The analysis of horror movie poster.So a good horror movie poster usually express the feeling of terror.In this horror movie poster,the main image is a face of boy,who has a white face and eyes were fulled of blood.In short,the choice of lllustration is important and a good movie poster can express the horrible feeling to audience.
The analysis of a horror movie posters This is a horror movie posters.The poster is not only full of design sense, but it clearly expressed their horror of nature and themes.At the same time, the poster gloomy and dull colors more prominent skull terror temperament.At last, If the color of the font into the red, then the poster of the meeting should be a highly ornamental.
The Analysis Of The Poster This is a poster of an action movie.On the bottom of the poster ,the data is "stepmber 21st" , the name of the movie is "Legend of the Fist" and the slogan is "Super Hero and masterpiece" As we can observe the main characters are looking at the differrent direction as if there are many enemies coming from all the direction.It is a successful poster!
My Analysis of a movie posterLook!How cute the girl on the poster is!Therefore,it is acturally reasonable to put the lovely girl as the center element of this poster." suggested there is an adventure story in the movie.In addition,the elements of this poster include its date of release "in june this year 3D cinema" and the name of the movie"brave legend".
An Love Movie''s Poster Analysis When we see a movie''s poster,sometimes it''s easy for us to recognize which type the movie is.According to love movie posters,many elements are almost the symbol of love,such as the holding hands,the image of a pair of men and women,the heart and so on.
经济学人:树桩如何无限期存活(1)A living stump sounds like something out of a horror movie.一个活着的树桩,听起来像是恐怖电影才会有的东西。树墩,树桩。这个例句用的是现在一般时态,A living stump是主语,A和living是前置定语(living是-ing式),sounds是系动词(现在式), like something out of a horror movie是表语,其中of a horror movie是介词词组,作后置定语,a和horror是前置定语,修饰movie。
情景会话:一看悲剧电影就不好受.John:Are you crying?你在哭?Lily:I get a lump in my throat whenever I see a tragic movie.我一看悲剧电影就不好受。John:Tragic movie? It''s Forrest Gump, for god''s sake!悲剧?饶了我吧,这可是《阿甘正传》呀!Lily:But their love is touching!John:Nah, you''re just too emotional.Lily:I''m not!
The analysis of an action movie poster The audiences of the action movies are teenagers and adults who are crazy at something that is full of challenges.Firstly,the famous movie star Lin siqi is placed in the centre of the poster to attract our attention.Besides,it is easy to find that the poster tells us some details about the movie,such as the play time,the actors,the topic and so on.
My analysis of the poster Our team made a presentation about the posters of a series of horrible movies, We can see that every posters have got title,data,illustration,element,director,acters and actresses'' name.And every poster tells off its story by its title.We can see that the backcolor of the poster is red,which make audiences feel warm and full of energy.
An Analysis of A Movie Poster of Up in the Wind At present, there is no denying that a movie poster plays a considerably significant role in promoting the movie.Taking a look around, it''s a movie poster of up in the wind.In the poster, from top to bottom, we can find the release date, main characters, title, director as well as some simple introductions.
My Analysis Of An Action Movie Poster When we talk about action movies , people may think of hot blood , fights , justice and so on .Thus , an action movie poster tend to use these ingredients in order to match the theme in a great sense.Obviously , frontal angle of horizontal angle is used in this poster .
搞定“K歌,看电影”英文。I don''''''''t have the nerve to sing in front of people.Is there any movie worth watching?The movie is a smash.You like horror movies, don''''''''t you?No,I don''''''''t like horror movies at all. I like comedy movies.What kind of movie do you like?例如:I like to watch horror movie. 我喜欢看恐怖片。
|从零开始学英语E0707.『从零开始学英语』A: Lopez played really badly, didn''''''''t he?He didn''''''''t do anything right all night, did he?A: We deserved to lose, didn''''''''t we?I don''''''''t know why I root for them!① We deserved to lose, didn''''''''t we?口语填空。We to lose, didn''''''''t we?I don''''''''t know why I them!口语天天练。Why don''''''''t you ever give me flowers?请扫码加入 从零开始学英语学习群。
My analysis of a movie poster Now ,I would like to present my analysis of the movie----CINDERELLA for you.As we can see,Cinderella''s picture occupy the vast majority of the poster and it is placed in the medium.. She was wearing blue and crystal shoes . Although her eye level is looking down. The image is full of romatic emotions.After my analysis,Do you want to go to see this movie
movie-The CroodsWith the development of the economy,more and more people go to the cinema to see the movies.In order to attract more people to go to see the movie,every company uses many ways to make a attractive poster.
The Analysis of the Movie Poster of Titanic Obviously,the poster image depictes a structure ,involving the portraits of two stars and Titanic.It indicates that story about the two stars happens in Titanic.The image in the left is given,which leads the viewers to recall the movie in 1997,while the words in the right is new imformation,which emphasizes that its 3D movie will be released.In terms
An analysis of a movie poster At the first sight,we can see the movie poster which doesn''t only present reality,but also makes events into stories.In this cas e,the frame include the main image and leave out the plain background,which makes the main image more marked. What'' s more,The director Suyoupeng is represented from an oblique
插画|触目惊心的幽默。Movie Poster.THE NEON DEMON poster.I, Robot - Book Cover.Manga Convention Poster 2016.IT FOLLOWS movie poster.Everyday Eschatology, book cover.Videoclub84 Book Cover.''''''''Habla con medusas'''''''' book cover.Classic Vampire Tales, Book Cover.Puppet Festival Poster.Manga Convention Poster.
my analysis of a movie poster This picture is a poster of a science fiction movie called "star wars".In the poster,we can see the colour of the background is so dark,which could make the movie more mysterious and let the roles in the poster more colourful.When we see the poster from the whole ,the colour appeals us most.
Analysis of movie posters With the development of the film industry, the outstanding movie posters in addition to the film to provide information, to attract the attention of the audience and to stimulate the movie box office revenue.Movie posters in the graphics, clear, strong visual impact.
My Analysis of a poster My Analysis of a poster.This poster is the one that we make a analysis as the homework.There are some elements in this poster,including studio logo, data, illustration and credits.It are kept small andnon-obtrusively in the lower corners ofthe poster ,because it is nor as important to the view. Dataof release is one of the most consistent compentent on movie poster.
How Not to Restore Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan.To my utter horror they have taken some restoration work and it turns out to be ‘how not to restore Hawa Mahal’ story! I wonder who ordered it and how can they live with themselves, if this is the final work.I saw this beautiful green door at Hawa Mahal where someone casually attached the horrible looking Kundi on it!
Best and Worst Movie GenresHoa / VietnamI love comedy because, you know, whenever you watch a movie you want to have fun and you want to relax so comedies, most of the time, they always they bring us laughter and they bring the joy for you, so I like it.Cheryl / GuamWhat is the movie genre I love and hate.I don''t think I hate any movie genre.Mauro / BrazilMy favorite movie genre?