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It 的用法


John likes playing Pingpong/ He always does it in the afternoon(指代上下文提到的事物)/  It's time we went home. / How far is it from here to your home ? / It is getting warmer and warmer/ It's very quiet at the moment(可指时间、天气、环境等)



  It's important for us to learn a second language/ It's no use talking to him/ It's known to all that the earth goes round the sun


  We feel it our duty to help others/ He made it clear that he would leave the city

  C.强调结构:It is (was) +被强调部分+that (who)

  注意: 在强调结构中,如被强调部分为时间状语或地点状语,其后的连接词也绝不能为when where,而应用that 。在复习中,一定要注意句式的不同。

  It was in Shanghai that I bought the guitar(that引起强调句)

  It was Shanghai where I bought the guitar(where引起定从)

  It was twelve o'clock when we arrived there(when引起时间状语从句)

  It was at twelve o'clock that we arrived there.(that 引起强调句)

3. itonethat 的区别:作为代词,这三个词的对比使用是高考的热点之一。


  ---Why don't we take a little break?             ---Didn't we just have __________?

  Ait          Bthat          Cone       Dthis   


  The Parkers bought a new house but _________will need a lot of work before they can move in

Athey        Bit       Cone       Dwhich   

one 用以指代同类事物中的任一,that 特指性强,指代可数与不可数词,而it指代上文提过的同一事物。


botheither neither 都表两者范围,在句中作主语、宾语、定语 both可用作同位语。  both 意为"两者都"either "两者中任一个"neither"两者都不"
anynone all 表三者或三者以上范围,any 表任何一个、一些(不可数或复数概念,用于否定句、疑问句或条件从句中)none 表三者或三者以上中的哪一个都不;表示不可数物中的一点儿也没有;all 整个的;所有的(三者或三者以上);所有的(不可数)
  e.g.This book is a good sellerso you can buy it at any shop in Beijing/ None of us are/is perfect/  All of the village was flooded. 

3no onenobodynonenothingno onenobody表没有人,nothing 指没有什么事物,none 兼指人和物。none 着眼于数量概念。"特指的人或物一个也没有,一点儿也没有"
  ----How many people are there in the hall ?         ----None
  ----who wants to go with him ?     ----No one(Nobody)
  ----What can you see in the bottle ?  ----Nothing
  ----Is there any water in it ?  ----None
anotherthe otherthe other+复数名词(the others)other (other +复数名词)another 表三者或三者以上范畴中的任一;与数词连用,表"再有"the other 表两者中的另外那个,特指;the other+复数名词(the others),另外那些,表示其余所有的人或物,用于特指;others (other+复数名词)另一些,表余下人或物中的另一些,泛指。
  ---I don't like thisshow me another one(NMET 200016)
  If you want to change for a double room you'll have to pay_______$15
  Aanother    Bother        Cmore       DEach (A)





  eg---I love you more than herchild /  ---You mean more than ___love her or more than she loves____?    A youme   BIyou    Cyouyou   DIme
  ---Who is it ?    ---It's me .  ---I'd like to have a rest .  ---Metoo
  3)使用we you 泛指一般人
  China is a great countryShe has a long history
  5)并列主语或宾语中顺序是:youhe(she) and I weyou and they
  二.物主代词:名词性物主代词――在句中做主语、宾语、表语、补足语,构成双重所有格:a friend of mine 。形容词性物主代词――只能起定语作用。
  1) 在句中作宾语、表语和同位语;2)单复数的确定;3)在一些语境中的特殊含义。

  e.g. I'm not quite myself today.我今天不大舒服。/ ake yourself at home.不要拘礼;请随便吧。 / Don't get nervoushelp yourself to what you like.别紧张,喜欢吃什么就吃什么。/ Have you enjoyed yourself today? 你今天玩得愉快吗?

(一)thisthatthese those
  2this(these)一般指时间和空间上较近的人或物,而that (those)常指时间和空间上较远的人或物。e.g. This is a novel and that is a magazine
  3this(these)一般指后面要讲到的事物,而that(those)常指前面讲到的事物。e.g. What he told me is thishe wanted to go to Beijing/ He didn't comeThat is why he didn't know
  4thatthose 常用来指代前面提到过的某个名词。e.g. The oil output in 1998 was higher than that of 1995( that 代替oil output) / The cars made in Japan are better than those in Germany
  such引起倒装句,谓语数取决于后面主语的数:e.g Such is my answer/  Such are our people
  做定语,注意和so 的区别,尤其是在so that suchthat 句型中。e.g. I have never seen such beautiful flowers(复数名词前,so 不可) / I have never seen such a great film(也可为so great a film) /  We have such beautiful weather today that we should go out for an outing(不可数词前,不可用so) / There are so many people in the hall that it's hard for me to find him(在数量概念的manymuchlittlefew 之前,不可用such )



1. New English-Chinese Dictionary has been republished several times,_____ more up to date than the last edition.
A. any                B. everyone           C. either                      D. each
2. After paying 1,000 dollars_____ ,you'll all become full members of our club.
A. each               B. all                    C. every                      D. both
3._____ was her cruelty that we all hated her.
A. It                   B. What                C. That                 D. Such
4. Mary has been ill in bed for a week. I wonder if she is _____ better now.
A. much             B. some                C. any                  D. very
5. -Which of these two ties will you take?           -I don't like these. Do you have any_____ ?
A. one                B. other                C. ones                 D. others
6. I' d rather ride a bike as bike riding has _____ of the trouble of taking buses.
A. much             B. all                    C. neither              D. none
7. I need some blue ink today but there is _____ at hand.
A. not                 B. nothing             C. a little               D. none
8. I found the very watch of mine _____ I had left _____ .
A. where, it         B. that, it                     C. which,       one               D. where,       one
9. I haven't got time to get the tickets. Who's going to ____?
A. do so              B. do it                 C. buy it                      D. do them
10. -Jack certainly has a high opinion of Susan.        
It can't be better than _____of him.
A. hers                      B. she                   C. that                  D. her
11. -Shall we introduce ____ fire-fighting equipment from abroad?           -Go ahead, if necessary.
A. other              B. a few more       C. another             D. some other
12. -How about the price of these refrigerators?         -They are equal in price to, if not cheaper than,_____ at the other stores.
A. others             B. it                      C. that                  D. the ones
13. -I dislike _____ when others laugh at me in public or speak ill of me behind.      -So do I.
A. them              B. those                C. it                     D. that
14. -Which do you prefer, classical music or pop music?          
-_____. I prefer folk music.
A. Either             B. Both                 C. None                D. Neither
15. Why don' t you trust and use old Tom? He is still as strong as _____ in the team.
A. nobody           B. anybody else     C. everybody               D. somebody else
16. -Are the new methods taking any effect?              -Yes,_____ articles are stolen from our supermarket.
A. few                B. more                C. some                D. none
17. During the meeting a young man cried out suddenly and threw his notebook at the chairman,_____ brought the room to disorder.
A. it                    B. and which         C. and that            D. this
18. I've just seen no more than one copy of Gone with the Wind in the bookshop opposite. Tom, go and buy_____ back.
   A. one                B. any                  C. it                     D. some

19. -Do you have _____ at home now?   -No, we still have to get scores of eggs and some vegetables.
   A. nothing      B. everything   C. anything   
    D. something
20. Nancy is expecting another baby and hopes _____ will be a boy.
   A. he             B. that             C. it   
             D. there
21. Surely it's _____ with the big nose you mean, not ____!
   A. he, I                 B. him, me       C. him, I          D. he, me

22. The temperature can fall to –30. _____ is,30°C below freezing point.
   A. Which       B. It                C. That   
         D. This
23. -The exam was easy, wasn't it?            
-Yes, but I don' t think _____ could pass it.
   A. somebody    B. everybody   C. anybody   
    D. nobody
24. Cut the apple into halves so that the twins may each get _____ half.
   A. every         B. each            C. another   
     D. either
25. _____ of us can do everything, but all of us can do _____ .
   A. None, something   B. Some, everything          C. Few, something   
D. Few, nothing
26. -May I help you with some gloves, sir?         -Yes, I'd like to try those blue ____.
   A. one           B. ones            C. pair   
          D. two
27. Of all my friends _____ will be able to persuade Tom to change his mind. He is so firm upon it.
   A. none          B. nobody          C. neither  
         D. no one
28. -Is he content to accept our offered price?

-Yes. He cares more about the quality. Money is _____ to him.
   A. everything    B. anything      C. nothing   
     D. something
29. I have no idea which was better, so I took ____ of them.
   A. both          B. none            C. all   
            D. any
30. You mustn't always do _____ as he asks you to do. He may be wrong sometimes.
   A. anything    B. something    C. nothing   
     D. everything
31. I'm no painter, and to me, one painting is much like .
   A. another      B. the other      C. others   
      D. one
32. I didn't want either of ____ hats and asked the salesman to show me_____.
   A. those, another   B. two, the other   C. all, the others   
D. both, others
33. The children were catching butterflies in the garden. Some caught a lot, and others caught _ at all.
   A. nothing      B. none            C. no one   
      D. neither
34. Thank you very much indeed. That' s _____ of you.
   A. kindest      B. most kind    C. the kinder   
D. the most kind
35. Jack is a very likable fellow, but I've learned to take _____ he says with a grain of salt.
   A. something       B. anything      C. nothing   
     D. everything
36. -I love you more than her, child.           -You mean more than ____ love her or more than she loves ____?
   A. you, me     B. I, you          C. you, you   
   D. I, me



1. Was it during the Second World War _____he died? (MET88)

Athat            B. while           C. in which      D. then
Is _____necessary to take off our shoes when we enter the lab? (MET88H)
everyone     B. this             C. her              D. it

Is _____possible to fly to the moon in a spaceship? (MET88)
   Anow              B. that             C. it                D. man

4His Parents wouldn't let him marry anyone _____family was poor(MET88)

   Aof whom    B. whom         C. of whose     D. whose

5_____leaves the room last ought to turn off the light
  AAnyone       B. The person     C. Whoever     D. Who

6_____writer is better known in ChinaCharcles Dickens or Mark Twain? (MET88)

  AWhich        B. What           C. Either         D. Whether

7---Have you seen Tom and Mary?          ---I haven' t seen _____of them(MET88)

  Aneither        B. any             C. either                 D. all

Is _____necessary to complete the design before National Day? (MET89)
  Athis            B. that             C. it                D. he

9All _____is needed is a supply of oil(MET89)

  Athe thing     B. that             C. what           D. which

10His camera is more expensive than ______(MET89)

  Ahers           B. her              C. it                D. its

11I don't think _____possible to master a foreign language without much memory work(MET90)

  Athis            B. that             C. its               D. it

12______of them knew about the plan because it was kept in a secret(MET90)

    AEach          B. Any             C. No one        D. None

13He paid the boy 10 for washing ten windowsmost of _____hadn't been cleaned for at least a year(MET90)

  Athese          B. those           C. that             D. which

14Kate and her sister went to holiday with a cousin of _____(MET90)

  Atheir           B. theirs           C. her              D. hers

15I invited Tom and Ann to dinnerbut _____of them came(NMET91)

  Aneither        B. both            C. either                 D. none

16She heard a terrible noise_____brought her heart into her mouth(MET91)

  Ait                B. which          C. this             D. that

17We couldn't eat in a restaurant because _____of us had _____money on us(MET91)

  Aall; no         B. any; no        C. none; any    D. no one; any

18These plants are watered _____(NMET91)

  Aeach other day  B. every other day          C. each of two days   D. every of two days

19Alice received an invitation from her boss_____came as a surprise(NMET91)

  Ait                B. that             C. which         D. he

Does _____matter if he can't finish the job on time?
  Athis            B. that             C. he               D. it

21MrZhang gave the textbooks to all the pupils except _____who had already taken them(MET92)

  Athe ones      B. ones            C. some           D. the others

22There're so many kinds of tape-recorders on sale that I can't make up my mind _____to buy (MET92)

  Awhat          B. which          C. how            D. where

23Although he's wealthyhe spends _____ on clothes(NME792)

   Alittle   B. few             C. a little          D. a few

24In the dark streetthere wasn't a single person _____ she could turn for help(MET92)

   Athat          B. who            C. from whom    D. to whom

25_____he said at the meeting astonished everybody present(MET93)

   AWhat        B. That            C. The fact      D. The matter

26---Would you like some wine?              ---Yesjust _____(MET93)
   Alittle         Bvery little   Ca little         Dlittle bit

27Tom's mother kept telling him that he should work harderbut _____didn't help(MET93)

   Ahe            Bwhich        Cshe            Dit

28---Is _____here?       ---NoBob and Tim have asked for leave(MET93)

   Aanybody     Bsomebody     Ceverybody    Dnobody

29---Is your camera like Bill's and Ann's?        ---Nobut it's almost the same as _____(NMET94)

   Aher                 Byours         Cthem          Dtheir

30The weather turned out to be very good _____was more than we could expect(NMET94)

   Awhat        Bwhich        Cthat           Dit

31_____is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language(NMET95)

   AThere       BThis           CThat                 DIt

32They were very tiredbut _____of them would stop to take a rest(NMET95)

   Aany          Bsome         Cnone          Dneither

33I hope there are enough glasses for each guest to have _____(NMET95)

   Ait             Bthose         Cthem          Done

34---When shall we meet again?  --Make it _____day you like; it's all the same to me(NMET96)

   Aone          Bany            Canother      Dsome

35Tom felt that he knew everybody's business better than they knew it _____(NMET96 )

   Athemselves    Boneself       Citself          Dhimself

36I agree with most of what you saidbut I don't agree with _____(NMET97)

   Aeverything     Banything          Csomething     Dnothing

37Sarah has read lots of stories by American writersNow she would like to read_____stories by writers from _____ countries(NMET97)

   Asome; any     Bother; some     Csome; other         Dother; other

38It was about 600 years ago _____ the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made(NMET97)

   Athat          Buntil    Cbefore        Dwhen

39I hate _____when people talk with their mouths full(NMET98)

   Ait             Bthat            Cthese         Dthem

40DrBlack comes from either Oxford or CambridgeI can't remember _____(NMET98)

   Awhere      Bthere          Cwhich        Dhat

Why do you want a new job _____you've got such a good one already? (NMET98)
   Athat          Bwhere        Cwhich        Dwhen

42It was only when I reread his poems recently _____I began to appreciate their beauty(NMET98)

   Auntil         Bthat            Cthen           Dso

43Few pleasures can equal _____of a cool drink on a hot day(NMET99)

   Asome       Bany            Cthat           Dthose

44 If you want to change for a double--room you'll have to pay _____$15(NMET2000 )

   Aanother       Bother          Cmore         Deach

45---Why don't we take a little break?
            ---Didn't we just have _____? (NMET2000)
   Ait             Bthat            Cone            Dthis

46It is the ability to do the job _____matters not where you come from or what you are(NMET2000 )

   Aone          Bthat            Cwhat          Dit

47If this dictionary is not yours
_____can it be? (NMET2001)
   Awhat else       Bwho else     Cwhich else's    Dwho else's

48Many people have helped with canned foodhoweverthe food bank needs _____for the poor(2001春招)

   Amore        Bmuch         Cmany         Dmost

49The Parkers bought a new house but _____will need a lot of work before they can move in(NMET2001)

   Athey         Bit                   Cone           D which

50---He was nearly drowned once.2002春招)

---When was _____?
---_____was in 1998 when he was in middle school.
   A. that; it       B. this; this      C. this; it         D. that; this




1. D 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. D 6. D 7. D 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. D 12. D 13. C 14. D 15. B 16. A 17. C 18. C 19. B 20. C21. B 22. C 23. B 24. D 25. A 26. B 27. A 28. C 29. A 30. D 31. A 32. A 33. B 34. B 35. D 36. A



1A 这是一个强调句式的一般疑问句。
  2D it是形式主语,to不定式是真正主语。
  3C 参看2题。
  4D family与先行词anyone之间是所属关系。
  5C 在主语从句中,whoever充当主语,指代人,相当于anyone who。而Cwho也可引导名词性从句,但它具体指"是谁"
  6A 特殊疑问句中的选择,用which
  7C 前一句只提到两个人。neithereitherboth仅用于表述两者的情况,而anyall表述多者的情况,且I haven't seen either of them相当于I have seen neither of them
  8C 可参看23题。
  9B all是先行词,that 引导定语从句,且all that=what
  10A His camera是句子的主语,也是信息词,应填名词性的物主代词hers,它相当于her camera
  11D it是形式宾语,to master…是真正宾语。此句还可说成I don't think it is possible to…。可参看238题。
  12D AB项不符合句意。Cno one后不接of短语。
  13D which是定语从句中的关系代词,指代上文的windowsABC项不能引导定语从句,且填进去后,两个分句缺少连词。
  14B 可参看10题。
  15A 前文提到邀请两个人,两个人都没来,故用neither参看7题。
  16B which引导非限定性定语从句。which指代前面一句话。如果两个分句是由and连接,则ACD项也对。
  17C A项中的all放在否定句中,是部分否定,与上文we couldn't eat in a restaurant矛盾,B项不符语法,nno one后不接of短语,且只指代人。
  18B every other day每隔一天,是习惯用法。
  19C which在非限定性定语从句中指代前面一句话。可参看16题。
  20D 考生非常熟悉It doesn't matter这一句型,该题现在是一般疑问句,itmatter的主语,if引导条件状语从句。
  21A CD项不能做定语从句的先行词来指代上文的the pupils,只能用the ones,因为它被限定性定语从句所修饰,表特指。该句的意思是:"张先生把教科书分给了所有的学生,那些已经拿走了的学生除外。"
  22B 原题中的so many kinds of tape-recorders暗示考生要买的是录音机,故排除A项。因为有这么多种类,因此不能决定买哪个。CD项是连接副词,不能做buy的宾语。

  23A BD项应排除,它们指代可数名词的复数。全句意为:"虽然他很富有,但很少花钱买衣服。"C项不符句意。
  24D turn at sbfor help是惯用法,在定语从句中把to提前与whom构成介词十关系代词。
  25A 主语从句中缺少宾语,故what充当。

26C 原题中的答语Yes暗示考生应选表示肯定意义的a littleAB项表示否定意义。
  27D it指代前面一句话。因有but,故前后为并列句,不用关系代词(which)只用代词it
  28C Is everybody here?"都到齐了吗"Is anybody here?"这里有人吗?"Bsome body可用在表示征求对方意见,并希望得到对方肯定回答的问句里。D项不符原题句意。
  29B 参看1014题。
  30B 参看1619题。
  31D it是形式主语,that从句是真正主语。如果fact前有the修饰,就可选BC项,that引导同位语从句。
  32C but是关键词,表转折,该句意为"他们非常疲劳,但没有一个人愿意停下来休息一会儿。"
  33D one指代one of the glasses,且each一词是信息词。该句意思是:"我希望有足够的玻璃杯,以便每位客人有一个"

  34B one day表示"某一天",可用在一般过去时,当它用在将来时的句中时,可与some day互换。another day指另一天。原题中的It's all the same to meyou like是信息句,可暗示考生,只能选any day,即"你喜欢定在哪天都行,或随便哪一天都行。"
  35A themselves;是they的反身代词。

  36A 从上文"我同意你说的大部分,"可知,下文应填everything表示部分否定。B项填入后该句为全否定。C项不用在否定句中。D项填入后,该句成为肯定句。故BCD项是错误的。

  37C 从上文"Sarah已经读了许多美国作家写的故事",可知,下文是"她现在想读一些由别的国家的作家写的故事"A项中any用在肯定句中表示"任何一个",与后面的countries不符。BD项不符原句的逻辑。
  38A 这是一个强调句式。如果把It wasthat去掉,该句子意思完整。不缺任何成份。
  39A 该题考查it作形式宾语的用法。四个选项均为代词,只有it作先行代词时,本身没有具体意义,而只是帮助把真正的宾语移到后部去。句中it的作用是代替它后面的宾语从句when people talk with their mouths full,故正确答案为A
  40C 该题考查在省略的宾语从句中连接代词的用法。AB项为副词,不可作及物动词remember的宾语,应先排除。指某一范围的"哪一个"需用连接代词which,前一个分句中的from either Oxford or Cambridge已限定了范围,故答案选C
  41D 该题考查引导从句的关系联词的用法。thatwhich作为关系代词引导定语句必须在从句中充当某一成份;where作关系副词引导定语从句在从句中作状语,先行词必须是表示地点的名词,故应排除ABC。由题于中从句与主句所表示的逻辑关系考虑,此空应填表示因果关系的从属连词when,这时when=sincefor,意为"由于""既然",答案为D
  42B 该句考查强调结构。"It+be+被强调部分+that从句"it的强调句型,如果强调的是时间、地点、原因等状语,别后面接that引导的从句,而不能用whenwherebecause等词来引导,因此答案为B。再如:
  It was when I was thirty--five that I got married and had a family
  It was when we got to the station that it began to rain.参看1题。

  43C 该题考查不定代词的替代用法。在进行比较时要用同类的事物相比,排除AB。按照英语习惯用法,that可以代替一个单数名词或一个不可数名词,以避免重复前面提到过的名词。that前面没有任何修饰词,后面的介词主要是of。由空白后表示所属关系的语境可以确定此空应填that,代替pleasure,故答案选C
  44A another在此足不定代词,意为"再…个"pay to another $15。意为"再付15美元。more应放在$15之后。
  45C one不定代词指代上文的break
  46B It isthat为强调结构。
  47D 根据句意,"不是你的,可能是另外谁的呢?"所以答案是D
  48A 根据句意,"还再需要一些",故选A
  49B 代替the new house

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