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  dew---the small drops of water which form on cold surface during the night露,露水

  estimate---calculation or judgment of the nature估计,估计数

  catch/get one&&9;s second wind---fell strong again after getting wery tired恢复精力,恢复元气


  berth---sleeping place on a ship在船上


  automatic---(of a machine)working by itself without direct human control(机器)自动的

  flood into---come into the large numbers(大量)涌进

  give away---give as a present赠送

  agenda---program of things to be done日常工作事项

  work on---be engaged in从事于

  with...in mind---thingking about想到

  come through-complete or endure sth.successfully胜利

  concentrate on---focus one&&9;s attention全神贯注于

  get down on---scold申斥

  do one&&9;s best---da all that one can竭尽全力

  get somewhere---have results or advances towards achieving sth.有结果

  add---find a sum by doing arithmetic做加法

  pure---not mixed with any other substance纯粹的

  hint---subtle way of indicating to sb.what one is thinking or what one wants暗示

  dwell on---hink老是想着

  on earth---in the world世界上

  portion---part of share into which sth.is divided一部分

  community---all the people....社区

  gratification---gratifying or being gratified喜悦

  regardless---paying no attention to sb./sth不管

  circumatance---condition or fact.....环境


  1.Billy stared at me in silence for nearly twenty second and then left without saying a word.

  2.Ricardo always figured he could learn English well in six month ,but he never really began his lear ing.

  3.Lisa is looking for a travelling companon to China.

  4.Turn left to Mirror Street,and you&&9;ll find a vacant spot in the parking lot there.

  5.Those working in this factory will get a(n)automatic pay increase every year.

  6.Even if your friends cannot change the difficult situation,they can give you so badly need.

  7.Here&&9;s the telephone numbers where i will be.Call me if any trouble arises.

  8.Making a living as a door-to-door salesman demands a thick skin,both to protect against....

  9.I have a very clear mental picture of what happend to me....

  10.After having a taste of life in a big city.....

  11.She never tries anything.....afraid of failure.

  12.He offered a challenge to anybody....at chess.

  13.The kids was so.....puzzle within half an hour.

  14.Few people here are willing to give up...instead.

  15.I was rather anxious about the....form school.

  16.The development of this.....beauty.Furthermore,it will make.....supply.

  17.In some countries.....military service when he reachs eighteen.

  18.John and i have maintained our friendship for over.....than money.

  19.One of my....memoriesis of.....by the fire.

  20.The old man&&9;s.......soul.

  21.Since you have....precioustime,

  22.If we don&&9;t limitour time......everything.

  23.Governors come to.....involovedmore routinely in school affairs.

  24.The sense organs....perceive things in different ways.

  25.Where were you whenthew documents disappeared?And who do you suspectof taking them?

  1.由于下大雪,旅客们只能在机场等到午夜雪停为止。becouse of the heavy snow the passenagers had to wait at the airport until midnight when it stopped.

  2.发音相似的英语词常常引起讲英语者之间的误会。similar_sounding English words ofter resurt in misunderstanding among English-speaking.

  3.当李先生意识到自己犯了一个在把英语作为第二语言的人群中常见的错误时,他感到很尴尬。Mr li felt embarrassed when he realized that he had make a verycommon mistake among speakers of English as a second lanuage

  4.公众注意到自从那位地方官员离去之后,他的职位已经空了几个月了。The public noticed that same the local offical left,his position had been vacant for a couple of month.

  5.看到女孩在站台上无助的四下张望,年轻的搬运工客气地问她是否需要帮助。Seeing the girl looking around helplessly on the plat from the young porter asked politely if she need any help.

  6.你的同伴在门口一露面我就认出来。他跟你描述的一模一样。I recognized your companion the minute he appeared at the door.He looked just as you had described.

  7.He want to New York City in 2001,and (那就是麻烦真正开始的时候)that&&9;s when the trouble really began.

  8这份报告详述了部分物种如何因为环境污染而灭绝的经过。This report dwells on how some species were exterminated bacause of the polluted environment.

  9.说实话,我觉得出于偏见的刻毒评论总比伪君子的假意称赞好。To tell the truth,i think a snide comment made out of prejudice is better than taked praise given by a hypocrite.

  10.到底是什么使得一些人,尤其是一些高官,不顾法律而滥用职权?What on earth has enabled same people,particulary certain high officials,to abuse their powers despite the law、

  11.这些老邮票比我其他所有的财产都更加值钱。至于这枚钻戒,它是无价之宝。These old stamps are even more valuable than the rest of my stste.As for the diamohd ring,it is priceless.

  12.尽管他的爱已成回忆,但每当我凝视他的照片,我都能充分感受他深深的爱。Whill his love is now a memory each the time i state at his photograph,i can fully appreciate the depth of his love.

  13.小张从学校回家的路上被一辆出租汽车从自行车上撞了下来。Xiao zhang was knocked off his bicycle ba a taxi on his way home from school.

  14.凯瑟琳为丈夫在医学研究上的成就感到十分骄傲。Katharine was very pround of her husband&&9;s achievements in medical research.

  15.当我问比利我还能为他做些什么时,他再次要我抱抱他。When i asked Billy if there anything else i could do for him he again asked to hold him.

  1.扮演罗纳德。麦当劳的角色piay the charactor of Roald Mc Donld

  2涵盖亚利桑那州的大部分地区和南加州的部分地区cover most of Arizona and a portion of South lalifon

  3例行活动之一one of the standard evens

  4探访尽可能多的社区医院vist as many of the community as possible

  5对某人有作用或影响make a diffenerce to sb

  6经历某种消沉时期experience some down times

  7对某人施加限制place restrictions on sb

  8医院工作人员hospatal personal

  9立即处理情况deal with the issue immediately

  10把病菌从一个病人传播到另一个病人身上transfer germs from one patient to another

  11违反规则break the rule

  12在回家的路上on one&&9;s way home

  13照看医疗仪器tend to the medical equipment

  14耍些小把戏do/play a few simply magic tricks

  15满足某人的需求great sb&&9;s request

  1有足够的信心have enough self-confidence

  2永恒的价值steadfast value

  3实话对你说to be honst with you

  4鉴于当前情形given the circumstances

  5振作起来重新开始pick up and start again

  6找到合理答案come up with a reasonable response

  7在我离开后不久shortly after I left

  8冒险take risks

  9去世pass away

  10一个响亮的勇敢的坚定的回答a loud,bold and affirming answer

  11抱起这个精灵般的小家伙pick up this little wonder of a human being

  12不顾意识到的风险regardless of the perceived risks

  1想到所有的好东西think of all the fine things

  2每砍一下at every stroke

  3转身坐下turn to sit down

  4滑进河里slid into the river

  5从前once upon a time

  6像从前一样欢快地流淌flow as merrily as before

  7养活家人make a living for one&&9;s family

  8寓言大师a master of the fable

  9还没来得及抓住它before he could catch it

  10踏着沉重的脚步回家trudge home


  1I&&9;m looking forward to seeing you this summer vacatoin我盼望今年暑假见到你

  2The restrictions on the use of the playground are;no figuting,no damaging property使用该场地的限制规定是;不准打架,不准损坏设施

  3He and the council had already pondered the list of members returning to parliament他和委员会已经认真考虑了重返国会的人员名单

  4We ran through the witness&&9; testimony before presenting it in court在法庭出示之前,我们先过目了整容的证词

  5While many countries of the world celebrate their own Mother Day at different times throughout the year,countries such as the United States,Australia and so on celebrate Mother&&9;s Day on the second Sunday of May


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