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a few 有些; 少数; 几个

a good/great deal (of) 大量(的);非常多(的)

a good/great many 很多的

a little 少许;少量

a lot of/lots of 大量; 许多

a number of 一些,许多

according to 根据;据 所说

after a while 过了一会儿; 不久

after all 毕竟;终究

again and again 再三地;反复地

all by oneself 独立;单独

all kinds of 各种各样的

all of a sudden 突然(地)

all the same 仍然,还是

all the time —直;始终

as a matter of fact 事实上

as a result 因此;结果

as... as 像……(一样)

as... as possible 尽可能...

as long as 只要;和 一样长

as soon as 一...就...

as soon as possible 尽快

as usual 像往常一样,照例

at dusk 在黄昏时刻

at first 起初

at last 最终,终于

at least 至少,不少于

at once 立即;马上

at present 目前,现在

at the moment 此刻,目前,眼下

at the same time 同时,与此同时

at times 有时;偶尔

be afraid/scared/terrified of 害怕...

be busy (in) doing... 忙于做...

be busy with 忙于...

be fed up with 厌倦...

be fond of 喜欢;爱好

be full of 充满

be good for 对...有益

be interested in 对..感兴趣

be late for (school) (上学)迟到

be made from 由...制成(看不出原材料)

be made of 由...制成(看得出原材料)

be made up of 由...组成;由...构成

be pleased with 对...感到满意

be proud of 为...自豪

be similar to 同...相似

be willing to 乐意...

be worth (doing) 值得(做)...

be/get ready (for) (为...)作准备

because of 因为;由于

belong to 属于

break down 停止运转,出故障

break out 爆发,突然发生

by accident 偶然,意外地

by mistake 错误地,无意地

by the time 到...时候

by the way 顺便说一下

call for 需要;要求;去接(某人)

can’t help doing... 禁不住做...

care for 照看,照料,护理

carry on 继续; 从事

carry out 进行; 执行(计划、命令)

catch up with 赶上

come from 出生(于);来自

come true 实现;达到

come up with 想到,想出(主意、回答等)

cut down 砍倒;削减

deal with 处理,应付

depend on 取决于;依靠,依赖

do one's best 尽某人最大的努力

do well in 在……(方面)做得好

eat up 吃光

enjoy oneself 玩得愉快

ever since 从...以后一直

face to face 面对面地

fall asleep 入睡

fall behind 落在...的后面; 落后...

feel like doing... 想要做...

find out 查明,弄清; 发现

first of all 首先

for example/instance 例如,举例来说

get along/on with 相处融洽; 进展

get on 友好相处; 进展

give out 分发; 用光,耗尽

give sb. a hand/push 帮某人一把/推某人一下

give up 放弃

go over 检查;复习

go through 经历

grow up 长大成人; 发展

had better (not) do... 最好(不)做...

hand in 上交; 提交

hand out 分发; 发放

have a cold 得了感冒

have a good/great time 玩得高兴;过得愉快

have/take a look (at) 看一下

have a try 尝试; 努力

have breakfast 吃早饭

hear from 收到...的来信

hear of 听说

help oneself to 自己取(食物等)

hold back 阻挡;控制

hold on 等一等(别挂电话);紧紧抓住

in a hurry 匆匆忙忙

in a minute 很快,马上,立刻

in a word 总之,简言之

in all 总计,总共

in danger 处在危险状态

in fact 实际上,事实上

in need of 需要

in order 按顺序; 井然有序

in order to 为了;以便

in other words 换句话说

in public 当众,公开地

in the end 后来,终于

in time 及时;迟早

in trouble 处于困境(苦恼)中

instead of 代替;而不是

join in 参加

keep a record 作记录

keep doing... 继续做...

keep in touch with 与...保持联络

knock on/at 敲(门等)

later on 以后,过后,将来

leave behind 把...落在后面;留下

look after 照顾,照看

look at 看;朝...看

look for 寻找

look forward to 盼望,期待

look like 看起来像

look out (for) 当心,小心

look over 迅速地检查

look through 翻查,翻找

make a decision 作出决定

make a face 做鬼脸

make a living 谋生

make fun of 取笑

make room for 给...腾出地方

make sure 弄清楚,查明;确保

make up one’s mind 下决心

millions of 数百万的; 许许多多的

more than 超出

never mind 不要紧,没关系

no longer/more 不再

not...any longer/more 不再

not (...) at all (用来加强not的语气)一点也不(……)

on duty 当班;值班

on holiday/vacation 在度假;在假期中

on time 准时

one after another 一个接一个

or so ...左右;...上下

out of date 过期的;老式的

over there 在那边(指较远处)

pass on 传递

pay attention (to) 注意

pay for 付...的账; 付... 的钱

pick... up 拾起;开车接(某人);获得

play the role/part of 扮演...角色

point to 指向

prefer sth. to sth. 两者比较更喜欢前者

prefer to... rather than... 宁愿...而不愿...

put away 放好; 把...收起来

put down 镇压,平息; 写下,记下; 放下

put of 推迟; 使延期

put up with 忍受

regard.. . as… 将...视为...

right away/now 立刻;马上

ring back 回电话

ring off 挂断电话

ring up 打电话

run away 逃跑;逃避

say goodbye to 告别

scores of 许多;大量

see sb. do... 看见某人做...

send for 派人去请

set about 开始;着手

set off 激发,引起; 起程

set up 建立; 创立; 安装

shout at sb. 对某人大喊大叫

show off 夸耀; 炫耀

show up 出现; 露面

so far 到目前为止

stand for 代表;象征

stop doing... 停止做...

stop sb. from doing... 阻止某人做...

stop to do...停下来去做...

take after (在外貌、性格等方面)与(父母等)相像

take an active part in 积极参加

take away 拿走

take care of 照看; 照顾

take charge of 负责;看管

take it easy 从容; 放轻松; 不紧张

take off 脱下(衣、帽、鞋等);(飞机)起飞

take out 取出

take part in 参加...;参与...

take place 发生,进行

talk about 谈论;讨论;议论

thanks to 归功于 ;多亏

the same as... 与...同样的

think of 想出;想起,回忆起

think up 想出,构思出

to one's surprise 令某人惊奇的是...

too. . . to 太...以致不能

turn down 把...调低; 关小

turn off 关(电灯、电视机、煤气、自来水等)

turn on 打开(电灯、电视机、煤气、自来水等)

up and down 上上下下;来来回回

up to date 最新(式)的

used to 过去经常发生; 过去曾经存在

wake up 睡醒;醒来;叫醒

What/How about...? (征求意见) 怎么样?

work out 计算出;制订出

worry about 担心

write down 写下,记下

write to 写信给


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