 燘. life?牋 燙. live?牋 燚. survive 18. A. Giving?牋 燘. To give?牋 燙. Given?牋 燚. Give 19. A. would?牋 燘. should?牋 燙. must?牋 燚. need 20. A. doing?牋 燘. operating?牋 燙. laboring?牋 燚. functioning III. Reading Comprehension Passage One Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage. We can make mistakes at any age. Some mistakes we make are about money. But most mistakes are about people. "Did Jerry really care when I broke up with Helen?" "When I got that great job, did Jim really feel good about it, as a friend? Or did he envy my luck?" "Why didn''t I realize that Paul was friendly just because I had a car?" When we look back, doubts like these can make up feel bad. But when we look back, it''s too late. Why do we go wrong about our friends or our enemies? Sometimes what people say hides their real meaning. If we don''t really listen, we miss the feeling behind the words. Suppose someone tells you, "You''re a lucky dog." Is he really on your side? If he says, "You''re a lucky boy" or "You''re a lucky girl", that''s being friendly. But there''s a bit of envy in "lucky dog." Maybe he doesn''t see it himself. But bringing in the "dog" bit puts you down a little. What he may be saying is that he doesn''t think you deserve your luck. "Just think of all the things you have to be thankful for" is another noise that says one thing and means another. It could mean that the speaker is trying to get you to see your problem as part of your life as a whole. But is he? Wrapped up in this phrase is the thought that your problem isn''t important. It''s telling you to think of all the starving people in the world when you haven''t got a date for Saturday night. How can you tell the real meaning behind someone''s words? One way is to take a good look at the person talking. Do his words fit the way he looks? Does what he says square with the tone of voice? His gesture? The look in his eyes? Stop and think. The minute you spend thinking about the real meaning of what people say to you many save another mistake. 21. According to the writer, when people look back it is too late, because?牋 ?. ?牋 燗. mistakes have already been made?牋 燘. mistakes can made them feel bad ?牋 燙. they are unaware of their mistakes?牋 燚. they are doubtful of their friends 22. People make mistakes when they fail to?牋 ? ?牋 燗. deal with others with due friendliness?牋 燘. hide their true feelings in what they say ?牋 燙. realize they deserve what they have got牋D. see the real meaning of what others say 23. Judging from the phrase "just think of all the things you have to be thankful for", it is clear that the speaker actually lacks?牋 ?. ?牋 燗. optimism?牋 燘. sympathy?牋 燙. motivation?牋 燚. courage 24. To be a successful listener, one is advised to?牋 ? 1.????A.?牋 燼sk the speaker as many questions as he can 2.????B.?牋 爋bserve the speaker as carefully as possible 3.????C.?牋 爈isten to the speaker as attentively as he can 4.????D.?牋燾hallenge the speaker as actively as possible 25. The passage aims to tell readers how to?牋 ?. ?牋 燗. interpret what people say?牋 燘. interpret what money means ?牋 燙. avoid mistakes about people?牋 燚. avoid mistakes about money Passage Two Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage. Doctors have long known that eating fish helps protect against heart disease. What they don''t know is why fish are beneficial. For years they figured it was a simple question of substitution: folks who replace red meat with fish are naturally cutting down their intake of saturated (饱和的) fat. But a growing body of evidence collected over the past 30 years suggests fish contain healthful elements called omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids belong to a group of compounds known as polyunsaturated fats. These fats serve as the raw material for a whole host of essential structures in the body, from brain cells to molecules (分子) that regulate blood pressure. Since our bodies cannot manufacture their own supply of omega-3s, we have to get them from the food we eat, mostly from fish but also from plant sources like soybeans (大豆). The American Heart Association has recommended that everyone eat two 85-g servings of fatty fish a week. But the A.H.A''s expert panel wasn''t ready to declare that taking omega-3 pills will protect your heart. It''s just too easy to get more omega-3 than you need from pills, and the panel was worried that an excess could cause serious side effects, such as internal bleeding. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, however, allowed manufactures of omega-3 pills and fish oils to advertise the fat''s benefits-as long as the label does not suggest taking more than two grams per day. One thing is clear whether you get your omega-3s from pills, oils or fish: they are not cure-alls. You still have to eat a well-balanced diet that''s lower in total fat than most Americans currently consume. Otherwise, you''re fishing for trouble. 26. Doctors have long been puzzled by?牋 ?. ?牋 燗. why red meat is harmful?牋 燘. how beneficial fish are ?牋 燙. what makes fish healthful?牋 燚. how red meat is replaced 27. We can learn from the passage that?牋 ?. A.?牋 human beings get omega-3s from their food B.?牋 omega-3s are only found in fish and soybeans C.?牋 omega-3s are the raw material for saturated fats D.?牋爌olyunsaturated fats constitute human molecules 28. The A.H.A. didn''t recommend omega-3 pills, because?牋 ? A.?牋 it had no knowledge of the safe dose of omega-3 B.?牋 it had no evidence that they can protect the heart C.?牋 the pills contain too little omega-3 to be helpful D.?牋爋ne is likely to get too much omega-3 from the pills 29. The FDA allowed manufacturers of omega-3 pills and fish oils to advertise omega-3''s benefits on condition that?牋 ? A.?牋 their suggested dose is printed on the label B.?牋 their suggested dose is within the safety limit C.?牋 the fat''s potential side effects are mentioned D.?牋爐he products contain side effects are mentioned 30. The writer seems to suggest that?牋 ? A.?牋 omega-3s can balance one''s diet B.?牋 omega-3s can serve as a supplement C.?牋 an unbalanced diet is made worse by omega-3s D.?牋燼 well-balanced diet contains enough omega-3s Passage Three Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage. It was a terrible tragedy, six times more deadly than the Titanic (泰坦尼克号). When the German ship Wilhelm Gustloff was hit by torpedoes (鱼雷) fired from a Russian submarine (潜水艇) in the final winter of World War II, more than 10,000 people---mostly women, children and old people fleeing the final Red Army push into Germany-were packed aboard. An ice storm had turned the dicks into frozen sheets that sent hundreds of families sliding into sea as the ship listed and began to go down. Others desperately tried to put lifeboats down. Some who succeeded fought off those in the water who had the strength to try to get aboard. Most people froze immediately. "I''ll never forget the screams," says Christa Nutzmann, 87, one of the 1,200 survivors. She recalls watching the ship, brightly lit, slipping into its dark grave-and rarely mentioned for more than half a century. The long silence about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff was probably unavoidable-and necessary. By unreservedly confessing their country''s horrible crimes Germans have managed to win acceptance abroadand make peace with their neighbors. Today''s unified Germany is more prosperous and stable than at any time in its long, troubled history. For that, a half century of willful forgetting about painful memories like the German Titanic was perhaps a reasonable price to pay. But even the most politically correct Germans believe that they''ve now earned the right to discuss the full historical record. Not to identify German suffering with that of its victims, but simply to acknowledge a terrible tragedy. 31. The Wilhelm Gustloff went down because?牋 ? A.?牋 it ran into an ice storm B.?牋 it was hit by another ship C.?牋 it crashed into a submarine D.?牋爄t was attacked by torpedoes 32. Most passengers on board the Wilhelm Gustloff took the voyage to?牋 ? A.?牋 taste the luxury of the ship B.?牋 seek protection in another place C.?牋 escape the cold winter back home D.?牋爀njoy their holidays abroad 33. As the ship began to sink, some passengers?牋 ? A.?牋 set the decks on fire as a signal for help B.???fought fiercely on the decks for lifeboats C.?牋 jumped into sea and swam to a nearby ship D.?牋爌revented others from getting on their lifeboats 34. The Wilhelm Gustloff tragedy remains a near secret for more than half a century because Germans?牋 ? A.?牋 preferred to say nothing about it B.?牋 were requested to keep silent about it C.?牋 spared not effort to cover up the story D.?牋爓ere denied access to the whole story 35. It can be inferred from the passage that Germans no longer think that?牋 ? A.?牋 it is too early to claim responsibility for the Wilhelm Gustloff tragedy B.?牋 the German tragedy is a reasonable price to pay for the nation''s past C.?牋 they will be misunderstood if they talk about the German tragedy D.?牋燝ermany is responsible for the horrors it caused during World War II 第二部分 非选择题 IV. Word Spelling 36. 结果,成果? ?? ?n.? ?37. 分享,股份? ? n. 38. 愿意的,乐意的??adj.? ?? ? 39. 警告,告诫? ? v. 40. 表达,表情? ?? ?n.? ?41. 多样性? ?? ???n. 42. 预算? ?? ?? ?? ?n? ?? ?? ? 43. 衡量,测量? ? n. 44. 保证,担保? ?? ?v.? ? 45.家庭的,国内的 adj. 46. 发源,发起? ?? ?v.? ? 47. 应用,用具? ? n. 48. 激发,作为….的动机??v.? ?? ?49. 可行的,可能的 adj.?? 50. 欣赏,感激? ?? ?n.? ?? ?51. 战略,策略? ? n. 52. 精制,使精美? ?v.? ?? ?53. 面对,对抗? ? v. 54. 一致,相符? ?? ?v.? ?? ?55. 最后的,最终的 adj. V. Word Form 56. Do not let this? ?? ? (say) of you. It shows an unattractive indifference to your employer and to your job. 57. The theory of black holes in space?牋 ?(accept) by many serious scientists and astronomers. 58. If you had been in better health, we?牋 ?(allow) you to join them in the work. 59. Although they agree that life is important and should be respected, they feel that the quality of life should not?牋 ?(ignore). 60. I would rather you?牋 ?(come) tomorrow. 61. One hundred miles?牋 ?(be) too far to travel on foot. 62. Robots,?牋 ?(become) increasingly prevalent in factories and industrial plants throughout the developed world, are programmed and engineered to perform industrial tasks without human intervention. 63. Every boy and girl?牋 ?(treat) in the same way. 64. He took his umbrella with him lest it?牋 ?(rain). 65. Many other new techniques are now available that enable more research?牋 ?(do) in the test tube to see if chemicals produce harmful biological effects. VI. Translation from Chinese into English 66. 他孤注一掷用自己的积蓄开了一家小商店。 67. 时差反应是每个国际旅行者可能遇到的问题。 68. 有人提出管理过程就是决策过程。 69. 每个人都是平等的,不管他是总统还是马路清洁工。 70. 不用说,我们现在已不是生活在传统时期。 VII. Translation from English into Chinese 71. Between labor and play stands work. A man is a worker if he is personally interested in the job which society pays him to do; what from the point of view of society is necessary labor is from his own point of view voluntary play. Whether a job is to be classified as labor or work depends, not on the job itself, but on the tastes of the individual who undertakes it. The difference does not, for example, coincide with the difference between a manual and a mental job; a gardener or a cobbler may be a worker, a bank clerk a laborer. Which a man is can be seen from his attitude toward leisure. To a worker, leisure means simply the hour he needs to relax and rest in order to work efficiently. He is therefore more likely to take too little leisure than too much; workers die of coronaries and forget their wives'' birthdays. To the laborer, on the other hand, leisure means freedom from compulsion, so that it is natural for him to imagine that the fewer hours he has to spend laboring, and the more hours he is free to play, the better.




I. Vocabulary and Structure 1. D? ?2. A? ? 3. C? ? 4. B? ? 5. A? ? 6. C? ? 7. D? ?8. B? ?9. A? ?10. B II. Cloze Test 11. A? ?12. D? ? 13. D? ?14. B? ?15. C? ?16. C? ? 17. A? ?18. B? ?19. A? ?20. C III. Reading Comprehension 21. A??2. D??23. B??4.B??25. C??26. C??7. A??28. D??9. B??0. B 31. D??2. B??33. D??4. A??35. C IV. Word Spelling 36. result??7. share??8. willing??9. warn??0.expression牋41. diversity??2. budget 43. measurement牋44. ensure??5. domestic??6. originate??7. appliance??8. motivate 49. feasible?牋?0. appreciation??1. strategy??2. refine??3. confront??54. coincide 55. ultimate V. Word Form 56. be said??57. is accepted??8. would have allowed牋59. be ignored牋60. came牋61. is 62. becoming牋63. is treated??64. should rain??65. to be done VI. Translation from Chinese into English 66. He gambled his savings to start a small shop. 67. The problem of Jet Lag is one every international traveler comes across. 68. Some suggest that the management process is decision making. 69. Every person is equal be president or a street cleaner. 70. It goes without saying that we are not living in a traditionalist period. VII. Translation from English into Chinese. 71. 劳役和玩乐之间是工作。一个对获得社会支付的职业感兴趣的人就是工作者;从社会角度来看必须付出的劳动而在个人来看就是自愿选择的娱乐。一个职业是归类为劳役还是工作不是看其职业本身,而是看从事这一职业的个人爱好。比如,这个差异并不是体力劳动与脑力劳动之间的差异;一个花匠或皮匠可以是个工作者,而一个银行职员则可能是苦役者。对此从他对休闲的态度就可以看出。对于工作者来说,休闲只是他为了更有效地工作而放松休息的时间,因此他花费的休闲时间很可能太少而非太多,他常常死于冠心病或忘记他妻子的生日。而对于劳役者来说,休闲就是摆脱强制,因此对他来说自然是劳作时间越少而玩的时间越多越好。




Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure(10 point each) 从下列各句四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。 1. It is difficult to __ the implication between the lines. A. get to B. get with C. get at D. get down 2. The volleyball match was televised __ on CCTV. A. alive B. life C. live D. lively 3. The newspaper will have to close down if it cannot increase its __ considerabi A. distribution B. contribution C. prescription D. circulatiol 4. The central theatre has a seating __ of more than 3,000 people. A. capability B. capacity C. ability D. facility 5. The furniture in her bedroom is quite different from __ in the living room. A. that B. it C. one D. which 6. Because of the bad weather, the sports meet had to be __. A. shutdown B. done away C. taken off D. called off 7. Jenny complained that the hospital _ her too much for the treatment. A. expended B. paid C. cost D. charged 8. Having decided to rent a flat, we __ contacting housing agencies in the city. A. set about B. set down C. set out D. setup 9. The book fair has received a positive __ from readers. A. result B. response C. settlement D. solution 10. If the operation __ carefully prepared, it would not have been successful. A. was not B. has not been C. had not been D. were not

Ⅱ.Cloze Test(10 point each) The basic principle of radar is illustrated by what happens when one shouts in a e. The echoof the shouting 11 the walls helps a person determine the size of i cave. With radar, however , the waves are radio waves instead of 12 waves. dio waves travel 13 the speed of light, about 300,000 kilometers in a second. A lar set 14 a short burst of radio waves. Then it receives the echoes 15 when waves bounce (Silt) off objects. By determining the time it 16 for the echoes to imi to the radar set, a trained technician 17 determine the distance between the [ar set and other objects. The word "radar", 18 , gets its name from the term dio detection and ranging." "Ranging" is the term for detection of the 19 between object and the radar set. Besides being of critical importance to pilot, radar is 20 for air traffic control, tracking ships at sea, and for tracking weather systems and storms. 11.A. through B. for C. on D. against 12.A. sound B. light C. heat D. tide 13.A.in B. at C. over D. on 14.A.sends out B.works out C. figures out D. puts out 15.A. producing B. produced C. produce D. produces 16.A. spends B. takes C. kills D. makes 17.A. can B. must C. ought to D. has to 18.A. incase B. in turn C. in short D. in fact 19.A. length B. width C. distance D. space 20.A.Eventual B.internal C.external D.essential Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points each) 从下列每篇短文的问题后所给的四个选择项中选出一个最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。 Passage OneQuestions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage. Among the company was a lawyer, a young man of about twenty-five. On being asked his opinion, he said, "Capital punishment and life imprisonment are equally immoral. If I were to make a choice between them, I would rather choose the latter Anyway, it''s better to live than not to live at all." A lively discussion followed. A banker, who was then younger and more nervous than the lawyer, suddenly lost his temper and cried out, "It''s a lie. I bet you two million .You wouldn''t stick in a cell even for five years." "If you mean it," replied the young lawyer, "I bet I''ll stay there longer; make it fifteen instead of five." "Fifteen! Done!" cried the banker. "Gentleman, I bet you two millions." "Agreed. Two millions for my freedom," said the lawyer. So this wild, ridiculous bet came to pass. The banker could not hide his excitement During supper he said to the lawyer jokingly, "Come to your senses, young man, before it''s too late. Two millions are nothing to me, but you stand to lose three or four of the best years of your life. I say three or four because you''ll never stick it out any longer Don''t forget that voluntary imprisonment is much harder to put up with than a enforced one. The idea that you have the right to free yourself any moment will poison your life in the cell. I pity you." And now the banker, pacing from comer to comer, recalled all this and asked himself, "Why did I make this bet? What''s the good? The lawyer lost fifteen years of hi life and I threw away two millions. Will it convince people that capital punishment is worse or better than imprisonment for life? No, no! Rubbish! On my part, it was the caprice (心血来潮) of a well-fed millionaire; on the lawyer''s part, it''s the pure greed c gold." 21.The lawyer would choose life imprisonment because. A.he was younger than the banker B.capital punishment was immoral C.it was better than capital punishment D. the banker would give him $200,000 22. The author considers the bet between the lawyer and the banker. A. interesting B. ridiculous C. capricious D. instructive 23. The word ''company'' in the first paragraph refers to __. A. companions B. bankers C. lawyers D. prisoners 24. The banker was extremely excited because __. A. he was too rich to care for the money B. he was sure of his winning the bet C. the lawyer would give up in 15 years D. the lawyer would give up before 5 years 25. In the end, the banker considers his bet with the lawyer __. A. rational B. reasonable C. beneficial D. unreasonable

Passage Two

Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage. Online learning is also called distance education, which helps students who take classes by computer over the Internet to learn certain courses and earn a degree. And it has become more and more popular with both young people and educational institutions. The School of Continuing and Professional Studies of New York University in Manhattan began online classes in 1992. Its Virtual School has taught more than 10,000 students from across the United States and other countries. Last year,the school launched NYU Online. It offers NYU''s first online Programs for a bachelor''s degree. Programs are offered in three areas; leadership And management, information systems management and social sciences. The classes are highly interactive where students communicate with each other and their teachers. Some classes require students to log in at the same time so they can attend live lectures by a professor Students can also ask questions and work together on team projects. The cost to attend NYU Online depends on how many classes a student is to take It costs as much as fifteen thousand dollars a year. NYU offers no financial aid for international students in this program. If you are interested in the program, you can gel more details at the website: www..nyu.edu. Many other schools, too, offer online education. Students should be especially careful of programs that offer a degree in return for little or no work. These are known as diploma mills, and are illegal in the United States. Educational advisers also say that before you enter any program, make sure the work will be recognized in your country. You should also make sure the schools you are considering are officially approved. 26. The third paragraph is mainly about the __ of the programs of the School. A. academic goal and system B. courses and learning mode C. learning methods and classes D. courses and requirements 27. It can be inferred from the passage that international students in the programs __. A. get full scholarship B. pay no tuition C. get no financial support D. earn more money 28. Many American schools offer online programs, and international students __. A. should be careful of being cheated B. are certain to earn a degree C. should know about programming D. are faced with many difficulties 29.The word 憌ork抜n the second line of the last paragraph most probably means. A.what a student has written at school B.what a student has learned at school C.what a student has read at school D.what a student has achieved academically 30. The payment for online programs of NYU is based on. A.the number of classes a student attends B.the number of students a professor instructs C.the number of semesters a student spends D.the number of presentations a student makes

Passage ThreeQuestions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage. An understanding of man''s effect on the balance of nature is crucial (关键的) to being able to find the appropriate remedial action. It is a very common belief that the problems of the population explosion are caused mainly by poor people living in poor countries who do not know enough to limit their reproduction. This is not true. The actual number of people in an area is not as important as the effect they have on nature. Developing countries do have an effect on their environment, but it is the populations of richer countries that have a far greater impact on the earth as a whole. For example, tropical forests are known to be essential to the balance of nature, yet we are destroying them at a great rate. They are being cleared not to benefit the natives of that country, but to satisfy the needs of rich countries. Central American forests are being destroyed for grassland to make pet food in the United States cheaper; in Papua slew Guinea, forests are destroyed to supply cheaper cardboard packaging for Japanese electronic products; in Burma and Thailand, forests have been destroyed to produce more attractive furniture in Singapore and Hong Kong. Therefore, a rich person living thousands of miles away may cause more tropical forest destruction than a poor person living in the forest itself. In short, it is everybody''s duty to safeguard the future of mankind梟ot only through population control, but by being more aware of the effect his actions have on nature. Nature is both fragile and powerful. It is very easily destroyed; on the other hand, it can easily destroy its most dangerous enemy梞an. 31.According to the first paragraph, people usually believe that . A.poor people in poor countries contribute to the imbalance of nature B. rich people know how to protect the environment by taking actions C. people in poor areas know a lot about the birth control D. rich people in rich countries have done a lot to balance nature 32. In the author''s opinion, __. A. developing countries should be responsible for environmental problems B. overpopulation in the world is created by the developed countries C. rich countries exercise worse influence on environment than poor countries D. all countries should bring the population growth under control 33. The purpose of the second paragraph is mainly to illustrate __. A. how the forests in the U. S. are being destroyed B. which countries are the victims of the imbalance of nature C.what Japan has done to develop its own economy D. how South Asian countries make quality furniture 34. Nature is very easily destroyed by __. A. rich people B. poor people C. natural disasters D. mankind 35. The topic of the passage is that __. A.the control of population is essential to the development of a nation B.natural resources are important to the economic development of a country C.awareness of the effects of man''s actions is as important as population control D. developed countries should do more to protect natural environment on the earth IV. Word Spelling (10 points, 1 point for two items) 将下列汉语单词译成英语。每个单词的词类、首字母及字母数目均已给出。请将完整的单词写在答题纸上。 36.到国外;在国外 ad.

a 37.相反的;不利的 a. a 38. 帝国 n. e 39.典礼,仪式 n. c 40.环境;境遇 n. c 41.密集度,稠密度 n. d 42.出现,涌现 v. e 43.扩大,放大 n. e 44.特征,特色 n. f 45.杂志 n. m 46.移民,侨民 n. i 47.许可;执照 n. l 48.同时,其间 n. m 49.需要,必需品 n. n 50.服从,听从 v. o 51.四月 a. A 52.根本的,激进的 a. r 53.狡猾的;难处理的 a. t 54.策略,战略 n. s 55.宇宙的,普遍的 a. u V. Word Form (10 points, 1 point each) 将括号中的各词变为适当的形式填入空白。答案写在答题纸上。 56. Small shops offer products that range from inexpensive to expensive, __ (depend) on the shop. 57. Our training program covers a range of __ (effect) management techniques. 58. Large sums of money have to __ (spend) each year on railway construction. 59. He saw a letter lying on the table __ (address) to him. 60. It is highly __ (desire) that the government give the company more financial support. 61. She had an outward __ (appear), but deep down she was really worried. 62. There are a __ (surprise) large number of mistakes in the test paper. 63. Weather __ (permit), the football match will be played on Wednesday. 64. He lay perfectly still and __ (play) dead to escape capture by the enemy. 65. We are supposed __ (follow) the teachers9 instructions, VI. Translation from Chinese into English (15 points, 3 points each) 将下列各句译成英语并将答案写在答题纸上。 66.当人类对周围的环境开始发问时,科学就诞生了。 67.他尽管病得很重,但还是参加了会议。 68.这项研究结果表明白日梦有助于提高一个人适应新环境的能力。 69.直到这次求职面试失败,他才意识到英语学习的重要性。 70.随着经济发展和社会进步,人们越来越关心生活质量。 Ⅶ.Translation from English into Chinese(15 points) When you turn on the television, put on your shoes or drive to a store, you''re using energy. Energy is one of the most fundamental forces in the world. Animals use energy to walk and run. Trees and plants use energy to grow. People use it to work and play. Energy is everywhere in nature梚n the light of the sun, in the wind, in the forest, in water currents and erupting volcanoes. Without energy, there is no life. We use our own energy constantly and we continually make use of all kinds of energy. Energy can be divided into two different types: stored energy and dynamic energy. Stored energy is called potential energy, and the latter refers to energy in motion. If you stretch out a rubber band, this produces potential energy. If you let it go, it moves an produces the dynamic energy.




I. Vocabulary and Structure (每小题1分,共10分) I.C 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.A 6. D 7. D 8.A 9. B 10. C II. Cloze Test (每小题1分,共10分) 11. D 12. A 13. B 14. A 15. B 16. B 17. A 18. D 19. C 20. D Ⅲ. Reading Comprehension (每小题2分,共30分) 21. C 22. B 23. A 24. B 25. D 26. B 27. C 28. A 29. D 30. A 31. A 32. C 33. B 34. D 35. C IV. Word Spelling (每两小题1分,共30分) 36.abroad 37. adverse 38. empire 39. ceremony 40.circumstance 41. density 42. emerge 43. enlarge 44. feature 45.magazine 46. immigrant 47. licence (-nse) 48. meantime 49. necessity 50.obey 51.April 52. radical 53. tricky 54. strategy 55.universal V. Word Form (每小题1分,共10分) 56. depending 57. effective 58. be spent 59. addressed 60. desirable 61. appearance 62. surprisingly 63. permitting 64. played 65. to follow VI. Translation from Chinese into English (每小题3分,共15分 66. Science came into being when man began to ask questions about his environment. 67. Despite his serious illness, he came to/attended the meeting, or Although he was seriously ill, he came to/attended the meeting. 68.The study indicates that daydreaming helps(to) improve a person''s ability to adapt(himself) to a new environment. 69. He didn''t realize the importance of English learning until he failed in the job interview, or Not until he failed in the job interview did he realize the importance of English learning, or It was not until he failed in the job interview that he realized the importance of English learning. 70. With (the) economic development and social progress, people are increasingly concerned with the quality of life. Ⅶ.Translation from English into Chinese(本大题共15分) 当你打开电视、穿鞋子、或驾车购物,你都在消耗能量。能量是世界上一种最基本的力。动物行走、奔跑、树木、植物生长,人类工作和消遣,都在消耗能量。能量存在于阳光、风、树林、水流和喷发的火山中,自然界中不无处不在。没有能量,就没有生命。我们在不断地消耗自身的能量,也在不断地消耗其他种类的能量。 能量有两种不同的类型:储能和动能。储能被称之为潜能,而动能被称之为运动能。如果你把橡皮筋拉长,这就产生了潜能;你一松手,它就会收缩并产生动能。




Ⅰ. Vocabulary and Structure (10 points, 1 point for each item)


1.It makes good_to bring an umbrella; it seems to be raining today.

A. sense B.reason

C. suggestion D. advice

2.If you are too_of your children, they will never learn to deal with difficulties in life.

A. respective B. detective

C.protective D.effective.

3.His intelligence will_him to get a scholarship to college.

A. enable B. persuade

C. suggest D. employ

4.The professor asked a question, and David_a good answer.

A. put up with B. stood up for

C.came up with D.looked down upon

5.No sooner had we reached home_a violent storm broke out.

A. when B. that

C.until D.than

6.People differ_one another_their ability to handle stress.

A. from...to B.from...in

C. for...in D. in...from

7.They should try to_their usual inhibitions and join in the fun.

A. send off B.lay aside

C.take to D. turn off

8.During the past two decades, research has_our knowledge of daydreaming.

A. expanded B. emerged

C. descended D. conquered

9.The students are required to_the main ideas of the article in their own words.

A. symbolize B. minimize

C.synchronize D. summarize

10.The outline of rooftops and chimneys_against the pale sky.

A. pulled out B. looked out

C.held out D.stood out

Ⅱ.Cloze Test (10 points, 1 point for each item)


Curiosity is not only a possible motivation, it is also a great help in your learning languages. Remember that a language is not 11 a grammatical system. It is the 12 of a certain culture of different cultures. It is no good 13 strings of words and lists of grammatical rules 14 you know as much as possible about the background of the language, so that you can understand the ideas conveyed and the references made, as well as the inferences which can 15 the information clearly given. So learn as much as you can about the different cultures which 16 English-watch television programs, listen to the radio, try to obtain 17 and magazines written by native speakers, look at advertisements, and, above all, read-not textbooks, 18 novels, poems and plays. They will show you how a language is 19 used. The English language is a living form of expression which derives much of its 20 from the context, and much of its effect from a whole network of extra-linguistic knowledge.

11.A. just B. even C. so D. that

12.A. outlook B. outcome C. outset D. outline

13.A. have learnt B. learn C. learning D. learnt

14.A.since B.until C.when D.unless

15.A.be carried over B.be freed from C.be held up D.be drawn from

16.A.influence B.abandon C.restore D. furnish

17.A. film B. television C.radio D. newspapers

18.A.but B.or C.and D.as

19.A.occasionally B.really C.casually D.scarcely

20.A.structure B.implication C.meaning D.indication

Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension (30 points, 2 points for each item)


Passage One

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

How often one hears children wishing they were grown up, and old people wishing they were young again. Each age has its pleasures and its pains, and the happiest person is the one who enjoys what each age gives him without wasting his time in useless regrets.

Childhood is a time when there are few responsibilities. If a child has good parents, he is well fed, looked after and loved. It is unlikely that he will ever again in his life be given so much without having to do anything in return. In addition, life is always presenting new things to the child-things that have lost their interest for older people because they are too well known. A child finds pleasure in playing in the rain, or in the snow. His first visit to the seaside is a marvelous adventure.But a child has his pains:he is not so free to do as he wishes as he thinks older people are; he is continually being told what to do and what not to do.Therefore, a child is not happy as he wishes to be.

When the young man starts to earn his own living, he becomes free from the discipline of school and parents; but at the same time he is forced to accept.responsibilities. With no one to pay for his food, his clothes, or his room, he has to work if he wants to live comfortably. If he spends most of his time playing about in the way that he used to as a child, he will go hungry. And if he breaks the laws of society as he used to break the laws of his parents, he may get himself into trouble. If, however, he works hard, goes by the law and has good health, he may feel satisfied in seeing himself make steady progress in his job and in building up for himself his own position in society.

Old age has always been thought of as the worst age to be; but it is not necessary for the old to be unhappy. With old age comes wisdom and the ability to help others with advice wisely given. The old can have the joy of seeing their children making progress in life; they can watch their grandchildren growing up around them; and, perhaps best of all, they can, if their life has been a useful one, feel the happiness of having come through the battle of life safely and of having reached a time when they can lie back and rest, leaving everything to others.

21.The happiest people should be those who

A.face up to difficulties in life

B.hope to be young again

C.enjoy life in different ages

D.wish to be grown up

22.The word “they” in Line 5,Para. 2 refers to_.

A.older people

B.new things



23 .A child has his pains because_.

A.he can not do whatever he wants to

B.he is not allowed to play in rain

C.he has a lot of new things to learn

D. he can not play at the seaside freely

24.When a child becomes a grown-up, he is supposed to_.

A.live comfortably

B.take responsibilities

C.make progress in job

D.impress the society

25.The best title of the passage might be_.

A.Pains and Ages

B.Differences in Ages

C.The Best Age to Be

D.Happiness and Ages

Passage Two

Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

We all know that humans are damaging the environment, but what can we do about it? Some people are trying to do their bit to be more environmentally friendly.

Local councils in Britain encourage certain aspects of green living, such as recycling paper, tin, plastic and glass. They want to reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill sites(填埋场),because they are running out of places to dump(倾倒)rubbish. In some areas rubbish for recycling is collected from your doorstep, but in other areas, you have to take it to a special recycling place, such as a bottle bank.

Another way of reducing the amount of rubbish you create is to use reusable products instead of disposable ones For example, some people use strong shopping bags or boxes for their groceries instead of plastic carrier bags, or use washable nappies instead of disposables.

More people are becoming interested in reducing their carbon footprint—the amount of carbon they use up. They try to reduce their carbon emissions(释放)by cycling, using public transport or an electric car, rather than driving gas-consuming vehicles. Some people choose not to fly for holiday trips because planes are the biggest producers of carbon emissions.

You can make慻reen?choices when buying food too. It''s best to buy food which was locally grown or produced so that it hasn''t been imported by air, or shipped by road from far away.

Houses can be environmentally friendly too. It takes less energy to heat a house if it has good insulation(绝缘,隔热)and double glazing (双层玻璃).You can also create your own energy it you have solar panels or a wind turbine fitted though these can be expensive. You can also save water by using a rain water container for washing the car or watering the garden. It''s even possible to use a system where‘grey water’—water which has been through a tap(水龙头)once already, is used to flush(冲洗)toilets. Some new housing projects are being built specifically to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

26.The purpose of collecting reusable wastes is to_.

A.save energy consumed in daily life

B.reduce the amount of rubbish dumped

C.create a new way of green living

D.decrease the amount of carbon produced

27.In order to cut down on the carbon emission, more people choose to travel_.

A.by electric car, bicycle or plane

B.by private car, bicycle or bus

C.by bus, electric car or plane

D.by bicycle, bus or electric car

28.It is best for people to buy food_when making‘green’ choices.

A.produced locally

B.imported abroad

C.transported by road

D.grown in green houses

29.As mentioned,‘grey water’ can be used to_,

A.wash the car

B.water the garden

C.clean the toilet

D.dispose of wastes

30.The passage is intended to advise people_.

A.to make use of rubbish

B.to save energy and water

C.to recycle reusable products

D.to have a green living

Passage Three

Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

Americans are a very energetic and mobile people, always on the run; rushing from one appointment to another, from a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meeting to a social planning committee. They have very little time to spend preparing elaborate(精致的,复杂的)everyday meals to be eaten at leisure. In many homes it is rare for the whole family to sit down at supper together. Clubs and committees force them to grab a quick meal rather than a sit-down supper.

When they do have the chance to eat at home, often the working housewife prefers to prepare meals that can be quickly heated and consumed. It is no wonder, therefore, that America has become a shelter for fast food consumption.

This great transformation occurred after World War Ⅱ when many women began to work full time and spend less time at home with their families. Women, however, wanted to function well in the capacity of homemaker, as well as that of career woman but time became a precious commodity(商品)which had to be carefully used.

Therefore, it was necessary to make her life easier at home in the preparation of the family dinner. Simultaneously with women entering the job market there was also a shifting of the focus of home entertainment from the radio to the television. Television became the latest fashion in the 1950s and no one wanted to miss his or her favorite programs. And then, the place for supper shifted from the dining room to the living room.

As the customs changed, so did the culture. The immediate solution for this was the invention of the TV dinner. These were frozen meals which were divided into portions of meat and vegetables. They could easily be put into an oven(锅)and prepared within minutes. The tin trays(托盘)in which they were served were conveniently carried into the living room and dinner was consumed in front of a TV set. Cleaning up afterwards was no problem. The tin trays were easily thrown into the garbage.

From fast dinners at home the next step was quick eating while on the road. Love for TV was combined with the fascination for the automobile. It is not odd that with the development of the superhighways America saw the beginning of fast food chains. McDonald''s paved the way with its variety of burgers and cold drinks soon to be followed by all kinds of other foods. Today dozens of fast-food chain stores can be found along highways, in modern shopping malls and scattered throughout neighborhoods in America. Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Roy Roger''s, Burger King and Wendy''s are just a few of the fast-food chains which are now part of American culture. They offer chicken, donuts, tacos and pizza, all quickly produced in great quantities for the masses. These establishments have given shape to the modern lifestyles and diet of the American people.

31.In America, the whole family seldom have dinner together at home because_.

A.they have so many social activities

B.they have a lot of meetings to attend

C.they rush from one appointment to another

D.they often move from one place to another

32.America has become a shelter for fast food consumption because

A.some women are engaged in entertainments

B.few women are able to make meals at home

C.women are unwilling to cook for their families

D.many women are mostly occupied with work

33.The passage tells that nowadays Americans have their supper_.

A.in the dinning room

B.in the living room

C.in the grocery stores

D.in the fast food chains

34.The word “establishments” in the last paragraph probably means_.

A.fast foods

B.TV dinners

C.shopping malls

D.snack bars

35.The main idea of the passage is about_.

A.women''s role in American families

B.advantages of fast food for Americans

C.modern lifestyles and diet in America

D.shift of American home entertainment


Iv.Word Spelling (10 points, 1 point for two items)



36.角力,摔跤 vi w_ _ _ _ _ _ 37.打哈欠 vi. y_ _ _

38.天气,气象 n. w_ _ _ _ _ _ 39.志愿者,志愿兵 n. V_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

40. 唯一的,独特的a. u_ _ _ _ _ 41.打字机n. t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

42.绊跌,绊倒vi. S_ _ _ _ _ _ 43.保持,保留n. r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

44.提及,参考n. r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 45.预期的,未来的a. p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

46.忽略,眺望vt. o_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 47.功能的,实用的a. f_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

48.部长,大臣n. m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 49.使地方化vt. l_ _ _ _ _ _ _

50.夹克衫n. j_ _ _ _ _ 51.注射,针剂n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

52.女主人n. h_ _ _ _ _ _ 53.真正的,真诚的a. g_ _ _ _ _ _

54.侄子,外甥n. n_ _ _ _ _ 55.怀疑的,可疑的a. d_ _ _ _ _ _ _

V.Word Form (10 points, 1 point for each item)


56.I would play football with you if I_20 years younger. (be)

57.Just as she was about_,she was handed a note.(speak)

58.I don''t want to make a show of_before strangers. (Ⅰ)

59.__is the mother of invention. This is remarkably true. (Necessary)

60.The mayor gave a_speech to call up the citizens against pollution. (convince)

61.He was hurt by a flower vase_from the balcony(阳台).(drop)

62.Neither the prices nor the quality_in the last contract. (specify)

63.The beauty of the place is beyond_.(describe)

64.It is the first time I_with native speakers in English. (talk)

65.The family spent a_holiday in the country last month. (delight)

Ⅵ.Translation from Chinese into English (15 points, 3 points for each item)







Ⅶ.Translation from English into Chinese (15 points)


Books are to mankind what memory is to the individual. They contain the history of our race, the discoveries we have made, the accumulated knowledge and experience of ages.They picture for us the marvels and beauties of nature, help us out of difficulty, comfort us in sorrow, change hours of tiredness into moments of delight, fill our minds with good ideas and happy thoughts, and lift us out of and above ourselves. And also, books can help transport us to mountains or the seashore, and visit the most beautiful parts of the earth, without fatigue, inconvenience, or expense. In a sense they give us an even more vivid idea than the actual reality. So, precious and priceless are the blessings which the books scatter around our daily paths.We walk, in imagination, with noblest spirits, through the most fascinating regions.











三.阅读理解 08年10

21-25BBADA 26-30BCCCC 31-35CDBCD??


36.零zero??37.木制的wooden 38.想象vision 39.抓住seize 40.巨大tremendous

41.悬挂suspend 42.日常的routine43.准时punctual 44.展望outlook

45.氮nitrogen 46.混合mixture 47.照明luminate 48.一月January 49.变紧tighten

50.英俊的handsome 51.地理geography 52.有成果的fruitful 53.熄灭extinguish

54.干旱draught 55.消耗consume


56.signin57.earlier 58.colorful 59.to speak 60.would have seen 61.taken

62.conversation 63.harmful64.carefully 65.would have graduated


66.People pay more and more attention to the quality of life

67.You should speak politely, naturally even if you are angry

68.Many people oppose to building a new reseaurant in the center of the city because of the high cost

69.He knows little about insurance

70.They are unconscious that they have completed a great scientific discovery







一、Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point for each item)


1. He was specifically asked to write a play that would be______to the local


A. flexible

B. accessible

C. responsible

D. Capable

2. It is strongly held that new______must be introduced to protect the right of

the immigrants.

A. statistics

B. constructions

C. measures

D. Concessions

3. Country life is better than city life______it offers fresh air and noiseless


A. in that

B. as that

C. as for

D. in which

4. Opposition leaders will be watching carefully to see how the Prime

Minister______the crisis.

A. handles

B. conducts

C. observes

D. directs

5. It took a few seconds for her eyes to______to the darkness.

A. allocate

B. adopt

C. apply

D. adjust

6. To write up his novel,John is looking for an environment free______outside


A. on

B. with

C. from

D. in

7. Johnson was ______unknown before running for the presidency.

A. visibly

B. visually

C. vertically

D. virtually

8. The volunteers would rather go by train than______.

A. to drive

B. drive

C. driven

D. to be driven

9. Never before______so rapidly developing as it is today.

A. has our country been

B. has been our country

C. our country has been

D. our country been has

10. Police are______the disappearance of two children.

A. looking up

B. looking through

C. looking into

D. looking on

二、Cloze Test(10 points,1 point for each item)



1. When I was a child,I lived with my mother,my father having been away to work in

the town. I was then not___11___nine years old,lonely and expectant, ___12___for

things which I knew little about. I walked out alone one morning along the mountain

tops___13___ my home stood. The sun had not yet risen,and the air

___14___rain of the night and the mountain grass was heavy___15___tiny drops of

water. As I looked back,I could see the marks my feet____16____on the long grassy

slope behind me. I walked till I came to a place____17___a little stream ran into

the deep valley below. Here it passed between soft,____18____banks;at one place a

large slice of earth had fallen away from the bank on the other side,and it had made

a little island a few feet wide with water____19____all round it. It was covered

with a weed with yellow flowers and long waving grasses. I sat down on the

bank____20____a short pine tree. All the plants on the island were dark with the

heavy raindrops of the night,and the sun had not yet risen.


(A). yet

(B). however

(C). but

(D). Nevertheless


(A). sending

(B). longing

(C). standing

(D). Making


(A). in which

(B). at which

(C). from which

(D). on which


(A). melt

(B). felt

(C). smelt

(D). Sensed


(A). for

(B). with

(C). on

(D). Upon


(A). have made

(B). has made

(C). had made

(D). having made


(A). where

(B). that

(C). which

(D). What


(A). worldly

(B). hardening

(C). worthy

(D). Earthen


(A). drifting

(B). flowing

(C). blowing

(D). Floating


(A). at the top of

(B). on the part of

(C). at the foot of

(D). on the ground of

三、Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points for each item)



1. Many people think New York is a noisy city. In fact,scientists who study noise

say that the average noise level in New York is 72. 5 decibels. This is a little

louder than normal conversation,which is 65 decibels. The noise level is the result

of so many people and cars in the same area.

Now even the insides of taxis are noisy. When you get into a taxi,you hear the voice

of a wellknown singer,sports reporter,or Broadway actress giving instructions.

That’t right. The voice of a famous person tells you what to do. One popular singer

gives this message:“Cats have nine lives,but you have only one,so fasten your seat

belt!”Other voices say things such as“Don’t forget to collect all your

belongings. ”(People often leave hats,umbrellas,and bags in taxis. )

There is a good reason for the messages. There are more than 12,000 cabs in New

York,and every year taxis get into more than 15,000 accidents. In an accident,people

who don’t wear seat belts hit the partition,the glass wall separating the driver

and passengers in the taxi. They can hurt their foreheads or break their noses or

chins. Every year,about 11,000 people are injured in this way.

Many people are annoyed by the voices. Cabdrivers in particular dislike the

messages. “I play the messages 12 hours a day. I hear the same voices 60 times a

day. It makes me crazy,”says Amir,a 45yearold cabdriver. “But if I don’t play the

messages,I get fined $100. ”A lot of passengers complain,too. “It’s too much

noise,”says a passenger. “I asked the driver to turn off the message,but he said

he can’t. ”

Other people think the voices are a great idea. One taxi driver says,“People like

to hear the famous voices,and they put on their seat belts more often. ”And

passengers from out of town really like the idea. “Most of the time,taxi drivers

are in a bad mood,”says Melanie Benton,who visits New York often on

business,“It’s nice to hear a cheerful voice when you get into a cab. ”

(1). The sentence“Cats have nine lives,but you have only one”implies


(A). human beings have only one life

(B). cats live longer than human beings

(C). cats will have new lives after they die

(D). human beings should value their lives

(2). People who are most likely to be injured in a taxi accident are______.

(A). those who wear seat belts

(B). those who like messages

(C). those who do not wear seat belts

(D). those who dislike messages

(3). It can be inferred from the passage that a taxi driver hears the same

voices______every day.

(A). about 5 times an hour

(B). about 6 times an hour

(C). about 50 times an hour

(D). about 60 times an hour

(4). The cabdrivers play the messages again and again because______.

(A). they are willing to do so

(B). they do not want to pay a fine

(C). the passengers ask them to do so

(D). the voice of the messages is cheerful

(5). The author of this passage seems to believe that______.

(A). New York is the noisiest city in the U. S.

(B). messages played by taxi drivers are useless

(C). messages in taxis should be voiced by famous people

(D). voices from taxis partly caused the high noise level of New York

2. Some people might think that Father’s Day was established as a holiday to help

greeting card companies sell more cards. However,when Father’s Day was first

suggested in the early 1900s,Father’s Day cards hadn’t been invented yet.

The idea of celebrating Father’s Day was actually inspired by Mother’s Day. In

1909,Mother’s Day was just becoming very popular in the United States. One

day,Sonora Dodd,of Spokane,Washington,was listening to a church talk about setting

aside a day to honor one’s mother. It gave her the idea to propose a day to honor

fathers,and in particular,her own father—William Jackson Smart.

Mr. Smart had raised Sonora and her five brothers and sisters all by himself after

Sonora’s mother died in childbirth. As an adult,Sonora realized the selflessness

her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent. Her father made all

the parental sacrifices. In the daughter’s eyes,her father was a

courageous,selfless,and loving man.

Mrs. Dodd went to her minister and others about having a church service devoted to

fathers on June 5,her father’s birthday. That date was too soon for her minister to

prepare a service,so he spoke two weeks later on June 19. It took about a year of

working with politicians,religious leaders,businessmen and the local Young Men’s

Christian Association to bring life to her idea of an annual Father’s Day.

Eventually all her hard work paid off. On June 19,1910,the first Father’s Day was

celebrated in Spokane,Washington.

In 1972 President Richard Nixon established a permanent national celebration of

Father’s Day to be held on the third Sunday in June. Since then,fathers have been

honored and recognized by their families throughout the U. S. on that date.

Father’s Day has become a day to not only honor your father,but all men who act as

a father figure. Stepfathers,uncles,grandfathers,and adult male friends are all

honored on Father’s Day. It’s also another day for greeting card companies and

shop owners to celebrate because sales of the most popular gifts for

Dad(shirts,ties,and electric shavers)increase considerably.

(1). The passage mainly tells about______.

(A). Mrs. Dodd’s love for her father

(B). the origin and establishment of Father’s Day

(C). the importance of honoring fathers in the U. S.

(D). Mrs. Dodd’s contribution to the government decision

(2). Mrs. Dodd loved her father because he______.

(A). had a large family

(B). was a single parent

(C). was a respected minister

(D). was courageous,selfless and loving

(3). In the United States,the first Father’s Day was celebrated nationwide


(A). 1972

(B). 1910

(C). 1909

(D). 1900

(4). The author of the passage seems to believe that______.

(A). stepfathers should not be honored on Father’s Day

(B). Father’s Day has nothing to do with Mother’s Day

(C). Father’s Day started with Mrs. Dodd’s love for her father

(D). card companies should not make money on Father’s Day cards

(5). Greeting card companies welcome Father’s Day because______.

(A). their sale increases

(B). it is a national holiday

(C). adult male friends are also honored

(D). they can sell ties,shirts and electric shavers

3. This green and blue planet spinning in space is under severe stress. If we

continue to exploit the planet at the present rate,human and animal life will be

threatened. Human pride will be followed by nature’s punishment. To save our earth

and ourselves,we need first develop an unbiased understanding of ourselves,nature

and life.

Everyone understands the meaning of the sentence“Man should respect animal life and

nature”. But the exact meaning of man,nature and animal life is not always clear.

Many refer to man and animals as if they were essentially different. I consider man

to be an animal and only differing in degree and not in kind from other animals.

Although I discuss in conventional terms human rights and animal rights as if they

were separate,strictly speaking,human rights should be considered a branch of animal


The word“nature”is one of the most complex words in the language,but it has

developed three main areas of meaning. These are,first,the essential quality and

character of something(as in human nature,or the nature of wood);second,the

inherent force which influences the world(as in Mother Nature);third,the entire

world itself. The last can be taken to include or to exclude human beings,as the

phrase man and the natural world implies.

I consider humans to be an integral part of nature, although they are also the

beings most capable of interfering with its processes. Unfortunately a central

drive of Western“man”has been to conquer“nature”, as if it were an object

separate from him. Hence it has become common to distinguish between what is

natural(existing without man’s interference)and artificial(manmade). In this

way, natural growth is opposed to education, civilization to the natural state. For

many urban people living permanently among concrete and glass, nature itself has

come to mean little more than the countryside. And this notion of opposition is

where the seed of potential destruction lies.

(1). The word“unbiased”in Line 4 of Para. 1 means ______.

(A). unbalanced

(B). fair

(C). partial

(D). unreasonable

(2). As for the relationship between man and animals, the author holds that


(A). man is a kind of animals

(B). man is superior to animals

(C). man is the same as animals

(D). man and animals are essentially different from each other

(3). The word“they”in Line 6 of Para. 2 refers to ______.

(A). human rights

(B). animal rights

(C). human beings and animals

(D). human rights and animal rights

(4). In the author’s opinion, the word“nature”indicates ______.

(A). a particular kind of thing

(B). the inherent force which influences the world

(C). the entire world itself including human beings

(D). the essential quality and character of something

(5). The very last sentence of the passage implies that ______.

(A). urbanization violates the peace of the countryside

(B). the people in the cities cannot enjoy the nature’s beauty

(C). man cannot destroy nature, as they are different from each other

(D). if man goes against nature, the world will probably be destroyed

四、Word Spelling(10 points,1 point for two items)



1. 使活动,使起作用vt. a_ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. 令人厌烦的a. b_ _ _ _ _

3. 总结,概述v. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. 争论,辩论n. d_ _ _ _ _

5. 相反的a. c_ _ _ _ _ _ _

6. 网络;网状物n. n_ _ _ _ _ _

7. 明显的a. e_ _ _ _ _ _

8. 凋谢,枯萎,退色vi. f_ _ _

9. 种族的a. r_ _ _ _ _

10. 和谐;协调n. h_ _ _ _ _ _

11. 满意,满足n. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

12. 身份;同一n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _

13. 解释,下定义vt. d_ _ _ _ _

14. 面试,口试,采访vt. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

15. 社会学n. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

16. 谦虚的;适中的a. m_ _ _ _ _

17. 旅行,行程n. j_ _ _ _ _ _

18. 拥有者n. o_ _ _ _

19. 描绘,描写,描述vt. p_ _ _ _ _ _

20. 拥有,具有vt. p_ _ _ _ _ _

五、Word Form(10 points,1 point for each item)


1. Their new advertising campaign has been very ______ (success).

2. For the ______ (secure)of passengers, all hand baggage is carefully checked.

3. The ______ (resolve)calling for a ban on nuclear tests was passed by a

twothirds majority in the Congress.

4. Untrained and nervous, she is nevertheless ______ (pride) and determined.

5. It is best to write about things you have experienced ______ (person).

6. The government is planning to ______ (simple)the tax laws.

7. We regard cheating in exams as totally ______ (acceptable).

8. Studies show that if workers have short but frequent breaks they will become

more ______ (product).

9. The minister was under great ______ (press)to resign.

10. This is an ______ (exception)case; I’ve never seen anything like it


六、Translation from Chinese into English(15 points,3 points for each



1. 由于发生了强烈地震,这个地区的交通中断了。

2. 这就是我们去年开会的地方。3. 我如果不是在忙着找工作,也许就来看望你了。


4. 为了通过英语考试,他不得不熬夜复习。


七、Translation from English into Chinese(15 points)


1. Many people think an only child is lucky because of the material goods and

attention he or she receives. But only children have their problems, too. For one

thing, they have no privacy. Parents always feel entitled to know everything

that’s going on in an only child’s life. Also, only children never have the

opportunity to put the blame on a brother or sister for something they’ve done

wrong. Third, only children miss the companionship of brothers and sisters. They

can be lonely, and they may have trouble making friends later in life because they

have never learned to get along with a brother or sister.




一、选择: B,C,A,A,D; C,D,B,C,A;

二、完形填空: A,B,D,C,B; C,A,D,B,C;

三、阅读: D,C,A,B,D; B,D,A,C,A;


四、写词: activate, boring, summarize, debate, contrary, network;

Evident, fade, racial, harmony, satisfaction, identity;

Define, interview, sociology,

modest, journey, owner, possess portray

五、完成句子: successful security resolution

Proud personally simplify

Exceptional productive pressure


翻译答案:Due to/Because of the strong earthquake, the transportation in this

area broke down.

The strong earthquake resulted in/caused the breakdown of transportation in this


答案:This is the very place where we had a meeting last year.

答案:I would have come to visit you if I had not been busy looking for a job.

Had I not been busy hunting for a job, I would have come to visit you

答案:Only in this way can/will you find a wel paid job/a job of high salary.

答案:To/In order to pass the English test/exam, he has to sit up far into

night/stay up late to review the lessons.答案:许多人认为,独生子女很幸运,其原因就在于他们所拥有的物质享受和得到的关照。但是













(7)缺译的语句按完全译错处理。 高等教育自学考试全国统一命题考试



I. Vocabulary and. Structure (10 points, 1 point each)


1 .Students should_____their own interests as well as do their schoolwork.

A. persuade B .pursue C. persist D.proceed

2. I''d like to remind you that there is no_____on the part of suspects to answer questions.

A. obligation B.evidence C.transaction D.motivation

3. He blamed his poor performance_____jet lag.

A.to B .for C.on D.at

4 .We_____knowledge from our families,schools,jobs,and the mass media.

A.request B.require C.inquire D.acquire

5. Not until recently_____that Thompson had ben telling the truth all along.

A.I realized B.did I realize C.I did realize D.realized I

6. I don’t need any help at the moment,but I_____your offer.

A.appreciate B.admire C.enjoy D.like

7 .The sad condition of women working as house servants around the world received much media_____early this year.

A .importance B. attention C.significance D.popularity

8 .She has no hostility to us, _____can be judged from her eyes.

A. that B.and C.hence D.as

9 .When you''re_____ a crisis, it often helps to talk to someone.

A.going through B.going in for C.going after D.going over

10.Decision on whether the message is right or wrong should at least come after _____what the message is.

A.putting out B.turning out C.working out D.running out

II. Cloze Test (10 points,1 point each)


People in all parts of the world are observing "No Tobacco Day". It is the day 11 the World Health Organization (WHO) appeals to people to stop using tobacco products. WHO hopes if people stop smoking cigarettes or 12 tobacco for one day, they will stop permanently.

Health experts have warned for years that smoking can lead to heart disease, cancer and other 13 .WHO says diseases linked to smoking kill 14 2,500,000 persons each year.

Still, many people find it 15 stopping smoking. One reason is nicotine, a substance found in cigarettes. Nicotine is a drug. Its effects are 16 those of cocaine and heroin.

"No Tobacco Day" is intended for smokers and 17 who earn money from tobacco sales. So businesses are urged to stop selling tobacco products for twenty-four hours. 18 are urged not to carry advertisements for cigarettes.

WHO has approved plans to help reach its 19 of a "smoke-free" world. They urge governments to take action to help 20 make money by growing other crops. They also call for improved public information campaigns about the risks of smoking.

11. A. whether B. which C. when D. what

12. A. to chew B. chew C. chewing D. chewed

13. A. problems B. questions ,C. results D. behaviors

14. A. at beat B. at most C. at worse D. at least

15. A.difficult B. inconvenient C. worrying D. reasonable

16. A. better than B. similar to C. consistent with D. dependent on

17. A. that B. this C. these D. those

18. A. Readers B. Books C. Managers D. Newspapers

19. A. Objet B. goal C. destination D. direction

20. a. Workers B. manufacturers C. farmers D. producers

III. Reading Comprehension (30 points, 2 points each)


Passage One

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

No one in my family could believe Allegra had any disability, much less one as severe as hers. To them a disability was physical, something you could see. They knew her as a happy, normal child. That''s how it is with a learning disability -you don''t see obvious physical symptoms.

But as she grew out of preschool, she would pretend to read-I knew she was pretending because the book was upside down. She withdrew into her own world where she could fantasize about being a ballet dancer, a Broadway actress or a figure skater. In the real world, ballet classes and music lessons led only to confusion, frustration and, ultimately, disappointment.

As for school, there was no way she could be included in a mainstream classroom. I went through every special school in New York, only to be told over and over: "She doesn''t belong here." The last blow came a few months after the diagnosis, when I was at a pay phone on 72nd Street, waiting for an answer from the very last school on my list. Finally a cold voice came on-I can still hear it-and said: "I''m sorry, but we feel this isn''t the place for her." I hung up and stared at the phone in tears.

I had lived my life as the daughter of Henry Ford II, and for the first time in my life I faced a problem that neither money nor position could solve. I nearly gave up, but I knew I couldn''t. Without me, my daughter stood no chance of making it.

21 .According to the first paragraph, Allegra''s problem was _ .

A. psychological B. obvious C. physical D. invisible

22. Allegra was disabled in that _.

A. she was unable to learn like a normal child

B. she was always reading with her book upside down

C. she isolated herself from other children in her class

D. she was living in her dreams in conflict with the real world

23 .The expression "a mainstream classroom"(para. 3) refers, to _.

A. the last blow B. the last school

C. special schools D. normal education

24. It can be inferred from the last paragraph that _.

A. the author would ask Henry Ford II for help

B. the author would continue to help her daughter

C. the author would leave New York for the sake of her daughter

D. the author had to use money or position to deal with the problem

25.The phrase "making it" (para. 4) probably means _.

A. becoming a figure skater B. becoming a ballet dancer

C. becoming successful D. getting proper treatment

Passage Two

Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

Contrary to what many people believe, highly intelligent children are not necessarily bound to have an academic success. In fact, so-called gifted students may fail to do well because they are unusually smart. Ensuring that a gifted child reaches his or her potential requires an understanding of what can go wrong and how to satisfy the unusual learning requirements of extremely bright young people.

One common problem gifted kids face is that they, and those around them, place too much importance on being smart. Such an emphasis can breed a belief that bright people do not have to work hard to do well. Although smart kids may not need to work hard in the lower grades when the work is easy, they may struggle and perform poorly when the work gets harder because they do not make the effort to learn. In some cases, they may not know how to study, having never done it before. In others, they simply cannot accept the fact that some tasks require effort.

If the scholastic achievement of highly intelligent children remains below average for an extended period, many teachers will fail to recognize their potential. As a result, such students may not get the encouragement they need, and may further be depressed to learn. They may fall far behind in their schoolwork and even develop behavior problems. Boys may turn aggressive or become class clowns(小丑).Girls often develop performance anxiety and other symptoms such as stomachaches.

One way to avoid such difficulties is to recognize that IQ is just one of the elements for success. Children do well or struggle in school for a host of reasons apart from IQ, according to psychologist Franz Monks of the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. These include motivation and persistence, social competence, and the support of family, educators and friends. Emphasizing the importance of persistence and hard work, for example, will help a child avoid the laziness trap. Gifted children also need intellectual challenges-to teach them how to work hard.

26. According to the first paragraph, the author believes that _.

A. intelligent students may fail to do well in their schoolwork

B. gifted students are too smart to do well in their schoolwork

C. intelligent students are bound to succeed in their schoolwork

D. gifted students understand what can go wrong and how to learn

27. When too much emphasis is placed on students'' intelligence, people are likely to take it for granted that _.

A. smart students may not do well in the lower grades

B. intelligent students know how to avoid laziness trap

C. clever students require more intelligence than hard work

D. bright students may succeed even if they do not work hard

28. It is observed in the third paragraph that _.

A. highly gifted students show a great desire to learn

B. highly gifted students tend to fall ill with no reason

C. highly intelligent students also need encouragement

D. highly intelligent students score higher than average students

29. According to the author, a student''s IQ is _.

A. one of the factors of success

B. the only factor for his success

C. directly related to persistence

D. closely associated with competence

30. This passage aims to tell people about _.

A. the academic performance of gifted students

B. the proper attitudes toward gifted students

C. the difficulties in recognizing gifted students

D. the motivation students need for their studies

Passage Three

Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

Mars Global Surveyor is the oldest of five NASA robotic devices, which is designed to find out signs that Mars once had water; and it had been taking detailed pictures of the red planet for a decade. Unfortunately, it stopped working on November 2 after it developed a motor problem.

After two days of silence, ground control teams received a signal that the device had put itself into an emergency standby mode. There was no information about what had gone wrong. Since then, the mission team at NASA''s laboratory in California has tried to contact the device. This week, NASA engineers are preparing for what may be their last chance to recover the spacecraft.

NASA plans to use a newly arrived device to take a picture of the Surveyor to see how the failed craft is oriented to the sun for power and to Earth for communications. It is reported that the picture will be taken on Friday when the satellites are about 93 miles apart. The new high-powered camera should be able to image details of the Surveyor as small as about 10 centimeters. There is a good chance of recovering it.

Flight controllers also plan to try to get the Surveyor to contact one or both of NASA''s roving(漫游)geology stations, Spirit and Opportunity, which are located on opposite sides o. Mars''equator(赤道).The rovers would not be able to transmit the spacecraft''5 science data, but engineers at least would get an idea of its general position. The linkup also could show if the Surveyor still has power. If the device has been unable to charge its batteries due to a positioning problem or failed component, it could run out of power with no hope of recovering. But if it has power, the device is quite capable of autonomous control even if it doesn''t hear from Earth. The Surveyor has far surpassed its design lifetime, but scientists still have more targets for the probe''s camera and science instruments.

The main task of Mars Global Surveyor is _.

A. to take pictures of the red planet

B. to work out the problems of its motor

C. to find out if there was water on Mars

D. to find the causes of the failure in the device

32. The newly arrived device _.

A. is equipped with a powerful camera

B. checks the signs for water on the red planet

C. carries new components for the failed device

D. examines the surveyor''s communication system

33. The last chance for NASA''s engineers to recover the Surveyor might be _.

A. to charge its batteries B. to adjust its position

C. to test its communication system D. to use the new device to image it

34. The decisive factor for the recovery of the Surveyor is _.

A. its life B. its orbit C. its power D. its position

35. The passage is most probably taken from _.

A. a book review B. a news report

C. an advertisement D. a science fiction tale

IV. Word Spelling (10 points, 1 point for two words)


36.绝对的,完全的a. a 37.即,也就是adv. n

38. 障碍,障碍物n. b 39.候选人,应试者n. c

40.衰落,谢绝vt. d 41.忍受,容忍vt. e

42.特征,相貌n. f 43.金黄色的,金(制)的a. g

44.和谐,融洽n. h 45.估计,估价Vt. e

46.干涉,干扰vi. i 47.图书馆管理员n. l

48.多数,大半n. m 49.数字的,数值的a. n

50.官方的a. o 51.构架,框架n. f

52. 哲学n. p 53.推荐,介绍Vt. r

54. 奖学金n. s 55.热带的,炎热的a. t

V. Word Form (10、 points, 1 point each)


Critics should be as objective as possible in their_ (analyze) of literary works.

Her father left her all his money when he died, which made her financially _ (dependent).

The United States is a country_ (advance) in science and technology.

It is not a bad movie, but there is nothing_ (origin) about it.

At the end of the conference, all the_(participate) were asked to fill out a questiolmaire.

When a person immigrates to another country, he should_ (conscious) adapt himself to the new environment.

62 . In my opinion, they should do something to reward their most_ (produce) employees.

63. The_ (month) salary for the position will be negotiable at around $2,000.

64. A task of the post office staff is to_ (class) mail according to the places it is to go.

65. There is an increasing_ (tend) for women to have children later in life.

VI. Translation from Chinese into English (15 points, 3 points each)


66. 这男孩尽管还很小,但已会说两种外语了。

67. 全家人都同意今年夏天去意大利度假。

68. 据说包裹和信件都还没有到达目的地。

69. 我们正在想方设法克服所面临的困难。

70. 这本书激发了那个孩子对绘画的兴趣。

VII. Translation from English into Chinese (15 points)


Professors may establish social relationships with students outside of the classroom, but in the classroom they play the role of an instructor. A professor may have coffee with students one day but the next day he may expect them to meet a deadline for a paper or to be prepared for a discussion or an exam. The professor may give extra attention, outside of class, to a student in need of help, but probably will not treat him or her differently when it comes to evaluating academic work. Professors have several roles in relation to students; they may be counselors and friends as well as teachers. Students must realize that when a teacher''s role changes, they should change their behavior and attitude accordingly.








1. Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point each)


1.All theories______from practice and in turn serve practice.

A.differ B.range

C.recover D.originate

2.There is little______increasing your reading speed if you do not understand what you are reading.

A.aim B.use


3.what you say now is not______with what you said yesterday. A.insistent B.prevalent

C.consistent D.permanent

4.Putting prisoners in chains doesn’t solve the0f crime,such as poverty or disaffection within society.

A.causes B.victims


5Binary stars,as their name suggests,are twin stars whose position in space each other.

A.affects B.expects C.perfects D.inspects 6.All evidence relevant______the case should be gathered and analyzed.

A.with B.to


7.Come whatwe’ll go ahead with our plan.

A.can B.need C.may D.must 8.We shouldprimary importance to the development of economy.

A.attach B.convert

C.attribute D.contribute

9.Examiners who areto favorites are criticized by many people.

A.indifferent B.similar C.equivalent D.partial10.Look for small ways to add activity to your day, like taking the stairsthe elevator or going on a short walk.A.in spite of B.instead of

C. in terms of D.in view of

II.Cloze Test(10 points,1 point each)


并在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 。 People produce food in many ways.Agriculture,or farmin,developed j thousands of years ago. their own___12___Today,modern equipment and farming methods have greatly ___13___the American farmer’s productivity.

In various parts of the world,people___14___many animals that supply meat and milk. Cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and pigs are important food animals. In the United States, the cow is the major source of milk products. Chickens___15___ people with both meat and eggs.

Fishing is an important source of food , ___16___in areas near the sea. Some countries, like Japan, consume much more fish than meat.

The wealthy areas of the world consume the most food , ___17___include the United States, Canada, and Europe. Many countries are able to import food if it cannot be produced at home. ___18___Great Britain imports about 75percent of its meat,and grows less than half the food its people require.

___19___people of the poor countries of the world usually eat only what they are able to produce themselves. In some parts of Asia, people live ___20___rice alone.

11.A.In B.Until C.From D.or

12.A.needs B.reasons C.efforts D.interests .A.protected B.supported C.increased D.14.A.grow B.raise C.train Dstore

15.A.prepare B.treat C.serve .

16.A.certainly B.actually C.occasionally D.especially17.A.these B.where C.which D.

18.A.In addition B.For example C.Above allD.After all19.A.However B.Therefore C.Moreover .20.A.with B.for C.on D.throu.Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points each)


Passage One

uestions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

Lately it has become fashionable in America to question whether it is really worth it to go to college. According to a new survey released by the Pew Research Center, only 40 percent of Americans felt that colleges provided a good value for the cost. At the same time,86 percent of college graduates still felt the investment was a good one for them.

There are a number of reasons for the widespread dissatisfaction with college. First, there are plenty of problems with higher education—poor quality and out-of-control costs are two of the biggest,Second, it is true that college is not for everyone.There are plenty of rewarding and important careers that do not reqre college.And due to the slow economythere may in fact be more graduates than the current job market needs.Besides,anticollege sentiment is nothing new· Today,Microsoft’s Bill Gates or Apple’s Steve Jobs—both college dropouts-is often held up as evidence of why all that time sitting in class is better spent elsewhere.

However,getting a college education is still a good idea.College graduates ea more,and are more likely to have a job in the first place.According to the statistics last year,the average weekly earnings for someone with some college but no degree were$712,compared to$1,038 for a college graduate.That is almost$17,000ver the course of a year and there is an even bigger divide for those with less education.Meanwhile,the unemployment rate was 92 percent for those with only some college and more than 10 percent for those with just a middle school degree,but it was 54 percent for college graduates.The economic gaps between college completers and those with less educaion are getting larger·

Although most Americans surveyed by Pew feel doubtful about the value of a college degree, overwhelming majority of parents Pew surveyed still expect their children to go to college.“It call be inferred that the increased doubt has not significantly influenced decision makin,’’Pew’s Taylor says.“Despite the conce about rising costs and other problems,college remains a universal desire in this country.”

21.Recently many Americans question.

A.the value of a college degree

B.the ability of college graduates C.the quality of college education D.the high cost of higher education22.The passage tells US that Bill Gates was.

A.a self-taught college student B.a hardworking undergraduate C.a successful college dropout D.a successful college graduate

23.The writer seems to agree that.

A.there is no need to go to college

B.anti—college sentiment is a new thing

C.college cannot guarantee employmentD.college education remains a wise choice

24.The unemployment rate for college graduates last Year .

A.54% B.71% C.92%D.10%25.The Pew survey implies that.

A.the cost of college education will decrease

B.most Americans still favor college education C.the quality of college education will improve D.increased doubt affects parents’decision making

Passage Two

Questions 2630 are based on the following passage·

A major sociological(社会学的theory known as symbolic interactionism(符

号互动论offers some important clarification of how men and women are taught to fill different roles in society.The key concept in symbolic interactionism that communication makes a big difference in behavior:people act on the basis of messages they receive from others,and how they understand those messagesThis can be seen in a concept developed by sociologist Charles Horton Cooley known as the looking-glass self.

the looking-glass self,Cooley meant the self-image that each of us develops according to the messages we receive from others;we think and behave according to our understanding of those messages.If, for example,a repeatedly told that she is pretty, she will come to believe that(1)she is in fact pretty,and(2)being pretty is an important thing in her life.Similarly,if she is told that she is not d(or not expected to be good)at certain things(such a) she will come to believe that she is not good at such things and would better off working at things she can be successful at.The likely product is a young woman who devotes a great deal of attention to her appearance,regards being pretty as a ke to success in life,and who is intimidated by anything involving numbers.

Since we know that young girls are given messages like these,and that young boys are given different messages,we can see a good part of how sex roles are taught.There is little or no evidence of differences in what young girls and young girls and boys can do,but the older children become,the greater the differences in the areas in which boys and girls are likely to stand ou

26.Symbolic interactionism helps to explain.

A.how to make a difference in people’ social behavior

B.how to make people understand different social roles C.how men and women learn to communicate in societyD.how men and women learn to take different social roles 27.The“looking-glass self''’ concept offers a clue as to______.

A.whether one can improve one’ self-image

B.whether one i likely to succeed in an area

C.how one receives different social messages D.how social messages shape one’ self-image

28.The example of the young girl shows that.

A.women care more about appearance

B.women are inferior to men in numbers C.people are liable to social expectations D.people regard looks as a key to Success 29.The phrase “better off’(para2)probably means——-

A.more comfortable B.more dependable C.more respectable D.more reasonable30.Boys and girls are likely to stand out in different areas.

A.as they advance in age

B.as they grow in wisdom

C.as their interests diversify D.as their capacities develop


Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

Since the beginning of the Internet era,it has been widely accepted that when you join an online company,whatever data you put into it belongs to you.

That means you can sign up for one kind of email,import your contacts into that system,and if you later decide to switch to some other email service,you can export all your contacts from the first service into the new one.You can use Microsoft’ Hotmail,then move to Yahoo Mail,then to Google’ Gmail.Or you can have accounts on three services and keep all your contacts in each one.

That’ the’t own your data. Facebook did.

Of course this is rubbish.The reality is that Facebook wants to make it difficult,if not impossible,for you to leave. Now that policy has sparked a fight between Google and Facebook.Google is angry because its users can,and often d,export their Gmail contact information into Facebook.But those people can’t bring Facebook information back into Gmail.

Earlier this month Google declared it would block exports of its data to Facebook.In a shameless move,Facebook broke through Google’s roadblock so its users could keep pulling data from Google.

Google said it was “disappointed’’ with Facebook’ behavior.It also created a warning screen to tell Gmail users that if they export their information to Facebook they won’t get it back.

Basically,acebook’s position with major IT companies is this:if you want access to all the information we’ve collected,strike a deal with .Microsoft and Yahoo have done that,and now,like magic,they can export Facebook contact information into their systems,while Google still can’t.

Remember the early days of the Net,when everything was going to be open and flee? That was great until people realized that their user data could be turned into gold.Now there are billions involved,and nobody is playing nice anymore.

31.Before Facebook appeared,people.

A.had a limited number of accounts B.enjoyed a completely free service C.had limited access to their contacts

D.enjoyed full ownership of their data

32.It seems that Facebook’s approach makes the writer rather.A.aoyed

B.assured.puzzled D.pleased33.Google is angry with Facebook due to the latter’s refusal to.

A.let its users use Gmail B.offer technical support

C.share user informationD.protect user

34.The passage indicates that Microsoft and Yahoo have.

A.agreed to side with GoogleB.accepted Facebook’ terms

C.taken their own approachesD.struck a deal with each other35.According to the writer, the current state of the Net is.

A.misleading B.frustrating .promising D.satisfying



PART TWO (50 )

IV.Word Spelling(10 points,1 point for two words)

将下列汉语单词译成英语。每个单词的词类、首字母及字母数目均已给出。将 整的单词写在答题纸上。


V.Word Form (10 points,1 point each


56.Could you give me a quick(explain)for how it works?

57.Thomas Jefferson was a leadin (create)of the US. Constitution.

58.Scholars offer three related but different opinions about (mystery)origin and significance of these paintings.

59.She sat by the fire and felt the (warm)spread through her body.60.The project is only (theory)workable.

61.Boys are very much in the (minor)at the dance class.

62.We took a contrary view, but we have to implement and(force]

the law passed by Congress.

63 addition to intelligence,we should develop (persist)in children.64.He is__________ (habit)late for school;he is never on time.

65.It would be completely (responsible)to use drugs on people that

had not been tested on animals.

VITranslation from Chinese into English (15 points,3 points each)







.Translation from English into Chinese15 points)


Time is dangerous.If you don’t control it,it will control you.If you don''t make it work for you,it will work against you.You must become the master of time,not the servant.

tudy hard and play hard is an old proverb,but it still makes sense.You hae plenty of time for classes,study and play if you use your time properl.It is not how much time you allocate for study that counts but how much you learn when you do study.

more time you waste,the easier it is to continue wasting time.Soon doing nothing becomes a habit you can’t break.It becomes a dru.When this happens,you lose your feeling of accomplishment.