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Wedding dress.Beautiful ivory colored wedding dress Unique black and white tulle wedding dress Blood-red silk and white tulle wedding dress Simple white fairy-style wedding gownA fairly recent style in wedding dresses is the "fairy" wedding gowns, which are usually colorful, unique, delicate designs meant to convey an air of magic and fantasy in a wedding dress.
欧洲各级封建领主是否曾拥有「初夜权」?II. The jus primae noctis as a power display in the late Middle AgesWe have quite a few examples showing how the popular belief in a former jus primae noctis influenced social relations between lords and peasants in Switzerland, France and Catalonia in the 15th and 16th centuries.
黛安-基顿。同年,她还出演了被认为最能体现她的表演才能的影片《安妮.霍尔》(Annie Hall),并因为该片而获得美国奥斯卡奖和英国电影最佳女演员奖,而该片的导演艾伦也获得了美国电影导演协会最佳导演奖。《安妮.霍尔》是伍迪.艾伦拍给黛安的,虽然之前有《爱与死》、《机器人大闹科学城》,之后有《曼哈顿》《我心深处》、《曼哈顿谋杀案》,可是最伍迪.艾伦式的黛安.基顿,是《安妮.霍尔》,连片名干脆都为她而起。
The Little MermaidThe Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen (1836)“So I shall die,” said the little mermaid, “and as the foam of the sea I shall be driven about never again to hear the music of the waves, or to see the pretty flowers nor the red sun. Is there anything I can do to win an immortal soul?”Every one was enchanted, especially the prince, who called her his little foundling;
Wedding guests saw triple when THREE identical sisters tied the knot together at same ceremony.Diovane Moraes | Everton Rosa AssociadosClose bond: Like many identical siblings, the sisters have always been closeThe girls said they all went together to get their hair and make-up done with the intention of looking different but, after trying a number of styles, they all liked the same one.
A Tale of Two Sisters.
Wedding Ornaments - George Stefanescu-Ramnic, 2005.Peasant Wedding - Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1568.Wedding in Ukraine - Ivan Aivazovsky, 1892.The Wedding of the Bohemian, Munch Seated on the Far Left - Edvard Munch, 1925.The wedding party - Henri Rousseau, c.1905.Cosmic Wedding - Sabin Balasa, 1982.The wedding - Kazimir Malevich, 1907.
Corpse Bride.
old street in Tarragona, Spain.Rose Garden.Medieval, évol, France.Medieval, Orvieto, Italy.Marrakech Streets, Morocco.Montefili, Greve, Chianti province, Tuscany, Italy. /ollebosse.Cobblestone Path, Monefili, Italy.
舒舒译作详解----迷蝶Medieval-开衫。麻花门襟+蝶翼侧边下摆的设计,塑造中世纪风格的女性动人曲线。Medieval,译义中世纪,取个谐音——迷蝶,与此衣侧边蝶翼般翻飞的侧边下摆相应。来自drops 131-8
全球最美的12座城堡(英文)1: Ross Castle, near Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.4: Bojnicky zámok, a medieval castle in Bojnice, Slovakia.8: Pierrefonds Castle in France-The Chateau de Pierrefonds is a castle situated in the commune of Pierrefonds in the Oise Picardy of France.10: Mespelbrunn Castle is a beautiful medieval moated castle situated between Frankfurt and Würzburg.
环境音乐--Highland 音乐短片。
班得瑞音乐《Adagio Of The Highland》
冬日三部曲(7)不愿意相信冬季已经来临。播放着秋天最后的景色。呼吸着2016最后的气息。聆听季节交替的声音。《End of Autumn》《Song For A New Beginning》《Adagio Of The Highland》当你打开这首音乐,听完后才会知道这是一首胸怀广阔作品。伴着优美的旋律你能看见时光的柔情,回忆甜蜜的岁月,在寒风中倍感温暖。希望班德瑞的“Adagio Of The Highland”能带你回到美好的过去。
The Best Of Jane Austen Knits: 27 Regency.
美国2015款Highland拖挂式B型Open Range 3X系列房车欣赏美国2015款Highland拖挂式B型Open Range 3X系列房车欣赏。
Thanks to the abundant rainfall and strong sunlight in July, crops such as highland barley and rapeseeds grow well from place to place in southwest China''s Tibet Autonomous Region and a bumper harvest is expected, according to Xinhua.
班得瑞《Adagio Of The Highland 高地慢板》经典老照片2涅槃重生,感恩有你。
SuHai went for a walk in the park.Ben:Jack,this is SuHai.She’smy classmate. SuHai this is my cousin Jack.SuHai:Nice to meet you Jack.Jack:Hello,SuHai.Ben:SuHai has a twin sister.Her name’s SuYang.Jack:Really?Do you look the same,SuHai?SuHai:No,l’mtaller than SuHai.SuHai:Do you have any brothersor sisters,Jack?
Sisters 美女对儿。
Brothers And Sisters曲名:Brothers And Sisters 歌手:模糊乐队 专辑:思想坦克 (Think Tank)
2016 Sisters Outdoor Quilt 姐妹户外拼布展。
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僵尸新娘Corpse Bride.