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2015-06-03  ppzun


Due Attention Should Be Given to the Study of Chinese




       In recent years, the ignorance of Chinese has been prevailing among students. Some refuse to go to the Chinese classes, and some read few Chinese classics. In contrast, more and more students attach more importance to foreign language study.

       There are three premier factors that can account for such phenomenon. First and foremost, the globalization greatly stimulates the students’ craze for learning English, which in turn affect students’ passion for studying Chinese. Moreover, fewer and fewer universities motivate students to study Chinese. Last but not least, the increasing emphasis on such “practical projects” as foreign language closely related to hunting jobs also cut into students’ time and energy. Therefore, students’ weakness in Chinese would undoubtedly not only lead to their ignorance of Chinese culture but also hinder the study of other projects.

       In my view, effective measures are called for to solve the problem. First, it should be made clear to the whole society that Chinese is one indispensable part of our culture and race. Second, schools should attach more importance to the teaching of Chinese. Third, students should enhance their awareness of the importance of mastering their mother tongue.

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