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高一英语完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练

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完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练  1

. 完形填空 (20小题;每小题2.5,满分50)


Have you ever heard of the saying, “If you want a friend, be   1   !” What dose it   2   ? There are many different things that you can do to  3    friends. You may find out what they are if you  4   someone make friends.

   Here is  5  one new teachers made friends with the  6  in her class on the first day of the school. When the bell  7  , the teacher smiled at all the students. Then she said, “Good morning. How nice it is to have all of you  8  my class this year! I want to  9  each of you very much.. I’m sure we will enjoy working together.”

    The teacher smiled, used a pleasant  10   and acted  11   a friendly way. She told the students her  12   and wrote it on the blackboard. Then she told them something she liked to  13   and hoped to do with them during the year. The students knew that she liked many of the same things they liked. Everyone felt that she  14   what she said. Each of them wanted to know her  15    and be her friend. Then she let the students tell something about  16  . So they felt that the teacher knew them. Could you make friends as the teacher  17  ?

    How do you know and like your classmates? One  18  is to find out more about them. During the  19  you can talk to them. You may ask them their names and the names of the schools they went to last year. They want to know about you, too. You may tell them about your interests or your holiday experiences. It is often easy to be friends with people who have  20   interests and play the same games. As you talk, the others may be thinking, “I like to do. It should be fun to be friends with you.”

Remember! Just talking together in a friendly way is one good way to make friends.

1. A. it

B. one

C. that 

D. careful

2. A. mean 

B. want 

C. have  

D. show

3. A. make

B. meet

C. have 

D. get

4. A. look 

B. hear

C. listen

D. watch

5. A. what  

B. how

C. why 

D. when

6 A. teachers

B. students

C. workmates

D. parents

7. A. rang 

B. got 

C. sang

D. spoke

8. A. on 

B. in 

C. with 

D. about

9. A. teach

B. know

C. learn

D. like

10. A. voice

B. sentence

C. phrase

D. sound

11. A. on   

B. by

C. in 

D. to

12. A. family

B. father 

C. work 

D. name

13. A. do 

B. eat

C. get

D. play

14. A. meant

B. liked 

C. was

D. forgot

15. A. much 

B. better

C. enough

D. still

16. A. themselves

B. their parents   

C. the teacher

D. the school

17. A. was

B. did

C. got

D. saw

18. A. way

B. day

C. teacher

D. class

19. A. break

B. class

C. teaching

D. day

20. A. no  

B. different

C. many

D. the same

. 阅读理解 (13小题;每小题3,满分39) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项。


       A good way to pass an examination is to work hard every day in the year. You may fail in the examination if you are lazy for most of the year and then work hard only a few days before the examination. A few days before the examination you should start going to bed early. Do not stay up late at night learning things. Before you start the examination, read carefully over the question paper. Try to understand the exact meaning of each question before you pick up your pen to write. When you have at last finished your examinations, read over your answers. Correct any mistake which you see and make sure that you have not missed anything out.

21.If you work hard only a few days before an examination you may         .

        A. pass it                                                                  B. get sick    

       C. fail                                                                         D. be allowed to take the examination

22.“Stay up late at night” here means         .

       A. sleeping in bed                                                       B. just sitting up without doing anything

       C. walking about in the room                                     D. working far into the night

23.The first thing to do after you get the question paper is to         .

       A. start to answer questions                                       B. work the difficult problems

       C. have a look at the titles                                           D. read it very carefully

24.Before writing you should         .      

      A. pick up your pen                             B. check the paper

      C. understand the exact meaning of each question   D. not do anything but wait

25.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage

      A. You must not hand in the examination paper before you check your answers.

      B. You must wait till others point out mistakes in your paper.

      C. You must first hand in your paper then correct the mistakes.

      D. You must be the last to hand in your paper.


Dear Editor,

I’m a Senior 1 student in a middle school. This term, my favorite teacher, Miss Mao, no longer teaches us. I want to see her, but I’m afraid that she no longer likes me and I don’t want to trouble her. I really miss her. What should I do?

Tian Yan  

Dear Tian Yan,

    It’s bad luck that you have lost your favorite teacher. But, if she is still in your school, nothing can stop you going to see her. When she isn’t busy, ask her if she minds having a quick chat. You can then tell her she was your favorite teacher. Everyone is happy to know they are liked!

    If she has left the school, it will be more difficult to meet her. It will be hard, but remember people always come and go in our lives. We can’t rely on them being with us all the time.

You may be sad to say goodbye to her, but we can remember and learn from her. Think of her best qualities.    

You could also try looking for similar qualities in your other teachers. Study hard and give your new teacher a chance. In time, you might start to see that he or she has different qualities to learn from.

    Finally, you can not completely (entirely) rely on (depend on) other people getting you through your studies, or even your life.


26. Tian Yan ______.

      A. is a troublemaker                                             B. likes Miss Mao very much               

C. is happy these days                                         D. doesn’t like to tell her secret to anyone

27. Which of the following does the editor advise Tian Yan NOT to do?

       A. Find a time to see Miss Mao.                       B. Have a short chat with Miss Mao.  

       C. Tell Miss Mao she likes her.                        D. Keep quiet about the thing.

28. The expression “in time” in this passage means“______”.

       A. over a period of time    B. on time             C. at the right time       D. a long time ago

29. According to the passage, students can make progress in their studies ______.

      A. completely by their favorite teachers             B. completely by their favorite classmates

      C. mainly by their parents                                   D. mainly by themselves


   When Kyle walked into Ernie's Pet World, he looked very anxious. The shop owner, Ernie, jumped out of his seat to greet Kyle. He was the shop's first customer of the day.
   “Good morning, sir!” Ernie said, “What can I help you with?”
   “Well, I…. “ Kyle started to say.
   “Wait, don't tell me,” Ernie stopped him. “You're looking for a …a little dog… for your daughter's birthday, Right? “

   “Not really, I just …. “
   Ernie didn't let him finish. “Ah, I've got it. You just moved to a new office, and you want some fish for it. I have some very nice fish bowls over here. “
   “In fact, I…” Kyle was starting to look very nervous and strange.
   “No fish? Ah, a cat! You look like a cat person. At Ernie's Pet World, we have the best cats. Take a look at this lovely one with long, white hair. She's looking at you. She's thinking, 'Take me home. Take me home. '  Would you like some cat food and toys, too?”

   “No, thank you,” Kyle said. By this time, he was walking up and down. He had a terrible

look on his face. “Really, I'm not interested in cats or fish or little dogs. ”
   “What do you want, then?” Ernie asked.
    Kyle looked like he was going to cry. “I just want to know if I can use your toilet!” he said at last.
30. Which is TRUE about Ernie's Pet World?
     A. It has many workers.                                     B. Kyle goes there often.
     C. It sells school things.                                      D. Ernie is the owner of the shop.
31. What kind of person is Ernie?
    A. Very lazy.          B. Rather shy.        C. Over warm-hearted.      D. Not friendly.
32. Kyle went into the Ernie's Pet World to           .
    A. buy a little dog                                        B. take fish home           
    C. meet the shop owner                              D. look for a washroom
33. What is the best title of the story?
    A. Kyle and Ernie                                        B. Pet or Toilet
    C. A Pet Lover                                             D. A Busy Pet Shop

. 七选五5小题;每小题2,满分10


There is one thing that everyone wants more than anything else.  34    They think that when they have enough money to buy such things as houses, farms, and cars, they will have the one thing that everyone wants.

Other people believe that if they know enough they will find this thing.  35   Still others think that if they have power, they will find this thing. Some people keep telling themselves“When I am a boss1 will no longer have to search for this thing.”

  What is it that everyone wants more than anything else? What is it that all of us keep working and striving for(奋斗)each day?   36 

 Happiness is a strange thing.   37  What will make one man happy may not make another man happy. Some men say that happiness comes from helping othersother men say that happiness comes from making life more pleasant for everyone. What do you mean when you say “That makes me happy.”?

  38  Perhaps you will learn something that will bring you peace of mind, comfort, money or it may be what you search for--happiness.

A. Happiness means the same to everyone.

B. Read what different people have said about happiness.

C. They study all their life in search of it.

D. When one man feels happy, another man will feel sad.

E. Some people try to get it by making money.

F. It does not mean the same to all men.

G. It is happiness.

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完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练  2

. 完形填空 (20小题;每小题2.5,满分50)


There was a woman in Detroit, who has two sons. She was worried   1   them, especially the younger one, Ben,   2   he was not doing well in school. Boys in his class   3  fun of him because he seemed so   4  .

The mother   5  that she would, herself, have to get her sons to do better in school. She

  6   them to go to the Detroit Public Library to read a   7  a week and do a report about it for her.

One day, in Ben’s   8  , the teacher held up a rock and asked if anyone knew it. Ben  9 

up his hand and the teacher let him  10  . “Why did Ben raise his hand” they wondered. He  11  said anythingwhat could he possibly want to say

    Well, Ben not only  12  the rockhe said a lot about it. He named other rocks in its group and even knew   13  the teacher had found it. The teacher and the students were  14  . Ben had learned all this from doing one of his book   15  .

    Ben later went on to the   16  of his class. When he finished high school, he went to Yale University   17  at last became one of the best doctors in the United States.

    After Ben had grown up, he   18  something about his mother that he did not know as a

  19  .

    She, herself, had never learned how to   20  .

1. A. about

B. on

C. with 

D. over

2. A. because

B. so

C. but

D. though

3. A. played

B. got

C. took

D. made

4. A. clever

B. hard

C. slow

D. quick

5. A. asked

B. decided

C. forgot

D. heard

6. A. made

B. let

C. told

D. considered

7. A. notice

B. message

C. book

D. question

8. A. class

B. room

C. office

D. lab

9. A. looked

B. gave

C. took

D. put

10. A. think

B. leave

C. stand  

D. speak

11. A. always

B. even

C. quickly

D. never

12. A. found  

B. played

C. knew

D. threw

13. A. whether

B. when

C. where

D. why

14. A. afraid

B. surprised

C. worried

D. unhappy

15. A. pictures

B. exercises

C. shops

D. reports

16. A. top

B. end

C. back

D. side

17. A. so

B. and

C. or

D. however

18. A. learnt

B. remembered

C. understood

D. guessed

19. A. doctor

B. child

C. student

D. teacher

20. A. read

B. work

C. teach

D. show


. 阅读理解 (13小题;每小题3,满分39) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项。


Once there was a man who had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was good-looking but the girl was not.

One day they found a mirror for the first time and they saw what they looked like. The boy was very pleased and he said to his sister, "How handsome I am! I look much nicer than you!"

The girl did not like what her brother said and gave him a hard push.
"Go away!" she said.

Their father saw what was happening. He went up to them and said to the boy,
"You must always BE good as well as LOOK good. "

Then to the girl he said, "My dear, if you help everyone and do your best to please him, everyone will love you. It does not matter that you are not as good-looking as your brother. "

21. Once a man had ____.
A. a good-looking boy                                        B. an ugly girl

C. two good-looking children                              D. a boy and a girl
22. The boy saw what he looked like in the mirror and was pleased because he ____.
    A. found a mirror                                                B. knew he looked as nice as his sister
    C. and his sister were good-looking                    D. was handsome
23. The girl gave the boy a hard push because ____.
    A. she was stronger                                            B. what he said was wrong
    C. she was not pleased with what he said          D. her father loved her
24. Father told the girl that ____.
    A. it was important to be good-looking              B. it was a good thing to be ugly

C. if she did her best to help people, she would enjoy people's love
    D. she was as good-looking as her brother
25. What can we learn from this story?
    A. To be good to people is more important than to be good-looking.
    B. To be good-looking is very important.
    C. If you want to make yourself good-looking, you must be good to people.
    D. If you often help people, you will become more and more beautiful.


I’m Adam Gun from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m in a good school. And at the age of 15, in my first year of high school. I’m a great fan of tennis and cycling. I play tennis twice a week for two hours each time. Sometimes I want to play more, but I just keep playing for hours on end, never getting tired of doing it. This is one of the rare things I love in my life, in addition to cycling.

Like tennis, I find that I’m able to ride for ever and ever. Since Istanbul is made up of large and small hills, it’s a nice challenge to ride my bike every day. Although there aren’t many cycling places in Istanbul, I’m lucky enough to live near the biggest park. It’s downhill from my house to the park and I enjoy cycling up as much as floating down, because it’s challenging.

Now I have been thinking about being a lawyer and following my father’s footsteps, but I just don’t think I’m into it. I have heard people tell me over and over again: If you want to be happy with your life, you need to like and enjoy your job. Well, I’m not sure about the fact that I will enjoy being a lawyer when I grow up. I’m just not the type of person who sits down and studies for hours. So I just need opinions on whether to become a tennis player(hopefully), to become a cyclist(hopefully) or to become a lawyer.

26 We can know that Adam Gun is satisfied with ______.

   A. his friends                                                                  B. his choice to be a lawyer

   C. his school                             D. his favorite tennis star    

27. According to the passage, Adam Gun believes that cycling in Istanbul______.

   A. need skills                                                                  B. needs good preparation

   C. is easy but boring                                             D. is difficult but challenging

28. What does the underlined part in the last paragraph mean?

   A. I’m able to do it.                                              B. I hate to do it.

   C. I’m confident about it.                                               D. I’m interested in it.   

29 What’s Adam Gun’s problem?

   A. He isn’t certain about his future career.          B. He has no enough time to practise tennis.

   C. His dad disagrees with his career choice.         D. He can’t concentrate on his study for hours.

30. Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage?

   A. His father is a lawyer.                                      B. He likes drawing and singing besides doing sports.

   C. Istanbul is a city with a number of hills.                   D. Of the sports he likes cycling best. 


Three wishes

A man and his wife were very poor. They kept hoping for new clothes and good food. The man enjoyed eating, and he especially liked cakes. One night an old woman came to their house and told them she would let them have three wishes. They could wish for anything they wanted.

  The man had just finished eating a piece of bread for his dinner, but he was still hungry. He said, “I wish I had a big cake!”

  Suddenly a cake appeared on his plate.

  “You fool!” His wife cried. “You could have wished for a house full of wonderful food, but you wished for a cake. I wish that cake was on the end of your foolish nose! ”

  Immediately the cake stuck to the end of his nose.

  Then the man and his wife started blaming each other. “It’s your fault!” she man cried. “No, it’s your fault!” she answered. What could they do? The cake was still stuck to the husband’s nose.

  “Oh!” the wife cried. “I wish none of this had ever happened!”

  Immediately the cake was gone, and the man was saying, “I’m still hungry. How I wish I had some cakes! ”

But of course nothing happened.

31. The man quarreled with his wife because ___.

A. he always enjoyed eating          

B. his wife hoped that he asked for a house

C. the cake stuck to the end of his nose according to his wife’s wish.

D. he didn’t want anything except cakes

32. The wrong statement of the following is ___.

A. the man made his wishes before dinner

B. the wife made two wishes, which worked

C. the wife wanted her husband to wish for more than a big cake

D. the man wished that the cake were not on his nose

33. Why did the old woman not satisfy the man’s wish when he said he was still hungry and wanted some cakes?

A. Because the old lady was angry with them        B. Because this was the fourth wish.

C. Because the man had made this wish before.       D. Because the cake had been gone.

. 短文改错 (每处1,10分)


增加: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出改加的词。

删除: 把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。

修改: 在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。

注意: 1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;


  I went down to my friend Tom's farm in last August to helping him. August is the busiest time of the year for farmers, so it is then which they have to cut the corn. It is also the time of me to spend my holiday, so I decided  to do something that is useful and at the  same time quite different from my work at the office in London. Lucky the weather was fine while my two weeks in the farm. I enjoyed myself and I learned lot there.


班级          姓名          编号       










































































完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练   3

. 完形填空 (20小题;每小题2.5,满分50)


I like to be near water—sea, lake or river. That is probably because I was born in a village  1  the sea, and have lived  2   life close to water of some   3  . When I am in some place   4 

is far from lake, river and sea, I am restless and always   5  that there is something   6 , though it is sometimes hard to  7  what it is.

    Of course, the sports I like are   8  which need water — sailing, rowing and swimming. It is   9  to swim in a small swimmingpool,  10  rowing and sailing are impossible without a lot of water. Rowing is best on a river, and sailing on the sea or a big lake, but one can  11   some sailing on a river, and one can certainly row on a lake or the sea when the  12   is good.

    Of the three sports — swimming, rowing and sailing, I like rowing   13 , because it is the  14   to continue during the winter, when the water is too cold for swimming and the sea is too rough for sailing.  15  on the coldest day one can row 16  ice on the water, or thick fog stops one. Sometimes it is so cold when I go   17  that drops of water  18  . In such weather, it is not very  19  to swimone can’t stay in the water longhowever, when one is rowing, one gets   20  the longer one goes on.

1 A. by

B. on

C. in 

D. far from

2. A. my most 

B. most of my

C. my most of

D. most my

3. A. good

B. kind

C. place

D. land

4. A. there    

B. which

C. where

D. this

5. A. know

B. find

C. feel

D. want

6. A. missed

B. missing

C. which is missed

D. nice

7. A. make

B. see

C. do

D. say

8. A. few  

B. some

C. many

D. those

9. A. able

B. easy

C. possible

D. impossible

10. A. but

B. and

C. however

D. or

11. A. have

B. get 

C. make

D. do

12. A. sky

B. weather

C. day

D. water

13. A. better

B. more

C. best 

D. least

14. A. most interesting

B. coldest

C. hardest

D. easiest

15. A. Even

B. Ever

C. But

D. Only

16. A. not

B. only 

C. it is hardly

D. not only

17. A. to rowing

B. on rowing

C. out rowing

D. on to row

18. A. freeze

B. wind

C. turn warm

D. get cool

19. A. glad

B. pleased 

C. pleasure

D. pleasant

20. A. warmer

B. happier

C. cooler

D. colder

. 阅读理解 (13小题;每小题3,满分39) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项。



Tel:  2706630       

Add: 9020 Bridgeport Road

Open: Mon. to Fri. 7:00a.m2:30p.m.  


 Sat. 7:00a.m11:00a.m.   


 Sun. 11:00a.m.2:00p.m.  



Tel: 2785161

Add: 3031 No.3 Road

( at Sea Island Way)

The Hangar Den: Wed. to Sun. Lunch from 10:30a.m.

Coffee Shop: Mon.Fri. 6:00a.m.

Sat. 6:00a.m.

Sun. 7:00a.m.

   Mon.Wed. to 10:00p.m.

ThursSun. to 11:00p.m.


Tel:  3562367      

Add:  5300 No.3 Road

Open: Mon. Tues. Sat. 9:30a.m.5:30p.m.

          Wed. Thurs. Fri. 9:30a.m.9:30p.m.

          Sun. 11:00a.m.5:00p.m.


Tel:  364431

Add: Vanier Park, 1100 Chestnut St.

Open: Mon. to Fri. 9:00a.m.5:00p.m.

    Sat. 9:00a.m.1:00p.m.

(Monday free)

21. If you want to go out for lunch on Tuesday you can call up the number      .

A. 2706630                          B. 7364431                       C. 3562367                       D. 2785161

22. You do not have to pay on Monday if you go to      .

       A. Skyline Hotel                                                           B. Lansdowne Park Shopping Center                        

C. New York Museum                                               D. Garden Restaurant

23. Suppose you want to enjoy yourself on Sunday mornings, you can go to      .

         A. 5300 No.3 Road                                                     B. Vanier Park, 1100 Chestnut St.

         C. 9020 Bridgeport Road                                            D. 3031 No.3 Road

24. What can you do after 9:30p.m. on Sunday?

         A. Visit New York Museum.                                      B. Do some shopping in Lansdowne Park shopping Center

C. Go to Garden Restaurant                                      D. Go to the Coffee Shop of Skyline Hotel

25. According to the ad, which of the following is TRUE?

   A. At 6:00 am every day coffee is served at SKYLINE HOTEL.

   B. You can have supper every day at GARDEN RESTAURANT

C. Tel 2785161 can give you some information about shopping.

D. NEW YORK MUSEUM is open from Monday to Sunday.  


  The police do many things for us. They help keep our things and us safe. They help keep cars moving safely. They take care of people who are hurt. Then they see these people get to a doctor.
  The police go around town to see that everything is all right. They get around town in many ways. Some of them walk or go by car. In some big cities, some of the police ride on horses. It is strange to see these animals in the street.
  As they go around town, the police help people. Sometimes they find lost children. They take the children home. If the police see a fight, they put an end to it right away. Sometimes people will ask the police how to get to a place in town. The police can always tell the people which way to go. They know all the streets and roads well.
  Some police stand at crossings. They tell the cars when to go and when to stop. They make sure that the cars do not go too fast. They help children cross the street. They also help people who can't walk too well.
  Without the police, our streets would not be safe. Cars might go too fast and hurt people. Lost people might never be found. The police do a good job. We need them. And we should thank them for a job well done.

26. The police do many things for us. They help keep our things and us _____.

A. warm                 B. clean                         C. quiet               D. safe

27. How do some of the police get around in some big cities?

A. By taxi.              B. On horses.               C. By bus.           D. On bikes.

28. In the text, “put an end to” means “____”.          

A. stop                            B. cut                            C. kill                  D. fly

29. The text is mainly talking about the _____ of the police.

A. life                     B. road                          C. job                  D. day


Most friendships die a nature death: people move, change jobs, or start different stages of life. Other friendships, however, end unexpectedly.  When a friendship is over and you don’t understand why, it can be especially painful. Sometimes a friend ends your relationship without telling you why.

The loss of friendship might be worth reflecting on. Knowing when a friendship is over and why it ends may help you build stronger friendships in the future.

●See if you can find a problem.

When a friendship is over, examine your relationship. Perhaps you remember your friend complaining that you’re always late. Maybe you seldom return your friend’s phone calls. When a friend ends your relationship, try to find out the reasons why the friendship is over.

●Writer a letter to your friend.

Express you feelings about the friendship. Do you miss seeing them? Do you have any regrets? Would you act differently if you were still friends? Make it an honest communication.

●Express you feeling of being hurt or anger.

Write or talk about how you feel in a letter. When a friendship is over, it’s important to communicate exactly how hurt you feel, and why. Write until you have nothing left to say. When a friend ends your relationship, you do have the right to express yourself.

●Communicate that you are open to pick up the friendship.

When a friendship is over and you want to reconnect some day, send Christmas, or birthday cards. Say hi and send greetings through mutual(共有的) friends. When a friendship is over, don’t give up until you’re ready.

●Decide to make your present friendships better.

An adviser once told me that simply talking about your relationship strengthens your relationship. Talk to your present friends. Are they happy with your friendship? If a friend ends your relationship, learn something from it.

30.The underlined phrase “reflecting on” in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to      .

A. thinking about   B. giving up         C. keeping on               D. getting angry

31.What can we know from “See if you can find a problem.”?

A. You are always late when you and your friend plan to go out.

B. You often refuse to answer your friend’s phone calls.

C. Your friend is fond of complaining all the time.   D. Perhaps your friendship is over because of your problem.

32. When a friendship is over, you may do all the following EXCEPT      .

A. write a letter to your friend to tell your regrets    B. talk about how you feel about your friendship

C. ask your friends whose fault on earth it is       D. send your greetings to your friend before giving up

33. The purpose of this passage is to       .

A. explain why you lose a friendship   B. suggest what to do when a friendship is over

C. tell you when a friendship is over    D. advise how to end a friendship

. 七选五5小题;每小题2,满分10


    How to keep healthy? It’s easy for us to catch a cold in winter and spring because the weather changes a lot in spring and it is too cold in winter. But if we take care in our life, all of us can keep healthy without any cold.

    34   . This will stop germs(细菌,病毒) passing from one person to another. When you finish your work or before you eat, you’d better wash your hands.

    35    . Use a tissue(纸巾), and then throw it into dustbins at once. When others around you are coughing, I advise you to turn your head away from the people so that their viruses won’t reach you.

  Get more fresh air. Germs like staying around in dry and warm rooms.    36    . Don’t stay too long in the places with too many people.

   If flu is going round house or school, you should try to stay away from those who are ill.    37  

    Boil your toothbrush for about a minute. This kills germs .   38     . If you have used the toothbrush for three months or so, throw it away and buy a new one.

A.      Have a shower everyday

B.       Wash your hands often

C.       Don’t use your hands when coughing   

D.      Don’t go out often when you are coughing

E.       Besides, don’t use the same toothbrush too long

F.       In this way, you won’t be infected by these people

G.      So you’d better stay in the places with more fresh air

班级          姓名          编号       


















































































完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练  4

. 完形填空 (20小题;每小题2.5,满分50)


In the middle of the night, Peter's wife suddenly fell ill. She couldn’t help crying, “Oh, my stomach ()! Get the  1   !”

   Peter, awaking from a deep sleep, thought his wife was only having a   2   dream.

   “Stop that noise. ” he said to her. He turned over and tried to go to   3   again, but his wife still cried out, “Oh, help! Help! I'm sure I'm   4   !”

   Peter got out of bed and started   5  ,but he could not find him any clothes.

   “Where is my shirt?” he asked. His wife was   6   ill to tell him, and she could only cry, “Oh, my   7   stomach!”

   As soon as he had put his clothes   8   , he said, “Now, my dear, are you quite   9  that you need the doctor? Surely you can wait   10   morning, can't you?”

   “No, I can't. Go, go, go. ” his wife shouted,“   11   you will find me dead  12  the morning. ”

   So Peter went out into the dark street. He had only gone a few meters  13  he heard his wife calling him again.

   “I'm  14  again now, and I shall not want the doctor. ” she said softly.

   Hearing this, he started running as  15  as he could towards the doctor's. When he arrived there, he knocked at the door loudly enough to wake  16  around.

   The doctor put his sleepy head out of the bedroom window and said, “Er? Who's there?”

   “Oh, Doctor.” Peter said to him, “I've very  17  news for you. My wife  18  ill with a terrible stomachache. I was on my way to bring you to her, but she called me back to say the trouble had suddenly  19  her. So you need not come. Go back to  20  now, and sleep well!”

1. A. driver

B. nurse

C. doctor

D. child

2. A. terrible

B. interesting

C. surprising

D. wonderful

3. A. bed

B. sleep

C. dream

D. hospital

4. A. walking

B. dying

C. aching

D. sleeping

5. A. dressing

B. wearing

C. raising

D. working

6. A. very

B. so

C. too

D. quite

7. A. good

B. bad

C. wrong 

D. poor

8. A. down

B. off

C. on 

D. up

9. A. surprised

B. afraid

C. certain

D. worried

10. A. before

B. for

C. to

D. until

11. A. And

B. But

C. So

D. Or

12. A. after

B. in

C. before

D. until

13. A. after

B. when

C. before

D. while

14. A. good 

B. wrong

C. all right

D. right

15. A. fast 

B. slowly

C. hurriedly

D. happily

16. A. everyone

B. someone

C. no one 

D. doctors

17. A. good

B. bad

C. necessary

D. ill

18. A. fell

B. stayed

C. grew

D. failed

19. A. gone

B. missed

C. disappeared

D. left

20. A. your home

B. your bedroom 

C. your dream

D. bed


. 阅读理解 (13小题; 每小题3, 满分39)  阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项。


    I have been in England three months now. I hope you don’t think I’ve forgotten you. There have been so many places to see and so many things to do that I’ve not had much time for writing letters.

    I  shall  soon  be  starting  my  studies  at  King’s College. So far I’ve been learning about England and British ways of living. I won’t tell you about London. There are lots of books you can read and lots of pictures you can look at about this famous city. I’m sure you’ll be more interested to know what I think about life here.

    I find some of the customs(风俗) interesting. People here do not shake hands as much as we do in the mainland(大陆)of Europe. During the first few weeks I was often surprised because people did not put out their hands when I met them. Men raise their hats to women but not to each other.

21. The writer came to London from        .

A. Asia       B. the mainland of Europe      C. America      D. Africa

22. The writer did not write the letter earlier because       .

A. she had forgotten her friend    B. she was lonely and sad in this strange land

C. she was too busy to write       D. she was too busy with her courses at King’s College

23. How does the writer feel about British ways of living

A. Happy.         B. Angry.        C. Sad.       D. Interesting.

24. The writer came to London      .

A. to make a living                              B. to study

C. to learn British ways of living                 D. for sightseeing only

25. Englishmen       .                                    

 A. do not often shake hands with friends when they meet   B. often shake hands when they meet with friends

C. raise their hats to all friends when they meet     D. do not raise their hats to any of their friends when they meet 


    A young father was visiting an old neighbor. They were standing in the old man’s garden, and talking about children. The young man said, “How strict should parents be with their children

    The old man pointed to a string(绳子)between a big strong tree and a thin young one. “Please untie(解开)that string,” he said. The young man untied it, and the young tree bent (弯)over to one side. “Now tie it again, please,” said the old man, “but first pull the string tight so that the young tree is straight again.”

    The young man did so. Then the old man said, “There, it is the same with children. You must be strict with them, but sometimes you must untie the string to know how they are getting on. If they are not yet able to stand alone, you must tie the string tight again. But when you find that they are ready to stand alone, you can take the string away.”

26.The story is about       .

 A. how to take care of young trees 

 B. how strict parents should be with their children

C. how the young father should get on with his old neighbor

 D. how to tie and untie the string

27.The young man untied the string       .

 A. in order to throw it away                   B. so that both of the trees would grow straight

C. only to find that the thinner one bent over to one side   D. in order to let the old man teach him

28.When can the string be taken away       .

A. When the old man has left                  B. After you have untied it

C. When the young man has untied it next time   D. When the young tree grows strong enough

29.At last the old man told the young man       .

 A. that he should be strict with his children if they could not yet stand alone

B. that he should always be strict with his children

C. that he should be hard on them

D. that he should tie his children until they are ready to stand alone

30.In the story the relation(关系) of the big strong tree to the thin one is like

    that of       .

A. the young father to the old neighbor                B. parents to their children

C. the old neighbor to the children of the young father   D. grown-ups to their parents


English is English nowadays is widely used in science, business, the media and popular culture. For example, 80% of e-mails on the internet are in English. But where will English be at the end of the 21st century?

     One view is that going to become even more important as a global language, being most widely used in trade and media while some other languages will become less important or just disappear. Another view is that English is already breaking up into several separate languages. There are already dictionaries of the “New Englishes”, such as Australian English, full of words that a British English speaker would not recognize.

      Hopefully, neither of these things will happen. Although different varieties of English will continue to develop around the world, standard English will survive for international       communication. However, it is impossible for one language to totally control the world. Already, other languages are fighting back against the control of English on the net. Governments around the world are also starting to protect smaller languages and recognize the importance of keeping a variety of cultures and languages. English will probably stay in control for a long time, but it certainly won’t become the only language in the world.

31. According to the situation, how many people do you think speak English now?

A. 200 million     B. 300 million    C. 500 million    D. a billion

32. At present, what is the most important language in the world?

   A. Chinese        B. English       C. French        D. German    

33. What is the best title of the passage?

 A. The Change of English           B. Different Varieties of English  

    C. The Future of English             D. The Cause of English Change   

. 短文改错每处1,10


增加: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出改加的词。

删除: 把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。

修改: 在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。

注意: 1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;


Mrs. Jackson is very old woman. She had a very small room in an old house. She has lived there in 1984.That was the year when her husband death. He had been ill for many year. After his death Mrs. Jackson had not some money at all. She found out work in a factory. Her job was to clean the offices. She had get up at six in the morning. Last year she was ill and her doctor said, “Not work so hard.”   


班级          姓名          编号       










































































完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练 1 参考答案

Keys:1-5BAADB  6-10BABBA 11-15CDABB 16-20ABAAD  2125CDDCA  

2629BDAD  3033DCDB

34.E【解析】前两段是并列关系,第二段以“Other people believe that…”开头,呼应此处,故选择E “Some people try to get it by making money”

35.C【解析】前一句告诉我们另外一些人认为如果他们知识渊博,他们就找到了自己想要的东西”,本题是他们这种看法的结果,为了这个目标,他们会“They study all their life in search of it”,故选C


37.F【解析】下文提示“what will make one man happy may not make another man happy.”,所以本题选择F “It does not mean the same to all men.”


完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练 2 参考答案

15 AADCB  610 CCADD   1115 DCCBD   1620 ABABA    2125.DDCCA

 2630.CDDAB    3133.CAB


  I went down to my friend Tom's farm in last August to helping him. August is the busiest 
去掉            hear

time of the year for farmers, so it is then which they have to cut the corn. It is also the  time of

                      because      that                                    for

me to spend my holiday, so I decided  to do something that is useful and at the  same time

quite different from my work at the office in London. Lucky the weather was fine while my

Luckily                during

two weeks in the farm. I enjoyed myself and I learnedlot there.

        on                                 a

完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练 3 参考答案


15 ABBBC  610 BDDCA  1115 DBCDA  1620 BCADA    2125. ACDDB 

  26.D,根据第一段,They help keep our things and us safe.“警察可以保障我们安全”,因此选safe
  27.B, Some of them walk or go by car. In some big cities, some of the police ride on horses.在一些大城市里面,警察是骑马的,因此选B
  28.A,文中划线部分If the police see a fight, they put an end to it right away.根据句意可以理解为stop
  29.C,本题是总结全文的main idea,总揽全文,可以知道是在说警察的职责,因此选job




33. 答案B。主旨大意题。文章主要是针对“友谊破裂”后如何做提出了几条建议。


完形填空 阅读理解 高效训练 4 参考答案


   1. C. 生了病自然是去请医生。

   2. A. 妻子睡觉时突然大叫,丈夫以为她只是做了个恶梦。

   3. B. 他翻了个身又想睡了。go to sleep意为入睡”,go to bed意为去睡觉

   4. B. 妻子感觉病得很重以致于快死了。

   5. A. 这里肯定是穿衣且强调动作,所以用dress

   6. C. 从下文可以得知妻子没有告诉他,因为她病得太厉害了。

   7. D. poor 在这里解释为可怜的,不幸的”,其他三个选项均不符题意。

   8. C. 这里是穿上衣服,故选put. . . on

   9. C. 丈夫想确定一下妻子是否真的需要请医生。

   10. D. 根据句意是等到早上

   11. D. 妻子让丈夫赶快去,否则到了早上他会发现她已经死了。

   12. B. 在早上是in the morning

   13. B. 他刚走了几米,这时他听到他的妻子又喊他。when 表示就在这个时候

   14. C. 下文说不用请医生了,说明她感觉好了。

   15. A. as fast as he could意为尽可能快地

   16. A. 敲门如此之响以致于能吵醒附近的每一个人。

   17. A. 从下文得知医生不用半夜出诊了,他认为这对医生来说是个好消息。

   18. A. 从文章开头能看出答案。fall ill 意为生病

   19. D. 后来病痛突然就没了。

   20. D. 既然不用去给他妻子看病,丈夫就让医生回去睡觉。

   2125. BCDBA   2630.BCDAB    3133.DBC

Mrs. Jackson isvery old woman. She had a very small room in an old house. She has lived

               a                  has

there in 1984. That was the year when her husband death. He had been ill for many year.

since                                  died                      years

After his death Mrs. Jackson had not some money at all. She found out work in a factory.

any                     去掉

Her job was to clean the offices. She hadget up at six in the morning. Last year she is ill

                                 to                                 was

and her doctor said,“ Not work so hard.”  








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