Trudge / 必修5 / 高考英语核心语法系列训练——虚拟语气

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2011-08-14  Trudge



1Were it not for the snowy weather, we _____ all right.

A. would be     B. would have been     C. were     D. may be    

2. _______ more careful, his ship would not have sunk.

A. If the captain were       B. Had the captain been  

C. Should the captain be   D. If the captain would have been

3. If he ______ me tomorrow, I would let him know.

A. should call        B. should not have been able   C. were not able     D. are not able

4. If you asked your father, you ______ permission.

A. may get     B. might get     C. should have called     D. maybe get

5. _____ today, he would get there by Friday.

A. Would he leave     B. Was he leaving     C. Were he to leave     D. If he leaves

6. ______I you, I would go with him to the party.

A. Was     B. Had been    C. Will be     D. Were

7.The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, ______all practical value by the time they were    finished.

A. could lose       B. would have lost       C. might lose     D. ought to have lost

8. Had Paul received six more votes in the last election, he _____ our chairman now.

A. must have been     B. would have been     C. were       D. would be

9. If you ____ Jerry Brown until recently, you’d think the photograph on the right was strange.

A. shouldn’t contact     B. didn’t contact     C. weren’t to contact     D. hadn’t contacted

10.  ____ the English examination I would have gone to the concert last Sunday

A. In spite of       B. But for       C. Because of       D. As for

11. Look at the terrible situation I am in! If only I ____ your advice

A. follow     B. would follow     C. had followed     D. have followed

12. If the horse won today, it ____ thirty races in five years.

A. would have won     B. won     C. must have won     D. did have won

13. There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened, _______a sudden loud noise.

A. being there     B. should there be       C. there was     D. there having been  

14. The board deemed it urgent that these files _____ right away.

A. had to be printed       B. should have been printed   

C. must be printed         D. should be printed

15. Jean Wagner’s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that it _____ in a religious, as well as worldly, frame of reference.

A. is to be analyzed     B. has been analyzed    

C. be analyzed        D. should have been analyzed

16. I would have gone to visit him in the hospital had it been at all possible, but I _______ fully occupied the whole of last  week.

A. were     B. had been     C. have been     D. was

17 I apologize if I ____ you, but I assure you it was unintentional.

A. offend     B. had offended     C. should have offended     D. might have offended

18. If you hadn’t taken such a long time to get dressed, we’d _____ there by now.

A. be     B. circles     C. is circling     D. be circling

19. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so it seems as if the sun ________round the earth.

A. were circling     B. circles     C. is circling     D. be circling

20. I wish that I ______ with you last night.

A. went     B. have gone     C. could go     D. could have gone    

21. I wish I  _____ with her.

A. would be     B. am     C. was     D. were

22. I wish that I _______ the concert last night.

A. could     B. have attended     C. could have attended     D. attended

23. The picture exhibition bored me to death. I wish I  _____ to it.

A. had not gone     B. have not gone     C. did not go     D. can not have gone

24. “I wish you ____ me to put these things away,” he said.

A. will help     B. help     C. are helping     D. would help

25. If the Watergate Incident ____ Nixon would not have resigned from the presidency.

A. did not occur     B. had not occurred     C. was not occurring     D. be circling

26. I hadn’t expected James to apologize but I had hoped ______.

A. him calling me   B. that he would call me     C. him to call me     D. that he call me

27. George would certainly have attended the proceedings _____.

A. if he didn’t get a flat tire         B. if the flat tire hadn’t happened

C. had he not had a flat tire         D. had the tire not flattened itself

28. The teacher suggested that her students  _____ experiences with ESP.

A. write a composition on their                 B. to write composition about the

C. wrote some compositions of his or her     D. had written any compositions for his

29. He speaks Chinese as fluently as if he ______a Chinese.

A. were     B. had been     C. is     D. has been

30. As usual, he put on a show as though his trip _____ a great success.

A. had been     B. has been       C. were     D. was

31. Looking round the town, he felt as though he ____ away for ages.

A. has been     B. was     C. is     D. had been

32. John is so strongly built that he looks as if he _____ as elephant.

A. lifts     B. is lifting     C. lifted     D. could lift

33. He described the town as if he _____ it himself.

A. had seen     B. has seen     C. saw     D. sees

34. At that thought he shook himself, as though he ____  from an evil dream.

A. woke     B. wakes     C. would wake     D. had woke

35. Most insurance agents would rather you ___ anything about collecting claims until  they investigate the situation.

A. do     B. don’t     C. didn’t     D. didn’t do

36. Although most adopted persons want the right to know who their natural parents are, some who have found them wish that they_____ the experience of meeting.

A. hadn’t     B. didn’t have had     C. hadn’t had     D. hadn’t have

37. It is important that the TOEFL office ____ your registration.

A. will confirm     B. confirm       C. confirms       D. must confirm

38. Without electronic computers, much of today’s advanced technology _____.

A. will not have been achieved       B. have not been achieved

C. would not have been achieved     D. had not been achieved

39. He told her to return the book in time so that others  ____ a chance to read it .

A. may have     B. will have       C. would have     D. might have

40. It is time that the government ____ measures to protect the rare birds and animals.

A. takes     B. took     C. has taken     D. taking

41. Some people are too particular about school records, insisting that every applicant ______all diplomas from elementary school to university.  

A. has     B. will have     C. should have     D. must have

42. He was very busy yesterday, otherwise he _____ to the meeting.

A. would come       B. came       C. would have come     D. had come

43. I must say he reads very well, and I shouldn’t be surprised if he ____ acting for a living one day.

A. had taken up     B. takes up     C. have taken up     D. would have taken up

44. If I had seen the movie, I ___ you all about it now.

A. would tell     B. will tell     C. have told     D. would have told

45. I hadn’t expected Henry to apologize but I had hoped ____ .

A. him t call me up             B. him calling me up      

C. that he would call me up       D. that he will call me

46. I had hoped that John ______a year in Africa, but he stayed there only for three months.

A. spends     B. spent     C. would spend     D. will spend

47. I had hoped that Jennifer ____ a doctor, but she wasn’t good enough at science.

A. will become     B. became     C. would become     D. becomes

48. I’d rather you  ____ anything about it for the time being.

A. do     B. didn’t do     C. don’t     D. didn’t    

49. I’d just as soon_______ rudely to her.

A. that you won’t speak     B. you not speaking     C. you not speak      D. you didn’t speak

50. It’s high time they ____ this road.

A. mend     B. mended     C. must have mended     D. will mend









   7B.这个句子中含有一个省略if,把助动词提前到主语they之前的虚拟条件句,该条件句表示对过去情况的假设,而主句中by the time they were finished 表明主句也应该是对过去发生的情况的假设,因而应该选(Bwould    have lost为正确答案。

   8D这道题目是一个混合虚拟语气的句子。条件句省略了if,把助词had提前到主语前面,表示对过去情况的假设,而主句中now表明了对现在情况的假设,所以应选would(should, could, might)+动词原形这种表达形式。四个选项中只有(D)是正确表达形式,故为正确答案。

   9D until recently,因此(D)是正确答案,而主句是隐含的对现在情况的假设,该句是一个混合虚拟条件句。

   10B 假设的情况有时不是用一个条件句表示,而是隐含在一个由介词如but forbut thatwithout, 由连词but、副词otherwise 、比较级、形容词、独立主格等表示的上下文中。本句主句表示对过去情况的假设,但事实上由于英语考试而没有去成,即若不是因为英语考试,我本可以去听音乐会,所以应选But for为正确答案。

   11C 题目中的第一句话表示的是现在真实的情况,而第二句话中所要表达的是应该做但事实上没有做的事,这种情况导致第一句话中真实情况的发生,故If only条件句假设的是过去一种情况,因此应该用had +过去分词,所以正确答案是(C)。



   14D it是形式宾语,urgent是宾语补足语,that引导的从句是真正的宾语从句,该从句的内容被认为是urgent(急迫的),这样从句的谓语动词要求用虚拟语气形式,即should(可以省略)+动词原形。因此,本题正确答案是(D)。

   15C 在表示要求、愿望、建议、请求、命令等含义的名词同位语从句中,从句谓语动词要用虚拟语气形式,即     should(可以省略)+动词原形。


   17B此题要求在if从句中选择适当的动词形式,以主句中的动词apologize(抱歉)来看,if从句中表达的内容应该是过去做的事,因此可以排除(A),因为(A)是现在时。(C)中should+have+过去分词结构表示本来应该做却没有做的事,在此不合题意。(D)选项中的might+have+过去分词表示对过去发生的事情很不肯定的猜测,它表达的内容还不能成为事实,所以藉此道歉真是不知从何说起,因此此处也不合题意。(Bhad offended表示当时已经发生了的动作。这是复杂条件句:apologize 是现在,而条件句是表示对过去假设的条件句。


   19A as if引导的从句要求用虚拟语气,表示同时或将来的情况,动词要用过去式(be动词用were)或would(could)+动词原形,本句话中指的是当时的情况,所以要用过去式,故(A)是正确答案。

   20D 21D 22C 23A 24D

   25B  had not occurred表示对过去的虚拟,条件句中要用过去完成式,主句中要用should(would, could, might)+动词原形的过去分词。

   26B had hoped是常见的要求其后的宾语从句用虚拟语气的句型,虚拟语气would+动词原形。

   27C 表示对过去情况的假设,主句动词形式为would(should, could, might)+have+过去分词,条件句为过去完成式,if可以省略,但要把had提前主语前面。(B),(D)的表达不符合英语表达习惯,所以(C)是正确答案。

   28A  suggest后面的从句要用虚拟语气形式,其形式为should(可以省略)+动词原形。


   30Aas though引导的与过去相反的虚拟。

   31Dfelt是过去式,所以该句是由as though引导的与过去相反的虚拟。

   32Das if引导的与现在事实相反的虚拟。

   33Aas if引导的与过去相反的虚拟。


   35D  would rather后接从句要求用虚拟语气,形式为过去式,表示对现在或将来的假设,或为过去完成式表示对过去的情况的假设。

   36C who引导的定语从句中的现在完成时表示动作业已发生,所以主句中表示的虚拟是针对已经发生了的行为,所以应该用过去完成式表示对过去的虚拟。


   38C 这是一人含蓄虚拟条件句,通过介词短语without,表示潜在的一种假设,而主句中的情况也早已经发生,所以是对过去情况的一种假设,因此用would not have been achieved这一形式。

   39D so that引导的从句中要求用虚拟语气,表示一种假设,形式为might+动词原形。

   40B It is time that是一种要求从句用虚拟语气的常见句型。虚拟语气形式为动词的过去式。


   42C otherwise用来表示一种含蓄的虚拟假设,因为是对过去(yesterday)的情况的假设,所以应该用would have come形式。

   43B 所给的四个选项中没有一个表示对未来的情况的虚拟的形式should+动词原形,或是were to do,因此可以断定if引导的条件句在这里最真实的条件句,用一般现在时表示一般将来时,故(B)是正确答案。

   44A 这是一个混合虚拟语气的句子,if条件句表示的是对过去情况的假设,而主句是对现在(now)的情况的假设,故用would tell形式。

   45C 46C 47C

   48Bwould rather引导的虚拟语气其谓语用过去式。

   49Dwould as soon引导的虚拟语气,其谓语动词也用过去式.



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