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九年级下册词组Unit 5

  Unit 5 Learning about China

  Topic 1 Could you tell me something about the places that you visited?


  about 5000 years of history

  吸引了许多游客 attract many tourists

  数以百万 millions of

  许多 a (great) number of

  第一、二、三长河 the longest river/the second longest river/the third longest river


  the birthplaces of Chinese culture

  还有一些别的吗? Anything else?

  给某人取某物 fetch sth for sb=fetch sb. sth.


  I can fetch you Guide to China.

  详细介绍……introduce…in detail


  lie in(范围内) lie to(范围外) lie on(接壤)

  穿过 ,流经 run through

  汇入渤海 join the Bohai Sea

  淡水湖 the fresh water lake


  the second largest fresh water lake


  be in the southwest of China

  青藏高原 the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

  很值得做某事 be well worth doing sth

  海拔 above sea level

  多么令人惊奇啊 What a surprise!

  最奇妙的地方 the most fantastic place

  听说过 hear of

  实现 come true

  国内外 home and abroad


  be surrounded on three sides by mountains

  陶醉于…,全神贯注于…, 沉浸于…… lose oneself in…

  因为 because of sth.

  …之乡 the home of

  龙井茶 the Dragon Well

  龙井茶之乡 the home of Dragon Well Tea


  look for a chance to do sth.

  与某人分享……share sth. with sb.


  不但……而且not only…but also…

  被认为是, 作为……而著名 be known as… 因……而著名be known for….

  把…看作/认为 regard …as …

  be regarded as=be considered as …

  东方明珠 the Oriental Pearl

  购物天堂 Shopping Heaven

  想起,考虑,认为 think of


  enjoy various delicious fruits

  来某处旅游 come to sw. for a visit

  作为……服务的桥梁serve as a bridge

  损坏,抛锚,变得恶劣 break down

  驾驶执照the driving license

  拿走 take away

  有不同的特点  have different feasures

  与…截然不同 be quite different from

  南北有很大的不同 There are many differences between the north and the south.

  零度以上/以下 stay below / above zero

  雪下得很大 snow heavily

  雨下得很大 rain heavily

  风刮得很大 blow strongly

  被…覆盖 be covered with

  做户外运动 do outdoor activities

  堆雪人 make snowmen

  仍雪球 throw snow balls

  滑冰 go skating

  温暖潮湿 mild and wet

  享受明媚的阳光 enjoy the bright sunshine

  在海滩上 on the beach

  人们的生活方式 people’s way of life


  be used to eating food made with flour

  面食 food made with flour

  生活在北方平原live on the northern plains

  通过陆路来往 come and go by land

  走陆路/走水路 travel by land / by water

  Topic 2 Confucius, a pioneer in the field of education.

  在教育领域in the field of education.


  a pioneer in the field of education.


  a great ancient philosopher

  真知灼见 wise ideas and thoughts

  人类行为 human behavior

  主要思想 main ideas

  礼貌 good manners

  至理名言 wise sayings

  从…学会 learn sth. from

  在…多岁时 at the age of …

  在他三十多岁时 in his thirties


  Learn the new while reviewing the old

  为...感到骄傲be proud of =be the pride of

  航海 ocean journeys

  死于疾病 die of illness

  总共in total

  积极参加take an active part in

  受…欢迎 be popular with

  成立 set up

  推翻 bring down


  break down from…

  成功做某事 succeed in doing sth

  去世pass away

  演讲 give a speech

  讲学 give a lecture

  发明杂交水稻develop hybrid rice


  win the Nobel Prize for Physics

  消灭 wipe out

  到安全地点 to safety=to the safe place

  一份新长征计划 a new Long March

  Topic 3

  带某人参观某地 show sb. around sw.

  给某人看…show sb. to sw.

  王权的象征 a symbol of imperial power


  real dragons and the sons of heaven


  a symbol of the Chinese nation


  play a/an…part in…=

  play a/an ……role…


  play an important part in Chinese festival

  龙年the year of the dragon

  鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb. to do sth.

  承诺做某事 promise to do sth.


  promise to follow the suggestions

  要么..要么 either…or…

  围挤在…周围crowd around…

  下象棋 play Chinese chess

  …和…都…, 两者都…Both …and …

  两者都都不…Neither …nor …

  为了…in order to …

  为反对…而斗争 ,与…战斗fight against

  为了纪念某人/某事 in memory of

  爆发break out

  依靠,依赖,取决于 depend on


  with one’s help=with the help of sb.


  one of the +形容词最高级+名词复数

  在三世纪 in the 3 rd century

  在…末梢 at the end of….

  传开, 传播,蔓延 spread to /through

  仁爱九年级下册 Unit 6

  Unit 6 Entertainment and Friendship

  Topic 1 I wouldrather watch TV plays than sports shows

  在某人业余时间里 in one’s spare time

  智力游戏 quiz shows

  同意某人 agree with sb.

  讨厌 be tired of


  would rather do sth.than do sth.

  宁愿不做…would rather not do sth.

  电视剧 TV plays

  儿童节目 children’s programs

  新闻节目 news reports

  体育节目 sports shows

  教育节目educational programs

  娱乐节目 entertainment shows

  相爱 fall in love

  星座 star sihns

  乐于做某事 be ready to do sth.

  保守秘密 keep secrets

  注意细节 pay attention to details

  从前 once upon a time

  对某人生气 be angry at sth.

  对某事生气 be angry with sb.


  give sb.a sudden attack on sth.


  a powerful person full of energy

  注意 pay attention to sth.

  含有贬义 have negative meanings

  正面行为 positive behavior

  不时,时时 at times

  另一方面 on the other hand

  也 as well

  代表 stand for


  in positive and negative ways

  幸运52 Lucky 52

  足球之夜 Soccer Night

  新闻联播 CCTV News

  动物世界 Animal World

  动画城 Cartoon City

  同一首歌 The Same Song

  对…有作用/影响 have an influence on

  了解 learn about

  Topic 2 He is my favorite character in Chinese literature.

  遗憾的是 It’s a pity that…

  在某方面努力工作 work hard at…

  决定, 下决心 make up one’s mind

  依照,根据 according to sth.

  表达强烈的感情 express strong feelings

  在远处 in the distance

  宁愿做某事 prefer to do sth.

  事实上 in fact

  争论 have an argument

  打某人耳光 stap sb.in the face

  继续做某事 keep on doing sth.

  洗澡 take a bath

  挽救某人的生命 save one’s life

  与某人对抗 fight against

  考虑 think about

  禁不住做某事 can’t help doing sth.

  Topic 3 I will remember our friendship forever.

  时光似箭 How time flies!

  毕业于 graduate from

  一个毕业典礼 a graduation ceremony

  为…做准备 prepare for = be ready for

  首先first of all = above all

  通过期末考试 pass the final examination

  小菜一蝶 It’s a piece of cake.

  做演讲give a speech /give speeches

  回想起 think back to


  Where ther is a will, there is a way.

  制定计划 make plans

  为某人送行 see sb. off

  常言道As the saying goes:

  去野营go camping

  推移 go by

  与某人相处很好 get along/on well with

  最令某人高兴的是 To one’s joy


  在户外in the open air

  与某人聊天 chat with

  互相 each other =with one another

  与某人相聚 have a get-together with

  很快,马上 (at)any minute now

  及时 in time

  匆忙in a hurry

  动身,出发 set off

  朝回走 head back

  朝回家的路走 head back home

  有一个美好的未来 have a great future

  期望做某事 look forward to doing sth.

  给某人一个拥抱 give a hug to sb.

  旅途平安 Have a safe flight!

  出去散步 go out for a walk

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