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1. ① This is one of the most interesting films _____ shown last week.
 ② This is the very one of the most interesting films _____ shown last week.
A. which was B. that was C. which were D. that were
2. ① He has two sons, _____ are college students.
 ② He has two sons, and _____ are college students.
A. both of which B. both of whom C. both of them D. both of it
3. ① He still lives in the room _____ window faces to the east.
 ② He still lives in the room, the window _____ faces to the east.
 ③ He still lives in the room _____ is in the north of the city.
 ④ He still lives in the room _____ there is a beautiful table.
A. which B. whose C. where D. of which
4. ① _____ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights.
 ② _____ who leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights.
 ③ _____ who leave the room last ought to turn off the lights.
A. Anyone B. Who C. Those D. Whoever
5. ① _____ we all know, China is rich in natural resources.
 ② _____ is well-known that China is rich in natural resources.
 ③ _____ is well-known, China is rich in natural resources.
A. Which B. As C. It D. That
6. ① I’ll never forget the days _____ we studied together.
 ② I’ll never forget the days _____ we spent together.
A. that B. 不填 C. when D. A and B
7. ① This is the only way _____ you can find.
 ② I don’t like the way _____ he spoke to his mother.
A. that B. 不填 C. in which D. A, B and C E. A and B
8. ① Galileo collected the facts _____ proved the earth and all the other planets move around the sun.
 ② Galileo discovered the fact _____ the earth and all the other planets move around the sun.
A. that B. which C. 不填 D. A and B
9. ① Is this museum _____ they visited last month?
  ② The teacher tells us that _____ cleans the blackboard is to be praised.
A. that B. the one C. which D. the one who
10. ① It was eleven o’clock _____ they went out of the cinema.
  ② It was at eleven o’clock _____ they went out of the cinema.
A. which B. that C. when D. on which 
1. We are learning English, a language _____ is used in many places in the world.
2. Most Americans love Chinese food, ____ is cooked in a different way from western food.
3. This magazine belongs to the teacher ____ teaches us history.
4. Anyone ____ comes to China will surely visit the Great Wall near Beijing.
5. Anyone ____ has a cold should have a good rest.
6. The house _____ stands on the top of the hill was built last month.
7. The medicine _____ he bought is good for your health.
8. He is the only person ______ saw the accident yesterday.
9. Tom is trying to read in the room _____ the others are watching TV. 
10. We won’t forget the day _____the hero was killed.
11. The student _____ the teachers are talking about has won the first prize in the English contest.
12. The newspaper ____ you are reading is two days old.
13. Do you remember the time _______ we got lost in the park?
14. I’ll never forget the time ____ we spent together in the army camp.
15. They are building a hospital on the street ___ we used to live.
16. The present _____ he gave her yesterday evening is still unopened.
17. Happiness is one of the things _____ money cannot buy.
18. This is the hospital ______ her mother works.
19. I’ll never forget the day _______ I joined the League.
20. The house ________ was pulled down last week is being rebuilt.
21. The man _______ wife died last year has gone to Japan.
22. Tell me the reason ______ the American lady left.
23. Do you know the boy ______ was praised at the meeting?
24. I know the girl ________ the teacher praised yesterday.
25. Allen is the girl ________ I think will succeed in the test.
26. Everything ____ I know will be taught to the students.
27. This is the best film _____ I have ever seen.
28. The manager walked toward the gate ____ the workers are waiting.
29. You can’t go into this room _______ they are having a meeting.
30. I still remember the days _____ we studied together.
31. The picture ____ has a house and flowers is the one I like best.
32. Don’t make the same mistake ______ you did last time.
33. He failed in the exam, ______ surprised us all .
34. He did all ______ was necessary to be done.
35. Her parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone ____ family was poor.
36. Tom, _______ parents are poor workers, always goes hungry.
三. 用“介词+关系代词”填空:
1. Have you ever read the book ____ ______ there are many pictures?
2. The man _____ ________ he had a talk yesterday is a doctor.
3. The library _____ ________ we often borrow books is very large.
4. The gentleman _____ _________ you just spoke is our headmaster.
5. This is the new bicycle
_____ ______ I spent five hundred dollars.
6. Here are the table tennis players, some __ _____ are our old friends.
7. The tool _____ _________ he is working is called a spade.
8. China has hundreds of islands, the largest _____ _______ is Taiwan.
9. The school has 2600 students, two thirds ____ ________ are girls.
10.Water is a liquid, the freezing point ______ _________ is 0’C.
11. Give me a piece of paper ___ _____ I can write the phone number.
12. The boy built a telescope _____ ______ he could study the skies.










练习一: 请写一篇介绍中国的英语短文,内容包括:
1. 众所周知,中国有960万平方公里的土地, 是世界第三大国;
2. 中国有56个民族,其中汉族人(the Han Ethnic Group)占94%;
3. 中国有许多大河流,其中长江和黄河是最重要的河流;
4. 曾有一段时间中国的经济落后于世界许多国家;
5. 随着经济的增长,中国人被歧视的日子一去不复返了,所有中国人都为此感到自豪。
1. 只能用5个句子表达全部内容;
2. 尽可能多地使用定语从句。
1.我有一个同学叫Kate, 她的妈妈是我以前的英语老师;
2.Kate是一个容易相处的人, 我们都喜欢她;
3.Kate在此次口语竞赛中获得第一名, 这使得她妈妈很高兴;
4.新年就要到了, 到时Kate会和她妈妈一起去香港;
5.众所周知, 香港是一个购物天堂, Kate打算在那里买她需要的东西。
1. ① D ② B 2. ① B ② C 3. ① B ② D ③ A ④ C 4. ① D ② A ③ C 5. ① B ② C③ B 6. ① C ② D 7. ① E ② D 8. ① D ② A 9. ① B ② D 10. ① C ② B
二. 用适当的关系词填空:
1. which2. which 3. who 4. that/that 5. who 6. which 7. which 8. that 9. where10. when 11. whom 12. which13. when 14. which15. where16. which17. that/which18. where19. when20. which21. whose22. why23. who24. whom25. who26. that27. that28. where29. where30. when31. which32. as33. which34. that35. whose 36. whose
三. 用“介词+关系代词”填空:
1. in which2. with whom3. from which4. to whom5. on which6. of whom7. with which 8. of which9. of whom
10. of which 11. on which 12. through which
1. There are thirty students in the class, most of whom are from the city. 
2. He is the only person that was present at the time.
3. Please just tell me anything that you know about the author of the book.
4. He is no longer the simple-minded man that he was five years ago.
5.They hired two boats in which they came up to the source of the river.
6.More American troops are being sent to the Middle East, as (which) I have learnt from the newspaper.
7.As we all know, success comes from hard work; without efforts nothing can be done/achieved.
8.It’s very hard for those who haven’t been to the small village to describe its beauty.
9.I find it hard to cooperate with those who always stick to their own opinions.
As is known to all, China covers more than 9.6 million square kilometers, which is the third largest country in the world. The Chinese nation consists of 56 nationalities, among which the Han Ethnic Group is the largest, making up 94% of the people.
Besides, there are many big rivers in China, the most important of which are the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. There was a time when Chinese economy was far behind many other countries in the world. However, with the development of economy, the days are gone forever when the Chinese people were looked down upon, of which all the Chinese are proud.

I have a classmate called Kate, whose mother is my former English teacher. Kate is a girl who is easy to get along with and we all like her. Kate took the first place in the Speech Contest, which made her mother happy. The New Year is coming, when Kate will go to Hongkong together with her mother. As we all know, Hongkong is a shopping paradise, where Kate intends to buy what she needs.
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