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Unit 1 Will people have robots?


1 will do =be going to do      将做某事

2.go skating                  去滑冰

3.be able to (学习之后能够)=can(本能)   能够;

4. come true =realize          实现;到达

5. in the future=in future       将来;未来

predict the future         预言未来

6. try to do sth              尝试做某事

try one’s best to do sth     尽力做某事

7. live in a tall building /apartment 住在高楼/

  live with sb          一起住

  live alone            独自居住

  live on a space station       住在太空站

8.  fly to = go to…by plane 坐飞机去

fly away                     飞走了
9. on the moon               

on the earth              在地球上

on the space station        在太空站

10. fall down               落下,跌倒

Fall asleep                睡着

fall in love with sth/ sb.  喜欢上某物/某人

11. do sth alone   单独做某事

12.pat him on the head   拍他的头

pat her on the back  拍她的背

13.have one’s own sth  拥有属于自己的东西

14.dress oneself  给自己穿衣服 

dress sb./oneself up     化妆

15. even if  即使

16. no sound in movies   无声电影

17.. the head of …    的头/老大

18. be worthy of     be worth doing   值的

19.live to two hundred years old  活到200

20.such as            例如

21.get/be bored        感到厌烦

22.It seems that =主语+seem to do  似乎

23.I hope so/not  我希望/不希望如此

24. rain heavily=rain cats and dogs=heavy rain  下大雨

25. do sth over and over  一遍又一遍做某事

26. do the same sth as sb  与某人做同样的事

27. be far from               遥远

28.How is …like?=What do you think of…?


29  keep on doing sth    继续做某事

keep sb from doing sth   阻止某人做某事

30. look smart  看上去聪明

31. at the weekends=on weekends在周末

32. go to ……on vacation  去某地度假

33. from now on    从现在开始

34. wake  up   唤醒


1.People won’t use money .Everything will be free.人们将不使用金钱,每件东西都是免费的。

2.Books will only be on computers ,not on paper.书将只出现在电脑上,不会出现在纸上。

3.There willbe more people\lessfree time\fewer cars.将更多;空余时间更少;汽车会更少。

4.People will live to be 200 years old.人们将会活到200

5.What will the weather be like tomorrow.?  明天的天气会怎么样?

6On the weekend, I’ll be able to dress more casually.在周末,我会穿得更随意一些

7. Scientist are trying to make robots look like people and do the same thing as us.科学家们已经设法使机器人看起来像人,并且做与我们同样的事情。

8. We never know what will happen in the future. 我们永远都不会知道将来会发生什么

9.Predicting the future can be difficult.


Unit 2 what should I do ?


1. keep sb out (of the door ) 把某人拦在门外

keep on doing sth       坚持做某事

keep up with sb    赶上追上某人

keep/make +n+ adj     使怎么样

2 argue with sb on sth   与某人争吵某事

argue with sb = have an argument with sb.吵架

fight with sb =have a fight with sb与某人打架              

3 out of style过时的  in style  时髦的

4.call sb up=phone/telephonesb.打电话给某人

call sb at +电话号码    打电话

talk about sth on the phone在电话中谈论某事

5. surprise sb    使某人吃惊

to one’s surprise    令我惊奇的是

be surprised at sth     吃惊于

6. either …or …  或者或者

neither…nor …既不也不

7.the same as …….相同的

8. get/be upset      不安/沮丧

9. complain +that从句    抱怨

complain about sth to sb =complain to sb about sth  向某人抱怨关于某事

10 send sb sth =send sth to sb  送某物给某人

11. all kinds of   各种各样

different kinds of    不同种类

12..compare sth with sb  进行比较

13.organize activities        组织活动

14..enjoy oneself=enjoy doing=have fun doing

=have a good time to do sth =have a wonderful time            玩得开心

15.on the one hand…, on the other hand…

16. find out 找出   look for      寻找

17.plan to do      计划做某事

18. leave sth at home      落下某物

leave for                 离开

19. be angry with sb      对某人生气

20.tell sb to do sth     告诉某人做某事

21 get on well (with sb)  相处得好

22.give sb some advice    给某人一些建议

 23. fit into      融入之中

25. mind him of the book  提醒他关于书

   mind sb of sth      提醒某人关于某事

26. take the train         乘火车

27. have a walk=take a walk

=go for a walk  散步

28. It’s time for sth. = It’s time to do sth . 该做某事的时候了

29. not… until…     直到 

30.from …to…     


1. I don't have enough money.我没有足够的钱。

2. I argued with my best friend.我与我最好的朋友吵架了。

3. My clothes are out of style.我的衣服过时了。

4. Maybe you should call him up.

5. I don't want to surprise him.我不想使他惊讶。

6. No, he doesn't have any money, either.


7. I need to get some money to pay for summer camp.   我需要一些钱支付夏令营。

Unit 3


1 get out (of sth.)      出去,步出

take out the trash    把垃圾拿出去

2 take off       脱掉

3 run away        逃跑

4 hear about     听说

5. take place  发生

6. as…as    ……一样

7.be good at = do well in      擅长于 

sound good        听起来好

8 run with sb/sth     一起跑

run after sb./sth       追赶sb/sth

run up with sb   追上某人

9 cut up   切碎  cut down    砍倒

10  on the land在陆地上                    

take off the hand       起飞

11  for a while=for a moment   等一会儿

12. look around/go around   看四周 

 13 follow sb          跟着某人

14. climb up       向上爬 

jump high        跳高

shout at sb      朝某人呼唤

shout out         喊出

15 happen to sb   某事发生在某人身上

take place     主语+发生(vt.

16 hear from sb  收到某人来信 

  hear about/of sth      听说sth.

17 on the playground    在操场上

18.keep silence      保持沉默

19.become a national hero   成为民族英雄

20. have an unusual experience 不寻常的经历

21 be surprised at sth   吃惊/吃惊于

22 the news of important events 重大新闻事件

23 for example      例如

24 at that time         在那时

25 in more recent history     近代历史

26 flight to            ……的班机



 e.gHow strange it was

What+(a/an) +形容词+名词+主语+谓语

2. What happens to sb ?某人发生了什么事?

3.Isn’t that amazing?那难道不令人惊奇吗?


             Yes—  No—是的

4. What were you doing when the UFOl anded?UFO着陆时,你正在干啥?

5. While the girl was shopping, the alien got out.当小女孩正在买东西时,外星人出去了。

6. What’s the meaning of … ? = What does … mean ?…… 是什么意思?

Unit 4He said I was hard-working


1.first of all                    首先

2. pass on sth. to sb . 传递/sth.传递给某人

3.be well / be in good health    身体健康

4 get over               克服

5.open up               打开

6. be mad at sb         对某人愤怒,发疯

7. in a poor mountain village 在一个贫困的山村

8. change the life of sb = change one’s life     


9.be started by……    开始, 创建 10. 2000 meters above sea level 海拔在2000

11 be sure     确信

12 be difference between A and B  不同于

= A be difference from B   不同

13.I can’t do anything about that

=I can’t do nothing about that 我对那无能为力.

14 open up one’s eyes to the outside world 开阔视野


15.care for=look after =take care of sb/sth    照顾

16.leave a message to sb  给某人留信息

ake a message to sb for sb  为某人带个消息

17. get nervous      不安的

18 be surprised to do sth    使吃惊

19 copy one’s homework     抄作业


1.She told me she would call me the next day

2.Ben told Lana that Marcia was going to have a surprise party .

3.In English,I’m better at reading than listening.

4.I can do better in math.6.How’s it going?

5.I had a really hard time with science this semester.

6.That’s about all the news I have for now.

7.She didn’t want to be my best friend anymore.

8.He asked me if I was interested in English

9.He asked me what he could do for me.   

Unit 5  


1 take away          拿走

2 clean up        打扫

3 make a living      谋生

 do something for a living   以为生

4 all the time       一直

5 make up      组织

6.be injured/hurt in sth       受伤

7. explain sth to sb 

explain to sb that +从句 向某人解释某事

8. in order to +不定式   为了…/以致于

so that +从句    为了…/以致于

so …that…   如此以致于

9. let sb in   让某人进来

ask sb to leave    叫某人离开

10.be late for school/class +n  上学迟到

be late to do sth     做某事迟了

11. have a great time   玩的愉快

12.be short of      缺乏

13. take a bus      乘公共汽车

14. help sb organize sth       帮某人组织

15.make some food       制作一些食物

16. during the party    在晚会期间

17.get a education      受教育

18.make a lot of money    赚大钱

19.seem like          似乎

20. all over the world = around the world 遍及世界

21 give money to schools and charities


22. do a lot of work    做许多工作    

23. have many problems  有许多问题        

24. in fact    事实上

25. So + /be/情态 + 主语    某人也如此

26. a good time to do sth   做某事的好时候

27. instead of            代替

28. prefer sth to sth        更喜欢某物

29. Don’t waste time because time lost will never return不要浪费时间因为时间一去不复返

30. remind sb of sth   提醒某人某事


1.What will happen if they have the party today ?

2. If you do , you’ll have a great time.

3.I want to remind you of the rules for school parties.  我想提醒你们学校聚会的规则。

4. If you do , the teachers will take it away.


5. You can make a living by doing something that you love.可以通过做一些你喜爱的事情来谋生。

6. They are famous for only a short time.


7.Some students will be bored.


8. If you wear your new jeans , the teachers won’t let you in .

Unit 6


1 run out of      用尽

2.by the way      顺便说说

3. a pair of sth.         一双/一对/一条

4.in common      共同的

5. quite a beautiful park  十分漂亮的一个公园

quite +a +adj +n  = a very beautiful park

6.raise money for charity   为慈善募捐 

7. the whole five hours   整整5小时

8.congratulations on sth.  祝贺某事

9.so far     到目前为止

10. five and a half years  五年半

11 Whatfor ? = Why…?  为什么

12.anything else   其他什么东西

13.the capital of XX   的省会,首都

14.some of       的一些

15. very hard to understand   非常难理解

16. be able to          能够…

17.be far from              远离

18. be certain=be sure          确信

19. The more …,the more …  越…越…


1.------How long have you been skating?


----I’ve been skating for five hours.        


2.The more I learn about Chinese history, the more I enjoy living in China.我对中国的历史了解得越多, 我就越喜欢住在中国。

3.Alison was the first one to start and has been skating for the whole five hours.


4.My mom says I have to stop, because we’ve run out of room to store them.


5.The first one I ever got was a birthday cake snow globe on my twelfth birthday.


6. How many Chinese dynasties can you think of? 你能想起多少中国朝代?

7. although I live quite far from Beijing, I’m certain I will be here for the Olympic Games in 2008. 尽管我住得离北京很远,但我相信2008年奥运会我一定在这儿。

Unit 7  


1not at all    一点也不

2. turn down    关小声  turn up   开大声

turn off    关掉/拒绝  turn on  打开(电器)

3. right away=at once = right now 立刻;马上

4.cut in line        插队

5.keep down       控制

6. at first          首先

7.put out             熄灭

8.pick up              捡起

9.mind doing sth.       介意做某事

mind not doing sth.     不介意做某事

Would you mindnotdoing sth.

回答:1.不介意:Not at all./No./certainly not.



10. in the yard          在院子里

11. do the dishes       洗盘子

12. wait in line   排队

= stand in line and wait for your turn

13.annoy with sb      和某人生气

get annoyed with sb    生气 

14. return sth to sb     把某物还给某人

return to+地点     返回某地 

return back       返回 

15. allow sb to do sth    允许某人做某事 

16..keep the rule  遵守规范

break the rule       不服从

17..English speaking country  讲英语的国家

18.stand very close to the person ….距离很近

19.talk loudly    大声说话

20.in public place=in public  在公共场所

21.if possible   尽可能

22.drop litter     倒垃圾

23.give sb. suggestion  给某人建议

24.get out                出来

25.follow sb. around all the time 一直跟随某人

26.happen to sb.  某人发生某事

27.be polite to sb.  对某人礼貌

be friendly to sb.   对某人友好

28.trynotdo sth.    尽力做某事

29.the way to+地点   去…的路上


1.  Would you mind turning down the music? 你介不介意把音乐声关小呢?

2. Not at all. I’ll do it right away.
I’ll do it right away.

3.Would you mind (not) doing sth.? 你介不介意做(不做)

= Would/Could you please (not) do sth.? 请你做(不做)好吗?

4.I can’t stand it. 我无法忍受。

5. For example, dropping litter is almost never allowed.例如,乱丢垃圾是不被允许的。

6.Would you mind keeping your voice down? 你介不介意把音量放小呢?

7.You’d better do…

 Unit 8  Why don’t you get her a scarf


1fall asleep=be asleep        入睡

2.give away               赠送

3.make friends with    与…交友

4.suggest sb.to do sth.    建议某人做某事 

suggest +that++should do(虚拟语气)

5.be interested in sth. = take an interest in sth


6.make great progress    取得很大进步

7..be the host for     成为…主人(主办)

8..in different ways     用不的方法

9.across China 中国各地 

all over China      中国各地

10..the winner of      …的胜利者

11.win the prize       获奖

12.set sb free    让某人自由

13.advantage of sth     …的优势

14..tooto…= not +adj. enoughto…

=so… that…       太…而不能

15.spend time with sb.    和某人一起渡过 

16..give away sth to sb    赠送某物给某人 

17.do sth rather than do sth 宁愿做某事也不愿…


1. Why don’t you get a camera?你怎么不买一个照相机?

2. That’s too expensive.太贵了。

3. How about some tennis balls?(买些)网球怎么样?

4. They’re too cheap.太便宜了。

5.  What’s the best gift Mary has ever received?玛丽收到的最好的礼物是什么?

6.When did Mary get it?玛丽什么时候得到的?

7.On her tenth birthday.在她十岁生日时。

8. She is too big to sleep in the house.她太大了,没法在房里睡觉。

9.  It’s easy to take care of.很容易照顾。

10. It’s enough to make her very happy.让她开心就足够了。

Unit 9


1.take a ride      兜风

2 end up        结束

3.take a holiday      度假

4. three quarters          四分之三

5. all year around        一年到头 

6. have a great time= have fun doing sth

have a wonderful time=enjoy doing/oneself

7. go boating                 乘船

8.on board             在甲板上

9. see a film = watch a movie 看电影

10. be awake /wake sb up      把某人叫醒

11.go to the aquarium    去水族馆

12 get to+地点     arrive at /in +地点

reach+地点 到达

13..take the subway     乘地铁

14..have some problems (in) doing sth.


15..an excellent place     一个极好的地方

16.western food     西餐 

17.change one’s life   改变某人生活 

18.be to do     去做某事

19.. take lessons    .上课


1.Have you ever been to an amusement park你曾经去过游乐园吗?Yes, I have./ No, I havent.

2.I have never been there.

 Me neither=Neither have I. 我也没有.

3.Where is he? He has gone to the Beijing.

4.How long has he been in Beijing?                   (不能用come/arrive

5.Ive never been to an aquarium.                      我从没去过水族馆.

6.I have been a student here for a year.我成为这的学生有一年了.(不能用become

  =I became a student here a year ago.

7.He has been dead for two years.(不能用die=he died two years ago.

8.I have been a teacher since ten years ago(for ten years.) (不能用become

9.I have just/ever/already/never seen the movie. Have you ever heard of the man before?

Unit 10  It’s a nice dayisn’t


1 look through     浏览 

2.get along         相处

 get along well with sb. = get on well with sb.  


3.be careful       小心,担心 

4.take an umbrella with sb.   随身带着雨

5.in sands        在沙地里 

6..cross the street      横穿马路 

7. make friends    交朋友

8.at least              至少


spend +money on sth.      在某物上花钱

spend +time in doing sth.   花时间做某事

10.take a notenotes          记笔记 

11.take a holiday            度假 

12.a heavy traffic        交通拥挤

13. I want to move somewhere beautiful.

14. hate doing sth.    讨厌做某事

15.. get on   上车       get off  下车

16.travel around the world   游览全世界

17.Would you like something to drink/eat

Yesplease. / Nothanks.

18..What do think of something

19..What do you think of the weather

20..Thanks for doing sth    谢谢做某事 

21.feel like doing sth.= Would you like to do

22.come along     过来,出现 

23.be good at =do well in   擅长于

be good for          对…有益 

24.help sb. with sth.= help sb.do sth 帮助某人做某事 

with the help of sb    在某人的帮助下

25.think of sb       想起某人

  think about sth     考虑

think sth over        仔细检查 

26. in a hurry=hurry up       赶快

27.not onlybut also…     不但而且 

28.in the whole year     在一整年 

29.with a smile     带着微笑 

30.the same to you   同样祝福给你 


1.       It looks like rain, doesnt it?

Yes, it does./No, it doesnt


2.Hes really good, isnt he?                               他确实好,是吗?

3.You are new here, arent you?                             你是新来的, 是吗?

4.You have never been to Beijing, have you?              ( never表达否定含义,后面用肯定)

5.She has few friends, does she?                               (few表达否定含义,后面用肯定)

6.Tom had little work to do, did he?                  (little表达否定含义,后面用肯定)

7.You can hardly do the work, can you?             (hardly表达否定含义,后面用肯定)

8.Lets go home, shall we? 

9.Dont be late again/Let us go home, will you?(祈使句用will you;Lets开头的用shall we)

10.Thank you so much for asking/inviting /having me!非常感谢你邀请我

11.How much does that shirt cost=How much is the shirt?那件衬衣值多少钱?

13.He sure is.

14.-----This is great weather, isnt it?

------It sure is. But its a little hot for me.

I 用所给词的适当形式填空

1.Mothers’ Day is coming. I _________(buy) a gift for my mother.

2.Everyone else _______(be) at the party last Sunday except______(I)

3.Shall we invite the alien _______(see) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

4.Mr. Wang told us ________(work) hard for a brighter future..

5.I was at the ________(doctor) from 9:00-9:30 on Saturday morning.

6.If it ______( rain) tomorrow ,I’ll stay at home .

7.He asked me if I ______( be ) free this Sunday.

8.I don’t know if he ________( come ) tomorrow. If he _________( come) , I’ll call you .

9.We ‘re______( leave) for France in a week .

10.---How long ______ your father________ (work) in the factory?

---Since he __________(leave) college

11 How long _________ you __________ (listen) to music last night?


12 Some of the old buildings are in ________(Russia) style.

13. He is always the first one _______(arrive) at school and the last one______ (leave) school.

14. We _______(be) friends for the whole ten years.

 15 _____(collect) old coins is my father’s hobby.


Come over,  At least,  look through,  get along,  look both ways, come along

1 .Why not ______the newspaper for a new job? 2.The meeting was too dull until the actor ______.

3. He has invited her ________ four times.   4.Would you like ____________ if you are free?

5 .How are you __________________ with your parents?

6 .You should be more careful ______________ when you cross the road


1(07青岛)The old man had to do all the work himself, _______?

A. did he,   B. had he     C. didn’t he         D. hadn’t he

2. – Where _____ the 2010 World Expo (世博会 )  _______? - -- In Shnaghai . 

A does; hold  B is , held   C will, be held   D will, hold

3..Can you imagine that _____ little ants can carry ______ many big worms ?
      A so, so   B such, such  C such, so   D so, such

4. –I hear that Li Zhongtian will come to Wuhanand give a talk.  

 -Really? Do you know _________?(08安徽芜湖)

A what will he talk about  B what will he give a talk C How will he come  D when he will come

5..--- Dick gave me a note while I ____ in the library.2007 黄冈)

---- I guess he made it to say “sorry” to you.

A. am reading  B. was reading  C. reads   D. will read

6.I’m waiting for my friend. ________ , I’ll go shopping alone.2008重庆)

A. If she comes     B. If she  will come  C. If she doesn’t come   D. If she didn’t come

7.. The more you read, ______ you will get.2008青岛)

 A. the less  B. the most     C. the more   D. much more

8.. [08宾州]- Would you mind sweeping the floor?         --- -_______.

   A. Yes, of course B. Ok. You’re right C. Sorry. I’ll do it right away  D. Not at all. Here you are

9.(08滨州)- Do you think we’ll need a coffee pot ?

- I don’t drink coffee , and ______ . It’s not necessary . Why not a tea service ?

A. neither you do  B. neither do you C. so you do D. so do you

10. (07青岛)I overslept this morning .______my father ______ my mother woke me up on time.

A. Either, orB. Both, and C. Neither, nor     D. Not only, but also

11.(07青岛) I prefer ___a small gift that has some thought behind it rather than ____ some money.

A. to receive, to getting    B receiving , getting  C. to receive, get     D. receiving , get

12.If you ___ him tomorrow, ask him if he ___ to our party next week.

A. see, comes         B. will see, comes  C. will see, will come      D. see, will come

13. He ________ up early. But now he doesn’t get up early.

A. is used get             B. used to get     C. was used to get       D. used getting




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