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Excuse me: Use this expression to get someone’s attention
i appreciate your help = Thank you for helping me.
terrific: if you say something is terrific, you mean that you are very pleased with it or are very impressed by it.
my pleasure / you’re welcome: Use this expression after someone says Thank yous.
Here they are(it is). = They are here.  This word order is common when you find something and want to show it.
What about … ? = Tell me about…
By the way…:Use this phrase to change the topic of conversation
Anytime. = My pleasure.  Use Anytime after someone thanks you for doing something?
Anytime. = You are welcome anytime?
Thanks,anyway. :Use this expression to thank someone who tries to help but isn’t able to.
dessert: something sweet at the end of a meal
How do you do?  :This is a formal expression to say after someone introduces you.
Take it easy = relax, be calm
I do have to go. —- do: Here,do means “really”
officer 警官
uptown 住宅区 downtown商业区
platform 月台
canvas 帆布
sweater 毛衣
lost-and-find office失物招领处
## 提示:of 几乎全部弱读,注意分辨
Let me:读为lemme  (Let me try it on)
And give her a  teaspoon of the medicine after every meal.  (超快的,after every meal 全连一块了)
Marilyn and Richard called.They’ll be here soon, and then we’ll eat. 注意节奏和连读
Well, she’ll be here later. She has to work late tonight.注意连读
I hope it’s pasta. 注意连读
Oh, it was no trouble.  注意弱读
I’m late for dinner at my house.  注意节奏
Where does she live?  注意弱读
With a family in the Bronx.注意弱读
The train is just up the street. It won’t take me long at all. 速读,注意节奏
It might be a little cold.注意弱读
lost-and-find office 弱读,d不发音

冰淇淋的量词: Scoop of
胶卷的量词:8 Rolls of film
不辞辛劳的:Took the time and trouble to……
好的,谢谢(接受对方的建议):I’d appreciate that.
只能(以前偶用just比较多): I can only stay a few minutes.
地铁就在前面:The train is just up the street.  eg:  Two miles up the road.路的前方两英里处
花时间:take sb long       eg: It won’t take me long at all.
比thanks更诚挚的感谢: I appreciate your help.
原指望: I was expecting him here at five forty-five.
现在的另一种说法:  at this hour
试穿:try it on
别紧张: take it easy

make a left turn: Turn to the left
block: a building or group of buildings built between two streets.街,街区
dinner date:晚餐约会
ma’am: a respectful word used for addressing a woman.
reservation: an arrangment to hold a table in a restaurant for a specific time.预定(席位/车/机,船票/旅馆房间等)
shall we…? Use “shall I” or “shall we” to make a suggestion.This is a polite use.用来提建议,显得礼貌.
After you. I’ll go after you. 请先走,一般男士让女士先下车或先出门时讲的话.

pick up 接
中立派, 无党派者
独立自主的, 不受约束的

Not grandpa grandpa可不是那种人

set up 收拾,准备
neat 好的 That’s a neat idea!
that’s for sure 那倒是

his something : great, wonderful
hanger: 衣架
closet: 衣橱closet
n.壁橱, 储藏室, 厕所

on a business trip: 出差
disappointed: adj.失望的
remind … of: v.使…想起
wonder: 想知道,纳闷

aisle seat 靠通道的座位
bother 讨厌,烦
destination 目的地
celebrate 庆祝
anniversary 中年
congratulations 祝贺
aircraft 飞机,飞行器
construction 建筑

Is this seat taken?
No,it’s not taken.

smoking section 抽烟席
purse 钱包
permanently 永久地

take time

announce 宣布
belongings 所有物,财产
well,Here we are 我们到了
Have a good stay 祝你在这儿过得愉快

You name the day. 你告诉我是哪一天,你定日子
need a day off 需要休息一天

family tree 家谱
fabulous 极好的,非常好

选择疑问句,在朗读时,应使用升调或先升后降的语调. You want coffee or tea?
will be sitting:动词的将来进行时可表示在将来的某一时刻或某段时间正在运行

independent 独立的,不依赖的
fellas 小伙子们,孩子们,伙计们,这是非正式场合的用语.
set up : to prepare;make ready 准备;收拾.
That’s for sure. = I agree with you about that.口语式的表达方式.
junior high school:初中
senior high school:高中
high school,secondary school:中学
hanger 衣架
closet 壁橱,衣橱
What do you want? 非正式的读法为: waddayawant.
traffic light 红绿灯
get on: 可用于火车,公共汽车,飞机等
parmancently : with no plan to change 长时期,一直地

announce 宣布
belongings 所有物,财产
well,Here we are 我们到了
Have a good stay 祝你在这儿过得愉快
look (us) up 与(us)联系
You name the day. 你告诉我是哪一天,你定日子
a day off 休息一天

family tree 家谱
fabulous 极好的,非常好

exhausted: very tired  疲惫不堪
advanced class 快班,高级班
instructor 教育
the beginner’s class 初级班
aerobics  健身操
nonstop 不间断
lift weights 举重,对话中指练亚铃
without a doubt: sure;of course 当然,毫无问题

no problem / It’s a snap(小事一桩)./No sweat./It’s going to be a piece of

you think so.

kidding 开玩笑 are you kidding me?你开玩笑
bet 打赌
entire 整个
to complete some forms 填一些表
a piect of cake 很容易
a piece of 一块
a pigeon pair 龙凤双胞胎
You want to bet? = Do you want to bet? 在Do you…这种句型中,不说Do的情形

right now: 立刻,马上.
blood pressure 雪茄
complete physical 全身体检
advertising 广告
switch 切换方向
twist 扭动

What do you连读为Waddaya
did you 连读为didja
don’t you:可连读为dontcha
What do you mean? 非正式场合可说成”waddayamean”

pressure n.压, 压力, 电压, 压迫, 强制, 紧迫
knee[ni:] n.膝, 膝盖
Nope= No. 不,没有. 是一个很不正式的词
stretch v.伸展, 伸长 n.一段时间, 一段路程, 伸展
sunrise n.日出
excellent adj.卓越的, 极好的

steak n. 牛排, 鱼排, 肉排
lettuce 莴苣
cucumber 黄瓜
onion 洋葱
just wait 等着瞧吧. 这里的wait=wait and see
pick up the pace = move more quickly
barely = almost not at all 简单不
That’s it = That’s the end. 今天就练到这儿

hand = to give 传递,给
refrigerator 冰箱
fried eggs 煎蛋
You going … ? = Are you going … ? <非正式用法>
work at it: to continue trying to do sth.
I’ve got to run = I must leave right now. <非正式>
out of the boat 口语可读为out a the boat,非正式场合中,of中的f常常不发出声.
thrilled: excited and happy
Here we go = We’re starting now <非正式>
Not a chance = That’s impossible
Hi,there! 你好! 这是一种口语式打招呼方式
Easy does it = Relas;go slowly
That a boy. = That’s it. 这句的意思都是 You’re doing well.
wrap: to fold around;cover
quite a guy = a wonderful man
grateful = thankful
So long = Good-bye
emergency: a sudden situation that needs fast action.
spoil = to ruin. 毁了
Pop: Dad,Father
schedule: a list of time for certain things to happen
enough for an army 丰盛的,很多的
to work at 在…方面下功夫
definitely 当然了

get to work: start to work
Last but not least: 最后也是最重要的(一点)
cabinet 橱柜,壁橱
Can you do me a favor?你能帮我个忙吗?
cinnamon 桂皮粉
grocery 杂货店
That’s my boy! = You’re a good son.
slam *[slæm]n. 砰然声, 猛然, 猛烈的抨击vt. 猛然关上, 砰地关上, 猛烈抨击vi. 砰地关上, 猛攻
I see = I understand
come by: to visit for a short time.
cousin: 堂(表)兄弟或姐妹
grouchy: in a bad mood; complaining.
change: the money returned to you after you pay for sth
vitamin: 维生素
Waht’s gotten into him? = What’s bothering him? 他怎么了
ballon: 气球
Wowee! 啊哈!
band 乐队
clown: 小丑,丑角
Maybe so. = Maybe that’s true. 也许是吧/这样.
get over it 恢复平静情绪
Look forward to: to wait for with pleasure #to后接Ving形式或名词
turkey 火鸡
recipe 食谱,配方
to help serve = to help to serve #动词help之后的动词之前可省去不定式符号to
come on = to begin #只有在指电视或广播节目时,come on 才有此含义
Yup = yes #yes的非正式说法
settler: 移居者
harvest 收获,收成
In that spirit 基于同样的心意,怀有同样的心情
That was very kind of you.你真周到, 其后可以跟一不定式加以说明 ~ to take care of my daughter.
patient: calm and not complaining 耐心的
encouraging: giving courage,hope,or confidence
go along with:to agree with 赞同,同意 I ~ that!
oven: 烘箱,烤箱.
pour coffee 倒coffee

ingredient  n.成分, 因素
besides  adv.此外 prep.除…之外
flour n.面粉
cabinet n.(有抽屉或格子的)橱柜, <美>内阁adj.<美>内阁的, 小巧的
salt n.食盐, 风趣, 刺激adj.含盐的, 咸的, 风趣的, 辛辣的vt.加盐于, 用盐腌abbr. 限制战略武器会谈
pepper n.胡椒粉
garlic n.[植]大蒜, (Akkuyn sadtium), 蒜头
powder n.粉, 粉末, 火药, 尘土vt.搽粉于, 撒粉, 使成粉末vi.搽粉, 变成粉末
grocery n.<美>食品杂货店, 食品, 杂货
slam the door v.关门, 摒弃, 拒绝
grouchy adj.<美>不高兴的, 不满的
protein n.[生化]蛋白质adj.蛋白质的
vitamin n.维他命, 维生素
parade n.游行, 炫耀, 阅兵, 检阅, 阅兵场v.游行, 炫耀, 夸耀, (使)列队行进
balloon n.气球
clown n.小丑, 粗鲁愚蠢的人
get over v.爬过, 克服, 熬过, 恢复, 原谅
get over it: to stop feeling bad about it.恢复平静情绪
look forward to 期望 期待,盼望
recipe n.处方
vegetable n.蔬菜, 植物, 生活呆板单调的人adj.蔬菜的, 植物的
graduate from v.从…毕业
take a moment v.花一些时间
settler n.移民者, 殖民者, [律]财产赠予者, 托管财产者
spirit n.精神, 灵魂, 幽灵, 妖精, 勇气, 火力, 热情, 情绪vt.诱拐, 鼓励, 鼓舞
passing grade 升级
grade n.等级, 级别vt.评分, 评级v.分等级
patient n.病人, 患者adj.忍耐的, 耐心的
encouraging adj.奖励的, 可奖励的
score n.得分, 乐谱, 抓痕, 二十, 终点线, 刻痕, 帐目, 起跑线vt.把…记下, 刻划, 划线, 获得, 评价vi.记分, 刻痕, 得分
invite to 邀请
tiny adj.很少的, 微小的
pour v.灌注, 倾泻, 涌入, 流, 倾盆大雨
get to work = start to  work
last but not least: Last but also as important as those mentioned above 最后但也是很重要的(一点)
We don’t have any… = We have no … 否定句在any 与肯定句加no意思相同
put on:穿上(指穿的动作)
come by: to visit for a short time.顺路拜访,串门
cousin: 堂(表)兄弟或姐妹
Yup. = yes. 是yes的一种非正式说法.
pilgrim: 最初的移民,P大写时,特指1620年移居美国的英国清教徒
harvest: the grains,friut,and vegetables of the season 收获,收成.
In that spirit: with the same kind of feeling. 基于同样的心意,怀着同样的心情
encouraging: giving courage,hope,or confidence 鼓励
go along with: to agree with 赞同,同意
oven 烘箱,烤箱
so thoughtful: kind,考虑周到
I can tell.=I can see
silly: ridiculous 可笑的,滑稽的
or esle: if not 要不然,否则
paw 爪子
adopt: to take into one’s family 收获,收留
affect: vt.影响,感动
affection: a gentle,caring feeling 关怀
pooch,poochie:dog 狗,口头用语
atta girl/boy!=That’s a good girl/boy!
claim: 认领,要求(应得的权利)
reference: people or statements that can give information about sb.证明人
fill out=fill in 填表
pal: a close friend
folks: people 伙伴,朋友,诸位.(同辈用口语)
rare/medium rare/medium/medium well/well done: 颇生的/五分熟/适中/偏老/很熟的
scratch 抓,刨

talent: 才能
infected: adj 被感染的
infect: diseased 感染
tonsil n.扁桃腺
tonsillectomy n.扁桃腺切除术
handling: take care of
reassurance: 消作顾虑,安慰
sore throats: 喉咙痛
put … off:推迟
How you doing? = How are you doing? 口语化的问法,意思为”How are you?”
talk over: to discuess(something) 商量
work (something) out:想个办法解决问题
come up with: v.提出,想出办法
fool somebody 哄骗某人
pajamas=pyjamas 睡衣裤(尤指男人的)
robe: 宽松长袍
charades: 看手势猜字谜游戏
I got it.
sore loser 输不起的人 you are a sore loser。 你是个输不起的人
arguing: stongly disagressing 争吵
no arguing = Don’t argue 别吵了
gang: a group of people 一群人 Hi,gang = Hi,everybody
rough: 粗野的
promised me: agreed to give me 答应我
as much: 同样的
feel like: 想要,想做
flavors: 味道
strawberry 草莓
in the meantime: 在此期间
Popo=the Clown 小丑
entertain:,招待 vi.款待
entertainment n.款待,娱乐

turn in 上交
scared: afraid;frightened
fight: n.打架,战斗 vi.打仗,对抗 vt.与…打仗
flight n.飞行,班机
fright n.吃惊
frighten vt.使惊吓 vi.惊恐
scary: adj.引起恐慌的
hail to… 向…致敬
valiant n.勇敢的人 adj.勇敢的
cheering: shouting approval 欢呼,喝彩
dean of admissions:新生注册主任,招生办公室主任
opportunity: 机会,时机
opportune: 恰好的,适宜的
old pal: 老友
conclusion n.结束,结论
wise: adj.明智的
hear …out  听完,倾听
good at: talented 擅长于
frankly:honestly;truthfully adv.坦白地说,真诚的
Neither can I. Neither是副词,是”也不”的意思
loving every minute of it:乐此不疲
speaking of: 说起…来  ~ time
get right to:马上开始
transcript 成绩单
Right here=It’s right here #其中right修饰here,起加强语气的作用
journalist: reporter 新闻记者
journalism: 新闻业,报章杂志
one plece of advice 给你一句忠告
figure: vt.认为,描绘
grade  n.等级,级别  vt.评分,评级  vi.分等级
personality n.个性,人格
indecision n.优柔寡断
tuition  学费
complicated 复杂的
impressed  vt.留下印象

twin baby dolls: 双胞胎娃娃玩具
advertising agency 广告代理商
Will do=Sure,I’ll do it. 表示同意做某事的口语说法
ought to:should应该 口语说法的发音为awta
what for? = Why?
smell the flowers 轻松一下
film maker 电影制作人
reception room 接待室,会客室
pick out sth / pick sth out 挑选
used to:The informal  pronunciation is yoosta
embarrassing 窖迫的;令人为难的
What’ll it be? = What would you like? 你们想来点什么?(这是侍者问顾客常用句之一)
a big hit : very popular
would go: used to go 过去常去 ;与used to一样,would指过去的习惯
to fill in for someone 代替某人;”暂时代替某人处理事务”

with the baby coming
lend  借出
borrow 借入
a real 家族名
real estate 房地产
mortgage 贷款
attach 附加
gorgeous 华丽的
Here is a real buy 这个价钱真便宜
likewise 同样地,照样地 (how do you do ? the same to you.)
mention 提起
an advance
tradition 传统
full-time work 全职
part-time work 兼职


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