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Today we are gonna talk about unit 4,5 and 6. I hope you all have a great time today, because today is Monday. In our last class, we talk about unit 1 to unit 3 and also I show you the right way to learn English speaking is that you have to keep up with our pace, try to think, put yourself into that situation and try to expand. And always ask yourself what else I would say. 今天我们要讲一下4,5,6单元。我希望大家今天过得开心。我们的上节课已经讲过了1-3单元,我也给大家讲了学习英语口语正确的方法就是跟着我们上课的进度,多思考,把自己带入到场景中去,学会扩展。要时时问自己应该怎么说。


Unit 4 About Belongings

1.       表示财产的几种表达方式:

Belonging 随身物品

Please take all your belongings and alight from the right side请带好你的随身物品从右边下车


Property 财产

It’s my personal property 这是我的个人财产

I’m just working for the company, that doesn’t mean that I’m the company’s property. 我只是为公司打工,不代表我卖给公司了


Possession 财产

It’s my possession. 这是我的财产



It’s my territory

It’s my thing

It’s mine

It’s my terf. 黑帮老大说的,这是我的地盘


2.       原句:What’s this?

扩展句:Anybody tell me what this is? Do you wanna give me an explanation? You better give me a really good explanation for this. What do you think this is? 加点情绪

What do you think you are doing? 小孩子做错事的时候大人可以这么问他。


3.       原句:It’s an air-conditioner.

扩展句:Isn’t it an air-conditioner? Aren’t friends supposed to be helping each other? Isn’t learning all about practice? 反问的方式


4.       原句:Is this yours?

扩展句:You think this is yours? OK, I want you to look at me. I want you to tell me again. I want you to tell me word by word that this is yours. OK, can you do that again?

I want you to look at me and tell me you don’t love me anymore.


I can tell you a hundred times. I can tell you over and over again that this is mine. It’s never yours. If it’s good, it will never be wrong. If it’s the truth, it will never be buried. If it’s black, it will never be white. 我们学习语言目的不在于把意思传递出去就够了,而是要传递的更加到位,更加有说服力。


5.       原句:Where are my glasses? 直接冒出这么一个问句显得很唐突,别人觉得你大惊小怪

扩展句:Excuse me, I was wondering if anybody has seen my glasses. 这种表达方式更加有礼貌一些。

OK, it doesn’t matter. OK, anyway, forget it. Never mind. Tell me if you see it. Thank you如果没人理你,你可以自己圆场。 可以翻译为当我没说,算了算了。



Excuse me, do you have my package right here? 你看到我的快递了吗?

Not yet? It’s OK, never mind. But just let me know if it’s delivered. 送到了告诉我一声


6.       原句:Do you know where I put my glasses? 这种用法不推荐,know是一个比较大的词。

扩展句:Do you remember where I put my glasses?

Do you have any idea where I put my glasses? I have no idea. I don’t know 语气更确切一些,更常用


Hey look, that appears to be your book! 那个有点像你的书。

Hey you see, is that the thing you are looking for?

Hey is this the girl that you are looking for?


7.       原句:On the desk.

扩展句:It’s right there on the desk.


8.       原句:Is this your pen?

扩展句:I guess maybe it’s yours.

It seems to be yours.

It seems like gold, but it’s not gold. It’s copper.

It sounds like Michael, but it’s not Michael.

It feels like a girl’s hand, but it’s a man’s hand.


9.       原句:I found it under the desk. 比较生硬,而且你也不是一直在找(found

扩展句:I happen to see it under the desk. 我凑巧捡到了

I just wanted to make a program that it’s interesting, funny, that is really diverse(多样化). Fortunately everybody happen to like my program. Thank you. I feel so lucky. 大家要学会使用happen to这种用法,表达的意思比较谦虚一些。


You guys seem to have a lot to talk about. You guys seem to know a lot about Jay Chou. You know, I’m a big fan of Jay Chou. Hey don’t go after class. I’m gonna talk to you later.

Sometimes, talking about gossip you can learn a lot about vocabulary.


10.   原句:No. Mine is blue 太直接了可能会让人听了不舒服

扩展句:Thank you so much, but I’m afraid it’s not mine. But anyway you’re so kind. Well, you know, having a blue pen is not bad. I always wanted to try.



Come on, I never like a red pen. I’ve always wanted a change. 这样回答显得情商很高。

I never like it.


11.   原句:Which is your bag? 已经很生活化了。

扩展句:Can you identify which bag belongs to the criminal? Identify用于更正式的场合


12.   原句:The bigger one.

扩展句:The one with the larger size.



Well I think that for those people who have a tight budget in learning. In the mean time you can learn English Gym, you can learn the free program from Michael. After a while, it’s never too late for you to come back, because learning is just about your determination. 可能有些人对于学习的预算比较紧张。你们目前可以先学习英语健身房或者小麦老师的其他免费课程。等以后再回来学习也不迟。学习在乎的是你的决心。


13.   原句:The one on your right

扩展句:The one next to your right hand.

6 o’clock position 6点钟方向(南方)

There are enemies coming towards you, 11 o’clock position.


14.   原句:Are these books all yours?

扩展句:Do all these books belong to you? Do you own all the books?


Wow, you own this big villa? You own this Ferrari? 拥有


15.   原句:Some of them are mine

扩展句:I’ve own most of the books except for those.



Generally speaking he is a very nice person except for the fact that sometimes he would be really emotional. 从正面角度去夸

He’s a really emotional person and he acts up sometime. 脾气发作



Hey, are you acting up again? Cause my rod is ready. 发作了



My computer is acting up again.


Unit 5 Identifying People

16.   原句:Who are you?

扩展句:Do I know you? I’m afraid I don’t know you.

I’m afraid we haven’t met each other before.


17.   原句:I’m Jim.

扩展句:You can call me Jim.

James 是大名,Jim是小名

Michael 是大名,Mike是小名,Miki是小小名







18.   原句:Who is the guy over there?

扩展句:What’s the identification of that guy? Identification 身份


ID card 身份证

Yesterday, the police have found 3 dead bodies and whose identities remain unknown.


19.   原句:He’s Bob.

扩展句:That must be Bob. Who else could that be?

What else could it be?

Where else could it be?


Look at that face. He’s got a face that can stop the clock. 形容长太丑


20.   原句:Is that girl a student?

扩展句:Do you think she is a student?

I guess she is a student, do you think so?


21.   原句:No, she isn’t

扩展句:No, I bet she’s not.


22.   原句:What do you do?

扩展句:What do you do for a living? 你靠什么混饭吃?


23.   原句:I’m a farmer.

扩展句:I work on the farm.

I was the last makeup artist anybody can have. 入殓师委婉的形容自己的职业,人生最后一位化妆师。


24.   原句:What does he do?

扩展句:What’s his job? What is he? 他是干什么工作的?

What are you? 你是干什么工作的?


25.   原句:He’s a manager.

扩展句:He leads a team of sales person.


26.   原句:She must be a model, isn’t she?

扩展句:Let me tell you this. If she’s not a model, who else can be? 加强语气

I can tell what he does by the way he dresses. /What he dresses is what he is.



27.   原句:I really don’t know. I have no idea about it.

扩展句:I have no idea. I’ve got no clue.


I would be your dog. 不是贬义,表示我要做你忠诚的下属



28.   原句:Can she be a driver?



A: Hey do you think there might be any chance that Lucy is interested in me?

B: Why so?

A: Because last night you know, she was staring at me all night in the party.

B: I see why. It’s because you didn’t do your zipper. 没拉拉链


29.   原句:Yes, I think so.

扩展句:Well, probably.


Unit 6 About Introduction

30.   原句:What’s your name? May I have your name?

扩展句:Can I have your name please?


31.   原句:My name is Thomas. Just call me Tom.

扩展句:You can call me Thomas. People always call me Tommy.


32.   原句:What’s your family name?

扩展句:What’s your last name?


Well, don’t tell me that you are the rumored Eagle swords man. 莫非你就是传说中的神雕大侠?swords man 剑客


33.   原句:My family name is Ayneswonth.

扩展句:Ayneswonth is my family name.


34.   原句:How do you spell it?

扩展句:Can you spell it? What is the spelling of the word?


Do you know how to make spaghetti?

Do you know the way to make spaghetti?

Do you know the making of spaghetti?

Do you know the making of the man?



35.   原句:Who is the lady in white?

扩展句:Who is the lady with white dress?


36.   原句:Could you introduce me to her?

扩展句:Can you help me hook her up? 你能帮我勾搭一下她吗?

Last night, I asked Lucy out for movie, you know. She just got hooked up.


37.   原句:Rose, let me introduce my friend to you.

扩展句:Rose, you really have to meet my friend Michael. He’s the author, he’s the owner, and he’s the writher of EMF. You know that?

You really have to watch the program Singer from Hunan TV station, which is really great. Jessie Jay gave a really performance. She did really great job.


38.   原句:This is Tom. He’s my classmate.

扩展句:This is Tom. We are in the same class.


I am a member of the learning squad. 我是EMF学习队伍中的一员

Young pioneer 少年先锋队


39.   原句:Nice to meet you.

扩展句:My pleasure. My honor.

Oh my God, I can’t believe this. I finally see you in person. 我终于看到您本人了!

I’ve always wanted to meet you since I was young. Today, it’s like a dream come true.


40.   原句:Let me introduce myself. 太正式了

扩展句:I guess most of you don’t know me very well. So I’d like to tell some stories about me.

OK, before I start, there are 3 lies about me that I want to clear. 更幽默一个套路,其实是介绍自己。

No.1 I am Chinese. I was born in China and I was not born in America.

No.2 My parents are not professors in colleges and they don’t speak English.

No.3 I’m not the boss of QingClass, which means I don’t make a lot of money. The boss makes a lot of money.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to give you a feast for your palate. 味觉盛宴

He’s got great palate. 他嘴很挑剔。

Feast for your eyes. 视觉大餐


41.   原句:How do you do?

扩展句:My pleasure. I’m happy to meet you. It’s my honor to meet you.

Oh I can’t believe I see you! 小粉丝见到大明星比较激动


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