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Garfield  加菲猫魅力无法挡

2012-06-08  cntic

He is grouchy, lazy, and opinionated, and he loves to eat lasagna. Who could this fat, orange cat be? Garfield, of course! Created by Jim Davis, Garfield started out as a character in a comic strip in 1978. Today, he has been in everything from newspapers to movies to theme parks. His TV specials have won Emmys, and he and his friends have become internationally successful. Currently, over 2,600 newspapers run the Garfield comic strip every day.

Garfield has been around for over 30 years and is still adored by fans of all ages. Sales of classic and new Garfield merchandise remain high. Some of the most popular are collections of the comic strips, movies, and how-to drawing books. To keep up with the times, Garfield has also become computer animated. In this way, he has reached a whole new group of children and adults who find his bad manners and grouchy personality irresistible. Garfield and his creator Jim Davis have come a long way since the first comic strip. However, one thing has remained the same-they always have a lot of fun.


1. Which of the following is true about Garfield?
(A) He started out as a character in a movie.
(B) He and his friends have only been successful locally.
(C) People can't get enough of his bad manners and grouchy personality.
(D) He failed to make a profit with his merchandise.

2. According to the article, where would you NOT see Garfield?
(A) On DVDs.
(B) In textbooks.
(C) In newspapers.
(D) At amusement parks.



C 1. 关於加菲猫的叙述,下列何者正确?
(A) 他一开始是以电影中的一个角色登场。
(B) 他和他的朋友们只有在国内成名。
(C) 人们很喜爱他粗鲁无礼和暴躁的个性。
(D) 他的各种商品无法获利。

B 2. 根据本文,您无法在何处看到加菲猫?
(A) DVD中。
(B) 教科书中。
(C) 报纸上。
(D) 游乐园里。

  1. start out开始某事(工作、事业等)
    When our company first started out, there were only four employees.
  2. run vt.(在报章杂上)刊登(三态为∶run, ran [ rAn ], run。)
    The editor-in-chief decided at the last minute not to run the story.
  3. adore vt. 爱慕,敬慕
    Jenny is very popular. People adore her for her warm personality.
  4. keep up with the times跟上时代
    keep up with...跟上……
    Some people don't bother trying to keep up with technology because it is always changing.
  5. irresistible a. 无法抗拒的,充满诱惑力的
    After trying on the shoes for fun, I had an irresistible urge to buy them.
  6. have come a long way变化 进步很大
    Information technology has come a long way since the 1980s.
  7. can't get enough of...很喜爱……
    People all over the world can't get enough of Kate Middleton's classic and elegant style.
  8. make a profit获利
    Jack is considering closing his restaurant because it hasn't been making a profit.

  1. grouchy a. 脾气坏的;爱抱怨的
  2. opinionated a. 固执己见的,武断的
  3. lasagna n. 义大利千层面
  4. comic strip n. 连环漫画(本文中亦作形容词用)
  5. merchandise n. 商品




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