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Shoe In Money Members Area | How People Make Money As Affiliates

2014-06-06  lymgo

How People Make Money As Affiliates

An affiliate marketer uses inbound techniques to drive people to THEIR site. The entire goal of affiliate marketing is to pre-sell a product.

The sales page of the vendor will close the deal, but if you do your job right, prospects will be on the brink of saying yes WELL before they land on that sales page.


So, how do you do it?

We’ll get into that more later, but for now know that your powers of persuasion rely on three things.

  1. Ability to recognize pain and pleasure points
  2. Aptitude of your persona in relating to your audience
  3. Appearance of providing MORE value than anyone else in your niche

Good information products are not ones that people read casually at the beach. They solve problems. Provide instant pleasure. Alleviate grievous pain. The biggest IM niches are:

  • Make money online
  • Weight loss
  • Dating for men
  • Muscle building
  • Getting your ex back
  • Preparing for disaster

When someone has an urgent need, they look for it online and these products appear to alleviate their discomfort or provide the pleasure they seek.

At the same time, you need to be able to relate to the audience and show them you are one of them. You can fake this, but it’s hard, which is why I recommend selecting your niche so carefully.

Ultimately, if you combine a keen understanding of those pain and pleasure points with high relatability and exceptional content value, you WILL make money.

But what about the 20 minute website formulas? How do you start making money tomorrow? I won’t tell you these don’t work at all, because I’ve seen some pretty incredible things from other marketers, even newbies, but keep a couple things in mind when you get started.

To start, the people who create videos of a site that starts making them money instantly are cheating ever so slightly. Not intentionally, but these are established marketers. People with loyal followings – marketers who have spent years creating lists, learning where to get free traffic and building relationships with other site owners.

I could build a site tomorrow and get over 500 hits to it by the weekend, but part of the reason why is that I know EXACTLY where to go based on relationships I’ve created in the past.

You don’t have that luxury, which is why you’re reading this book.

You want me to tell you how.

But, be prepared for the answer to not necessarily match what you’re expecting.

You need to build a persona, market that persona, meet other people, create funnels to your site and build trust with people that you can leverage whenever you promote a new product.

It’s only once you do those things that affiliate marketing gets a lot easier.

Can you make money without doing all that?

Absolutely. I’ve done a few blind-test sites that made fairly good money and the strategies in this guide will teach you how to do just that as well, but it won’t be effortless and you might have a few misses before you finally hit on a profitable niche.

What About Product Creation?

Right around this point people tend to ask me, “why don’t I just create the product myself?”

Great question.

You can. In fact, if you’re ready to do it, I can recommend a handful of killer courses on product creation specifically. But I like affiliate marketing for good reason.


It’s easier to start. You CAN start a website in one day and start promoting it. You CAN create a persona that is directly linked to the success or failure of a single product. You CAN create a persona that transcends multiple niches and allows to rapidly grow your business.

Better than all of that, though, is that you create an audience on a small scale that makes it immensely easy to start creating products LATER.

Right now, you have no leverage. You could write the world’s best eBook but since you have no reputation in this industry, the odds are that no one would buy it. You need a network of affiliates to sell a product, a loyal audience waiting for you to release your book.

You can certainly build those things after you write your book, but in the interim you make no money. You’re investing dozens if not hundreds of hours (and possibly dollars) into the project and there is no payoff until AFTER you’ve built that audience.

With affiliate marketing, you can start creating that persona, building that loyal following AND making money all at the same time.

It’s a good gig when done right, which is of course why you’re reading this.

Enough Talk, Let’s Start

We’ve spent more than enough time talking about how this works, what you can do with it and the process of choosing a niche.

Let’s start marketing those products.

While you might be ready to start building a site, the next step is probably the single most important thing you can do as an affiliate and the ONE thing that can set you apart from the dozens of other affiliates promoting your product of choice.

It’s all about building your persona, choosing your vehicle and presenting your message.

Once we do that, you’ll be well on your way to killing it on the affiliate leaderboards.

Next: Module 3: Reaching Your Audience




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