双弦灵音 2010-07-09
第二十五课:Country Music

Hot dogs. I love hot dogs. 热狗。我舷不度 狗。
There is nothing better than a hot dog in the country. 在美国没佑斜热裙 更好的东西了。
Hot dogs and mustard. 热狗和芥哪
Cooked outdoors over an open fire. 在户外的换 堆上烤。
I wish I had one now. 我真希望舷 在就来一个。
Do you remember when Daddy and I used to take you 你还记得鞍 爸和我常带你
and Susan and Robbie to Jones Beach? Susan Roobbie去Jones海滨的事吗
Oh, I sure do. 哦 我当热 记得。
We'd wait until dark and make a fire, 我们等到烫 黑就升火
and we'd cook the hot dogs. 然後烤热构贰
Oh, don't forget the mustard. 噢 不要屯 了芥末。
And, oh, does anybody want ketchup? 噢 有人乙  酱吗
I might as well take it along. 我还是一档来 著。
And now to make sure we've got the hamburger patties. 再来 务北 要带汉堡碎肉饼。
I have to remember to put them in the bag 我必须记档媒 它们放进袋
tomorrow morning before we leave. 在明天早缮 临走之前。
I'll remind you, Richard. 我会提醒 你的 Richard。
Mom, 妈
we really appreciate your taking care of Max for the weekend 我们真心父行 在 末照顾Max
and giving up your free time. 放 的 暇时间。
I love doing it. 我爱这样鬃觥
Susan and Harry have a sitter for Michelle in the city, Susan和Haarry在城 给Michelle找到一位临时保姆
and I'm taking care of Max. 我就来照构薓ax。
It's no big deal. 这没有什鼢帷
I am happy to do it for you. 我很高兴挝 你们做这件事。
I guess Max is asleep by now. 我想Max现现在已经睡觉了
He's not crying anymore. 他不再哭亮恕
Oh, poor baby. 噢 可怜档男” 贝。
He's teething. 他正在长蜒 齿。
Well, he's asleep--finally. 好了 他种侦 睡著了。
I feel so bad for him. 我为他难构
It hurts so much when a baby gets his first teeth. 小孩子长档 一颗牙齿时好痛哟。
He'll be fine, Marilyn. 他不会有适碌 Marilyn。
Well, he wakes up several times during the night, 噢 他一乙 醒了好几次
and the pain is so bad. 疼得很厉 害。
I'm really concerned about going away for the weekend, Ellen, 我这个 哪┏雒攀翟诜判牟幌 Ellen
I'm really concerned about going away for the weekend, Ellen, 我这个 哪┏雒攀翟诜判牟幌 Ellen
and leaving you with the full responsibility of taking care of Max. 还要把照构薓ax的全部责任留给 。
Especially with his teething. 特别是他舷 在开始长牙。
I wish he felt better. 我真希望怂 现在好一点。
Please don't worry, Marilyn. 请别担心 Marilyn。
Remember your father-in-law's a pediatrician. 记住 公构切《 科医师。
We have a live-in doctor if there's a problem I can't handle. 假如我遇档讲 能解决的问题 我们还有位驻家医生。
I agree, Marilyn. 我同意 MMarilyn。
We really don't have to be overly concerned. 我们真的膊 需要过分担心。
I'll go upstairs and stay with him until he falls asleep again. 我上楼去排闼 直到他又睡著。
Thanks, Richard. 谢谢 Ricchard。
Try putting him across your lap on his stomach. 试试让他排 著睡在你大腿上。
He likes that. 他喜欢那蜒
I'll try it. 我试试吧
When are Susan and Harry picking you up, Marilyn? Susan和Haarry什麽时候来接你们 Marilyn
They're coming by at six tomorrow morning, 他们明天栽 晨六点钟过来
so we can get an early start. 这样我们靠 以早点出发。
That's nice. 很好。
And you'll have a full day in the country. 你们就可乙 在乡下待一整天啦。
And a full night. 还有一整乙埂
Tomorrow night we'll be camping out in tents. 明天晚上挝 们将露宿在帐蓬 。
And coming home on Sunday? 星期日回览词锹
We'll be heading back late in the afternoon. 我们会在换 昏时打道回府。
We'll be heading back late in the afternoon. 我们会在换 昏时打道回府。
You're going to have the time of your lives. 你们将会屯 得非常痛快。
Camping out is such great fun. 露营是件贩浅 好玩的事。
We'll have a great time camping out, I'm sure. 我确定我妹 会在露营时玩得很开心。
But I'm still a little worried about you, Ellen. 但我还是佑 点牵 著 Ellen。
It will be my great pleasure, Marilyn. 我也会很佑 快的 Marilyn。
Remember, it's only one night. 记住 只膊还 一个晚上。
He's asleep. 他睡著了
I think he'll sleep through the night now. 我想他现栽 会睡到天亮。
Thanks, honey. 谢谢 亲鞍 的。
I hope he's good when we're away. 我希望我妹 不在时 他很乖。
Well, so do I. 嗯 我也舷 望如此。
Now, to check the list of things we need for the camping trip. 现在 让挝 们检查一下露营旅行所需物品的 单吧。
We need to bring a flashlight. 我们需要创 一个手电筒。
It's in the right-hand drawer, next to the bottle openers. 在右边的吵樘 就在开瓶器旁边。
Do we have a bottle opener on the list, Marilyn? 清单上有靠 器吗 Marilyn
No. No bottle opener. 没有 没佑 开瓶器。
Is that one of the things Susan and Harry are bringing? 那是不是适綮禨usan和Harry要带的
No. 不是。
And we're bringing the ketchup, mustard, relish--all that stuff. 我们还要创呀 芥末 调味酱 诸如此类的东西
And cooking utensils. 还有厨具
Well, here's the bottle opener, and here's the flashlight. 哦 这是靠科 这是手电筒。
Matches. 火柴。
Matches. 火柴。
Matches? 火柴
Yes, of course. 是的 当热弧
For when we build our campfire. 用来生营 火的。
I can't build a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together. 我总不能靠 著磨擦两片木柴来取火吧。
And don't forget your camera and film, Richard. 别忘了你档 照相机和底片 Richard。
All packed and ready. 都打包好亮恕
And let's not forget our cassette player and some tapes. 还别忘了创 上我们的卡式录音机和一些录音带。
Some music tapes and some blank tapes 带一些音览执 和一些空白带
so that we can record our thoughts about the trip. 以便我们哪 录下旅行中 感想。
Oh, that's a nice idea. 噢 这是父 好主意。
An audio diary. 来一段录乙羧 记。
That's what I thought. 我就是这鼢 想的。
Got it! 找到了
The cassette player and the tapes. 卡式录音换 和录音带。



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