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2009-11-23  Chris zhao

Specialty Materials, Inc.

Welcome to Specialty Materials, Inc. located in Lowell, MA. We are manufacturers of Boron and silicon carbide fiber products used primarily to reinforce advanced composite materials, and boron nanopowder for conversion to magnesium diboride. Our fibers are known throughout the world and used in aircraft, aerospace, sporting goods and industrial applications where the highest mechanical and physical performance properties are required. ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED

Specialty Materials, Inc. (SMI) in Lowell, MA is the world's leading supplier of the highest quality boron and silicon carbide fiber products and advanced composite materials. Our fibers and advanced composite materials provide unique solutions to engineers and manufacturers in a variety of areas, including structural integrity and controlled thermal expansion. All our advanced materials and composites are manufactured to aerospace tolerances by tight process control with complete traceability through meticulous record keeping that traces each product from our starting raw materials to our finished products.

Specialty Materials, Inc. is privately owned and managed allowing us to be nimble and decisive in the marketplace. The results are a successful business with growth in both sales and number of employees. In addition to high strength fibers, prepreg epoxy/boron tapes and advanced composite materials made from carbon fiber and boron fiber, we have also developed a boron nanopowder for use in MgB2 superconductors. MgB2 wire made from our boron nanopowder has resulted in the best magnetic properties for MgB2 wire ever demonstrated.

Examples of applications and products that use our advanced materials are as diverse as General Atomics’ Predator unmanned aero vehicle (UAV) which is revolutionizing military and surveillance aircraft, gas turbine engine components, bicycle frames, fly rods, hockey sticks, compression tubes and the manufacturing of the next generation of photovoltaic solar cells.

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