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Add … to 往---加

Add to 增加

Add up 把---加起来

Add up to 合计

Agree on 达成一致

Agree to 同意某事 建议

Agree with 1. 同意某人/某人的话 2合适,符合

Break one′s promise/word 食言

Break a record 打破记录

Break the law 违法

Break down 1.分解2.机器失灵3.身体垮掉

Break up 1.分解2.结束

Break into 闯入

Break away from 脱离.分离

Break out 爆发

Break off 折断

Bring in 1.引进2.赚得

Bring up 1.抚养教育2.呕吐

Bring down 降价

Call back 回电话

Call in 召集

Call on 1.拜访某人2. 号召

Call on sb. to do 号召某人做

Call at sw.1.拜访某地2.(车)停靠

Call out 大声喊出

Call up 1.给---打电话 2.使某人回忆起- - -

Call off 取消

Call for 1.要求2.找某人

Carry away 抬走带走

Carry out 贯彻

Carry off 叼走,夺走

Carry on 继续贯彻

Catch sight of 突然看见

Catch sb.doing 正巧撞见某人做某事

Catch sb. by the arm 抓住胳膊

Catch fire 着火

Catch up with 赶上

Catch a cold 着凉,

Be caught in the the rain淋雨

Come at 向---扑来

Come across 偶遇

Come for 过来取

Come along 一起来

Come to 1.苏醒2.达到3.得出结论

Come to an agreement 达成一致

Come back to life 苏醒,万物复苏

Come from 来自于

Come into begin 形成

Come into power 上台执政

Come into effect 生效

Come up 1.发芽2.问题被提出

Come off 1.举行2.钮扣脱落

Come out 1.出来2.出版3.开花

Come true 变成现实

Do away with 摆脱

Do with 1.处理2.涉及

Do up 1.系扣2.整理,梳理

Do sb. wrong 错怪,冤枉

Do harm to 对---有坏处

Do good to 对---有好处

Do sb.a favor 帮个忙

Do well in 擅长

Do a good deed 做好事

Do damage to 做坏事 破坏

Get sb to do 让某人做某事

Get ready for 为---准备

Get sth. done=have sth. done 遭遇不幸

Get in 1.收割2.车进站

Get in a word 插话

Get in touch with 取得联系

Get into trouble 陷入麻烦

Get into the habit of 养成习惯

Get to know 逐渐了解

Get along/on with 与---相处 进展

Get on the bus 上车

Get off 1.脱衣服2.下车

Get away from 逃跑

Get back 取回,要回

Get down to 着手做

Get through 1.接通电话2.完成,做完

Get together 聚会

Get round 流传

Get up 1.起床2.起身

Get over 克服(overcome)

Get rid of 摆脱

Get close to 与接近

Get used to (doing)sth 习惯

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