My analysis about a film poster Film posters,a kind of business posters,are multimodal discourses combining languages,pictures,numbers and colors with spatial distribution.An excellent film poster plays a significant role in high box-office because it attracts more people to see the movie.All in all,film posters are always designed specially and impressively to catch more people''s attention
实用口语:如何跟老外用英文聊电影。动画片、动作片、历史片、音乐电影还是女性电影(就像书中描写的年轻女性一样,女性电影关注女性问题,并且基调轻松愉快)?我比较喜欢独立电影,而且我会常常找一些外国电影来看,因为相对于美国那种更重视迎合大众口味而不是传递某种讯息的电影来说,外国电影对待主题更加诚实,更加直接。The people involved in making a movie – the film crew拍电影涉及到的人——电影团队。
my analysis of moive poster.If I haven''t seen the film before, I also was really attracted by the film, because of the poster of the film is very interesting.This movie title "to give the undead three brothers" attracted me,The three characters look also pretty strange attract the curiosity of people.This poster appeared some audience''s comments, is a kind of innovation.
Analysis of movie posters With the development of the film industry, the outstanding movie posters in addition to the film to provide information, to attract the attention of the audience and to stimulate the movie box office revenue.Movie posters in the graphics, clear, strong visual impact.
My analysis of cars'' advertisements.A line of car lines up in the following to the signature.In this picture, a row of car seems going forward, just corresponding to the title, "Diving Forward With YOU ".It makes the customers feel more closed to the cars, and the feeling to buy arising.If you are a fan of the show as well as you are concerned to buy a car, would you think about this car?
My analysis of a poster about verbal violence.
The analysis of the poster of a film.This picture is a poster of a moviecalled Star War which our group had presented.The poster have many things onit , including the film’s characters, name, topic and the background.Throughthe poster , we can see the background of the poster is black which renderingto a mysterious unknown attractive atmosphere.
My analysis of a poster As we know,It is a great film.This is the best way to identify and distinguish a movie on the movie poster.At the back of main characters,there is city at night which is very beautiful.The beautiful city is backguound of this poster.On my opinion,the poster was successful,I was attracted by the flying robot and the city at night.
40 Beautiful and Artistic Examples of Poster ...40 Beautiful and Artistic Examples of Poster Designs.Typically posters include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text.Believe it or not, even that film poster can give you that kick of inspiration — not to mention the movie itself.
Obviously,the poster image depicts an action,conveying a feeling to audience that Cinderella has greatly changed herself with the help of her fairy godmother and a brilliant appearance of her like her sincere heart.
My anaylsis of an poster As you can see, the poster is associated with a football match and it provides so many information about this fantastic match for us.
My Analysis of the Intertwine rings Now I want to analyse the poster which describes two intertwine rings.As we can see,the poster is very simple,but If we discover carefully,we can find that the blue background means the purity of love,and the intertwine rings means two people,but one heart forever!
A car poster As we can see,this picture is a poster of a car advertisement.In this poster,its poster designer uesd warm colors ,which make comsumers feel comfortable.Besids,we can see a family having a picnic behind this car,and all of the families are watching this car,which indicates that this advertisement has mainly marketed the product to family.What''s more,we can discover that the red col
6种积极心态调节法:从今天起改变你的生活!Enjoy the journey of creating the life you desire. Each day will bring you one step closer.Adjusting your attitude and making these changes isn’t easy, but it pays off. Your attitude affects your perspective, what you notice, and what you fail to notice. By adjusting your attitude, you can shift your whole reality!调整心态做出改变并非易事,但努力不会白费。
My Understanding of the Poster《Big Hero 6》超能陆战队海报分析(Big hero 6)超能陆战队。It embedded with values and points of view that fighting for justice which can be seen from six parterners’ relentless efforts to fighting against evil.Besides,love is another main subject,Dabai in this film looks so lovely and bring us a kind of feeling to be loved.What feelings this poster brings to us?
The Analysis Of The Poster This is a poster of an action movie.On the bottom of the poster ,the data is "stepmber 21st" , the name of the movie is "Legend of the Fist" and the slogan is "Super Hero and masterpiece" As we can observe the main characters are looking at the differrent direction as if there are many enemies coming from all the direction.It is a successful poster!
巴夏:我们就在这里!I''m so excited it''s 333 right now.We are excited too.I mean we are we are excited 3.I''m so high right now, Bashar.巴夏,我现在很High 很 High.I feel so high on life.I feel every time I see you, I get higher.And get high enough, you will see us.Because I know you guys are right there.We are right here.You are right there.Here!Because everything exist here and now.Here and now.
新题型素材1.College students today have strong opinions about what is right and what is wrong.
一张错觉画测性格:你先看见女孩还是老头?However, seeing the girl''s head isn''t all positive, as it also implies impetuousness.You can be impetuous and often act based on impulsive decisions.This prevents you from making impulsive decisions.They are goal-orientated and unlike the other personality type, don''t tend to make impulsive decisions.This gift keeps you away from making impulsive decisions.''
You don’t chew on your mistakes or the mistakes of others. You must remember - it is not only fools who make mistakes, the wise also make mistakes. Here are 9 perspectives that can help you face your mistakes and move ahead.If you have a sharp intellect, then you will not repeat the mistake that someone else has done, otherwise everyone commits the same mistake and goes through the same ordeal.
The reason why domestic movies are popular.Under the influence of these factors, the masses are extremely concerned about the quality of films, which also promotes the development of domestic films.At the same time, domestic films adhere to the quality-oriented, by learning from the past classic films and modern shooting skills to meet the needs of the domestic film market.
托福写作话题---电影相关语句素材。Americans films are mainly good at marvelous scene or touching/ impressive background music,while Chinese films prefer to show what the real life looks like in the society.In my opinion, I like the newer films better because, uh, overall they are just much more entertaining and the hmm, the older films are maybe, I guess, more about art and teaching.
100条日常实用口语短语。你会多少常用英语口语,你喜欢英语口语吗?你会因为你的兴趣爱好或是工作需要学习英语口语吗?下面我们来学习一下99条英语口语短语,希望能帮助到大家,你也可以收藏起来慢慢学习,如果你想要学习更多英语口语,通过英语口语知识学习更多精彩内容。I don''t catch your meaning.I don''t feel well.I don''t see why.I don''t mean to offend you.I don''t care.Let me do it myself.Don''t get me wrong!
职场就是这般的不讲道理,你以为你的“加班”会被领导认可,但没准儿领导还以为你在利用公司的资源做私活……In thepast many people with jobs coveted better jobs, literally "keeping oneeye the bowl and the other on the pan." The situation now can bedescribed as "many people are grabbing for one bowl".As a matter of fact, things in working places are oftenunreasonable like this.