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Coke Cole is King 可口可乐称王

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Coke Cole is King 可口可乐称王 2004/05/14 18:46  视听英语Ladder AI杂志


Brilliant marketing has turned the sweet drink into the world’s most valuable brand





  In the 1970’s, Coke’s famous slogan was,“I’d like to buy the world a Coke.”They needn’t have bothered: the world was more than ready to buy its own.


  Every second, 7,000 people drink a Coke. The brand is recognized by 94% of the world’s population. If every Coke ever sold were lined up in a row, the line of bottles would stretch around the world nearly 12,000 times. Given this kind of success, it’s hard to believe that Coke started out as a medicine that sold barely nine bottles a day.


  Back in 1886, a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia cooked up a thick, sweet syrup made from coca leaves and kola nuts. He sold it for five cents a glass out of a neighboring soda fountain where someone had the bright idea of mixing it with carbonated water. A new name was created based on the two primary ingredients, and Coca-Cola was born.


  But the real value in Coca-Cola isn’t so much the product as the marketing. The sales know-how was supplied by Asa Candler, who bought the company for $2,300 when the founder died. Candler also turned Coke’s ingredients into one of the world’s biggest secrets: the exact makeup of the“7X”formula stayed secret until 1985 when the company finally let the cat out of the bag.


  Of course, it’s not easy being number one. Rivals like Pepsi accuse Coke of underhanded business practices, and soft drinks are seen as being a major cause of obesity. In recent years, the company has been paying schools for the right to place Coke machines on campus, expanding school budgets and students’waistlines.


  Still, things are looking sweet for Coke–with over $4 billion in revenue on sales of $21 billion in 2003, it is by far the largest soft drink maker in the world. Not bad for a little bottle of sugar water.





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