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  Are you courageous enough to attain that goal that you set? Do you have the confidence to go after it? If you can make up your mind, muster all your strength and be charged up internally with determination and go after that specific, measurable, attainable, seemingly unrealistic, time - bound goal, you will get it with the help of GOD. I say this because many people leave to chance everything pertaining to their dreams and are too timid to transform. They suffer from cowardice, therefore they cannot confront with confidence that thing which has dogged their lives and guaranteed them defeat in every venture they undertake. I have made it my life - pursuit to tell you that you can; to inspire you to aspire; to never allow any man or woman to tell you that you cannot do it. I lay down and share eight quotes which you can use to encourage yourself every time you think the task is too great.
        你有足够的胆量来实现你所制定的目标吗?你有信心追求它吗?如果你下定决心,集中力量并且全力以赴的追求这个特殊的、重要的、可达到的、表面看来不现实的、时间紧迫的目标,在上帝的帮助下,你一定能达到目标。我这样说是因为很多人在实现他们梦想的时候只是盲从于命运的安排,而且他们过于胆小而不能完成转变的过程。他们遭受着胆小的折磨,因此他们不能面对像自信这样的东西---这些使他们的生命顽强并且帮助他们战胜生命中所经历的每一次冒险的东西。我已经把握住了我的生活 –- 告诉自己你可以;鼓励自己的追求;绝对不允许任何人告诉你自己你做不到。我制定并且分享了八种方法,当你认为任务过于艰巨的时候,你可以以此来鼓励自己。


1. I have left all my limitations outside the door because in this great hall of achievement they are not required neither will they be necessary.

2. I walk with confidence like someone on a grand stage performing a well - rehearsed and choreographed routine. I am confident that I will succeed just like a tight rope - walker who doesn't have a "plan B" once he has set out on walking on that rope. Looking back is not an option.


3. I am courageous enough to put my head on the line boldly taking calculated risks and apply myself to the task at hand because I know that the battle is not mine but it belongs to the Lord.
3. 我有足够的勇气将自己置身于危险中,大胆地承担预期风险同时将自己置于即将到来的任务中,因为我知道斗争不属于我,而是属于上帝。

4. Having reconciled with the fact that the past has no power and today is the only day I have, I am strong, powerful enough to create the future and delight in its coming and tackle challenges. I am confident that my redeemer who lives is walking with me beside me, day by day.
4. 学会与现实和解,过去的已经成为过去,今天才是我唯一拥有的。我很坚强并且足够强大能够在在即将到来并且可以抓住的挑战中创造未来和快乐。我很自信我的救世主正日日伴随在我身边。


5. I am a great original scripted from above, who existed in the mind of God way before I was formed in my mother's womb. The long - awaited time for me to debut my greatness and deposit what I have been assigned to do by my master has come.

6. I realize that one's life can be summed up in a dash between the year of death and the year of birth. Look at any tombstone and you will see what I mean. A man's life summed up in a dash. I endeavor to leave a legacy behind that is intact, glorifies God and inspires mankind.


7. I enjoy everyday life knowing that I am blessed and highly favored, above and not below, the head and not the tail. Every single day I see the unfolding of that divine plan, favor and blessing.

8. I embrace new and existing relationships, realizing that God in His wisdom has assigned, pastors, people, princes in palaces to help me further His cause as I occupy until He comes.
8. 我意识到神以其聪明才智,已经委派了牧师、人类和宫殿中的王子在他的宫殿中来帮助我促进他的事业直至他来临,因此,我信奉每一种新的现存的关系。




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