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2012-06-05  大安匠人


                   1.    Be Polite 有礼貌

Everyone should be polite. Polite people show good manners. Moreover

,they are popular. On the other hand, rude people are looked down upon. Rudeness shows poor education. Therefore, why not be polite? A simple “Please,” “Thank you,” or “You are welcome,” can make a big difference.

2. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day 聚沙成塔

Learning English is like building a house. Laying a strong foundation(n.地基 ) is the first and most important step. In other words, you should read and speak English every day. Memorizing new words and phrases in also helpful. Like building a house, learning English takes some time. So don’t be impatient(不耐烦的). Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

3.Just Do It 

Many people put off until tomorrow what they can do today. They always look for excuses to postpone(拖延)doing something .In the end, it never gets done. If we leave things undone, we will eventually(最后) worry. This will then cause unnecessary stress(压力0. Therefore, if you have this bad habit, it’s best to get rid of it and do things as soon as possible.

4.Showing off(炫耀)

    Many people are fond of showing off. They always insist on footing the bill when they are out with friends. They always think of impressing people with their wealth. They seem to think that money can buy friends. In fact, it can’t instead of trying to show off, they should be themselves.

5.Society Is Changing Rapidly

   Society is changing rapidly. As a result, more and more people are suffering from stress. Those who are stressed out are often nervous ,angry or ill. People must, therefore learn to deal with this “new” kind of problem. Regular exercise is one way. The best way, however, is to keep a good sense of humor.

          6.A Balanced Diet 均衡饮食

Some people eat to live, but there are others who live to eat. To live a long and healthy life, we must learn to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet simply means a bit of everything. A diet which includes  meat, fish, vegetables and fruit is, of course, ideal. If you watch your diet, then you won’t have to suffer the pain of going on a diet.

7.By Taxi

    One of the most convenient ways to get around a city is by taxi. However, it is also the most expensive way. In some cases, tipping is expected, too.

   On the other hand, a taxi driver knows the city like the back of his hand. He can quickly take you to any place you want to visit. The taxi ride might be expensive, but it’s time---saving.

8.Air Pollution

   Why do people get headaches in a crowded, stuffy(闷热)room? Because they are breathing bad air. People who breathe bad air for a long time can get really sick. They may even get lung cancer and die. People need fresh air. Fresh air cleans the blood. For our health’s sake, we should all, therefore, do our part to fight against air pollution.

9.Television Addiction 电视瘾

    Television provides us with a wide range of information and entertainment(娱乐). However, it’s a pity that it may also have a bad influence(影响0 on young minds. For instance(例如), some TV shows have too much violence(暴力0 and crime(犯罪). These programs may lead youngsters astray(歧途). It is easy for students to become addicted to the excitement of these programes and neglect (忽略)their homework. Parents must therefore, keep an eye on what their children watch.

10.Be thoughtful 体谅人

Being thoughtful(体谅人)simply means thinking of others before yourself. What you say or do will have an effect on others. So it is important that you think before you say or do anything. In this way, you can avoid hunting other’s feelings. Moreover, a thoughtless act or remark can spoil a perfect relationship.

  Remember these rules. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Likewise, if you think what you do will hurt others, don’t do it. After all, what goes around comes around.(种什么因,得什么果)

                          11. Health Comes First 健康第一

Smoking is bad in that it is harmful to one’s health. In spite of the fact that doctors have even warned that it causes canner, people still keep on smoking.

In some western countries, however, people are beginning to kick the bad habit. They realize that health should come first. To help them quit smoking, there are laws against cigarette advertising and smoking in public places. This is praiseworthy except that western countries are now selling cigarettes in the East in greater numbers than ever. That they are doing this is immoral, don’t you think?

12 .Don’t Rely on Luck运气不可靠

  Passing exams is every student’s dream. Failing them is their nightmare. So, to realize their dreams, many students try anything. They even go to fortune tellers, buy lucky charms and follow old customes.

   In Korea(朝鲜)many students bury something personal in the university they want to enter. They believe that these things will act as magnets and “pull” them into the university. Whether it works or not, nobody really knows. At least it does ease the students’ minds about passing exams. Remember, though, you can’t always rely on luck. There is no substitute for hard work.

13.A Sense of Security 安全感

   Some people take the view that something in life we have to take chances in order to make progress. I admire such people. It certainly takes courage to take risks. Maybe it’s due to my upbringing, but I am the type who likes to play it safe.

  People like me believe in the saying, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Conservative as it may be, it keeps me out of trouble. I must confess, however, that such a lifestyle may, at times, be boring. Admittedly, my life is not half as colorful or exciting as other people’s, but at least it gives me a sense of security.

14.About Moral Values(道德观)

   More and more people are forgetting the saying, “Pride comes before a fall.” I remember only a few years ago when things used to be so different. People used to be more modest and humble.

   As I looked around at my schoolmates the other day, I realized how different things are. People are so much more pretentious nowadays. With their fancy clothes and stylish hairdos, they appear too materialistic, which is not to my liking. I know modernization is necessary for advancement. However, I hope we don’t lose our traditional moral values along the way.

15.Mean What You Say (说话算数)

   Some people say that promises are made to be broken. That certainly seems to be true in this cutthroat society that we live in. But if you break your promise, you will ruin your reputation and no one will trust you anymore. So whenever we say, “I give you my word,” we should mean it. There is nothing worse than to be let down by others because they have not kept their promises.

   In fact, it isn’t so different to keep promises. Just remember never to promise anything we are not sure we can live up to. n short, therefore, to be trustworthy, we should always say what we mean and mean what we say.

16.Stop to Smell the Flowers 请停下脚步赏花

   In the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, people seldom stop to enjoy the beauty of nature. Ask yourself how many times you have listened to the birds sing. And when was the last time you looked at the pearking stars twinkle in the sky? Time flies and life is short. So don’t forget to stop to smell the flowers.

  In our eagerness to make a living, we often forget about our quality of life. Too often you hear people say, “I’m too busy, for this or that. What a shame! One day, when they do find time to stop to smell the flowers, it might be too late.

17.Beauty Is Only Skin-deep 美在内心

     It is natural for people to be attracted to beautiful things. It follows, therefore, that most women desire nothing but to look beautiful. That is why they cannot help but spend vast sums of money on cosmetics and fashionable clothing. They are interested in nothing but their looks. However, they should be reminded that beauty is only skin-deep.

  Instead, they should pay more attention to their character because when you have character, you have class. And that is what gives one inner beauty.

18.Failure 失败

  Nearly everybody regards failure as a bad thing. The efforts we have made seem to be in vain and we feel disappointed and discouraged. If this failure is a great one, some people may lose the courage to start again and even lose interest in life.

  But failure is not merely a bad thing, it can benefit us. It teaches us a good lesson and makes us experienced. By analyzing the causes of failure, we can realize our own shortcomings and get a better knowledge of ourselves. So, when we start again, we may succeed more easily.

   Therefore, failure not only disappoints us but also benefits us. When we fail, we should make use of our failure and learn from our experience. Only in this way can we turn failure into success after we start our work again.

19.   Ways of Relaxation 消遣方式

There is a proverb, “All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy.” That is to say, if we want to be in good health, we should relax ourselves after the day’s hard work.

Yet, everyone has his own way of relaxation. For those who sit much at their business, going for sports is the best relaxation. They may swim, run, play football or table tennis and so on. But for people engaged in outdoor work, reading or playing chess is an excellent change. What’s more, making a trip on weekends is also a good pastime.

I like sports and often take part in it. My favorite sport is swimming. Because it brings the whole body into action ,In the water ,I feel rather relaxed and all the fatigue goes away .It makes me energetic in the next day’s work.

                        20.On Test and Test Taking   考试

The purpose of a test is to check how much we students have learned about a subject .It not only helps make our newly acquired knowledge permanent, but also enables us to find out what need to spend more time improving.

But some students do not deal with test correctly. Some of them are afraid of failing in a test. They cheat even at the risk of being caught on exams. Though cheating might give one “better grades”, it adds nothing to one’s knowledge. This dishonest behavior will do one more harm than good.

I think that we go to college in order to have our further studies, and prepare us to be qualified for the future job. Therefore, we should take a correct attitude towards test. As long as we study diligently (勤奋地)and review our lessons regularly, we are sure to be used to serve its real purpose.

                       21.The Dictionary  字典

  The dictionary is a living teacher. Whenever you come across a new word, just consult (查阅)it and you will get a clear definition(定义 . Every student, whether attending school or self-taught, should always have a dictionary at hand. As a study aid ,it is convenient, inexpensive and almost omniscient.(无所不知)

Language skills will develop with your constant(经常地) use of various dictionaries. The more you use them, the more familiar you will become with them. Sooner or later, you will be quite skilled in finding the page, scanning (浏览)the entries and locating the exact meaning of the new words. But you should have one thing in mind. As a language student, you can never become too much attached to dictionaries; basic language skills do not come from dictionaries, but from your practice. Expose yourself to the language by listening, speaking, reading and writing more, and that is the only way to the mastery of a language.

22.On Learning  学习

Learning is one’s own business, which cannot rely on others. As we know, learning is process of accumulating .积累)knowledge. It is one’s life-long task,which cannot be accomplished(完成) in one move.A successful learner is an independent one, who has both an indomitable .不屈不挠的)will and amazing endurance.耐久力,持久力). He will try to discover his own way of learning. Instead of waiting for the teacher’s help, he will make efforts to create favorable conditions on his own initiative(进取心) It will certainly be of great help, if there is good environment, sufficient books and equipment, as well as instructions from teacher and beneficial friends. But even if one has got all these favorable conditions, one cannot be sure to succeed in learning.

   So the most important factor (方面)in learning consists in one’s own effort. To learn is rather a painstaking and persevering business. Many a man is a failure because he cannot bear such indispensable hardships. Unremitting(坚持不懈的) efforts can compensate for the lack of talents and thus enable one to get considerable progress in learning.

23.Weekend  周末

Weekends are important. They provide people with the kind of rest and relaxation that are essential(必要的) to a happy and healthy life. I’m one of those who know how to enjoy their leisure on the weekend .A good sleep at Saturday night usually helps me to recover from the hard labor to the week. A delight Sunday trip to the suburbs makes me fresh and free from any tension(紧张).

  If I stay at home, I usually do some light reading or practice Chinese calligraphy—a traditional writing skill which has an extraordinary calming effect. Sometimes Mother invites me to help her cook and I am always happy to accept her invitation.

  A good rest on the weekend always makes me feel happy, energetic, confident and ready to all the hard work ahead of me. You cannot work happily and efficiently (有效的)until you learn how to rest and relax on the weekend.

24.Land Is Limited  土地是有限的

In ancient times, every country in the world thought that she had enough land. Living conditions at that time, were bad and population grew slowly. So there were not so many people living in the world. Then, they had enough land go grow crops and build houses.

  The time when people had more land to spare has gone. Now the land problem should be solved as quickly as possible. With the growth of population, land has been shared out. So land shortage has appeared. There is no land for people to produce food and build more houses and factories. With the development of science, man has begun to us land more efficiently.

  However, land is limited. We could not turn big mountains and oceans into a plain 平原;旷野). Therefore, we have to think of other ways to solve the land problem. I think the best way is to control the population. And meanwhile, we should make full use of modern science and technology so as to utilize our limited land.

25.Should Firecrackers(烟花) Be Banned ?烟花该禁放吗?

Setting off firecrackers has long been a custom(习惯,风俗;海关 for the Chinese on their happy occasions .However, these years, people in China have different opinions about the custom. Some people think letting off firecrackers is a good thing. It reflects.反射;反映;) the heritage 遗产) of Chinese culture. And it adds much to the warm atmosphere of the most important Chinese holidays---the Spring Festival. People can’t imagine what the holidays would be like without such a custome.

  But many people, on the other hand, believe that letting off firecrackers should be banned. The main reasons, in the eyes, are that letting off firecrackers not only brings great economic loss to the country, but also causes certain disorder .混乱,杂乱;骚乱) in the society. For example, during holiday, some buildings are burnt to ashes due to the firecrackers. And many persons are injured by the firecrackers and sent to hospital.

   In my opinion, letting off firecrackers should be banned. We must try our best to find new, beneficial .有利的,有益的)ways to replace the old custom. Only in this way can we spend our holiday in a peaceful and joyful manner.

26.School-age Children Drop out  失学孩子

  It’s reported that in China about one million school-age children drop out of school each year and 80% of the drop-outs are from the families which are too poor to keep their children at school.

  To tackle .解决) the problem, the government has launched the Hope Project. It has helped thousands of children go back to school. But in my opinion this is far from enough. In order to change this situation completely, the government should set aside an adequate.足够的;) amount of money for education, especially for elementary education. And also, the government should establisht.建立) laws to ensure that no children should drop out of schools as elementary school education is compulsory.强迫,义务) in China, and the poor families should be aided by local government so that they can send their children to school.

  To sum up sum up总结,概括), so long as our central and local governments and the whole society pay enough attention to this problem and take effective action, this situation will be changed.

27.   Knowledge and Power 知识与权利

   Knowledge and power are the two things most desired by man.T here is close connection between these two things. The man, having done his best in acquiring knowledge, will easily get a high position and perform it successfully.

Power depends on knowledge. Knowledge to power is just like a compass to a ship---by which her sailing is made safely across an unknown ocean. A great statesman or a learned scholar can render   vt.把。。。给予) his good services to his country just because he has perfect and profound 渊博的)knowledge.

Power only follows knowledge. A man cannot do anything well ,unless has some information as how to do it well. A man will sometimes lose his way in a strange land; an apprentice (学校)  cannot produce any delicate  细致的)work. Why are these so? Because they are in want of knowledge .If the apprentice wishes to produce good work, he must pay attention to his instructor’s advice.

We are all the future masters of our country. Our country needs our services. How can we fulfill our future tasks? To get more knowledge is the only answer.

28.The Advantages of Watching TV 看电视的好处

First of all, watching TV is a good relaxation. After a day of hard work, we look forward to a good relaxation. Watching TV can meet our requirement(需要) by easing our minds and comforting the physical body because the pleasant music and pictures can keep us away from tension (紧张)and fatigue(劳累).

   Besides, watching TV is entertaining. There are so many entertainments, such as sports activities, performances, plays and movies everywhere in the world. Of course, it is impossible for us to be on every spot, even with the best means of transportation of our time. However, TV can bring them right in front of us and with them our lives is full of joys.

  Most important, watching TV is educational. Education TV service offers teaching programs on all subjects for people of different professions as well as for student, children and aged people. No doubt, it provides the widest education and has the largest number of audience(听众,观众). Everyone of us, more or less, is benefited from(从。。。中得到好处) watching TV. TV has great influence on people in life, work and study.

29.Can Computer Replace Human Brain 计算机能代替人脑吗?

  Computers are working faster than human brain. But is it possible that some day the computer will replace human brain and control the human being?

  It is quite impossible. Computers are designed and developed by human brain. They are used to speed up the calculation 计算). Computers are working according to the orders designed by human being. The running of computer is a group of integrated circuit 集成电路)run by a set of programs. Without programs, the computers will not know what to do. In this way, how can computers run by human being control them?

  It is true people are relying more and more on computers . If people don’t know how to control computers, they may be replaced by computers and lose their job.

30.Natural Resources  自然资源

  Nature has provided us with many kinds of resources. Almost everything we use in our everyday life comes from Nature. The food we eat, the water we drink, he clothes we wear , the concrete and bricks to build out houses, the materials to make bikes we ride, etc. all come originally from Nature.

  People have been making use of these natural supplies for thousands of years. With the development of technology and the increase of the population , the amount and range 范围)of materials taken has increased. It is estimated vt.估计,评价n.估计)that this tread(趋势) will continue in the years to come.

  However, natural resources are not in exhaustible(取之不尽的).. Some resources are already nearly used up. For example, the end of the world’s fuel .燃料 is already within sight. Such an essential

必要的)daily item as water is in short supply in many parts of the world. We can no longer thoughtlessly use the many resources provided by Nature. We must learn conserve(保护) what remains.

31.We Have Only One World 地球只要一个

  When industries grow, pollution problems also grow. Today the problem of environment has become more and more important. The world population is rising so quickly that the world has become too crowed. We are using up our natural resources too quickly and at the same time we are polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we don’t take action immediately, then we will destroy our only world.

   Man has mad great progress in progress in environment protection. Government of many countries have established(建立) laws to protect the forest and sea resource and to stop the environmental pollution.

  Still more measures(措施) should be taken to solve the problem. First, we should start by educating the public about the hazardsn.危险;公害) of pollution. The government on its part should also design stricter (更严格的) laws. This is not only for our own generation but also for the future generations to come.

   It is necessary to protect our nature environment. We must begin now to protect our only world.

32.Make the Best Use of Our Land 用好我们的土地

  It is the land that has been providing us with everything we need for centuries. In other words, almost everything we use daily comes from the land directly or indirectly. The food, clothes, houses, even the books and furniture are all supplied by the land.

   But the limited land is decreasing(减少) at a surprising speed. With the expanding 扩充) of the cities, the development of the industry and over population, lots of large pieces of good farmland are being turned into residential areas with many houses and apartment buildings, or industrial areas, or warehouses 仓库).

 Therefore some measures must be taken to stop the abusing of our farmland. On the other hand, we should let everyone realize the danger of being short of land. And also we should educate them how to make better use of our land.

33.Health 健康 (I)

  It is said that we do not properly value(珍惜) a thing until we have lost it. It is only when a friend dies, that we find out how much he was to us. So it is with health. When we are young and strong and have good health, we think little about it. It seems natural to us to be always well, and we cannot imagine what it is like to be ill. So we are often careless about our health, and without thinking we spoil our health by bad habits and doing silly things. It is only when we have lost our good health that we find that it was one of God’s best gifts to us.

 Health is our most important possession n.所有;拥有;财产). We should do our best to maintain it. Good health is necessary to happiness and success. People who are in poor health are often pessimistic .悲观的;厌世的) or depressed(郁郁不乐). As a rule, bad health means misery misery

痛苦) and failure.

  How can we keep our health? Only by knowing and carefully obeying the laws of health,. A happy man is a healthy man, and only the healthy man can live a happy life.

Health 健康 (II)

   The desire for good health is universal 普遍的). Everyone who loves life understands how important good health is. First, food health is the guarantee (保证)for enjoying life. The only desire of a patient is always to live an ordinary and healthy life. Second, good health establishes 建立) a firm foundation(坚实的基础) for your ambition  .雄心,抱负,野心)of the career. Without it, any lofty aspiration(高尚的抱负) turns to be day-dream.

  Then how to keep fit? Everyone has his own answers to this questions , while I think three principal (主要的)suggestions should be followed. The first one is that a scientific diet should be adopted(采纳), which offers the necessities for your body. The second one is that physical exercises must be persisted(坚持), especially for the indoor people. The last, but not the least, is that the cheerful mood should be kept.

   In order to keep fit, I force myself to keep away from the  “junk food”, although it usually tastes good, I even form a good habit of doing morning exercises. And the beautiful music and good books always cheer me up.

34.Sports an Games 体育运动

 Sports and games do a lot of good to our health. They can make us strong ,prevent us from getting too fat, and keep healthy and fit. Especially they can be of great value to people who work with their brains most of the day ,for sports and games give people valuable practice in exercising the body.

  What’s more, they make our life richer and more colorful . If we don’t have a strong body, we will find it hard to so whatever we want. So persons of all ages enjoy watching and taking part in various kinds of ports—track and field, swimming, skating, football , volleyball and basketball, etc.

  Sports and games are also very useful in character-training. They demand not only physical skill and strength but also courage, endurance(耐力), discipline.纪律) and usually teamwork. For boys and girls, what is learned in the playground often has a deep effect on their character. If each of them learns to work for his team and not for himself on the football field, he will later find it natural to work for the good of his country instead of only for his own benefit.

  A healthy citizenry(国民) makes for a strong country. Let’s all take part in sports and games.


35.Smoking 吸烟

It is well known that smoking does harm to the health. Today, however, so many people still keep smoking. Which has drawn wide attention of the society.

   Smoking has so many disadvantages but no advantages at all. First, the cigarettes with nicotine in them do great harm to the health. Such diseases as pneumonia, lung cancer may be caused or partly caused by them. Furthermore, the bad effect of cigarettes cost the smokers lots of money which could be spent on other meaningful things. Thirdly, the accidents of fire all over the world every year are mostly caused by the still-burning butts.

   The government has formulated(公布) the regulation (规则)of no smoking in public places. Yet its result is not so satisfactory. From my point of view, it needs the common efforts of the society. Not only the nonsmokers but the smokers should cooperate on this matter.

36.My Views on Large Modern Cities 对现代化城市的看法

  Since every coin has two sides, living in large modern cities offers us many advantages, simultaneously causes many troubles.

Better education and better jobs are easy to get, and better medical care is convenient to receive in large modern cities.

 People are usually well-informed due to the advance media(媒体), such as television, newspaper and net PC. Large modern cities also provide varied entertainment for the city-dwellers (居民). The public places like cinema, bar, disco-hall are everywhere.

On the other hand, large modern, large modern cities are too big to control, so the traffic jams and traffic accidents often happen, and the social security is a headache problem. And city-dwellers have to face the housing problem. Usually a house is too expensive for the salary earning class to buy and the rent is also high. Moreover, noise and pollution in large cities bring harm to people’s health.

37.Live in the City or in the Country

  Where do you like to live, in the city or in the country?

 Most cities are centers of economy, trade, transportation or culture. With the development of economy and society, more and more people have flooded into the cities, which makes the scale of the cities larger and larger. Surely, it is very convenient for shopping, education, business and so on. But it also has many disadvantages: the large population makes it crowded in each corner of the city; the big factories, too many cars, buses, trucks, pollute the clean air; too much noise can make people mad. To live in the city, one even can’t get enough room for living.

  To live in the country is another thing. You can breathe the fresh air cheerfully, own a spacious (宽敞的)house with a big backyard(后院), relax yourself in quietness. But when you want to go shopping, or take your child to school, perhaps you will complain about its inconvenient transportation, its remoteness…

 I am an ordinary person. I am always longing for the peaceful idyllic(田园诗的) life of the countryside.

38.   Advertisements 广告

Advertisements can be seen everywhere in the modern society. Large billboards are built on the roadsides or on the top of the high buildings. Newspapers become thicker and thicker, for pages for the paper are covered with advertisements,. TV shows us endless ads day and night. Advertisements force people to notice their products.

  It is good way to promote(提升) their new products. When a new product is developed, it is the manufacturer’s .制造商) or seller’s duty to let the public know what the new product is; what the specialties(特点) are and what the manufacturer’s or seller’s guarantees(保证) are to the products. Surely, advertisements are like bridges between customers and manufacturers or sellers.

 But false or deceptive (虚伪的;骗人的)advertisements can also be found at the same time. When a person has been cheated once, he can’t believe advertisements once more, or at least he can’t believe ads fully. People have become wiser and learnt to use their brains when facing a beautiful and attractive advertisement.


  The real  purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking.. A good book is opened with expectation and closed with profit. So devote some of your leisure to cultivating(培养) a lover of reading good books. Book-lovers have some note-worthy advantages over other people.

  First, they need never know lonely hours so long as they have books around them, and the better the books the more delightful the company. Second from good books, they draw much besides entertainment. They gain mental food such as few companions(同伴,同事) can supply. Third even while resting from their labors they are, through the books they read, equipping themselves to perform those labors more efficiently.

                40. Speech 演讲

  Speech is a kind of human action. Like any other constantly repeated action, speaking has to be learned, but once it is learned, it becomes generally unconscious (无意识的) and apparently automatic process.

   Human beings do not need to be forced to speak. Most babies seem to possess (拥有) a sort of instinctive (本能)drive to produce speech-like noises. How to speak and what to say are another matter altogether. These actions are learned from the particular society into which the baby is born, so that like all conduct that is learned from a society—from the people around us—speech a patterned activity. The sounds that a child can make more varied and numerous than the sounds that any particular language utilized.

41.Choose a Career  选择职业

  For most people, choosing a career isn’t easy, yet it is the most important decisions you will make in your life. Find the right career, and you will be happy and successful. Find the right career, and you will be happy and successful. Find the wrong career, and you may be unhappy and unsuccessful. It pays, therefore, to explore your choice of occupation from every angle, collect as much information as you can, actually try different kinds of work before making up your mind. Above all, evaluate (评价)yourself. Be sure you know your own interests and talents.(天赋)

   Unfortunately, not everyone takes this trouble. Those who don’t , can make costly mistakes. Postponing(推迟) a decision, in another error(错误的) people make. Procrastinators miss many opportunities.

38.        Time is Money  时间就是金钱

“ Time is money.” This saying means that time is very valuable.

  But time is more valuable than money. The money we have lost we can gain again, but the time we have wasted cannot be regained. Moreover, sometimes persons can exist without money, but nothing can be done without time, just as no one can live without air.

 Despite (尽管)being so valuable, time is often neglected (忽略)by men. Since time is an invisible thing,, men often waste their time unconsciously (无意识的) Without anything to do, they may gossip(闲谈) from morning till night.

  Man can live only at most to about 100 years. It seems fairly long, but in fact it is rather short. We often say “How quickly time flies!” How many things can a man accomplish(达到,完成) in such a short period? Hence we should use or valuable time properly to do our work. We will race with it. We will study and work hard . Never waste a little bit of it.

39.        Try to Be a Good Student 做个好学生

  Perhaps it is the dream of everyone to be a good student at school, but quite a few students feel at a loss on hoe to make it. In my opinion it is rather easy if you can act on the following points.

  First of all, make full use of your time and work hard. Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today, as time past will never come back. The fast developing society requires adequate(足够的) knowledge,

   Which presses us to spare no efforts to study. Of course, your hard work will be rewarded (报答,报酬)one day.

   Secondly, use your own head and present your point of view.  Credulous (轻信的) attitude will only make you take anything for granted. With your own judgment you will be able to tell right from wrong and set up your own theory.

  Thirdly, set aside enough time for relaxation, entertainment, etc. Don’t ignore (忽视)the harm of all work and no play. Proper sports will build up your body and improve the efficiency (效率)of your studying.

  To be a good student is easier said than done, for it needs student’s consistent(坚持不懈的) efforts. But nothing is difficult to a man if he puts his heart into it.

40.        The World is Getting Smaller and Smaller 世界变得越来越小

In ancient times, people’s only transportation means(交通方法) were their feet. So it was rather difficult for them to travel from one place to another. As a result, they knew few things about outside world. The world was too big for them to understand.

  With the development of modern science and technology, more and more transportation means appear: bicycle, bus, car, train, ship, plane, etc. They carry goods and passengers to and from every corner of the world. And they shorten the distance between people. With the help of these modern facilities(设备,工具), people all over the world can get in constant touch with each other.

  So it’s easier for people from different nations to understand each other, to communicate with each other. Thus, this world is getting smaller and smaller, just like one big family.

41.        Examination  考试

  Examination is a common headache to students all over the world. They all detest (憎恶)it, but all being domineered(统治。支配) by it.

 Nowadays, examination has become a popular form of testing. It almost can dominate one’s future. If we want to obtain a diploma(毕业文凭), we must first pass the exams. If we do not have a diploma, we may not find a good job easily. That is the reason why all students are nervous and pale when they are sitting for an important examination which may concern their future.

  Do not only think the harm that it brings, but think of the good it may do for us.

  If we do not have exams, we may indulge ourselves in other things instead of books. Exams have to always drive us on. Exams provided grades, but they also let you know what you need to spend more time studying, and they help make your new knowledge permanent(永久性). Examinations make us efficient and careful. These mean very much in the work we will face when we have left college. Now, another advantage of examination is that it make us self-assured. If we can pass a difficult test like others, it shows that we are not inferior( 下等的), we are as good as others.

   The world is a competitive world. We will have to compete for jobs, business, etc. examination is also a kind of competition.

   All in all, let’s hope we are not governed by our enemy-exams. Instead we should make good use of it, and come out a better students.

42.        Exam Should Be Reduced 减少考试

It is known to us that the exam is the main method to measure the students’ knowledge in school. But nowadays this method is almost becoming the only way to judge the student’s ability knowledge.

   If this method is over-used, I believe it will do us more harm than good. For one thing, too many exams keep the students from reading widely, because the students are forced to prepare the lessons to be examined. Their knowledge can only be narrowed within few text-books taught in class. For another, the exam itself encourage rigid(硬的;僵硬的) memorization (记忆)instead of initiating the students’ creativity and individual(个别的) thing which will be of great importance in their future work..

  So we can conclude that too many exams are no good to the students. Some measures should be taken to lessen the students’ burden. Remember the main purpose of the exam is to urget.激励;催促) and to encourage the students to learn more.

43.        College Graduates and Society 大学生与社会

With the development of economy and society, our country needs more and more college graduates nowadays. Colleges and universities should cultivate(培养)more and more excellent graduates to meet the need of the society.

  What kind of graduates does the society need? First of all, they must have enough knowledge that will be useful in the society. Secondly, they must be strong-minded as well as physically healthy. Thirdly, they should have a good command of English and computer skills.

  We must cater for the society, so we should not only work hard in colleges and universities, but also attend social activities actively. Through kinds of social practices, we can know the present situation of the society, and prepare to deal with those problems we might meet with after stepping into the society. These will help us do our work well in the near future.

47Do We learn More Outside the Classroom?

As we all now, the classroom is the pace for study. Nowadays, however, some people believe that they get more knowledge outside the classroom than they do inside. Is that the case?

 In my eyes, the classroom is the best place for students to acquire(获取) knowledge .Perhaps that’s why the children must go to school as soon as they are seven. The classroom is a formal place where the children learn the basic knowledge which otherwise  they can’t obtain. It is the school that lays the foundation (奠定基础)for their future work.

  Of course there are other sources for students to get knowledge .They can learn form the environment, from his parents, from TV, etc. In the respect, the knowledge is rather practical.

  It’s hard to say exactly where we learn more, outside the classroom or inside. In fact both sources are of the same importance. The problem lies in how we make full use of them.

48.  Build up Good Hobbies 培养爱好

Everybody has his own hobbies : some are fond of collecting stamps, coins, etc. , some like swimming, and there are some who like reading or music---all these are of good hobbies.

  Nowadays, most teenagers are crazy about “hit-song”. From those songs we can learn many phrases which we can not find in books. Although teenagers like those songs very much, adults dislike them .

  And if they indulge in them, it would be a waste both of time and of money. This should not be considered as a good hobby. The worst hobbies of all are smoking, and gambling.赌博 . Smoking harms  our bodies. Some men like to smoke in public places, and do not care about other people’s feelings. Gambling will make you lose everything. You may lose your temper, money and friendship. Friendship is the thing that money cannot buy. To lose a friend is easy but to build up a friendship is hard.

  So, why don’t we play something that cannot hurt others and which is worthwhile to us? For good hobbies, like stamps-collecting and reading can help us broadening our knowledge, music can make up happy, and sports can keep us in good physical condition. So why not take the good and discard the bad?

49. Traffic Safety  交通安全

 Traffic safety is one of the most important problems of every modern city.

  With the invention of the motor car and all sorts of motor vehicles(车辆,机动车), nearly every day we can read in the newspapers about the news of traffic accidents. We cannot help sympathizing (同情)with the victims(受害者).

Of course, if we can do away with those modern vehicles, no such things can happen. But it is against the progress the civilization(文明) .We  cannot return to the backward past ages.

 But if we cannot entirely prevent the traffic accident from happening, at least we can lessen its chances of occurrence. We can avoid it by means of educating the pedestrians (行人)and car drivers on the ways of traffic safety.

50. Caring for the Aged 关爱老人

Society has to try all means to care more for the elderly population. This is easy to say but difficult to arrange. With an increased life expectancy(期待) and a decreased(减少) birthrate due to the family planning policy, China’s population is aging at unprecedented levels. Statistics suggest that by the end of 20th century.

  More than 20 percent of the country’s citizens will be at least 60 years old. By the year 2040, this aged group will make up one fourth of the population.

  The same statistics (数据)also show that more than half of the aged population are financially(财政地) supported by their offspring. Only a quarter of them are independent, while only some of the rest live on retirement pensions.(退休金)

  Whatever their financial situations are, the responsibility of most elderly people’s home care thus falls upon their children who already work full-time to support their own families. A considerable number of elderly population also live far away form their children, which sets tricky obstacles in their daily care.

51. Young   年轻

 Youth is a golden time in people’s life. In their youth, people are strong, healthy and full of vigor. So we can say that youth is the best time for our young people to get well prepared for the task in the near future.

  During this period of time, we should not waste our precious (宝贵的)time in doing nothing. Being young, we are not only strong in body but also good in memory. In another word, we should learn as much as possible, and catch every chance to learn.

  Every student knows the saying “Time and tide wait for no man” .As for as I’m concerned, I have set a goal for myself. But only a lofty ideal is not enough. I will be sure to catch every minute to study in order to become a qualified(有资格的) youth.

52. Perseverance(毅力)

 Perseverance is a long word. It means keeping on until we succeed. Sticking to a piece of work till we have done it. In spite of difficulties, failures and defeats. It is the opposite of getting tired before we finish, being discouraged by difficulties, and giving up in despair.

 Perseverance is necessary to success in anything. The proverb, “Well begun is half done”, is only half a truth. It is good to begin well, but if we do not go on well until we finish, we shall never do anything.

  A student begins to work for an examination at college. His subjects are new and interesting. At first he finds them easy and studies well. But after a bit, the subjects get more difficult. He loses interest, or he gets discouraged. At last he gives up regular study and wastes his time. When he goes up for examination, of course he fails.

  If we would succeed in anything, we must persevere. This also the lesson of the old tale of the race between the slow tortoise and the swift hare, which was won by tortoise by steadily plodding on.


53. The Way to Success  成功之路

Everyone wants to be successful in his studies and career. But only some succeed in getting the object, while some others fail. The reason for this is that those who continues his cause to be end through a long period of hard work, and some others are easily to give up halfway.

  Strong will, perseverance(毅力) and diligence(勤奋) are the three essentials (必要)of success. A person having the three essentials should stick to his object no matter how difficult in the process of achieving the object. We should remember that our time is very limited and our object is not as easy as eating a piece of cake.

  “Where there is a will, there is a way.” And success always belongs to those who can endure (忍受)years of patient toil and constant effort.

54.The Importance of the Reform and Open Policy改革开放政策的重要性

  Great changes have taken place since 1987 when the Party and Government began to adopt the reform and open policy. Our national economy has been developed rapidly. For example, our industrial production has doubled in the last ten years. Our people’s living standard(水平) has been improved considerably. The average income of the people has increased from less than $200 in 1978  to about $400 today.

  Our Party has clearly announced that the reform and open policy will never be changed. As long as, we adhere to(坚持) this correct policy, we can certainly make greater achievements and build our mother land into a powerful socialist country.

55.Social Activities and Our Study 社会活动与学习

  Social activities benefit us in many ways. They form a very important part of the colorful college life, which is so unforgettable in one’s life. Through taking part in the social activities, we get a chance to practice what we have learned. Simultaneously, we get to know what we have not or will never learn in the classroom.

  To much social activities, on the other hand, will cause a lot of problems. It can bot be denied that social activities will take up part of your limited time for study. So if too much time is spared for social activities, your study must be affected. Anyway, study is still the most important task for a student.

  Therefore, it is suggested that we should put the stress on study, meanwhile we can use the spare time to participate in (参加)social activities. Only in this way can social activities really benefit(对。。。有利) us.

56. Never Give It Up   永不放弃

  It matters not what you learn, but when you once learn a thing, you must never give it up until you have mastered it. It matters not what you inquire into, but when you inquire into a thing, you must never give it up until you have thoroughly understood it. It matters not what you try to think out, but when you once try to think out a thing, you must never give it up until you have got what you have got what you want. It matters not what you try to sift out, but when you once try to sift out a thing, you must never give it up until you have sifted it out clearly and distinctly. It matters not what you try to carry out, but when you once try to carry out a thing you must never give it up until you have done it thoroughly and well. If another man succeeds by one effort, you will use a hundred efforts.

57        Fate命运

 Many people believe that they are fated, or destined(注定) to a certain life. For example, if they are very poor or very ill. They say that is because they were born to be poor or ill and there is nothing they can do about it. But in my opinion, people have more control than that over their lives. Maybe they didn’t work hard enough to make money or didn’t take proper care of themselves. By blaming their condition on fate, they are avoiding responsibility for their behavior.

  I think that for the most part of each person makes his own fate. If you are not satisfied with your own life, don’t accept it by blaming it on fate. Change it! If you really want to do it, you can! Set your goal and work toward it. Don’t wait for fate to bring you success because it won’t happen .Fate is in your own hands! Go out and make yourself successful, rich and happy. Then you can’t be proud of your accomplishment(成就)t. If you are a failure, poor and unhappy, then you have only yourself to blame for it.

  Most people do not seem to realize how much inner strength and ability they have. They don’t think that they can change their lives all by themselves. But if they really have the desire and ambition.雄心,抱负,野心), then nothing is impossible.





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