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Jay Chou talks about his new movie

2013-07-16  3gzylon

Jay Chou talks about his new movie


11:23, July 15, 2013

Bringing elements of romantic comedy, musical and a heavy dose of action, Taiwan pop idol Jay Chous latest directorial effort "The Rooftop" is now in theaters across China. Lets take a preview of the film, and hear what this all-around entertainer has to say about his second go at the big screen.

Taiwan superstar Jay Chou has not been afraid to spend money on his second film, "The Rooftop".

Hes also not afraid to address criticism of his acting, something he has taken heat for ever since his directorial debut on the 2007 film, "Secret."

However, he says hes more open now, and that acting has become more natural.

"I opened up more, so people could get the feeling that this character isnt the Jay Chou that most people are familiar with. If I played Jay Chou, I would only have one expression from beginning to the end. Its true. I have more expressions now and can face the camera naturally. For this movie, I think I was able to open up and act more freely." Jay Chou said.

The art and stylistic direction have been particularly important in this musical action movie, with Chou unwilling to skimp on the details. With an unlimited budget for costumes and sets, the film is filled with whimsical, retro elements inspired by the 70s.

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