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1.        good afternoon !may I help you,sir? 下午好,先生需要帮忙吗?
2.        good evening!what can I do for you,miss? 晚上好,小姐,请问您需要什么?
3.        hello,can I help you ? 您好,请问您需要什么?
4.        we have the medicine that you need. 我们正好有您要的药品。
5.        please take the escalator,the medicine you need is on the second floor. 请乘自动扶梯到三层,您好要买的药品在那里。
询问病情 asking the patient about his illness
6.        what seems to be the trouble?miss?您哪里不舒服,小姐?
7.        I feel a little dizzy today. 我今天有点儿头晕。
8.        could you please help measure my blood pressure? 您能帮我测量一下血压吗?
9.        sure .this way .please. 可以,您这边请。
10.        you blood pressure is ok. 您的血压正常。
11.        do you have a fever/cough? 你发烧咳嗽吗/
12.        just measured at home and the temperature was 38C. 刚刚在家量过,体温是38度
13.        yes, I have had a fever for a long time. 是的,我已经发烧很长时间了。
14.        my mother has a bad toothache.我母亲邪道的很厉害。
15.        I’ve got a headache/toothache/sore throat these two days. 我这两天感觉头疼、牙痛、嗓子痛
16.        I’ve got a pain in my stomach/legs/shoulders/back. 我胃痛、腿痛、肩膀痛、背痛。
17.        I feel my stomach bloated .我胃胀。
18.        I am afraid I’ve got sunstroke. 我恐怕是中曙了。
19.        sorry to have kept you waiting. 让您久等等了、
20.        it doesn’tmatter.
Choosing medicines 选购药品
21.        hello ,I’d like to get some medicine. 我想买点药。
22.        I’d like to have some medicine for my cough.我想买止咳药。
23.        I’m a licensed pharmacist. 我是这儿的执业药师。
24.        do you have a doctor’s prescription? 您有医生处方吗?
25.        I haven’t seen the doctor yet .我还没有去看医生。
26.        we need a prescription if you want buy it .如果您想购买的话,我们需要医生的处方。
27.        Is there any medicine you are allergic to ? 您对什么药物过敏吗/
28.        no. I have no allergic history. 没有,我没有过敏史
29.        could you please let me have the medicine from the prescription?你能给我配这张处方吗/
30.        it’s an otc drug with good safety .这药属于OTC类药,安全性较好。
31.        which tablet is good for aching muscles? 治肌肉酸痛有何种药片吗
32.        you can try ibuprofen. 你可以试一下布洛芬。
33.        what do you suggest for mosquito bites? 请问蚊子咬伤擦什么药?
34.        we have TIGER Balm for mosquito bites. 我这里有治疗蚊虫叮咬的虎牌清凉油。
35.        would you please show me some medicine for arthritis? 能让我看看治疗关节炎的药品吗?
36.        could you show me some traditional Chinese medicine ,please? 你能让我看看一此中药吗?
37.        I’afraid I have sunburn .do you have a remedy? 恐怕我被晒伤了,您能介绍一些药品吗/
38.        this way ,please. You can buy prescription medicine here and a lot of OTC medicine over there. 请这边来,您可以在这边买些处方药,那边是非处方药。
39.        we have a very wide selections of traditional Chinese medicine. 我们经营的中药品种很多。
40.        where is the best ginseng produced? 哪里的人参最好?
41.        the best kind of ginseng is produced in the north eastern part of china. 中国东北的野山参最好。
42.        what benefits are there? 它有什么功效?
43.        to reinforce the vital energy. to remedy collapse and restore the normal pulse .to benefit the spleen and lung. To calm the nerves. 大补元气,复脉固脱,补脾益气,安神。
44.        it would be helpful to your sleep. 这药有助于您的睡眡。
45.        how should I take it ? 我应该怎样服用?
46.        before you use it ,you should read the instructions carefully. 使用之前,你应该仔细看一下说明书。
47.        here is the medicine for you .you can follw th eintrodutions of the medicine. 这是您的药,您可参照说明服用。
48.        it’s a kind of prepared chines medicine,one pocket once/one table once/two grains once,twice a day  /thrice a day. 它是一种中成药,一次一袋、一次一片、一次2粒,一天2次,一天三次。
49.        are there any side effects (adverse reaction) 有什么不良反应吗?
50.        Gastrointestinal tract reactions may occur. Rare cases of skin reactions and dizziness be noticed. 可能会发生胃肠道反应,但见皮肤反应和眩晕。
51.        how many preparations do you have ? 你们这有什么剂型。
52.         tablets/ capsules/ softcapsules/pills/aerosol/suppositories/ointment/eye drops/film/granules/effervescent tablets/syrup/oral liquid/internal use/external use.片剂,胶囊剂滴丸剂丸剂气雾剂栓剂软膏剂滴眼剂膜剂颗粒泡腾片糖浆剂口服液内服药外用药。
53.        should be taken after meals. 你应该饭后服用。
54.        any precautions?应该注意什么
55.        children cautious/pregnant cautions /elder cautious/ driver forbidden /pregnant forbidden/no spicy food /no drinking/ away from children .儿童慎用,孕妇慎用,老年人慎用,驾驶员禁用,孕妇禁用,忌辛辣,忌酒,避免儿童触及(放在儿童不能接触的地方)
56.        how about storage? 怎样保存。
57.        away from sunshine /air tight /keep dry 避光防晒、密闭,在阴凉干燥处
58.        could you please tell me wher I should go to pay for it ?请问在哪付款
59.        please go to cash desk to pay. 请您到收款台付款。
60.         please pay at the cashier’s counter over there and then come back to collect your medicine.请问那边收银台付款,然后回来取您的药品。
61.        price and payment 价格和付款
62.        how much for a bottle /package、 一瓶/包多少钱?
63.        how much in total?一共多少钱?
64.        it comes to 100 yuan.
65.        how much does this medical instrument cost 这部医用仪器多少钱。
66.        how much is this、
67.        it’s priced 88yuan, /it is 88yuan.

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