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2011-09-14  hn-violet

这个中秋没有月亮,就如夏天没有茉莉一般。所有的故事,所有的美丽都只能用心情去想象。There is no moonlight on this Mid-Autumn  night, like a summer without the jasmine bloom. All the stories and their merits are to be enjoyed and appreciated in the mind.

曾经那一年,自己远在他乡求学,幼小的孩子打来电话:因为妈妈不在身边,所以月亮不出来了,月饼也小了。那时候,一句话“月亮在心里”,孩子便破涕为笑了。Once in a year, while I was far away from home for my further study, my little young girl called and complained: the moon doesn’t come because mum isn’t home and even the moon cake shrinks. Never expected a comforting word “ the moon is in our hearts” just laughed her tears away---what a magic!

从此,自己一个人在路上的时候常常会不自觉地唱:天上有个月亮,心中也有个月亮。心中有个太阳是种灿烂的快乐。在漆黑的夜晚心中仍有个月亮在照耀,那会是种无言的温暖和希望。Since then, whenever I am alone on the road, I can’t but sing to myself: there is a moon in the sky, and one in my mind. keeping the sun in the heart may be kind of sunny happiness, while in the deep dark night, holding a moon in heart will arouse kind of wordless warmth and hope.


On this very special occasion, I would love to share with everybody my favorite lyrics of a very delicate little poem and wish everybody happy Mood Day. The forever Moon is in your heart.


At evening when I go to bed,

I see the stars shine over head;

They are the little daisies white

That dot the meadow of the night.

And often while I’m dreaming so

Across the sky the moon will go

It is a lady, sweet and fair

Who comes to gather daisies there

For when at morning I arise

There is not a star left in the skies.

She’s picked them all and dropped them down

Into the meadows of the town.

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