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Making acomplaint 提出抱怨

1. I’m afraid I have a complaint to make. 恐怕我要提点意见.
2. I’m sorry to say this, but there seems to be a mistake.  对不起,这儿好像有个错.
3. Do you have to act like that? 你非得那么做吗?
4. Would you mind not doing it? 你能不能别那么做?
5. I do wish you wouldn’t do that. 我希望你别那么做.
6. Please don’t do it without asking. 未经允许请不要那么做.
7. Can’t you do something about it ? 你就不能想点办法吗?
8. I hate to bring this up, but this is a nonsmoking zone. 对不起提醒一下,这儿是禁烟区.
9. Would you please try to keep quiet at this hour? 这么晚了,你能不能尽量保持安静.

Saying that you are dissatisfied with something 表示对某事不满意

1. That won’t do. 这可不行.
2. Is that it?  就这个吗?
3. Is that all? 就这些吗?
4. I’m afraid it just isn’t good enough.恐怕这不够好.
5. That’s not what I had in mind. 我想要的可不是这个.
6. It’s not what I hoped for. 我期待的可不是这样的.
7. That leaves a lot to be desired.太不让人满意了.
8. That doesn’t quite suit me. 我对次不甚满意.
9. I was hoping for more.  我原以为会比这要好.
10. I was counting on more. 我期待着会比这要要.
11. I expected something better. 我所期望的比这要好.
12. It’s a far cry from what I expected. 这离我想要的差远了.
13. I am not getting what I bargained for. 当时说好的可不是这个样子.
14. I got a bum deal. 我被骗了.
15. IComplaining about a messy place 抱怨地方脏乱

1. What a mess! 太乱了!
2. What a junk heap.真是个垃圾堆.
3. This place is a mess. 这地方真够乱的.
4. Never in my life have I seen such a mess! 我这辈子没见过这么乱的地方.
5. This place is a pigsty. 这地方像个猪圈。
6. You live like a pig! 你简直是住在猪窝里!
7. This place is a disgrace. 这地方太丢脸了。
8. This place looks like a disaster area.. 这地方简直像灾区。
9. Were you raised in a bam? 你是牲口棚里长大的吗?
10. How about cleaning up a bit around here? 你是不是该把这儿收拾一下?
11. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to pick up your room? 你是不是考虑把自己的屋字收拾一下。
12. Get this place picked up immediately. Do you read me? 马上把这里收拾干净,听明白没有?
got a raw deal. 我被涮了. (a raw/bum deal: 不公平或骗人的交易)
Asking someone to stop complaining 要求对方停止抱怨。

1. Stop complaining. 别抱怨了。
2. Quit whining. 别诉苦了。
3. For heaven’s sake stop whining.我说你别再诉苦了。
4. Don’t be so grumpy.别总这么爱抱怨。
5. Don’t be such a grouch.不要总是牢骚满腹。
6. Don’t be such a moaner. 别老是哼哼唧唧的。
7. I wish you’d stop nagging me. 我希望你别老这么烦我。
8. I don’t see why you are kicking up such a fuss. 我不明白你为什么要这样小题大作。
9. I know how you feel, but there’s no need to go on and on about it. 我知道你的感受,可是也没必要这样没完没了。

Indicating that you are losing patience 表示你将失去耐心

1. This is too much. 太过分了。
2. That’s really the limit. 真叫人忍无可忍。
3. This is more than I can bear. 我再也受不了了。
4. This is more than I can take. 我再也受不了了。
5. I needed that like a hole in the head. 简直想要了我的命。
6. That’s just what I need! 真是怕什么来什么!(反话,用嘲讽的语气。)
7. That’s just great! 真是太棒了!(反话,用嘲讽的语气。)
8. That’s the last straw! 真是太过分了! (the last straw:即the last thstraw that broke the camel’s back,指一系列坏事中最后一件让人终于无法忍受的事情。)
9. Now what ? 又怎么了?
10. Look here! I’ve had enough of that! 嘿,我已经受够了。
General apologies 一般道歉用语

1. Excuse me. 请原谅.
2. I’m so sorry. 很抱歉.
3. I’m awfully sorry. 非常抱歉.
4. I’m terribly sorry about that. 为此我非常抱歉.
5. I apologize. 我道歉.
6. My apologies. 我道歉.
7. Please forgive me. 请原谅.
8. I hope you will excuse me. 希望你能原谅我.
9. It seems I owe you an apology. 好像我该向你道个歉.
10. You have my sincere apology. 我诚心诚意向你道歉.
11. Please accept my sincere apology. 请接受我诚心诚意的道歉.
12. I can’t tell you how sorry I am. 我真的是很抱歉.
13. You cannot believe how sorry I am. 你不知道我感到多么抱歉.
14. Words cannot describe how sorry I am. 语言无法描述我对你的歉意.
15. I just don’t know what to say. 我真不知该说什么好.
16. I really feel bad about it. 我真的感到很内疚.

Apologizing for bothering someone 因打扰对方而致意.

1. Sorry to be a bother.  不好意思打扰你.
2. Sorry to be a pest. 不好意思打扰你.
3. Sorry to disturb you again. 抱歉, 又来打扰你.
4. I’m sorry,  I didn’t mean to bother you. 对不起,真不想打扰你.
5. I’m afraid I’ve brought you a lot of trouble. 恐怕我给你带来了不少麻烦.
6. My son must have put you to a lot of trouble. 我儿子一定给你带来不少麻烦.
7. I’m sorry to have caused you so much inconvenience. 给你造成诸多不便,我很抱歉.
8. Sorry about the inconvenience. 对不起添麻烦了.

Apologizing for one’s mistake 因自己的过失而道歉.

1. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. 我为我的所作所为向你道歉.
2. I shouldn’t have done that. 我不该那么做.
3. I should have asked you first. 我应该先征得你的同意.
4. I honestly didn’t mean it. 我的确不是故意的.
5. I didn’t mean to do that. 我并不想要那么做.
6. I didn’t mean it that way. 事情闹成那样并非我的本意.
7. I don’t know haw that could have happened. 我不知道怎么会发生那样的事.
8. You were right and I was wrong. I apologize. 你是对的, 我错了. 我道歉.
9. It’s my fault. I really feel bad about it. 是我的错. 我真的感到很难过.
10. It’s all my fault. I’ll try to make it up to you. 这事儿全怪我. 我会尽力补救.
11. My mistake. It won’t happen again. 是我的错. 不会再发生类似的事情了.
12. It was so stupid of me. I really do apologize. 非常抱歉, 我当时真糊涂.
13. I’m sorry,  I spoke out of turn. 对不起,我说错话了. (out of turn: 轻率,不合时宜)
14. I owe you an apology for what I did last night. 我应该为昨天晚上的事向你道歉.
15. Forgive me, I didn’t mean to offend you. 请原谅, 我不是有意惹你生气.
16. Please accept my apologies for any trouble my mistake has caused you. 因为我的失误给你添麻烦了,请接受我的道歉.

Accepting apologies 接受道歉

1. That’s all right. 没关系.
2. You’re forgiven. 我原谅你.
3. That’s okay. 没事儿.
4. No harm done. 没什么.
5. No problem. We all make mistakes. 没问题. 人人都有犯错的时候.
6. Never mind. 无所谓.
7. Forget it. 忘掉它吧.
8. It’s not your fault. 那不是你的错.
9. It really doesn’t matter at all. 真的没关系.
10. Don’t worry about it. 别放在心上.
11. Think no more of it. 别再想它了.
12. Don’t give it another thought. 不要再想了.
13. Okay. I accept your apology. 好吧. 我接受你的道歉.
14. I won’t hold it against you. 我不会记仇的.
15. I’ll let you off this time. 这回我放过你.
16. I’ll give you another chance. 我再给你一次机会.
疯狂英语情景对话-赞同& 反对
Agreement & Disagreement  赞同& 反对

Simple agreement 简单的赞同语
1. Yes. 是的.
2. Yeah. 是的.
3. Yep. 是的.
4. Yup. 是的. (yeah , yeh 和 yup 都是口语中yes的变体. )
5. Sure. 当然.
6. Of course. 当然.
7. How true! 千真万确.
8. Absolutely. 可不是.
9. Exactly. 完全正确.
10. Well said.说得好.
11. I agree. 我同意.
12. You’re right.你说得对.
13. You got it.你算说对了.
14. You bet.没错.
15. My opinion exactly.英雄所见略同.
16. That’s for sure.那是当然.
17. That’s true. 正是如此.

Saying that you agree.  表示赞同

1. I quite agree with you.  我很赞同你的看法.
2. I share your view on that.  对这件事我们看法一致.
3. I’m sure you are right.  当然你是对的.
4. I don’t think anyone would disagree.  我想没人会反对.
5. I have no problem with that.  对这一点我没有异议.
6. That’s just what I was thinking.  我正是那么想的.
7. That’s what I say.  我也会这么说.
8. I couldn’t have said it better.  我想说的也是这个意思.
9. Oh, yes, I couldn’t agree more.  太对了,我举双手赞成.
10. I can’t argue with that.  我觉得不错.
11. Okay, you’re the doctor.  好吧. 听你的. (doctor: 在此泛指某方面的专家. 本句意思是: 你是专家, 就听你的好了. )
12. Sure, anything you say.  当然,你说什么就是什么.
13. Don’t you know it!  你说得没错.
14. You took the words right out of my mouth.  我的话让你先说出来了.
15. I wish I had said that.  真希望那句话是我先说的.
16. You can say that again. 你说的一点没错.
17. I’m with you there.  我和你想的一样.
18. I take your point.  我同意你的观点.
19. I think I’ll go along with your proposal.  我想我支持你的提议.
20. I’m of  the same opinion.  我也是这个意见.
21. Okay, we’re all agreed.  好,大家的意见都统一了.

Qualified or partial agreement 有保留的或部分赞同

1. Could be.  也许.
2. If you say so.  既然你这么说.
3. So it seems.  好像是这么回事.
4. So to speak. 可以那么说.
5. In a manner of speaking. 不妨这么说吧.
6. I suppose so. 我想是这样吧.
7. I agree with much of what you said. 我基本上同意你的意见.
8. I don’t entirely agree with you. 你的意见我不完全同意.
9. That’s one way of looking at it, I admit. 我承认可以从这个角度看问题.
10. Yes, you have a point there. 对,你说的这一点有道理.
11. I get your point, but there are other things we have to consider. 我明白你的意思,可是我们还需要考虑其它一些事情.
12. That’s quite true, but on the other hand, we have to think of our priorities.  那很有道理,但我们还必须分清轻重缓急.
13. There’s a lot in what you say, but we have more urgent problems to deal with. 你说的相当有道理,不过我们有更紧要的事情要办.

Simple disagreement 简单的反对语

1. No. 不
2. Nope. 不
3. Not really. 不是吧.
4. Not at all. 绝不是
5. Of course not.当然不是
6. No way.  不可能
7. Not a chance. 绝无可能.

Saying that you disagree.  表示不同意

1. I don’t think so.   我不这么想.
2. Do you really think so?   你真的这么想吗?
3. Don’t be too sure.  别那么肯定.
4. Don’t speak too soon.   话不要说得太早.
5. I wouldn’t say that.   我并不那么忍为.
6. I don’t know about that.  我表示怀疑.
7. I’m not convinced.  我持保留态度.
8. I find that hard to swallow.  对这一点我难一相信.
9. I’ll believe it when I see it.  我觉得还是眼见为实.
10. That’s not true.  那不是真的.
11. You know it isn’t true. 你心里明白那不是真的.
12. I’m afraid I have a different opinion.  恐怕我的看法和你不一样.
13. I’m afraid I don’t share your opinion.  我不敢苟同.
14. I see your point, but I can’t really agree with you.  我明白你的观点, 但我的确不能赞同.
15. I’M afraid we don’t see eye to eye on this. 恐怕我们在这一点上达不成共识.(see eye to eye on sth : 对某事看法一致.)
16. I am not in agreement with what he said.  他说的话我不能同意.
17. That’s not what I heard.  这与我了解的情况有出入.
18. That ain’t the way I need it.  据我所知,不时那么会事.
19. That was not the case.  事实并非如此.
20. That’s not how I see it.  我并不这么看.
21. You’ve got the facts wrong.  你把事实搞错了.
22. I don’t think you’ve got your facts straight.  我认为你没有把事实搞清楚.
23. I must take issue with your over what you said at the meeting.  我要和你好好谈谈你在会上说的那些话.(take issue with someone:  对某人的观点提出异议.)
24. All right, let’s agree to differ on this topic.  好吧,我们在这个问题上保留各自的观点.

Showing strong disagreement 表示较强烈的反对.

1. No, I won’t agree! Don’t waste your breath. 不. 我不会同意的. 别跟我这儿费口舌.
2. Do you expect me to accept that? 你以为我会接受吗?
3. Over my dead body! 我死也不会同意!
4. What are you talking about? 你在说什么呀?
5. Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吗?
6. You must be joking. 你肯定是在看玩笑。
7. You can’t be serious. 你不会当真的。
8. You’ve got it all wrong.  你完全搞错了。
9. You’re way off base. (off base:棒球不在垒上,此处指“与事实不符”.way是副词,意思是“非常,大大地”.)
10. You’re really stretching the truth. 你太言过其实了. (stretch: 滥用,夸大)
11. You’re clueless. 你真无知.
12. You don’t know what you are talking about. 你不知道你在说什么.
13. You don’t know up from down. 你黑白不分.
14. You don’t have a leg to stand on. 你的观点不值一驳.
15. I couldn’t agree with you less. 我完全不同意你的看法.
16. I couldn’t disagree with you more. 我的看法和你截然相反.
17. That’s out of the question. 决不可能.
18. That’s insane.  有没有搞错.
19. That’s ridiculous.  太可笑了.
20. That’s a load of nonsense.  一派胡言.
21. It’s pure fiction.  完全是捏造.
22. There’s no truth in it.  没有一丝一毫是真的.
23. I’ve never heard such a pile of crap in my life! 我这辈子从来没听过如此胡说八道!
24. I won’t listen to any more of this crap. 我再也不想听这胡言乱语了.
25. Nonsense.  胡扯
26. That’s bullshit. 那是胡说八道.
27. You can’t fool me. 你蒙不了我.
28. Who do you think you are kidding. 你想要蒙谁呢?
29. You can’t expect me to believe that. 你不会以为我会信以为真吧.
30. I wasn’t born yesterday. 我又不是三岁的孩子.
31. Save that for the suckers. 鬼才信你那一套. (sucker: 笨蛋,易上当受骗的人. 本句字面含义:把你的话留着说给笨蛋听吧. )

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